tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Princess Pt. 02

Captive Princess Pt. 02


Orella, and Hanna talked for a while more before being ordered to keep silent by passing guards. Orella did lie down upon the mat in her cell but barely slept. The prison was kept warm enough that she did not need a blanket but the young princess had never before slept unclothed.

Also her mind was mired with wonder about what the morning would bring. To her considerable consternation, every time she glanced over at Hanna's cell, her former tutor was sleeping soundly and peacefully.

Orella must have dozed off at some point because the morning bells of the slave processing building woke her. She rose up on her feet and made her way to the commode to do her morning business. Doing such a private thing in full view of total strangers was a humiliating experience but her bladder simply would not have it any other way. Clad in her chastity belt, Orella found that it was somewhat difficult for her to clean up after herself after her morning evacuation. She now understood one of the reasons that slaves were depilated.

In short order a large, matronly guard appeared in the passageway between the cells. Her voice was deep and loud.

"When the doors to your cells are opened you will fall in single file line and proceed through the doors at the end of the hallway. Once you enter the room you will be assigned a number and a seat. Because we have no idea of knowing how sophisticated any or all of you are there will be an introductory lecture into the art of giving oral pleasure. Yawning or laughing during the lecture will NOT be tolerated. Neither will gasps or squeals of displeasure. At the end of the lecture all of you will be given preliminary instruction and practical experience. In simple terms that may be clearer to you. By the end of the day you will all be given preliminary ratings on your abilities to suck cock and lick quim."

The guard then repeated the instructions several more times in several different languages. Then, as one, the doors of the cells swung open. Orella hurried to a place just behind Hanna and prepared herself mentally to handle what ever awaited her beyond the doors. If Hannah could handle it then, Orella was sure, she could handle it as well.

Suddenly acutely aware of her nudity, Orella blushed as she watch the narrow, flat rear end of Hanna as she walked ahead of her. She never realized before how much like a boy her tutor's body really was. As the slaves marched down the hall they were shadowed by stern looking women wielding nasty looking flails.

Once they entered the room, Orella was pleased to be assigned a number just after Hanna. The two even got to sit next to each other in a room that resembled very much a lecture hall from home. Orella and her tutor had sometimes attended lectures at the university where Hanna's father taught. After everyone was seated a woman appeared from behind the curtain drawn across the front of the hall. The woman began speaking in a steady, authoritative voice,

"Greetings slaves today is the first day of your new lives. Today you will begin the process of learning an essential for EVERY slave. All of you are virgins so some of you may never have seen a naked man before. That will change today, Not only will you be seeing a naked man you will be sucking his manhood. Later you will be licking the quims of your guards. The more sheltered you are the more difficult your training will be. Today will be the most difficult day of your training if you make it through today without crying or refusing an order then you will find the rest of your training a snap."

"I will tell you now and this will be your ONLY warning. IF you cry or refuse an order you will receive three lashes from the nearest flail, Each subsequent refusal or crying episode results your punishment being doubled. Some of you will leave this room without a mark. Some of you will look like a tigers when the day concludes. Lets try and keep the tigers to a minimum."

The woman's lecture was repeated in different languages by other women off to the side and then the curtains were drawn back

Orella was shocked. Hanging on the wall were pictures documenting each stage of a man's arousal. There was something called an erection. The penultimate picture was of the engorged organ issuing a white fluid. Orella sat slack jawed as she heard the terms semen, fellatio and ejaculation. She had scarcely taken in this information when the pictures of male genitalia were replaced with those of women.

The illustrations showed how to use one's tongue to stimulate a female and what parts of the quim to focus the most attention upon. Orella thought that she would be sick. When she took a look at Hanna, her former tutor appeared to be in rapt attention. She looked like she was attending a lecture on art or geography.

After more than an hour of lectures, from a side door marched a string of the building's archers. Taking advantage of hooks and pegs provided for that purpose the men stripped off. Despite feelings of revulsion that the lecture had left with Orella, the former princess, could not help but notice that some of the penises were quite large and others were barely there at all. It was very confusing.

A woman wearing a stainless steel collar, and therefore obviously a trained slave, was brought to the front of the room. She knelt on the pad provided and the lead archer approached her. The lecturer said,

"Observe carefully slaves."

Orella could not stifle a note of disgust as she saw the slave take the archer's now erect penis into her mouth and begin working with her lips and tongue. The three quick hits of the flail felt like hornet stings upon Orella's back then rapidly faded. Orella watched simultaneously appalled and fascinated as the slave preformed her task. At last the archer, who had been making sounds of pleasure, grunted and the slave closed her mouth tight around his penis. The instructor then said,

"Observe class."

The slave turned and faced the audience and opened her mouth. It was full of the archer's seed.

"Now slave," stated the instructor, "demonstrate to the class what an obedient slave does with a mouth of her master's semen."

To Orella's amazement and revulsion the slave closed her mouth, swallowed, and opened her mouth again to show that it was empty!

"Very good slave, you may be dismissed." With that the collared slave exited the room.

The instructor again addressed her charges,

"Now it will be your turn class. When your number is called come to the front of the room and assume the position that the trained slave did. We will be working on your technique over the next two weeks so don't worry about that. Instead focus upon bringing your man to climax and swallowing his seed. Failure to swallow will result in severe punishment."

Orella watched as one new slave after another preformed for the instructor and the rest of the class. All of them wore chastity belts like herself. Orella thought training must be much worse if your were an experienced female but then she thought that perhaps the virgins had it harder after all. Some of the new slaves seemed to have no trouble copying the experienced slave. Some cried and received the flail. The ones that spat out the seed the men deposited in their mouths were administered fifteen lashes with the flail and forced to preform the task again.

Suddenly it was Hanna's turn, meaning that Orella was next! Orella watched as Hanna approached the front of the room with no hesitation at all.

Hanna's archer was of medium height and his penis was of average size or at least what Orella had concluded was average size and began her assigned duty. The princess could not believe that it was her shy and sheltered tutor in front of the room. She seemed to finish her man off quickly and swallowed his seed with no difficulty at all. Hannah even received praise from the instructor!

Orella's number was called, Orella's legs trembled as she stood up. It took all of her strength of will to force her feet to take her to the front of the room. Her archer was tall, broad chested, and blond. His handsome face smiled at the princess as she knelt before him. Orella was amazed at how fast he became erect, To Orella his penis seemed enormous. She looked up at the stern guard with her flail, and then tentatively touched the erect member with her tongue. The musky scent of his body reached Orella's nostrils. He did not taste badly at all. Gingerly and then with more vigor Orella began to preform fellatio. She had seen that the most effective students before her had maintained some sort of rhythm until the man ejaculated.

Orella cleared her mind and thought of nothing except the steady beat of a repetitious song she knew and sliding her head backwards and forwards. Suddenly the archer emitted a delighted moan and Orella tasted his salty, bitter seed. Her first impulse was to gag but she overcame that and choked down the semen. In a daze Orella returned to her seat.

A short while later the last of the virgin slaves finished her assignment and returned to her place. The instructor announced that there would be a ten minute break and then it would be time to, in the instructors words,"Begin the rudiments of cunnilingus."

The slaves were led to a restroom where they were permitted to relieve themselves. When they returned to their seats Hanna leaned over to princess and said,

"That wasn't so bad now was it?"

Orella sighed and said "It was not what I expected. It was not totally unpleasant but I don't know if I could do that every day for the rest of my life, All of the archers obviously enjoyed themselves. I imagine if I were a man and I had a slave I would make them do that to me every day. I DON'T want to be a slave!"

"Neither do I princess but that is what we are now. I didn't want to tell you this princess but it will probably be much harder for you to be a slave than me."

"What do you mean?" asked Orella

"You are beautiful, very beautiful." said Hanna, "You will be bought for pleasure. I am very plain, I will be bought for utility. I will be a tutor who SOMETIMES preforms fellatio or cunnilingus, You will be a slave who only SOMETIMES does NOT preform fellatio or cunnilingus and heaven help you when your chastity device is removed! My virginity is perhaps no great thing but yours ..."

Orella looked at her former tutor and knew instantly that she had spoken the truth. Not for the first time in their relationship did Orella wish that Hanna were not so blunt and honest.

The Instructor returned to the front of the class. Some guards snapped their flails to silence the class. The lecture that followed somehow disgusted Orella more than the first had. The term "female orgasm" was alien to her as was the idea of a woman pleasuring a woman. Orella did not catch herself in time and let out a rather loud sound of disgust, The six strikes from the flail were so painfully intense that she nearly broke down in tears. Finally she was able to focus her full attention on the lecture.

Suddenly all of the guards in the room began undressing.

"Slaves." the instructor said. "We have found that proper cunnilingus is best taught at the end of a flail. Guards will select the slave of her choice and she will instruct you as to how you are to pleasure her. Female masters are all unique, each one has a unique quim. Male masters can be pleased much more easily than female masters. You will also find that female masters are often jealous of you and will be abusive to you. On the other hand if you are skilled at pleasing them, female masters will love you more than their fathers, husbands, or sons."

At once Orella was confronted by the appearance of a large and broad guard in front of her.Naked, she looked something like her former nurse Cordellia, only not as large. Orella felt the flail sting her back once and then she turned her face up to see the guard's thickly thatched mons. The hair was dark brown like that on the guard's head. The flail stung again and Orella opened her mouth and forced herself to place it against the guard's quim. For the next two hours Orella followed the guard's orders to the best of her abilities. The flail eventually stopped striking Orella's back and she witnessed her guard moan with pleasure. Finally Orella was permitted to stop The guard moved off and began redressing.

Orella, her jaw nearly numb with tiredness and soreness,took a look around the lecture hall. She could tell that learning to pleasure women had been hard on most of her fellow slaves. Hanna was one of the few without at least a few stripes across her back. Soothing ointment was lathered upon every striped back and the slaves were led back to their cells. When she felt like talking again she caught Hanna's attention and said,

"Hanna, if I AM to be a slave I hope that I am purchased by a bachelor!"

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