Confetti rained down on the people who lined the streets below and Bryan raised his head, immediately regretting the action when the paper shreds stuck to his glasses. Ordinarily, he would complain but he was in Rio de Janeiro and there was not a thing that could possibly rain on his parade except ... when he couldn't find his sister, Mollie. They'd left the hotel hand-in-hand and somehow, he'd lost her.

He had panicked, running through the crowd and shouting her name like a man possessed by locating her was impossible but he'd tried. Her chocolate brown tresses were lost in a sea of vibrant colors and he just stood numbly, watching people move by, his heart pounding and his stomach rolling with fear. Then someone grabbed his hand.

The woman startled him with the contact and he whirled, astonished to see a masked woman with golden pasties and a sheer of pantaloons. When she tugged on his hand, he stumbled along behind her, not quite knowing what he was doing but not quite caring, either. She led him down a secluded alleyway, pushed him against the wall and shoved her tongue into his mouth. He gasped, both at the aggression in her kiss and the feel of her hand on his cock. He pushed her back to ask who she was but she resisted, strengthening her grip on his hardening rod.

The pleasure that streaked up his spine was so great that it scrambled his brain. His hands touched her back, feeling her sweaty skin and moving down to her ass, giving it a good squeeze. She moaned into his mouth, curling her tongue around his and grinding her hips against him. Her hand left his prick to unbutton his pants and burrowed inside, sliding along his silky rod until she found the sticky head. With one last kiss, she slid down his body, attaching her hot mouth to his pole.

Bryan groaned, electrical tingles spreading through his groin as her small fingers gently massaged and pulled on his nuts while her tongue teased the sensitive head, flicking into the weeping slit and rimming the ridge around the head. He shivered, looking down at the vision of her swallowing the length of his cock and growing harder, if that was possible. He imagined nutting in her mouth but she stopped, giving his prick one last long lick before standing and sliding her gossamer pants down.

He turned her around, placing her back on the cold bricks and slid his finger into her slit. She was already wet and she eagerly sought his mouth, whimpering when he rubbed her hidden clit. He pressed up and into her, flexing his wrist as he pumped his fingers into her hole, loving her body's reaction. She arched against the wall, widening her stance and trembling as her pussy muscles squeezed him in orgasm. Finally, she released his hand, raising it to her mouth and sucking her own juices from his fingers.

Bryan lost it. He pressed her against the wall, raising her leg and plunged into her. She gasped, clutching his shoulders tightly and hooking her other leg around him, rocking against him. He leaned in to kiss her again, firmly grasping her hips and thrusting up into her, scraping her back against the bricks. She cried out, leaning her head back and shaking as her cunt convulsed around his cock. He felt her cum but he didn't want to go just yet. He wanted her to know who was giving her pleasure.

He found her eyes in the mask, staring deeply into them as he pumped her, shivering at the coating of cum that covered his cock. He felt himself going more deeply into her, touching parts of her that had never been touched. She knew it; he saw the knowledge in her eyes as she rushed headlong toward her third orgasm. He slowed, lengthening the strokes and driving her closer and closer, sending tremors through her until she couldn't stand it any more.

She screamed out again, this time, stiffening as she felt the hot lava of his cum pour into her spasming pussy. Time stood still for both of them, their bodies vibrating together as they gasped for breath, huddled against the brick. Bryan raised his head and reached for the mask, carefully sliding it off of her face and half-smiling when he saw Mollie's gentle smile.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you'd think I was a pervert."

"A pervert? For wanting to have sex with your brother?" He set her on her feet, taking a moment to tuck his cock back into his pants and helping her with hers. "No, Mol. You're not a pervert."

"Still love me?"

Bryan hugged his sister, then pulled back, kissing her deeply. "Even more." He returned her smile, draping his arm around her shoulders. "Now why don't we go have some fun? It is Carnivale."

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