Carny Fun


"Do you always come to a carny alone?"

I shrugged, which pulled my tank top up, causing it to cup my breasts and bare my midriff. "Sometimes." I wasn't about to tell the guy running the ring toss my life story or that my boyfriend had stood me up. I pulled the tank top down tight over my tits, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him lick his lower lip.

I wasn't surprised. Men have always liked my tits. They were round and firm, totally natural 36DDs. My sensitive nipples responded quickly to the tiniest stimulus, and the late evening breeze had turned them to marbles. And I have to admit . . . I like the attention.

I handed him a five. "Let's go again."

He gave me the rings. "Honey, you can go as long as you want. I love watching you bend over to toss."

I grinned. "I bet you do." I leaned over even farther this time, letting the ring fly. It clanged on the bottles and settled.

"Bullseye!" He called, and he hopped off his stool. He glanced again at the bottle. "That gets you one of the big guys." His gazed moved up and over the display of stuffed animals at the back of the booth. "Ah, I don't have one of the good ones out." He nodded behind him. "Come with me to the storage. You like pandas?" He flipped one side of the counter up and motioned for me to join him.

"Prefer sheep dogs if you have one."

He pulled a set of keys out and pointed to a door at the side of the booth. "Got one of them, too." He opened the door and motioned for me to go in. I did, and the door shut, leaving us in the dark.

"Is there a light?"

"More or less." His voice came from my right. "But you won't need it for awhile."

* * *

Yep, I woke up in the dark, with a nasty headache, feeling like an idiot. How brain dead do you have to be, I scolded myself. You followed a strange man into a dark room! I just wasn't thinking, too steamed over the boyfriend to be cautious. I let out a sigh, startled that my breath hissed, and a bit of panic settled over me.

Gag. I tested it with my tongue, and it felt like a bit wrapped in cloth. Damnation. I tried not to pant, to take stock as the fog cleared from my head, to stretch my muscles....

They didn't stretch much. My arms, pulled up tight over my head, felt as if they were caught in hard leather. I pulled...and they rattled. I knew the sound from my kink play with my boyfriend. Cuffs, leather-lined cuffs. A involuntary whimper lodged in my throat. This was NOT good, but it was even worse below the waist. My knees were bent, spread, and held fast, even though my feet dangled free. The binding bit into the flesh above each knee. My butt pressed against something hard, but soft fur brushed up against my bare thighs. The stuffed animals.

The light flicked on, and I jumped, a yelp sounding around the gag. He stood in the door and looked down, a slow smile crossing his face. Behind him, the clangs and shouts of the carnival faded as he shut the door and locked it. "Sweet. Very sweet."

I tried to say something quite foul, but it came out as muffled rage, and he laughed as he squatted beside me. "Fuss away. No one will hear anything over the noise of the midway." He slipped his hand under the tank top and pushed it up over my breasts, his fingers closing hard on both nipples.

I whimpered and he grinned. "I'm on break, so I thought I'd show you a little of what's ahead." I struggled but he ignored me, letting me go long enough to pull a box from beneath a pile of animals. With a pocket knife, he cut off my tank top and cupped my breasts, sighing. "Beautiful." Then he pressed the tip of the knife under one nipple, which sprang to attention at the touch of the cold metal. "I have such plans for these."

I mumbled again but sat very still. His voice dropped to a whisper. "Good girl." He cut my shorts away, then dropped the knife in the box and pulled out two vibrators, along with a tube of lubricant. "As you might guess, I've done this before. You wouldn't believe the girls who come here, showing off their tits, expecting us to ignore it." He smeared lube over both vibrators, then turned them on the lowest setting. "Me and a friend, we do love those tits. We got together, came up with this."

He pushed the crotch of my panties to one side, then pried my slit open with one hand. I squirmed again, bucking in the bonds.

"You're dry now, slut, but you won't be long." His broad, coarse fingers searched for my cunt, and he shoved the vibrator in, making my back arch as the pain shot through my hips and belly. He did the same with the second one, only getting it into my ass took more force, and I squeezed my eyes shut against the searing pain. He tugged my panties back into place. "That should hold them for awhile."

He leaned his face close to mine, then pinched my nipples again, twisting them hard between his fingertips. "Of course, if you get so wet they slide out, we'll know you're ready for our cocks." He pulled my nipples up, stretching them, lifting my tits. "But we'll work on these beauties first." His fingertips tightened and I screeched as pain echoed through my chest.

He dropped them, letting them bounce hard, then slapped them, one after the other, the blows coming harder as I screamed into the gag, tears flowing down my cheeks. His grinned widened as my breasts shook, rocking into each other, with each smack. He hit straight down on the nipples twice, and I struggled, trying desperately, futilely, to get away from the brutal work of his hands. He laughed, switching to my pussy, shoving the vibrators in deeper with two blows.

He stopped. "Just a sample." He stood, snapped the light off, and left.

I felt humiliated and stupid. Even worse, as the pain and heat slowly eased in my chest and hips, the gentle, teasing throbbing between my legs took over. I closed my eyes and tried to block the sensations. I was here against my will! I didn't want to feel any pleasure from this!

Think of horrible things. I try, recalling dead pets, car crashes, rotten meat, my first prom. Anything, anything to get my mind off where I was. The cuts from the knife fight I'd had with a girl in high school, the agony of the stitches as they healed. The first time I'd been slapped as a kid.

Slaps. The sting of his slaps on my breasts had faded to a teasing warmth, a heat that had become less pain than arousal. My boyfriend had slapped my tits once, not as hard, but enough that they had bounced against each other, stimulating me until my nipples had hardened and turned a deep red.

Ahhh! I squirmed in my bonds. Don't think about . . .!

Yet the inescapable low hum of the vibrators reflected the sensations growing steadily between my legs. In contrast to the pain, the vibrators heated my cunt and ass, the low settings teasing me relentlessly. As the minutes past, they did their work, gently arousing without relieving. I could feel my juices begin to flow, to leak out, to soak through my panties. My boyfriend and I hadn't fucked for more than a week, and I'd walked into the carnival horny. Now . . . now I wanted more.

The vibrations continued, and I began to pant around the gag. My hips twisted, trying to urging the damn things deeper, make them go faster. In the chilling night air, my nipples tightened, almost begging for attention. I needed to make them stop, I needed to make them . . .

The light flicked on again, and he was back, the evil grin even broader. Behind him stood a younger, taller man whose eyes widened at the sight of me. "See, Greg. I told you she was a gorgeous, and a real slut. Look at those soaked panties."

I closed my eyes in humiliation, once again try to think of all things horrible. I could not cum for these assholes. Would not.

A finger traced along the waistband of my panties and my eyes flew open again. Greg squatted in front of me, between my spread knees, staring at my breasts. "So beautiful," he whispered. "So worthy to be fucked."

"And she'll love your cock." He leared at me. "Greg's huge. Can't find too many girls who'll take him willingly. One reason we do this."

Greg's finger traced up and over my nipple, and my body shuddered as he pinched and twisted one, then the other. "Hand me the clamps. I need to see her pain."

I shooked my head wildly, screaming into the gag, as his partner pulled the box from beneath the animals again and reached in. Like a surgeon's assistant, he handed Greg the clamps. With great relish, Greg pulled and twisted each nipple before placing the clamps as close to the areola as possible. Partner then handed over two chains with small weights. Greg attached the chains to the clamps and draped the weight up and over the cuffs that held my hands fast to the wall behind me.

A searing agony shot through my breasts and stomach, and my body bucked. All arousal fled from me, which was the opposite effect the clamps had on the men. Behind the cloth of their pants, their cocks began to bulge.

With the weights in place, my breasts were pulled upward by the stretched nipples, and struggling added to the pain. Tears burned in my eyes as I watched Partner hand Greg a small hairbrush. With the bristles turned outward, Greg used it as a paddle, popping me randomly on the breasts, stomach, thighs, ass, and cunt. The pain was a searing fire that seemed to consume me as the blows went from light to hard, then back again.

Their hard-ons grew even larger, and Greg grinned down at his partner's crotch. "You look like you're hurtin', man."

Partner pulled the knife from the box. "Bad. I gotta fuck her."

Greg nodded. "You go first. Leave the vibrator in her ass and turn it up."

I tried to shake my head, but Greg tightened one of the clamps as his partner cut off my panties and pulled the vibrator from my cunt with a slick rush. "You have no say in this, slut." He turned the brush around and hit me between the legs, bristle-side down as his partner dropped his pants and knelt between my legs.

My hips bucked from the pain, spreading to welcome his partner's cock. Partner sank into me hard, his hands grabbing my ass and pressing me hard against his groin. He was average in size, not much larger than the vibrator, but his thrusts were hard and deep, making the weights pull even tighter on my nipples.

Beside me, Greg unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Grabbing my hair, he turned my head toward him. My eyes widened. I'd not been with that many men, just two boyfriends. Neither of them could compare to this cock, which looked to be almost 10 inches long, and as big around as a soda can. "Like what you see?"

I shook my head.

He laughed. "You will. You'll love it. One day, you'll beg me to fuck you with it."

One day?

Partner slapped my right breast, and I closed my eyes. Greg jerked my head back forward and pushed it down. "Open your eyes, slut. Watch him fuck you, then you watch him cum."

I fought for breath as Partner hit my left breast, making the clamps pinch tighter. Below, his cock slid in and out of me as I tried to ignore the pain of the double penetration. Finally, he pulled out, cumming hard, his semen coating my pussy and thighs with long white streaks. He leaned backwards, satisfied.

He grinned up at Greg. "She's tight, brother. Tight. She ain't a virgin, but that pussy ain't seen a lot of action." He gestured toward my butt. "And that vibrator's the first thing she's had in her ass."

Greg almost licked his lips. "A keeper, then."

Partner nodded, and the fear that swelled in my chest took on a new meaning. But who would miss me? The boyfriend who stood me up? The parents I hadn't seen in years? The friends who? . . .

"Get that outta her," Greg commanded. "My time."

Partner pulled the vibrator out and returned both to the box. Greg knelt between my legs, and I closed my eyes, expecting pain from the thrust of his engorged cock into me. Instead, his fingers spread the lips of my labia and he began to explore me gently. "Open your eyes!"

I did, looking at him.

"You're a beautiful woman. Tits to die for." His tender probing continued, his fingers cool and affectionate after the punishment of his partner's brutal thrusts. "I bet you could fuck a man blind. The right man." His fingers found my clit, rubbing it softly as he continued to watch me. "Your clit is larger than a lot of women. You'll be more sensitive, easier to arouse."

His fingers closed around the bud, pinching it, and my breath caught in my throat as arousal swelled in my pussy and chest.

Think about horrible things! Think!

"You love sex, don't you, girl?"

I do! No! Stop!

As I watched, he bent forward. His hands spread me wide, pulling me open, and his lips closed on my clit, sucking it tightly.

I groaned, pushing my hips up toward his face. He moaned as his buried his face into me, moving up and down, his tongue flicking over me, then sucking in turn on my lips and clit. Arousal built in me like a banking thunderstorm, everything swelling as he teased and licked. I strained against my bonds, wanting more, wanting him to stop, STOP arousing me. Not fair!

He straightened, my juices forming a glaze around his mouth. "A beautiful slut, indeed. To fucked over and over."

Before I could react, he leaned forward and pushed the tip of his cock into my swollen pussy. At first, I did want it, pushing up toward him, and he laughed. His hands grabbed my hips as he pushed in farther, however, and the first wave of pain began as his cock pressed deeper, spreading me more than anyone ever had. I felt the first tearing, and more tears sprang from my eyes.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed, and his thrusts picked up speed, going deeper with each one, and he held each inward thrust longer, feeling me tighten and loosen around him.

Partner pushed my head forward, making me watch the action of Greg's engorged cock moving in and out of me, coated with the slickness of our arousal.

With one thrust, he held in, and watched me a moment, then said, "I want her on top."

Quickly, with practiced moves, Partner released the cuffs from the wall and the weight chains from the clips. He cut the ropes that bound my knees to the walls of the game stand, and got behind me, pushing me forward. Greg grabbed my hips and held himself inside as he leaned backward.

I now straddled Greg, but before I could react with my cuffed hands, Partner grabbed them and jerked them upward, fastening them to a chain in the ceiling.

They had, indeed, done this many times before.

My own weight now bore me tight on Greg's cock. Instead of thrusting, however, he licked his fingers and reached between us, finding my clit. He rubbed, massaging me until the arousal returned, full force this time. I moaned through the gag, feeling my cunt tightened around him.

I was going to cum.

He rubbed faster. "You like being fucked, don't you, slut?"

Closer. Closer. My muscles tightened.

I don't want this. No. Not like this!

He rubbed harder. "Tell me you want to be fucked."

Closer. Oh. My. God.

I nodded.

"Again, slut!"

I nodded furiously.

He rubbed and resumed the thrusts, and I threw back my head and screamed through the gag as I came, the climax rushing over me like hot water, my release making my cunt tighten on Greg's cock in rapid waves.

With a roar of pleasure, Greg released the clamps on my nipples at the same moment that Partner released the cuffs from the chain. Fire shot through my chest and I fell forward. Greg caught me, holding my shoulders as his lips found one nipple.

Partner slapped both hands down on my ass, spreading me suddenly, and before I could struggle, he pressed the tip of his cock against my anus.

A flash fire of pain and pleasure consumed me as he entered me, the double penetration like nothing I'd ever felt before. My climax still moved over me in waves of pure erotic exhilaration even as the pain in my ass and tits felt like hot blazes.

Greg sucked greedily on my pain-filled nipples, prolonging my climax a few more moments as they both came, filling my holes with hot semen which leaked down my legs as they pulled out.

Partner dragged me back over to the pile of stuff animals and fastened my cuffed hands to the wall again. Saliva had soaked the gag and drizzled down my face, and I wanted to curl in on myself and recover. Instead, he pulled me out full length, binding my ankles together with rope and tying them to a hook in the far wall.

Greg stood slowly, cleaning himself with my discarded tank top. He looked down at me. "Definitely a keeper. I'm going to enjoy fucking you for a long time to come."

Partner came to stand beside him. "Think we should let Dave in on this?"

Greg thought a moment, then shook his head. "Not yet. Only when we're ready to watch other men fuck her. Right now I just want to fuck her cunt, ass, and mouth till I can't move and then make her cum till she can't breathe. Till she's addicted."

They turned and left, turning out the light as they did.

The next day, when the carny broke and left town, I was tucked away in the bunk of Greg's RV, bound and gagged, a vibrator on low in my cunt. Waiting for the first rest stop.

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