tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 15

Castleton Ch. 15


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Maureen quickly adapted to her new lifestyle with a relish seldom seen in a submissive. She truly enjoyed being bound and disciplined. Especially when both she and Gordon were disciplined jointly. Alteisha had authority over both Gordon and Maureen, and often corrected them simply for the sheer amusement of her Mistress and herself. Florence had Maureen quit her job and take full time employment as her maid and assistant to Gordon. The rewards in both cash and domination were generous, to say the least, and Florence considered adding Maureen to the financial portfolio she had established for Alteisha and Gordon. Life was sweet, especially for Florence, but the others also benefited.

Winter slowly flowed forward into spring, and the residents of Mistress Florence's house were anticipating the coming of summer, and a return to Castleton for Florence and Alteisha. Florence wanted to sponsor both Gordon and Maureen as Novices for the upcoming class. The 'Rules of the Order' prohibited describing any of Castleton's activities, rites or ceremonies to potential Novices. But both Gordon and Maureen correctly deduced that domination and submission was the general theme.

Mistress Florence did not press her Slaves for an immediate answer on attending the Castleton Novices' class, but would mention it from time to time. Alteisha too, was unsure about why she should return. She did not fully covet becoming a Mistress in her own right and she was leery about encountering Mistress Darla again. Florence did not press Alteisha either, and bided her time until summer.

Mistress Florence expanded her domination activities to regularly include some other close friends including Francis and some of her friends. She had frequent occasions to hold 'Domme Parties' where she, Alteisha, Robert and Francis assumed the dominant roles, and Gordon, Maureen and some of Francis's very close circle of friends, were the submissives. Often they would play games like harnessing Gordon and fondling his cock and balls all evening without allowing him to cum.

They would tighten his cockring harness and the females would fuck themselves to their hearts content on his cock, without permitting him relief. Occasionally, the women would bind him in exposed and provocative positions and Robert would fuck him in the ass for the ladies pleasure. Often, Maureen would be similarly bound and used by Robert, Gordon and the women for their sexual pleasures and perversions.

Robert was a frequent visitor and had advised Florence that he had been invited, and would go, to Castleton as a Helper in July. That coincided with the start of the next Novice class. Florence made a mental note to accelerate pressure on Gordon and Maureen, to agree to join the Novice class. The two lower Slaves had often questioned Alteisha about Castleton, since their Mistress would not discuss it with them. Alteisha would only tell them that they must each make up their own minds, about Castleton, based upon their own desires with respect to domination and submission. Florence had considered pressuring them during corrective, discipline or punishment sessions, but abandoned that thought because they truly should be free to decide for themselves.

Springtime and early summer allowed the four of them to take day and weekend trips to parks, museums and other nearby attractions. Usually, lodging on weekend trips involved renting a cottage or house in an out of the way area, so that their particular brand of indulgence could take place unfettered by nosy neighbors. On a particularly warm day in late June, Florence and her entourage rented a beach house on the ocean with a private beach.

Mistress Florence enjoyed conducting the discipline sessions outdoors on the beach, with a bonfire providing warmth during the late evening. The thrill of outdoor sessions was enhanced by the possibility of being discovered by people who did not share their unusual persuasion. Another facet of outdoor sessions was the use of ball gags on the Slaves during their sessions. It would not do to hear piercing screams coming from the beaches.

Mistress Florence introduced new twists on the frequent 'Corrective Sessions' that she held, regardless of whether they were really needed, or simply manufactured to satisfy Florence's perversions. Each of the Slaves would be required to endure their corrective sessions in silence, as they received the cuts of the whip, until they could no longer hold their silence and they cried out. Florence provided rewards for endurance, such as privileges to cum at will, or the thrill of correcting a fellow Slave that evening.

The competition served to build up their endurance and amused Florence. She reveled in inflicting different torments upon them. Some of the corrective sessions involved only blows delivered on their genitals, only to their nipples, or only their asscheeks. Other times the three Slaves would be required to fondle and stimulate each other's genitals until someone could no longer stand the stimulation and they would cum. The two 'survivors' would then jointly 'correct' the Slave that had the audacity and the ingratitude to embarrass their Mistress by cumming.

Florence was proud of the discipline demonstrated by her Slaves, especially in their ability to withhold orgasm for hours, during the fondling and stimulation sessions. She knew that this capability would serve them well if they decided to attend Castleton this summer. The women usually won these endurance contests, unless Gordon was permitted to wear his cock and balls harness, which was very infrequently. When he was permitted this 'luxury', it would be offset, by denying him the privilege of orgasm for two or three weeks.

Gordon preferred to take his chances without the harness, because at least it allowed him an opportunity to cum. The downside was that he received more frequent correction hence he was more vulnerable to real injury through the more frequent whippings. Although Gordon craved the whip, Florence knew that no one could withstand that number of corrections without injury. She saw to it that he wore the harness frequently.

Robert often attended these competitive corrective sessions to watch and play with Mistress Florence. They fucked or sucked one another, while the Slaves stimulated and titillated each other, trying to cause one of them to reach orgasm before the others. Robert sometimes supervised the whipping of the loser by directing the location of the blows. Often one of the winners would suck Robert's cock, balls or asshole while the other Slave administrated correction then the Slaves would exchange positions.

Usually all sessions ended with the three Slaves, and Robert, if he were in attendance, all worshiping and servicing Mistress Florence, until she achieved multiple orgasms. Infrequently, Mistress Florence would ask a Slave, usually Alteisha, to also satisfy her cravings for the whip. Mistress Florence controlled and directed these sessions. The Slaves knew better than to apply strokes too harshly, unless their Mistress encouraged them to do so. The Slaves were often astounded at the severity of correction that Mistress Florence could withstand. Alteisha loved these sessions because her Mistress would have her soothe her welts by licking the ache from them, and in the process, arousing both of them to magnificent sexual interludes.

On the first of July, the postman brought Florence the letter that she had long awaited. The Grand Master, Octavian, had invited Florence to come to Castleton on the second Sunday in July, and to sponsor new Novices to the summer class. Training would begin that same day with the Novitiates Initiation that evening. The Novices would train until the Labor Day weekend when their Ordeals and selection would take place. Octavian's letter also addressed the wonderful time he had spent with Florence when she was his Slave, before she became a Mistress in her own right.

He closed by hoping that Florence would sponsor her uninitiated Slaves to Castleton and to bring the magnificent Slave, Alteisha, back for him to enjoy once more. There was no mention of the rumor that she had heard from another Master who had visited Florence at her office. This Member had confided to her that he expected Octavian to step down as Grand Master of the Order for personal reasons. It was rumored that the Grand Master was to be posted abroad by his company, and he would not be available to carry out the duties of Grand Master adequately. Rather than have the Order suffer from leadership, Octavian would step down and a new leader chosen prior to the Novices Ordeals on Labor Day weekend.

Florence was eager to go to Castleton and even more eager to sponsor her two lower Slaves to attend the Novitiates class. Alteisha was another matter. She would participate as Mistress Florence's private and personal Slave to attend only to her Mistress's needs. Alteisha could be used to serve another Master or Mistress only with Florence's permission. Normally any Master or Mistress could claim the services of any Slave by giving the owner one-day notice. In this private and personal capacity, Florence and Alteisha could both be insulated against a possible request by Mistress Darla to take Alteisha for an evening or for overnight service.

Darla still had to be dealt with. Florence knew that Darla was not easily appeased. Mistress Darla would seek some angle to claim her revenge against both Alteisha and herself. Mistress Darla was too mean spirited to accept being asked to leave Florence's house without seeking vengeance. Mistress Florence would have to be on her guard. She must assure that Darla would not find some obscure rule of the Order that would override the personal and private services that Alteisha would perform. Florence decided that she would not allow Alteisha to perform services for anyone other than Octavian.

Maureen had worked out better than anyone expected. She enjoyed the lifestyle immensely, especially the corrective sessions. She craved the whip, strap and the other instruments of her pleasure-pain. Additionally, Maureen had been transformed into a sexual animal, rivaling Alteisha's sexual drive. Both Gordon and Maureen were prime candidates as Novitiates to the Order. Florence would give the dilemma a great deal of thought in the next few days. The time to decide was becoming shorter, and neither Gordon nor Maureen had decided. She would have to encourage her Slaves to decide quickly on attending the Novice class at Castleton.

Maureen had prepared dinner and was waiting for the other household members to come to the dining room. Alteisha entered the room naked, except for her collar and nipple and cunt rings complete with silver bells. She greeted Maureen and kneeled at the right side of her Mistress's chair, awaiting her arrival. Gordon too, entered naked, except for his collar, butt plug and the nylon netting encasing his cock and balls. He kneeled to the left side of Mistress Florence's chair to also await his Mistress.

Several minutes passed before their Mistress came into the room dressed in a black leather waist cincher, long high-heeled boots and a black leather jacket with cutaways to fully expose both of her lovely breasts. She too wore the nipple and cunt rings and was naked below the waist. Florence took her seat and bade her two higher Slaves sit at the table. Maureen waited until her fellow Slaves placed their napkins on their laps, before laying a napkin on her Mistress's lap.

Florence reached out to her Slave putting her hand on Maureen's cunt and took her cuntlips between thumb and forefinger. She could feel Maureen's clit becoming engorged and waited until the little nub swelled and pushed its way between the cuntlips surrounding it. Florence rubbed the clit between the cuntlips with her thumb and forefinger, stirring the oils deep within Maureen. She started to breath heavier and trembled as she became extremely aroused.

Maureen hoped that Mistress Florence would let her cum, but in her heart she knew that it wouldn't happen. Florence was just playing a little game of 'torment the maid'. The Mistress tired of this game and removed her hand to allow Maureen to serve them. She served them in order of their rank, pausing at each one to endure more fondling of her cunt and clit. Gordon enjoyed rubbing pieces of his food between her cuntlips before consuming them, adding to Maureen's lust. She knew that by the end of the evening meal she would be quivering with passion and eager to begin the evening's sessions.

Alteisha liked to pull at Maureen's cuntlips as she served the meal, or to tweak her nipples, if the maid's uniform of the day exposed Maureen's lovely tits. Mistress Florence took longer than usual to finish this evening's meal, as though she had something on her mind. Alteisha correctly suspected that it concerned the return to Castleton. The Slaves had been discussing Castleton among themselves. Both Gordon and Maureen asked many questions about Castleton, but Alteisha would only tell them that she encouraged them to go and enjoy the experience.

"Maureen, please sit at the table," Florence began, directing her comments to Gordon and Maureen, "I recently received the letter I had been expecting from Castleton. The time is nearly upon us, and Alteisha and I will be leaving soon. It was my hope that both of you would decide to join us. As you well know, you must make this decision. Neither Alteisha nor I can decide for you, nor order you to go. I must make reservations for either or both of you, if you're going," she paused to let the thought sink in then continued, "I must have your decision by morning."

"I've decided to go, Mistress," Gordon said. He watched Florence's eyes light up over his decision. Florence turned to face Maureen, who had knelt down beside her Mistress.

"I too, want to go, Mistress," she said bending down to lick and kiss her Mistress's boots. Florence smiled at her and lifted Maureen's chin to her cunt.

"Service me, sweet Maureen," Florence told her as Maureen set about to her task. Mistress Florence gathered her other two Slaves to her tits to suck at her nipples. She reveled in their attentions and withheld herself from orgasm for nearly half an hour before exploding into a massive orgasm. "Thank you, my darling Slaves. Now I must go and make the arrangements for your trip to Castleton," Florence arose from the dining table and walked to the stairs. "Alteisha, please correct both Gordon and Maureen. I'll join all of you later in the Discipline Room, to complete the evenings sessions." With that Florence climbed the stairs to her room.

Florence was visibly excited the next day, as the household was packing and preparing to go to Castleton. The Slaves had little to pack, as they would only need clothes for the trip to Castleton, and some thing to wear when they returned. Without Alteisha's knowledge, Florence packed some evening clothes for her primary Slave, to be used for evening social activities to which it might be appropriate to bring a Slave.

Gordon and Maureen would travel to Castleton by bus with the other Novices. Alteisha would drive with her Mistress. Now it was time to take the Gordon and Maureen to the bus station. They would travel in a chartered bus driven by a Helper, who would keep the destination and activities of Castleton very confidential. Alteisha drove her fellow Slaves to the station and cautioned them both to understand that, at Castleton, neither she nor Mistress Florence would even acknowledge that they know either one of them. Maureen asked why, but Alteisha just ignored her.

Having dropped off the two Novices at the bus station, Alteisha returned home to pick up Florence. Both women were excited and sexually aroused at the prospect of returning to the place they had first met. Although they had time to dally a bit before departing, they decided that it might be more exciting to wait until they arrived at Castleton before having sex. After all, Castleton was all about sex in all its wonderful and perverted ways, why not wait and enjoy the many pleasures that await them there. They placed their bags in the car and drove off.

It was late afternoon when they turned into the long driveway to the Great House Castleton. The thickly wooded grounds hid the house from casual drivers who drove by the gates. Their key card opened the gates and they drove onto the grounds. Both of them were happy to return and anxious to renew their friendships with other members of the Order. Without speaking both had been thinking about Mistress Darla's visit and her potential for mischief, or worse. "Mistress," asked Alteisha, "Have you thought about our mutual acquaintance?"

"Oh yes, I've been thinking about Octavian since I received his letter," replied Florence with a twinkle in her eye.

"No, Mistress, not the Grand Master. I was thinking of Mistress Darla," Alteisha said.

"I know what you meant. I was just teasing, my wonderful and beautiful Slave," said Florence, "Darla will not be a problem. Mistress Lira took care of anything that needed to be done. Darla won't bother either of us. If she tries to take you…you have permission to refuse, because you will be my private and personal Slave. She'll understand that," Florence explained as the Great House came into view.

They stopped at the massive front entrance and waited while a Helper opened the car doors. Florence gave the Helper the car keys and he quickly opened the trunk to bring the bags to their room. Florence and Alteisha went inside and were greeted warmly by Mistress Lea. She took them to the chambers reserved for Mistress Florence and showed them inside the spacious suite. Lea reminded them that dinner was at seven o'clock and took her leave.

"Mistress, may I shower before dinner?" asked Alteisha.

"Only if you take your Mistress with you," teased Florence as the two women nearly tore off their clothes in their enthusiasm to race to the shower. The water was warm and splashed freely over their naked bodies. Florence stood on tiptoes to reach Alteisha to kiss her mouth. Her Slave then dropped to her knees to lick at her Mistress's cunt. "Wow, we better slow down or we will miss dinner," gasped Florence as she stopped her Slave from exacting an orgasm from her. Alteisha smiled as she embraced her Mistress and kissed her longingly again, intertwining their tongues.

"I love you, Mistress," Alteisha whispered in her Mistress's ear.

"I love you too, Alteisha," Florence sighed. She smiled at her Slave and then teased her. "Do you love me so much that you no longer want any big cock fucking your cunt? Do you want to never suck another cock again, or lick someone else's sweet clitty? Do you love me that much?"

"Well, Mistress, I do love you so much that the only way those naughty things will happen, to me, is if I'm raped or something," smiled Alteisha.

"Will you struggle fiercely, against anyone trying to rape you, my darling?" Florence teased her.

"Yes, Mistress, I will fight fiercely, for at least two seconds, before I surrender to the rapists' awful lust," Alteisha playfully replied. They laughed and sensually helped each other bathe, with playful attention paid to nipples and clits. Alteisha shaved her Mistress's cunt, legs and armpits and did the same for herself. They rinsed the soap lather and hair from their bodies, dried themselves and dressed for dinner at Castleton.

Florence wore a net strap outfit of black leather that fully exposed her tits and cunt. She selected a pair of knee high boots, with four-inch heels, and attached a riding crop, a leather strap with a paddle to her leather net Dominatrix garb. Florence donned her red satin Members robe to complete her ensemble. Alteisha's outfit was much less complex consisting of only her Slaves collar and white robe trimmed with red. Satisfied that they were ready, the Mistress and her Slave left their chambers to descend to the dining room.

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