tagBDSMCella initiates Brooke

Cella initiates Brooke


Mistress Cella embarks on training a new sub. Cella was introduced in my first submission The Cage. I encourage comments so that I may refine my craft. Thank you Cella.


Cella was picking up a latte when she noticed a young woman eyeing her with an intense gaze. Scanning her Cella she could see her full breasts and pierce nipples easily through her blouse. Her black hair framing her breasts, ended at her shapely waist and full hips. Noticing Cellas assessment Brooke turned on her stool so her tits were in full view and pressed against the sheer fabric. Brooke loved to tease women and men alike and this was her favorite way to get their attention.

Cella paid for her coffee and pulled out her calling card. As she passed Brooke she placed it on the counter and said softly in her ear "If you need some training, make an appointment." And with that left the shop and headed back to her home in the country.

By the time Cella got home there were two messages on her phone from Brooke. I love eager little sluts Cella thought knowing she would have a good time training this cocky bitch. Hearing how eager she was to be trained made Cella wet. Going against her rules she called Brooke back.

"Brooke, I am a Dominatrix and by coming to my home you are submitting to anything I desire." Cella confidently stated. "Are you still interested?" There was a pause but one that only the trained ear would notice. "Yes Mistress Cella, I want to be trained by you." Brooke came back a little too self assured. Cella gave her the address and shared the rules of her home. "When you arrive, strip and leave your clothes at the door before you knock." "Umm okay" Brooke said questioning why she had agreed.

Seven pm arrived and there was a quiet knock at the door. Cella, dressed in her favorite black leather corset with demi-cups that support her perfect small breasts yet leave her sensitive nipples available for play, opened the door to Brooke.

Brooke stood on the doorstep with clothes in hand smiling. Her nipples erect, either from the slight breeze or the excitement of what she was about to embark on. Her clean-shaven pussy revealed a large clitoris extending beyond the outer labia making Cella's eyes twinkle a little brighter.

"How may I serve you Mistress Cella?" Brooke asked almost humorously as she stepped in the door. "First, when ever you greet me, you will always pay homage to my pussy with gratitude!" Cella commanded. Brooke, playing along, fell to her knee inhaling Cella's scent and slowly started to lick her pussy lips in a teasing manner. Her tongue slowly licking one side then the other, then working her lips open gently flicking her clit. As her licks became hungrier Cella started to feel her desire rise. "Harder my slut, lick me harder, stick your tongue deep in my pussy and let me see if you know how to fuck a woman."

Brooke having had many relationships with women rose to the occasion and started tongue-fucking Cella with rhythm finding her G spot quickly. Cella was pleasantly surprise at her oral dexterity but the feeling was instantly ruined when Brooke started to touch her clit with her hand. "Stop you silly slut, did I say you could touch me?" Cella said, the insult clear in her voice. "Get your hands behind your back." With that Cella put on strong leather cuffs and collar, quickly hog tied and locked Brookes hands behind her to the collar.

"Sorry my Mistress." Brooke uttered slightly wounded at Cellas reprimand. "You shall never touch me unless you are told to. You have no control here and if you resist you will be punished. Do you understand?" Brooke nodded in consent. With that Cella took a flogger to Brookes ass with hard sharp blows. Brooke's screams were not restrained and filled the hallway. "Please Mistress, I am sorry, no more." Cried Brooke as she started to back towards the door.

"I love your screams but I find your pleading annoying so you will be silenced until you have learned not to speak." As Cella said this she stuffed Brookes mouth with a large double-ended dildo gag and locked it in. Brooke's large eyes were the only indication of her lessening defiance. Cella's ability to read her slaves is one of her most values traits.

Locking on thick thigh belts on Brooke's legs and connected clips to each of Brookes pussy lips tightening them so her clit was fully exposed and revealing the wetness of hole. The pain Brooke was feeling from the clips brought tears to the corners of her eyes but she was unable to make a noise as the cock pushed down her throat.

"You are almost ready. I hope you are liking all the attention I am giving you, you little bitch." Brooked nodded slightly but fear was rising as she saw Cella bring out a heavy Y chain with alligator clips in each end. Cella clipped the upper end to Brookes nipple rings and then the third to her stretched and exposed clit. The pain jolted Brook and she shook. Shaking her head violently from side to side trying to express NO was all she could do. While the pain was more than she felt she could bear, Brooke felt her pussy getting very wet.

Brooke came to Cella believing she was yet another woman who wanted to sleep with her. It happened all the time because Brooke exuded it in her daily life, loving the attention and was always willing to explore a new woman's body. She assumed that Cella's teasing her with Dom talk was just a lure. Now bound and clamped it was all very real, as was the pain. What the was happening to her, her mind was telling her to get the hell out of Cella's home but her body was responding to the intense pain with equal amounts of pleasure. While Brookes mind was drifting she barely noticed Cella attaching the leash to the Y chain or the blindfold that had been applied.

The yank of the leash sent sharp pain to her nipples and clit and she had no option but to follow the direction that she was being pulled. "You are going down 7 steps." Cella's voice came through the blurr. Mentally counting off the stairs Brooke could sense they had entered a room. It smelt of leather, cum, and pheromones. Each of which stirred her physical response further. There was also a faint hum that she could not place. As Brooke was lead further into the room she was instructed to squat. "Now my sweet little slave whore I want you to pee." Cella cooed as she lowered Brooke by pulling on the clit and nipple chain.

Brooked tried hard to let her muscles relax but was unable to. "Do you need a little encouragement?" Cella announced as she yanked the chain upward and started to flog her exposed and clamped clit. The pain shot like a gun through her whole body and Brooke quickly squatted to let her pee flow. "Good to see you can learn quickly!"

While she was peeing Brooke could hear a choking noise and wondered what else was happening in the room. As soon as she was finished Brooke was lifted and her dildo stuffed mouth was lowered where her pussy had just been.

She felt resistance on the outer dildo of the mouth gag as she was instructed to fuck with her mouth cock. Not wanting to feel the whip on her clit again, Brooke fucked the hole with fervor. As she did she found herself fantasizing what she was fucking and the pleasure started to over take her.

Almost instantly Cella's mouth was on her pussy expertly licking her and soothing her clit from the teeth of the alligator clip, licking around the lip spreaders and then finally licking her hot and dripping hole. As Brooke felt herself building to orgasm, she fucked with her mouth harder trying to satisfy her primal needs.

"Don't think you can cum my little whore." Mistress Cella stated as she stopped pleasuring Brooke's hole that was ready to explode. With those words another hard whip came to her ass bud. "Control yourself, you cum when I tell you to!"

Before Brooke could react to the pain on her ass she was lifted by the collar and laid on a slightly reclined table, her arms quickly bound to chains and her legs lifted, spread and locked apart and a heavy strap across her belly that completely immobilized her. "Okay Brooke it is time for you to meet my other slave." Cella said as she removed the blindfold.

Brookes eye's struggled to focus in the dimly lit dungeon. When she finally focused she could see a man shackled in iron, his hands and legs bound together with his legs meeting his arms. He was semi reclined and facing Brook but lower to the floor than her. The shackles spread his legs leaving his ass fully accessible. His cock rock hard and tied in two places, at the base and below the head, and his balls were bound in a heavy metal band and chained to the ceiling above him

It was only then that Brooke could place the humming noise. It was coming from the dildo in his ass, the fucking motion obvious. Instant fear gripped Brooke, anal play was something she had heard about and the thought was did not appeal to her. The man also wore a head harness with an O-ring gag, forcing his mouth fully open.

Following her gaze Mistress Cella told her "Yes that was your piss receptacle and the hole you were fucking so nicely. I hope you approve. Brooke, this is Peter my slave. He has slipped in his training and needed to taste your virginal piss. Did you like it Peter?" Peter nodded with enthusiasm unable to reply with the ring in his mouth.

"I know how much you like to watch me to lick pussy Peter, so I will give you a treat." Cella said as she raised her whip and started to hit the alligator clip on Brooke's clit. After 7 hard blows it finally popped off. Brooke's screams coming from deep in her throat and gagging on the cock in her mouth was seen in the motion of her stomach clenching.

Cella quickly tended to Brookes swollen and bruised clit with soft sucks and gentle licks. As the blood started to flow back into the clit the pain and pleasure was more than Brooke could take. Her hips rising and grinding into Cella's face, the licks becoming more directed and faster. Mistress Cella sensing Brooke's orgasm slowed her pace and unclipped the clamps from her nipple rings without even raising an eye. Moving the clips from the nipple rings to the large erect nipple was almost imperceptible but the pain was instant.

Brooke shuddered in pain but at the same time exploded in a massive orgasm. The waves flowing through her body were uncontrollable and cum flowed from her pussy. Cella sucked the cum from her pussy only to turn to Peter to spit it in his mouth.

Turning her head to Brooke Cella said "I told you not to cum unless instructed. I thought you might be a hard one to break." Cella picked up two heavy weights and attached them to the nipple clamps on Brooke and let them drop like dead weights. Brooke's sputtering could barely be heard but it was obvious to Cella that she was slowly getting the message.

Then pressing a button, the table Brooke was on moved her to an almost upright position, the weights falling from her sides to hanging freely with gravity. Tears were rolling down Brookes face made Cella very happy, as did lifting Peter's balls closer to the ceiling from which they were suspended. She poured herself some champagne and watched her slaves in a mixture of agony and ecstasy.

Sitting on her Queening chair Cella sipped champagne and strapped on a forced orgasm toy and relaxed in her physical and mental pleasure. Enjoying her drink and orgasms, Cellas cum flowed from her, over and over. Cella enjoyed the expressions of both Peter and Brooke as they watched her pleasure.

"Ahh I do know how to cum and how delightful it is to be able to at will." Cella snickered. As she stood she emptied the collected cum from her Queening chair into a silver ewer.

Cella went over to Peter and released his balls from the ceiling, arms, ankles and turned off the fucking dildo. Peter's body instantly went limp and as Cella removed the toy from his ass, his anal cum flowed out into the silver ewer. Helping Peter to his knees, Cella unlocked and removed the head harness and O-ring from Peters mouth. "Thank you my Mistress." Peter said as he instantly moved to Cella's pussy in his ritual worship.

"Brooke you would be wise to learn from Peter, while he is still not fully trained he knows how to honor his Goddess." Peter licked Cella's pussy with a tenderness that stemmed from his deep love and gratitude for Cella's attention. As Cella's cum flowed Peter licked harder nuzzling her clit with his nose and tongue fucking her wet hot hole. "You may play with my ass bud Peter" Cella offered. "Thank you Mistress, anything for your pleasure."

Peter probed Cella's ass with his fingers while never stopping the attention to her clit and pussy. Multiple combinations of fingers and thumb, finding all the spots that he had been trained on. Cella's knees were weak with pleasure and her cum flowed into Peter's parched mouth. "Thank you my slave, you are learning.

"Come to my thrown and I will allow you the privilege of my pleasure." Cella said as she led Peter by his collar to lie in the Queening chair. Locking in his neck and hands, Cella lowered her ass and pussy onto Peters face. Instantly Peter licked and probed Cella's ass with his tongue knowing how much Cella loves her chair.

While Peter licked and sucked every sensitive part of Cella's groin, Cella applied clover clamps to his nipples. The effect was an instant increase in Peter's desire to please. Cella's female ejaculation poured over his face, and he was unable to keep up with her incredible ability to flow. To reward Peter, Cella took the chain from his bound balls and clipped it to his nipple clamps. Unable to respond for the pussy smothering his face Peter focused his screams into his Mistresses orgasms.

"Thank you my sweet slave, you do that so well." Cella cooed as she stood up, unclipped his balls from the nipple clamps and untied the cords from his cock. Instantly pre-cum flowed from his penis which Mistress Cella licked lovingly and then kissed Peter deeply, sharing his cum with him.

"Peter would you like this virgin ass?" Cella asked. Peter barely able to move his head in the confines of the Queening chair nodded and smiled at his Mistress. "Yes Dom Cella. I love that you think of me." Cella unlocked Peter's neck and arms and balls, assisted him to standing and lowered Brook into a horizontal position.

Peter positioned himself in front of Brooke's vulnerable ass, Cella suggested "Use my cum to lube up her hole and be gentle at first. Before you enter her, I want to straddle her lovely dildo gag." Brooke's eyes were wide trying to plead not to defile her ass.

"Did she fuck your mouth well Peter?" "Yes, she is an eager one Mistress." "Good, lets show her appreciation then." With that Cella lowered her pussy on the dildo mouth gag and started to ride Brooke's mouth. "Peter play with my nipples and then show this little slut what her ass can feel like." Obeying with a twinkle in his eyes Peter lovingly played with Cella's erect and hard nipples as he tried to open Brooke's tight ass bud.

Peter finally was able to push past the tight muscles and start to thrust hard into her ass. As he did Cella grabbed the chain between the nipple clamps on Peter and tugged it tightly. As always, Peter's body responded instantly and he started to fuck Brooke's ass mercilessly. Peter and Cella riding Brooke's body and pulling each other's nipples connected them. "May I cum Mistress?" Peter asked as he felt his seed rising in his shaft. "No love, I have a few more treats for you."

"Lick her pussy instead." Cella said as she dismounted Brooke's obviously exhausted and pained body. "Lets see if she has learned to obey." Cella said as she unlocked the dildo gag and removed it from Brooke's mouth. Coughing Brooke managed a very faint "Thank you Mistress." Getting the ewer Cella poured the ass and pussy cum mixture in Brookes mouth, which she drank willingly to ease the soreness. "Thank you for thinking of my thirst." Brooke said trying not to think about what she was drinking.

"Peter you may have her pussy and I will give you your ass a lovely treat." Cella said as she put on her harness with a 12 inch dildo with a 6 inch girth. "You may also 69 her so that she can show your cock some attention." Peter mounted the table putting his cock in Brooke's mouth and lifting his ass high in the air for his Mistresses attention.

Cella slowly started fucking Peter's ass and as his pleasure rose he licked Brooke's huge unhooded clit while she sucked his cock like a baby. Waves of pleasure were flowing from body to body, hips thrusting and rocking hard. "Please Mistress let me cum." Peter pleaded. "Your ass is cumming Peter, hold on to your seed. It is for me. This slut does not deserve it." Cella said as she continued to thrust hard into Peter's ass.

The last anal orgasm shook Peter and again he begged to cum. Cella ordered him to stand straddling Brooke and climbed on the table herself. "You may have my pussy Peter, from behind" Peter quickly entered his Mistress as she unstrapped the dildo and plunged it into Brooke's dripping pussy. Again Peter begged to cum. "Yes we may all cum together." Cella announced as she rocked hard with Peter maintaining her dildo work on Brooke. Brooke was the first to release her long withheld orgasm, screaming as she did. Her strong muscles gripping the dildo making it hard to thrust deeply. Then together Peter and Cella shared their fluids shuddering in unison. Over and over Peter's thick creamy cum shot deep in Cella's pussy.

"Let her clean your cock Peter" Cella whispered as he withdrew from her. Brooke obeyed by licking every last drop of their sex. As Peter stepped down Cella squatted on Brooke's mouth and released all of Peter's seed and her own orgasm into her mouth. Drinking hard Brooke lapped as much as she could. "Thank you Brooke, you have come a long way today."

Releasing her restraints Brooke slowly tried to sit, her ass and pussy sore from the torture she just endured. Peter removed the nipple clamps and Brooke let out a shrill as the blood came back to her nipples. Peter took one breast and Cella the other and licked and soothed her nipples back to life.

"You are finished here Brooke, your clothes are outside, where you may dress." Cella commanded. "Were you happy with me?" Brooke asked quietly "May I visit you again?" "I will watch the tape of our session and let you know." Cella said as she pointed for Brooke to leave the room.

When Brooke had left Peter said "Thank you Mistress for allowing me to have her virgin ass. She loved it in case you missed that." "She was fucking my pussy hard with her mouth, I knew she was loving it. Lets lie again as lovers and we can discuss the future of Brooke in the morning."

"Thank you Mistress." Peter said as he lowered Cella on the bed and began worship her body.

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