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Cruising for porn at three in the morning inside a downtown sex shop wasn't something I'd normally do, but one weekend there I was looking through a selection of x-rated videos. It started raining that night walking home from a bar, so I took shelter inside the shop to escape getting wet.

There were an assortment of sex toys, racks of porn, and an array of hardcore films playing on TV's hanging from the walls inside the shop. Apart from the store clerk and I, there was no one else inside the store when I stepped in. Only a few minutes after did I spot another man enter through the front and start looking around.

I didn't take much interest in the man at first until he approached me. Initially he smiled and then walked over to make small talk about the weather -- like me, he too had come in to the shop seeking shelter from the rain.

As we talked, he appeared to flirt with me. The feeling was not unwelcome. In fact, as a straight man I often find myself sexually attracted to other men who are as outgoing, inquisitive, and as well dressed as he was -- men, you might say, that are the opposite of myself.

After we spoke, I continued looking around until I found a film I wanted to rent. When I walked to the front I noticed a sign above the register advertising a movie rental viewing area at the back of the store. It turned out to be cheaper to watch the film inside store than it did to rent it out. I'm usually careful with my money (especially when I drink) so I inquired further and the store clerk directed me to the back after I'd paid.

At the back, I discovered a series of booths along a dark and narrow hallway. Some of the booth's doors were half open and I could hear moans and sexual groans coming from inside. To say I found the back area weird would be an understatement.

At the end of the hall, I entered a booth and sat down. At first I debated whether I should stay or not -- it was uncomfortably dark, seedy, and I became aware of how awkward I felt there. Despite my hesitation, after the television screen inside my booth came on, I started watching the film I'd payed for. After a while, I got tired of watching my film, and used a switch on the wall inside the booth to click through to other channels playing more films. After I stopped on something I saw worth watching, I glanced back between the crack in my door and noticed the man I'd spoken to earlier sitting in a booth across the hall. His room was dark like mine, but I could see his face enough to tell he was wanking off just as I was.

My awkward sexual attraction towards him earlier returned and I observed him secretly playing with himself. Eventually he looked over at me and said, "Come inside. You'll love it," he said, referring to the film he was watching.

I walked over to his booth, and closed the door behind me. It was too small to sit down so I leaned up against the wall and looked down at the TV. My earlier suspicions about the man being gay where confirmed when I saw the film he was watching was of two men orally servicing each other. I felt uncomfortable yet aroused watching the men on the screen suck each others' cocks.

I looked down at the ground shyly for a moment as my cock swelled thinking about the man in my booth sucking my own cock. I became overwhelmed by the thought of it, grabbed my crotch, and stepped closer to the man's face. He glanced up at me for moment before he undid my belt and undid my jeans. I pulled my boxers down enough for him to pull my dick out and he started sucking -- slowly at first until I was hard enough for him to deep-throat me. I loved the feeling of my cock deep inside his mouth and it took no time at all before I was ready to come. When I was near, I pulled out, jacked myself off and exploded a big load onto the side of his face. I pulled up my pants and walked out to the front of the store. As I left, I could feel cum still dripping from my cock.

"Thanks for stopping by," the clerk said to me before I left.

I returned home that morning and masturbated myself several times to fantasies of what might have happened if I'd stayed longer in the booth that night.

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