tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersChanging Room Prank Ch. 04

Changing Room Prank Ch. 04


Chapter 4 is up! If you like this series, please take the time to read some of my other submissions. For now though, enjoy the next chapter in the Changing Room Prank series!

Greg must have been up first, because I woke to him rubbing my dick through my panties. I always knew Greg was more sensitive than Mark, but I never thought it would come in handy. We spooned together, with Greg's big arm around me gently massaging my panties. I moved back into him, letting him know I was awake. I could feel him getting harder after only a few seconds of me easing against him. His hand went under my panties, where he got a firm hold. His hands were enormous, and only made my thing look smaller. Not that I was under 4 inches (from my estimate), it's just that it could have been in his hands' shadow, literally. Greg got very into it and started dry humping me as he stroked me. I twisted my neck back to look at him, and then, when we made eye contact, he went in for a kiss, which I accepted. I rolled over so we were face to face on our sides. Even though Greg had to adjust his grasp, he didn't stop. I put my hand on the back of his head, and ran my hands through his hair. Greg picked up his pace, and I let out a sigh of pleasure. I wanted to return the favor, but his arms were in the way. I couldn't even focus any more. The pleasure was building inside me.

Once I came in his hand, he took his fingers back and licked off the cum. I was catching my breath back, and was about to go down on him when Greg got out of bed and threw on a T-shirt.

"Where are you going?" I asked, puzzled. Didn't he want me to suck him off?

"To get you some breakfast," he smiled back at me and left. I was confused. Why would he let me cum, and then not expect anything in return? I didn't understand him. Mark, on the other hand, wouldn't have even given me a hand job, let alone walked out of a room without me blowing him. I wanted him to come back to bed, so I could enjoy his cum too, but then again, after my own orgasm, I wasn't craving it as much as usual.

When Greg came back he was holding a tray with breakfast on it and wearing nothing but an apron.

"I get breakfast in bed? What did I do to deserve this?" I smiled coyly at him. "I didn't even know you knew how to cook."

"It's just toast and some eggs," he replied. "No trouble at all." I felt so happy with Greg. He was so caring and considerate, and he would go down on me! I was the happiest "girl" in the world. I propped myself up against the headboard and Greg placed the tray on my lap. Then, he went to take care of the kitchen while I ate in bed. I sat there thinking how amazing my life had become since I slipped on those white lace panties in the mall. I was finishing up eating when Greg walked back in.

"Did you enjoy your meal?"

"Yes, very much so, thank you again."

"No problem. Do you want to thank the chef?" Greg said as he looked down at the tent in his apron.

"I just d... oh." I laughed at my mistake. "I know what you mean." I had finally seen a little dominance in Greg. I felt like that was missing until now. I put the tray down on the bed and then moved my feet off the bed on to the floor in front of Greg. I was smiling from ear to ear with anticipation when I pulled the apron to the side. The curtain came up and his cock sprang out. All of Greg just stood up and out, pointed straight at me. I gave Greg one last smile, then went to enjoy his cock. I put one hand on the top of his cock, and then licked underneath the head. I grabbed the base and started to make out with the head itself. I licked all around it and then smeared my tongue on the hole. I tasted Greg's pre-cum and let it move along my tongue, as I used it for lube to let his cock slide into my mouth. Those locker room sessions with Mark paid off in the end; I had become an exceptional cock sucker. I got off the bed and onto my knees on the carpet, so much more comfortable than the tile floor. Something that I preferred about blowing Greg over Mark was that he let me take my time, and I felt like he appreciated me more. Every time I licked underneath the shaft when he was inside me, he would gently whisper a long "yes," and then gently push my head down on to his cock, but just a little. He would let me know that he was enjoying it and encourage me on. I kept sucking and licking, because I wanted him to feel happier with me than any girl. I pulled his waist in to get him to push deeper into me. I kept my mouth on his cock as I went down further and further on him, then pulled back off. When I pulled off, I would give the head a kiss, and lick, and then pump his cock into my mouth while going down on him again. Occasionally, between these cycles I would stop and lick the head like an ice cream cone, just to break the rhythm and keep it new and surprising for him.

I kept him going like that for a while, until he told me he was ready to cum. I stuck my tongue out and put the head on my tongue. I started furiously jacking him off and tugged on his balls ever so gently. My mouth was ready and my eyes locked on to his. Then he closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and exploded all over my face. He couldn't control it and what was supposed to land in my mouth was on my face and chest. I licked his cock as he was finishing up, staying on my knees and appreciating the beautiful rod. Greg let out a sigh and then broke the silence.

"You've got to clean up -- how about we take a shower?" Greg suggested. I was more than excited to shower with Greg. He helped me up, took my hand in his, and he led me to the bathroom. I undressed and washed off my makeup before getting in the shower. Then, as we were getting in, I realized that because I had no makeup, there was no more Alice. It wasn't Ethan either, though, I had become completely neutral, but this didn't seem to faze Greg. He just opened the door and got right to showering. I came in after him and had to brush up against his cock to fit in. The whole time we were in the shower we were very close, which led to a lot of rubbing up against each other. We both had hard-ons and would let them mingle frequently. When we got out, Greg grabbed a towel and put it around me, then pulled me in for a kiss. He put his hands around my waist and pulled our bodies closer as we kissed deeply now, our cocks fully getting to know one another. Eventually we broke the kiss, and Greg went to brush his teeth.

"I don't really have any of my things with me, so I think I'll take off now," I said.

"You're welcome to stay as long as you like," Greg said with imploration in his eyes.

"Thanks, but I've got things to take care of at home anyway. Do you have some spare clothes I can change into? I don't think I could walk home in broad daylight with an outfit like this."

"Sure, I'll go get some clothes." Greg pulled on a pair of boxers then left the room. When he came back he gave me jeans, a T-shirt, socks, and boxers. "Are these all right?"

"Yeah, they're fine." Greg left again, and I closed the door. The first thing I did was put the boxers up to my face. They smelled just like him. I let out a sigh of pleasure and then got changed.

Greg was cleaning up the bedroom when I walked to the front door to leave.

"So, I'll see you around then?" Greg asked nervously. He was still under the impression that I was Alice, and his girlfriend.

"Of course, Greg, we hang out all the time." I replied with a sneer.

"All right, then, see you later," He opened the door for me and I took a step out when he grabbed my arm.

"What is it?" I asked. He then pulled me in for a deep kiss. I started to return it then pushed him away remembering the current circumstances. "Are you crazy?" I nearly screamed. He had kissed Ethan, not Alice. I didn't think he ever saw me like that. I walked off the porch without turning my head back. I was confused as ever about myself now.

On the walk home I should have been reflecting on the great time we had on our date, at home, and then again in the morning, but all I could think about was the last kiss. Greg wasn't supposed to kiss me, Ethan. Everything was going fine until he had shown his feelings for Ethan. I didn't know why I hated it, though -- I had loved our kiss. I don't know why I broke away, but I felt like I had to. I felt his tongue on mine and fell in love with it, so why did I jump? I told myself I wasn't gay; rather, Alice was just a very active girl. I couldn't handle all these emotions, and I was too tired to focus on anything. As soon as I got home I took a nap. When I woke up, I gave my homework some much needed attention until late in the night. It was a tough day for me, so I put the panties on to help me relax. By then, complicated thoughts of my personas and sexuality were too much of a burden, and I drifted off to sleep within the minute I crawled into bed, enjoying the smooth panties rubbing between my thighs.


The next week at school, Mark passed me by without a second look. We were still friends, but now that he had a girlfriend, I was no longer his go-to for sexual relief. I couldn't get over that easily. I thought Mark had had fun with me, as I had with him. I knew he didn't show his emotions a lot, but if he didn't want to see me any more he could have at least told me. I shouldn't have missed Mark as much as I did; he only liked me for the head. But then again, I liked giving head a lot as well and Mark's cock was more fun to play around with than Greg's. Both of theirs were big enough, but Mark's was much thicker, and his balls were larger and they hung loose, dangling, enticing me.

Kenny and I became better friends during the week, especially because for some reason I was able to know exactly what to say to Alice, his date for the weekend. Things were also going ok with Greg. We were never alone, except for when my bus was late. When it was, Greg and I would be left alone together. I didn't know if Greg was trying to flirt, or just pass the time, but every now and then, he would hint he was interested in me. When my bus would finally arrive, he would hug me tightly and whisper in my ear, "Goodbye, Alice." Just when I was starting to figure out who I was, Greg would always flip everything I knew upside down.

This was starting to become a real issue for me. I was talking to Kenny about his date with Alice and referred to it as our date. Luckily, he didn't hear it, but it was starting to get too dangerous for me. At least with everyone else I knew I could be neutral, not a guy or a girl, but just a friend.

Mark was just a friend for the first few days of the week because I figured now that he had a girlfriend, he wouldn't need me. It turned out I was wrong. Mark and I were in gym together, along with all the other students who were getting dressed in their shorts for class. I was tying my shoes, as everyone else was already leaving. I got up and was about to leave the empty changing room when I heard Mark's voice from the back.

"Hey, Alice," he called out. I paused for a second, and then continued on. I was Ethan now, and

Mark should learn that. "Ethan, wait!"

"What is it?" I responded this time.

"I want to talk." I was amused. Mark hadn't really communicated much with me since the first sleepover, and now he was telling me we needed to talk. I obliged anyway, and followed him into a secluded corner. "I've missed our, uh, hangouts together after school."

"That was with Alice, you'll have to talk to her." I need to separate my personas, I thought to myself.

"C'mon, can we please acknowledge what is going on?" Mark said sternly.

"All right, fine," I agreed. "I've been blowing you, I mean, Alice has been blowing you after school occasionally."

"She used to, now you and I barely talk. I miss you."

"Well, you have Denise now, isn't she enough?" I asked. I thought his girlfriend would be able to please him enough.

"She doesn't do it the way you do. It's so much better with you."

"Alice does it better," I emphasized. Mark wasn't getting it.

"This is too confusing," Mark sighed. "I don't care which one of you it is. You both have a curious tongue and that amazing ass." Mark reached around and grabbed my butt and then squeezed it a little. I had missed that. Greg was too sensitive sometimes, and Mark was just such a dominant man. I needed to be submissive for the whole Alice thing to work.

"Oh, stop," I giggled as I brushed his hand off, hoping it would return soon.

"No, I love that ass," Mark replied, laughing along with me. He moved his hands around me again and this time slipped under the waistband behind me. "You're wearing the panties now?"

I was, and I had almost forgotten. "I guess I left them on when I got changed this morning, do you mind?"

"Not at all, I love those panties, with the little trim."

"Actually, I bought another pair," I blushed.

Mark's face lit up like a little boy's on Christmas. "Well, let me see them!" Mark said enthusiastically. I got up and pulled down my shorts. "Very sexy, now do a little turn for me." I did as I was told, and then wiggled my bum for him. "Oh, I love it, wait, did you shave, too?"

"Yeah, I'm glad you noticed." I was baby smooth, and it felt nice to have Mark notice the time I took shaving and moisturizing.

"You're so soft and feminine, I just love it. Come sit down," I was about to sit back down on the bench when Mark pulled me down onto his lap. Our faces moved closer and I thought to myself, Ethan wouldn't do this, but I couldn't leave this strong, sexy, and loving man. I didn't have to decide anyway. Mark made the first move and pulled my head in closer until we felt each other's tongues on the insides of our cheeks. Whatever, I'm wearing the panties, so that's Alice enough, right? I justified making out with Mark as Ethan, but I was just making excuses so I didn't have to tell myself that we were gay, well, Mark probably wasn't. I was pretty easily swayed by my thoughts, though, just because of how badly I wanted to make out with Mark.

I put one leg over Mark, and straddled him. I felt his cock growing underneath. I started grinding him while making out. I was incredibly horny and craving his cum.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted by the sound of the opening doors of the locker room. I jumped off Mark and quickly pulled up my shorts, covering the secret undergarments. Mark bent down and pretended to tie his shoe.

"What are you guys still doing here? Coach wants you outside now!" It was just Jerry. He hadn't seen anything.

"I guess I'll see you around later," I winked at Mark and left for the field. How the roles had switched! Now I was the one leaving Mark dry and anticipating. It felt amazing; I had power over a man almost twice my size and build. Now I knew why women withheld sex from men. Mark just sighed and laughed at the situation. It was fun to play around with men.

I had to seriously do some thinking throughout the week, though, and discover myself a bit more before my date with Kenny. I caught myself mixing Alice in with my everyday Ethan life, referring to Kenny's date as our date, for example, or having Mark kiss Ethan instead of Alice. I was also constantly day dreaming about new guys, new positions, and different outfits I had seen in the stores. I would also linger in front of store windows, admiring the mannequins' outfits, imagining what the clothes would look like on me. I would never have done this prior to my night with boys, but now it was becoming increasingly frequent.

I realized now how much I had overreacted when Greg kissed me as Ethan. How could you blame him? I was not always clear about my personas and the way I want them to be treated. It was only that I really wanted to love Greg as a girl. Was that too much? But now, making out with Mark without even any makeup on? This was stepping into a grey area. Alice and Ethan were becoming inseparable. That's going to cause some problems with Kenny, I thought.

I was going to let something slip; I knew it. The date was becoming less and less innocent. I was becoming worried that Ethan would slip out of Alice, or that Alice would take it too far and forget her place. She's impossible to control. Either way Kenny wouldn't be taking it much slower than Alice. The flirtatious texting had escalated and Kenny was definitely expected some sort of thanks for the drink he bought way back when. I could only hope that he kept his hands to himself, and the same went for Alice! Until then, I had one too many ignored reports to focus on.

As usual, any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any suggestions or anything to say at all about the story line, characters, or love scenes, don't hesitate to tell me! Til Chapter 5, LBD54

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