tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels Ch. 3

Charlie's Angels Ch. 3


I drove the angels down the eastern seaboard in my Ferrari. Well, it was actually my late uncles Ferrari, but since he was dead and had left everything to me it was now mine. We stopped in Miami and took a puddle jumper across the Key Islands.

Early the next day, the angels and I made our way down a crowded beach toward a small dock. We had all four just returned from a nude beach in southern France. The beach we were currently on was much smaller, much more crowded, and the sand not as white. We were in Key West Florida back in the USA. One of my favorite spots in the world, and one I never got to visit enough in my old life.

The Florida sun was out bright in a cloudless blue sky over head. Sabrina had on a big sun hat and a white bikini with lots of sun tan lotion. Jill had on a California Angels baseball cap and a blue bikini and lots of sun tan lotion. Emmanuelle had no hat or lotion, but was wearing a black thong bikini. I had on – oh who cares what I had on anyway.

“Hey, Nick!” I greeted my old college roommate as the four of us came up onto the dock and headed to Nick’s boat.

“Well Charlie, it certainly has been a long time,” Nick said hopping off his boat and shaking my hand.

Nick was two years older than I was. He was shorter than I was, and rather of a short stature in general, but worked out and had a chest and forearms ripped with muscle. He had a beard and long hair, being rather on the dark side and from an Italian heritage. The beard, I think, was more in keeping with his college professor image that he had going for him now days.

“It’s been three years,” I told him. “But somehow it seems like it’s been much longer.”

“I know what you mean,” Nick said. “School seems like ages ago.” Then he suddenly caught sight of the three beautiful women behind me.

“Nick, remember I told you I was bringing three friends down with me? Well here they are.”

“Man, you told me three friends! I thought you meant three friends. These beautiful young ladies can’t be your friends?”

I laughed as I saw the angels transfixed Nick. They were really more than I can describe. They were beautiful.

“Angels, allow me to introduce, Nick. My first two years in college this guy was my roommate.”

“Hello, Nick,” the angels all shook hands with him.

“Nick, this is Sabrina, Jill, and Emmanuelle. They… work for me,” I said and I’m sure there was more than a little pride in my voice.

“Ladies it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Nick said immediately trying to turn up the charm. “I can see you are doing all right for yourself, Charlie.”

“Yes, I’ve had a change of luck in the past couple of months. It’s kind of a long story.”

“Well, why don’t you all come on aboard? We’ve got the next two days to catch up.”

I patted Nick on the back. “It’s really good seeing you again, man.”

“Same here,” Nick said honestly. “I’m going to put you all to work, so I hope you came ready for a good time.”

The girls all jumped across from the dock to the bow of the Santa Maria. They were all excited to be taking an ocean voyage, and so was I.

Nick got Jill and me a beer. Sabrina stuck with an orange juice, and Emmanuelle went with a Diet Coke. We set out on the deck of the thirty-one foot schooner and soaked up the Florida sun while we talked about our times in college together.

“You and Sally aren’t together anymore?” I approached a potentially sensitive subject with Nick.

“She left about a year ago. She took our son. I still fly up to see him occasionally, but that’s about all.”

“Man I remember the two of you going out in school.”

“Just didn’t work out, Charlie.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that, Nick.”

“Well how about another beer, huh?” Nick said walking back to a cooler he had on the deck and dragging out three more beers. “You ladies enjoying my boat,” he asked them, and I could see he was really distracted by the three nearly nude girls sitting on the deck with us. I was distracted also, even though I lived with the girls and knew them all very well. The sight of their bodies all lined up together like this never failed to bring a stirring under my shorts.

“I really like your boat, Nick. What kind is it?” Jill asked him eagerly.

“It’s a schooner, and it’s not really my boat. It belongs to the university I work for.”

“It’s beautiful!” Jill exclaimed. “You must be an important person at the university for them to give you charge of a boat like this.” I could tell by the way Jill was so ready to talk with Nick and compliment him that she liked him.

My friend and my angel? I would have to think that one over for a while. Though I had never been jealous of one of my angels before, I was starting to feel that way as Jill looked across the deck to Nick with her beautiful blue eyes seeing only him. I immediately hated myself for feeling that way and tried to push the thought out of my mind.

“So what about you, Charlie?” Nick asked me. “How’s your love life these days?”

I looked around me at the three girls sitting on the deck with us. The girls were all laughing. I think I may have even been blushing. “Well,” I said stupidly, not knowing how much of an explanation was needed with my friend.

“Oh, I think I get the picture. Say no more,” Nick said and laughed with the girls, catching my meaning. “God man you must be the luckiest guy on the planet.”

“So what can the four of us do for you, Nick?” I asked, changing the subject.

“I’m going to be laying sonar submersibles out in the Gulf of Mexico. The university gave me the use of the Santa Maria for the week, but only under the condition that I could get my own crew. When you called me, Charlie and said you had some free time and might be interested in taking a cruise, I knew I had found my crew. Only I didn’t realize what a beautiful crew you’d be bringing me.” He looked across at my angels and paid particular attention to Jill.

“What will these sonar submersibles do?” Jill asked him with a flirtatious smile.

“Help the university and me to track the migration of large fish in the Gulf of Mexico and out into the Caribbean. It’s kind of like the US Navy’s SOSUS project, except instead of tracking Russian submarines we’re tracking dolphins and tunas.“

“So are you a professor at the university?” Jill asked as she sipped her beer.

I had not seen her this interested in a guy… well frankly not ever. Not since she had met me, which had only been about six weeks before. But we had come to know each other well in those six weeks. And I had fallen in love with Jill in that time. The problem was I had also fallen in love with Sabrina and Emmanuelle. I had also been in love with an old angel, Kelly who had just left my employment two weeks prior to this trip, to get married.

“Yeah. I’m an oceanographer,” Nick answered her with his most charming smile. Of all of my angels Nick had started to focus on Jill, the petite southern California valley girl.

“That sounds like an interesting line of work,” Jill told him. “I don’t think I’ve ever known one before.”

“Well you do now,” Nick said giving her a wink.

“You still working on finding all those dolphins, old buddy,” I asked.

“I sure am. Dolphins are my specialty. I love to go out to the Gulf and listen to them singing at night. If we’re lucky we’ll come across a school of them one night when we’re out and be able to listen to them and maybe even go swimming with them.”

“Oh that sounds wonderful,” Jill squealed.

“What about sharks and things like that if we go swimming?” Sabrina asked.

“We don’t have to worry about sharks in the waters we’re headed for. We might have to worry about this tropical storm that’s brewing off of Cuba. But the Santa Maria has radar aboard and we can track it. If it gets too close or changes course we might have to cut the trip short.”

The Santa Maria set off into the Gulf of Mexico with Nick and me and of course the angels as the crew.


I sat with Nick in the cabin and he taught me how to steer the Santa Maria. I found it easier than a car to handle and after we got out into the Gulf a few miles there was no other boat traffic. The angels had been instructed by Nick to stand watch on deck for the sonar submersibles. They were being trailed along behind the Santa Maria on a little deck and if they got tangled, which they frequently did, the angels would yell back for Nick to cut the engine, and they would jump down in the water and untangle the long cords.

The high tech gadgets up in the cabin with Nick were kind of interesting, but I was still trying to forget about my former high tech career in computers and just relax. All of the flashing lights from the radar and sonar rather reminded me of my old job because they were all run by computers. But the radar was very interesting and I found myself gazing at the big red blob on the screen that represented the tropical storm some two hundred nautical miles south of our position.

We sped along through the white-capped waves. After a couple of hours we caught up with a school of dolphins, and Nick stopped the Santa Maria so the angels could jump in the water and go swimming with the big friendly fish. The dolphins gladly played with the angels and made friends with them.

“I’m really glad to see you doing so well, Charlie,” Nick told me as we watched the angels swimming.

“They are beautiful, aren’t they?” I asked, but I don’t know why. The sight before us was pure heaven. “Most of the time I can’t believe they’re mine.”

“I hope the sleeping arrangements on the Santa Maria will be ok,” he said, looking a little doubtful. “I’ve got a cabin down below, and the quarters I was going to give to the four of you are just bunks. They’re all in the same room. Is that all right?”

“It’s perfect,” I said laughing. “Actually the smaller the bed the better it is for us.”

“Just checking, old buddy. Goddamn it you really do have everything now.”

“Hey man it’s not easy having three young girls as your constant companions.”

“Oh right, fuck you too man. I’m sure most guys would shit a cow just to think about such an arrangement.”

We both laughed and continued to admire the angels from our position up in the elevated cabin. Sabrina was petting one of the dolphins on the top of its head. Jill was backstroking in the warm Gulf waters, and Emmanuelle was playing with another dolphin by splashing water up over its top fin.

“Don’t worry man, I won’t get you drunk tonight,” Nick reassured me. “I think you’re going to need to keep fast and light tonight.”

“Every night, my man, every night,” I told him.


We dropped anchor that night in an area of water bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Caribbean to the east and south. Lightening was flashing far off on the horizon, but overhead there were a million stars out and a full moon. In the distance the clucking and squealing of the dolphin school could be heard.

We ate boiled shrimp, and what could have been a better atmosphere than this to eat the tasty seafood morsels. I had a cold beer on one knee and Emmanuelle sitting on the other as I ate the shrimp and caught up with my old college buddy. Man what a life!

Nick put some music on and Jill and Sabrina began dancing together. They were perfect in their motions, and we all lost track of time as we watched them sway to the music.

“I’ve got to ask you, Jill,” Nick said. “Are those real?” he stared at her ample cleavage and Jill looked down at her blue bikini top and started laughing.

“That’s actually a compliment when a guy asks me that. It means you can’t tell for sure.”

“Hell, I can’t tell for sure!” Nick exclaimed. “So are they real?”

“Yes – they’re real expensive,” she handed him a beer and gave him a polite little kiss on the forehead for his attention to her.

“The angels make more money in a moth than you do in a year, old buddy,” I chided Nick.

“They are worth every penny of it,” Nick said toasting the angels with his beer. “What ever you are paying them I say you should double it!”

The angels all applauded Nick for this comment. “I second that motion,” Sabrina yelled.

“So how do you find an angel, Charlie?” Nick asked.

“The same way he found me,” Emmanuelle answered for me as she leaned over to kiss me on the lips, her French accent seductive in the open night air of the water. “Lot’s of perseverance. I’m afraid only Charlie knows how to find an angel however.”

“Well fuck, I hardly know how,” I said returning Emmanuelle’s affection, opening my mouth for her tongue. “I think I just got lucky with this one.”

“Think maybe this sea air has tired me out, Charlie,” Emmanuelle told me in-between kisses.

“Hope you aren’t too tired, angel,” I said running my hand down her back and stopping at her bikini bottom.

“Time for me to go to bed, Charlie,” she said wiggling her butt around on my lap.

“See you tomorrow, you lucky bastard,” Nick called as I led Emmanuelle by the hand down the stairway to the lower deck.

Emmanuelle and I got naked as soon as we were inside the little bunkroom. Emmanuelle was a mulatto; her father had been a black man from Martinique, and her mother a white girl from France. She had only been with me for two weeks, and was my newest angel.

Almost as tall as I was, at just under six feet, Emmanuelle was eighteen. Since I was over six feet myself, I enjoyed having a tall girl as a partner. Emmanuelle had a slender and long athletic body, with big round breasts and firm brown nipples. Her hair was worn very long and braided to her skull. Her pussy sloped at an angle and a dark tuft of black hair stood just over the opening between her legs.

“How are you doing, baby?” I asked taking her nude body and holding it up next to mine. I had been trying to pay special attention to her because she was so new to this life with me and the other two girls and I really wanted it to work out for her. She had been having financial problems and had to drop out of college back in France, but now that she was with me she would have no further money worries again.

“I love this boat and this cruise, Charlie,” she told me as we stood naked in the middle of the bunkroom French kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. “I love this new life you have given me.”

“So everything has been going good so far, baby?”

“Everything is just fine, Charlie,” she said and her voice was becoming breathless as our love making progressed, my hand slipping down between her long brown legs. “Right now I just need you to fuck me, Charlie.”

So I obliged my angel. I took her over to the little bunk in my arms. There was not really enough room in the bunk for both of us to fit, but somehow we managed. Emmanuelle was on the bottom and I was on top.

Because of the trip down to Florida I had not gotten laid by any of my angels in over twenty-four hours, and this was a long time for me. In the last six weeks I was used to getting laid eight times a day. So my foot long penis was just about as hard as it ever got as it pressed up against Emmanuelle’s pubic region.

She spread her legs for me, her left leg dropping out onto the floor of the bunkroom because there was no room in the bunk. She was very wet when I finally managed to get inside of her. A long moan escaped from her throat as I began to rock inside her, and she took me in her arms and brought me all the way to her.

I think I brought Emmanuelle to about five orgasms as I fucked her. Twenty minutes later I got up from her and left her asleep in the bunk, thoroughly exhausted. Still naked I climbed over into the bunk across the little room from her.

There was a small, rounded window next to the bunk that gave me a good view of the lightening strikes off in the distance, and also of the stars over the water. I listened for a while to the high-pitched tones the dolphins were making as they swam around the Santa Maria. The motion of the waves, the exotic setting and the good sex I’d just completed all served to make me sleepy, and I was soon nodding off.

Not more than ten minutes had passed and I felt a warm and naked little body crawl on top of mine in the bunk. I opened my sleep filled eyes to see Sabrina on top of me. As soon as our eyes met we kissed and I felt my erection returning as strong as ever, all thoughts of sleep driven from my mind.

“Having a good cruise, Sabrina?” I asked her as she reached down for my penis and placed it inside her pussy.

“Yes, Charlie,” Sabrina answered starting to ride me.

Her pussy lips pulled me in tightly and rested at my base, as she sat up straight on me. It felt as if she was trying to pull in my balls while she was at it. Mounted on top of me she rode me hard.

Sabrina was from Mainland China, the daughter of a top party functionary; she had lived the life of a princess in China, but always dreamed of coming to live in America. My uncle Wallace had met her and made her dreams of America come true and made her one of his angels. She was twenty-six and had a perfect Asian body, with flowing hair down to her waist. Her pubic hair seemed to be made of velvet or silk, and her breasts were small, but the bright red nipples were always erect and oh so nice to suck.

I took her left nipple in my mouth and let her gain several orgasms as she rammed her pelvis down on top of my shaft. Her little legs were just able to fit within the tight confines of the bunk, and she had her knees held down by the side of my chest as she rocked back and forth on top of me. I ran my hands up and down her naked back and caught her heaving buttocks, forcing her down against my cock even harder, and beginning my own thrusts up deep inside her.

I felt the motion of the Santa Maria rock us back and forth as I pumped Sabrina. She took a tight hold of me and begged me to give it to her harder and deeper. Soon she was starting to scream and unable to contain herself any longer, a massive orgasm ripping up from her female entrance and all the way through her body.

I let go of my ejaculation just as Sabrina reached her heights, and she felt the warm semen jet up inside her womb prolonging her climax. I pumped hard against her and was happy I still had ample love juice for Sabrina after my liaison with Emmanuelle barely a half-hour before.

“Thank you, Charlie,” Sabrina said as we lay in the bunk and held each other.

“I love you, angel.”

“Love you too, Charlie.”

After about ten more minutes Sabrina was asleep in my arms. I slowly got up from the bunk and laid her back on the blanket not wanting to wake her. If I woke her I knew Sabrina well enough to know that she would just try and get me hard again, and I was starting to wear out from all my activity.

I walked over to the third bunk of the room and lay down on top of it. I still saw the lightening flashes outside, and now I could see large purple and red clouds building on the horizon. Those damned dolphins were still screaming under the window, and the full moon was still providing the only light of the tiny cabin. I didn’t care about any of this, however. I was starting to fall back into a nice peaceful sleep within about two minutes, as I listened to the light breathing of both Emmanuelle and Sabrina in the two bunks behind me.

I had just fallen to sleep and was starting to have a pleasant dream, all though I forget what it was about. When just at that time I felt soft warm lips close about the head of my flaccid penis and start to nurse it back to life from the battles of the last hour.

I groggily opened my eyes and looked down between my legs. Jill was naked and kneeling at the foot of the bunk, licking the underside of my cock. When she saw I had awakened she gave me a little smile over the bulk of my growing erection.

Jill was barely five feet tall, and twenty-two years old. She had been a real find by my uncle Wallace. She had been eighteen and disowned by her family for a bad-boy type boyfriend she’d had who had gotten her pregnant. After the abortion and the break up of her relationship she had been out on the streets until my uncle had found her and made her an angel.

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