tagLoving WivesCharlotte & The Pirate Ch. 03

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 03


The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I'm afraid you'll have to go find each part. Hope it's worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic

Part 2: First Time

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It took a few days for Charlotte's ship to reach St. Dominique. When they arrived, she expected her fiancé to be there to meet her, but he had simply sent an escort. Charlotte was taken by carriage to the governor's residence. Servants showed her around the palatial estate, and then escorted her to her quarters.

A couple of hours later, Andre did come to see her. Charlotte tried to hug him, and thank him for rescuing her, but the young man simply gave her a somewhat chaste kiss, and informed her that they would be married the following day.

The next day Charlotte D'Ormond did indeed become the Lady Panvois. The ceremony was attended by all the important people on the island. During the reception, the new bride was introduced to all of her husband's business associates. Then, the party ended and Charlotte was alone with her new groom.

As much as she missed William, Charlotte tried not to think about him. Her husband deserved her total attention on their wedding night. After all, it wasn't his fault that she had been taken by the pirates. And it was his money that had rescued her.

But very quickly, Charlotte realized that she wasn't the one who was distracted. Andre undressed her, but it was almost mechanically. Then her husband undressed as well, and climbed on top of her. Without any preparation or really anything else, Andre simply entered her. If he noticed or even cared that she was not a virgin, Andre certainly didn't show it by any reaction on his part. No, he simply began to thrust into her, as if she was simply there for his use, and he had a job he needed to finish. Charlotte tried to be interested in what her husband was doing, but it was hopeless. So she just laid back and waited for him to finish what he was doing.

After he had cum, Andre withdrew from his wife and got up to leave. Charlotte asked him why he wasn't staying, and her husband informed her that his own quarters were down the hall. He would come to her room when he wanted her, otherwise he would sleep in his own. Then he simply said good night and left.

When she was alone, Charlotte broke down and cried. Not because of anything her husband had done, but over how much she had lost when William sailed away. Now she had this huge house, a tropical island, and absolutely nothing.

Andre was happy to have this over with. Being married was going to be a great inconvenience. The young lord remembered with a laugh how he had actually come to this god-forsaken island with the idea of cleaning up the area. How could he have been so stupid? Clean it up, Hell he would clean up all right. With the money the slavers were paying him he would return to France in just a few years with immense wealth. And all he had to do was allow the slave ships to dock at his island and restock. The whole world was turning against slavery, and it was difficult for the ships to reach their destinations in the Americas. With Andre's help, however, the slave trade was still flourishing.

Of course, Andre had to keep all of this completely hidden. A man who consorted with pirates, like the governor of Tortuga was considered a scoundrel, a man who consorted with slavers was considered beneath dirt. If the French court ever found out how he was making his money, Andre would never be allowed to return to Paris.

Now the governor had another little difficulty. He had a wife, and Andre had to be certain that she also did not discover the nature of his business. A lady would never understand his situation, and if she informed her father of what he was doing, the Count would destroy him. No, Andre would spend as little time with his wife as possible. Besides dealing with the slavers had other benefits as well.

Her name was Laila, and she was the sister of Farouk Al Hasim, the chief of the slavers. Most of the slavers were Arabs. They would capture tribal African blacks and take them to the slave fortresses on the coasts of Algeria and Morocco. There, they would be placed on ships bound for the New World. It was a lucrative business, and the slavers would do anything to avoid interference. So Laila had been left behind to oversee Andre' operations. She was also to see that helping the slavers remained Andre's main priority. Oh, and the things Laila could do to insure a man's cooperation.

When he had first met her, Andre had been infatuated. Laila was tall and dark. Her figure was very thin, and her hair was jet black and came almost to her waist. Andre had always heard that Arab women kept themselves veiled, but this beauty was always dressed elegantly, with a great deal of jewelry. As a courtesy to her brother, Andre had invited Laila to have dinner with him.

That evening, the governor had been prepared to simply admire the girl, when Laila had very frankly explained her situation to him. Her brother and Andre had come to an agreement, which was very important to the slavers. And while Andre would be paid very handsomely, Laila was to do whatever she could to see that the governor remained happy with the situation. As she explained this, Laila lowered her dress, so that one small firm breast became visible. Then she smiled and asked the governor if there was anything she could do to insure that he was happy.

The two of them had quickly departed to the governor's quarters. Andre was certainly a man of some experience, and the French court had hardly been a restrained environment, but the things this Arab beauty could, and would do, were exquisite. When she took him in her mouth, Andre couldn't help just sighing with pleasure. But then, when she rolled him onto his stomach, and actually began working her tongue into his nether opening, Andre actually had to bite into a pillow to prevent himself from shouting out in ecstasy.

Over the next several months, Laila had spent almost every evening with the governor. She had taken him into every opening she had, in every position imaginable. Anything Andre even remotely wanted to try, Laila was game for. As long as Andre maintained his loyalty to her brother and the slavers, his wish was Laila's command.

His new wife was of course attractive. Andre had to admit Charlotte's body was luscious. But Lord Panvois had no interest in anything which took time away from Laila. The pleasure she could provide was indescribable, and the young governor was going to have as much of it as he possibly could.

Charlotte had been on the island almost a year when things changed. Her husband was polite, if inattentive. So she filled her time with riding, and visiting friends on the island. Late one afternoon as she was riding alone, a man ran into her horse. He was a black man, tall and very thin. Charlotte had been coming around a curve on the riding path, so the man probably hadn't seen her. The man ran right into the side of her mount. He fell off to the side, and Charlotte was fortunate not to have been thrown.

When she got her horse settled, Charlotte got a better look at the stranger. He was a very dark black, and he looked like he hadn't had a decent meal in weeks. He wore no shirt, and the rest of his clothes were basically rags. The man also had marks on his back as if he had been beaten. The lady tried to speak to the man, but the sounds he made were in no language she understood.

Then, a gang of men, including six of her husband's uniformed guard, came running. They beat the black man, and hauled him away. As they were leaving, Charlotte shouted at one of the guards to stop. She asked him who the man was. When the guard told her that he was an escaped slave, the governor's wife was very confused. St. Dominique had no plantations, and the local farmers employed the natives. As far as Charlotte knew, there were no slaves on St. Dominique.

Charlotte headed back home. As soon as she arrived she found her husband and told him what had happened. Then she asked for an explanation. Andre started to give Charlotte a story, but then he decided to tell her the truth. After all, it was too hard hiding things, and if she didn't like it, who would she tell. They were on an island after all.

The governor's wife couldn't believe what she was hearing. SLAVERS??!!! They were the absolute scum of the earth. How could anyone of any breeding or class deal with them? But her husband simply told her that they paid him well, and as his wife, she would just have to live with it.

Charlotte was going to continue the discussion, when Andre's guards came in. They told him that the prisoner was secured, and that all was prepared. Andre started to leave, but then he stopped and told his wife that she should accompany him. When she asked why, her husband told her that he was going to deal with that runaway slave. He needed to be made an example of so that no other slaves would try running.

Andre and Charlotte were escorted to the docks. There, the man that had bumped into Charlotte was tied to a makeshift scaffold of some sort. He was still shirtless, and standing near him was a guardsman holding a huge, brutal looking whip. Along the dock were at least a hundred slaves. Each of them looking as ragged and starved as the prisoner. Also on the dock were about 20 armed men. Charlotte had never seen them before, but they were dark, cruel looking people.

One of the men on the dock announced that this man would pay the penalty for escaping. He would be given 100 lashes. With that, he stepped back and the man with the whip drew it back.

Charlotte knew that what was going to happen would be horrible, but she didn't at that point realize just how much damage a whip could do. Then the man swung the whip, and it cracked across the prisoner's back with a sound like a gunshot. And right after that, the poor black man screamed. Charlotte couldn't imagine a human being in that much agony. Where the whip had hit the prisoner, there was a long open gash already bleeding down his back.

A moment later the whip swung again. There was the same sound and the same scream. Charlotte wanted to turn away but somehow she couldn't. The whip landed again and again. Crack! after Crack! was followed by screams which tore at Charlotte's sanity. Soon, the prisoner's back was simply a bloody mess, but still the whip kept striking.

Somewhere around 20 or 25 lashes, the screaming became quieter. The prisoner simply moaned constantly, and he would barely even move as the whip landed. By 50, he was obviously unconscious. Charlotte was sure they would quit beating him, now that he was out, but the whipping just continued. Blow after blow landed on the comatose slave's back. Blood was everywhere.

By the time the count was up to 80, Charlotte knew the man was dead. She couldn't understand why they would continue to beat a corpse, but they did. The full 100 lashes were administered. Then the dead slave was untied, and his body was simply thrown into the ocean. With all the blood oozing from the body, it didn't take long for the sharks to arrive and dispose of it.

Andre actually congratulated the slavers on an excellent demonstration. After that example, surely none of these slaves would be foolish enough to try anything. Charlotte, however, was in shock. She had never seen anything so awful. The woman didn't know how she would do it, and she didn't know how long it would take, but Charlotte vowed right then and there that some day she would end this horrid practice.

Her mind made up, Charlotte tried to think of what to do. Somehow, word of this had to get back to Paris. Surely if the king heard of this, Andre would be removed and this disgusting deal with these slaves would be ended. The only thing Charlotte could think to do was to get word to her father. He was a good man, and if she could send him proof of this abomination, he would know what to do.

But she had to have proof. Just sending a letter wouldn't be enough. Without absolute proof, no one would believe a Lord capable of such a disgrace and lack of honor. That day, Charlotte decided to do two things. First, she would begin a journal and record everything she saw, starting with the way that poor wretch was so brutally killed. Second, she would try to find some record of the dealings that her husband had with those slavers. For just a moment, Charlotte wondered if she was being disloyal to her husband, but then she decided that he had certainly never treated her as a wife. Besides, this blasphemy that he was involved in went beyond anything any decent human being could be expected to defend, or even tolerate.

The next week, Charlotte began to pay much more attention to what went on around the estate. If Andre had been paying attention to his wife he might have noticed, but Laila had so much of his attention that he never saw it.

It actually took Charlotte about 10 days, but she finally found the person that was Andre's main liaison with the slavers. He was a weasly little man, who went back and forth constantly between the docks and the estate. She also noticed that he was stealing from her husband as well. Each ship that landed would pay him what appeared to be several gold pieces when they landed. The man would see that their ships were restocked. Then he would head back to the Governor's estate. But on the way, he would hide one or two of the gold pieces he had been paid.

Charlotte continued to watch the man for another couple of weeks. Then she made up her mind to approach him. He obviously was willing to be bribed. And while she didn't have money, Charlotte did have other things to offer. Her husband didn't appreciate her, but maybe this disgusting little man would desire her enough to give her what she wanted. She had grown up in France, and she knew what a woman could do for a man. And besides, if that didn't work, there was always blackmail. Surely the little weasel would not want her husband to know about the money he was skimming off.

Her plan made, Charlotte saw no reason to delay. A ship was due the next day. So when Andre's servant headed for the dock, Charlotte just went to his hiding place. Sooner or later, he would come there to hide the gold he stole. Sure enough, right at an hour later, the man arrived.

When he first saw Charlotte, the little man didn't know what to say. Anyone else he had found there, he would have killed, but he didn't dare harm the governor's wife. So he tried to calm down, and then he just asked the lady what she wanted.

Charlotte told him that she wanted whatever ledger her husband kept of his trades with the slavers. Surely he had to keep some sort of financial record. The man, whose name she found out was Daniel, told her that yes her husband did keep such a book. To his astonishment, Charlotte told him that she wanted him to steal it for her.

Daniel just blinked for a moment, then all he could do was ask the lady what she wanted the book for, and why she thought he would get it for her. Charlotte said that she would send the book to her father in France, and as to why he should get it for her, well....

With that, Charlotte dropped to her knees in front of the little man. Then before he could react, she pulled his breeches to the ground, and took his organ into her mouth. Then she closed her lips over it, and began to suck.

The little weasly man didn't know what to do or say. He had heard about women doing this, but he had never actually seen it, and he had certainly never experienced it. And it was wonderful. The woman was running her tongue all over his rod, and each time she would lick it, it sent shock ways all through his body.

Charlotte hated what she was doing. The only time she had done this for a man before, it had been for her beloved William during that short glorious time they had had. But she had to stop what her husband was doing, and she would do whatever it took to accomplish that.

It was unbelievable. Aside from what that tongue was doing to him, the constant suction on his cock was driving Daniel insane. He so wanted this to last, but he couldn't take much more. Finally, he just grabbed the governor's wife's head and pulled her to him as hard as he could. Then he began to shoot and shoot into her mouth.

The lady felt the little man grab her head, and she knew what was coming. A moment later, the first blast of seed landed on her tongue. It was awful doing this for this horrid little man, but she had to make him think she was happy about this. So, Charlotte continued to suck that thing, as she swallowed down everything it shot out. Well, at least she had found a man who apparently did appreciate her skills.

After he had fired every drop he could into that fantastic mouth, Daniel pulled his cock out of Charlotte's face and pulled his pants back on. Then as he tried to breathe normally again, he asked Charlotte exactly what she wanted him to do.

Charlotte fought the nausea she felt from having that awful man's stuff in her mouth. She'd managed to swallow it all down, and now she had to seal the deal. The lady collected herself and told her new conspirator what he was to do. The following evening, she and her husband were to attend a banquet. While they were gone, Daniel was to go into her husband's quarters and steal the book. Then, she would meet him here the next morning and collect it from him.

After thinking about it for a minute, Daniel agreed under two conditions. First, after he stole the book, he would go to her quarters. She would meet him there when she returned. He would give her the book in exchange for another session with her. Second, along with sending the book to her father, she would send a request for money. When her husband was removed, she would pay Daniel 100 gold pieces.

The second part of the demand was easy. Charlotte's father was a wealthy man, and he would be more than willing to send that gold to his daughter. But to meet this awful, dirty man again. Dear GOD! But she had come this far, it had to be finished. She had sucked his filthy thing once, she could do it again. So Charlotte just nodded and told Daniel that they had a deal.

The next night went off exactly as Charlotte planned. She and her husband left the estate by coach for the banquet. She had even seen Daniel waiting in the halls for them to leave. The biggest problem Charlotte had was controlling her emotions at the dinner. She couldn't do anything to make her husband realize than something unusual was going on.

Four hours later, Charlotte returned to her room. It was dark and quiet, and for a moment she was afraid something had gone wrong. But when she lit a candle, there was Daniel holding a small book in his hand. Charlotte reached for the book, but Daniel pulled it back. Then he smiled, and told the lady that he expected to be paid before delivery. Charlotte knew what he meant, and also knew that there was no point in arguing.

Once again, Charlotte lowered the little man's pants, and sucked his cock into her mouth. Her first thought, as she ran her tongue over the thing, was to wonder if this man ever bathed. He tasted vile. But she had to do this. So Charlotte licked and sucked and prepared to swallow another mouthful. But then, Daniel was pulling himself out of her mouth, and pulling Charlotte to her feet. She started to ask him what he wanted, but when he started to undress her she knew.

GOD! The man wanted to actually have sex with her. The fact that she was married didn't bother her. She had lost all sense of loyalty to Andre. But to let this little weasel inside of her. On the other hand, if she didn't, this whole thing could still blow up in her face. So, Charlotte fought back the urge to push Daniel away, and allowed the horrible little man to remove her clothing.

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