tagNovels and NovellasCherry Hill Ch. 04

Cherry Hill Ch. 04


John Edwards sighed, he tossed the letter in the trash and went back to viewing the snapshots Lance had sent him. The female swim team looked as delicious as warm pie ala mode. He'd paid out a wad of cash to arrange for the eight members of the team to pose nude for him. Lance had done the job for free, once the girls agreed to appear in his live web cam shows. He had all ready enjoyed cumming over the group shot. His semen had erupted out of his cock and exploded all over the glossy print. Mr. Edwards ran his finger over the images of tangled arms, and licked pussies.

He pushed the photo into his "special" file drawer and settled back at his desk. His cock soft from the cumming he had finally allowed himself to have. He'd have to give Coach Mark a call, and see what the tally was so far. Picking up the phone he was just about to hit the numbers when the door bell rang. John put the phone back on the receiver, made sure his pants were zipped, and headed to the door.

Not expecting any company today he was surprised when Linda, the college art teacher and Coach Mark were behind the door. "Hey Mark," John greeted him with an extended hand.

"John," Mark nodded and eased Linda inside, following behind her.

"I was just about to call you. Linda, nice to see you again." John was surprised to see Linda there. He had met her a few times, during the school year. Many of her art students next year would be his former English students from this year. They had discussed scholarship applications, and had flirted with each other, but nothing came of it. Now he wondered if she and Mark were a couple. He was disappointed, but if that was the way it was, then hey, he'd except it, and not bother the young woman again.

"What can I do for you?" he asked the couple.

Mark grinned, "Linda has a question for you." He smiled down at her and encouraged her with a smile to tell John her request.

"Oh, what do you want to ask?" John was very curious now. Mark's grinned looked wicked, and when Mark had a wicked grin it usually meant something was up. John Edwards cock was starting to tingle as he thought how "up" he would get if it meant doing something naughty with the green eyed brunette. He liked them young 20 and under, but the tiny woman was on 25, and she looked 18. Shaking the overused thoughts from his head, he smiled at her, and led her to the living room. "There we'll all talk in here. Need something to drink?" he asked them.

"No thank you," she quietly answered. "I wanted to know if you'd be willing to help me with something."

Cocking his right brow up, he asked, "I'll try, what is it?"

"I've been seeing Mark for a while, and we've kept it pretty low key," she ran her tongue over her lips, and saw John and Mark's eyes move to them. Her belly tightened in anticipation as she took a deep breath and made her request. "I want fucked with two cocks at the same time."

John's eyes grew huge in his face. Leaning back in his chair, he noticed his cock had sprung up within in seconds. He didn't have to think or ask questions he just took her hand, asked Mark to lock the door, and took her to his bedroom. Once the three were inside, John had Linda begin removing her clothes.

"Slow. Take your time," he told her as he and Mark removed their's swiftly. He had climbed on the bed, and placed himself near the top, and Mark sat down in the window seat. His bare ass pressed against the glass. John looked over at Mark and saw he was all ready stroking his 9 1/2 in cock. John watched the beautiful woman work on the buttons of her blouse, and his hand went down and started stroking his own tool.

Linda had watched a porn last night with Mark and she'd seen the starlet getting her pussy filled with two cocks. She came so hard that she and tingled and throbbed for an hour. Even begging Mark not to suck her cum from her pussy, because she didn't think she could handle another climax. After she had calmed she had sucked his cock, and the whole time fantasizing about double cock fucking. She had cum again, while giving him head, and picturing John Edwards cock sliding in along with Mark's.

Mark had been so lost in the moment that he didn't recognize the vast amount of honey that had coated his lovers hand and the 10 inch vibrator he'd been fucking her with. He knew it had been the site of the massive tools stretching the pussy on the screen. That's why he had rented that particular film from Babette's porn shop. He had wanted to see if he could get Linda into the idea. When she finally confessed a few hours and a few more cummings later, that she wanted to try it. Mark had immediately known who to call, and was equally glad that was who she wanted.

He had fucked her senseless and then watched her fall asleep, before he pulled out his notebook, and tallied up the figures in each one of the columns. Mark realized that once John fucked his art teacher lover, he'd only be one girl away from tieing him. He shut the notebook and slipped it back into the box on the closet shelf. The fantasy was to hot, and meant to much to Linda. If he didn't go through with it, then she certainly find one of her art students or one of her nude models to help her with her little dream. Shrugging his shoulders he decided he take her to John's and hand his gambling buddy, one easy tally mark on his side of the notebook.

Now the three of them were in John's house, and his blonde lover was making his blood boil. His cock was begging to be fucked and his fingers were itching to dig into her pussy again. Her fingers had all ready opened up all the buttons on her blouse, and he stroked his tool as her titties popped into view. He loved her nice boobs. She had the sexiest 34B boobs that a man could suck on and he loved her slim 5' 6" frame. Her pussy was trimmed and his tongue snaked out, licking his lips in anticipation.

John was watching her little fingers slip the dress slacks from her hips, her shirt hanging open as she turned to show him her ass. His cock leaped as she faced Mark and wiggled her ass, while slipping the pants off. The tennis shoes scooted out and the pants went with them. John's eyes raked over the firm ass cheeks, and the tasty bright green strip of material that ran between them. He liked the color of the thong, and wondered if he could trail his tongue in search of its center strip. Shifting on the bed, he groaned out, "Turn around, Honey." His cock jerked again, as he took in the crotch-less front of her thong. John smirked, "Kinda pointless to make something like that if their gonna take the crotch out.

Linda chuckled, and ran her finger to her flaming hot cunt. Her finger slid in and out gathering the moist liquid, and swirling it around inside her. She pulled her finger out and sucked it clean. "I love it," she said, knowing John knew she was talking about the juice and not the clothes. She felt Mark's hands on her hips, and he spun her around. Her fingers dug into his hair as, he slid to his knees.

John left the bed and cupped her breasts, he teased the soft mounds, then pushed and pulled on each nipple. He sucked on her neck, and drove his tongue in her ear. The whole time he was working out the goose-bumps on the top of her body, Mark was working out the ones on the bottom.

Mark's tongue was making laps all over her sweet box. He'd dip his stiffened muscles between her sloppy pussy lips, before sliding it up relaxed and lapping her clit. His teeth bit at the bit of loose flesh, and he suckled greedily from it. Blowing hot air against it as he did. His finger soon was meeting up with his tongue and he pleasured her with the firm strokes he applied to her soaked, trimmed snatch.

She shook as the senses of her body were beginning to grow so heated, that she knew she'd be cumming on Mark's face. Her fingers grabbed a handful of hair and lifted his face from her pussy. "I want to cum on both of you," she growled out as she stared at his wet face. His tongue licked up some of the juices that were around his lips, and on his chin. He moved up her body, while John moved down. Linda kissed Mark, and bit his lip, when she felt John's tongue slid along the "Y" of her crotch-less thong.

John pressed his fingers against her hips, and held her steady as he licked the strings that hugged her hips. He lavished sucks and kisses on the right, then left butt cheeks of the sexy art teacher. His hands moved from her hips to the crack of her ass, and he eased the perfect flesh apart. His eyes grew dark and his cock hurt, as he ran his tongue from the top of her ass. The soft material and the salt of her skin was intoxicating to his organs and he licked the entire length of the string. When he got to the end he bit her flesh then licked up again.

Mark pushed his hand up to her breast, then bent down and sucked on the hard bud. He pulled and teased it, before he saw John stand up the thong in his hand. "Your gonna buy her a new pair," he grinned as he noticed the torn "Y".

"My pleasure," John smiled. He walked over and tucked them in his dresser drawer, closing it along with all the other "trophies" he had acquired. Linda's breasts were heaving, and John winked over at her, "I think you're ready."

"Fuck yes!" she yelled out. "And when you to the mall to buy my new panties, take me with you. We need to make sure they fit."

"Best way to make sure they do, isn't it?" he nodded.

Mark climbed on the bed, and Linda crawled up him. He watched her pause and suck on his cock, before straddling his swollen rod. His hips lifted in lust as she guided his member into her wet cunt. The cock that had been aching for her finally was imbedded deep inside the welcoming pussy. Pushing his hips up and down, Linda slid her body up and down with his. Her cunt became more wet, then she leaned down over his chest. Her nipples touched his hairy skin, and he groaned at the pleasure of it.

She rubbed her nipples against his chest, and purred in pleasure. Her pulse leapt as she felt the bed shift, and John scoot in behind her. Linda could smell how wet she was and inhaled the sweet aroma, locking it inside her. Trembles ran through her, as she felt the swollen tip of his cock slip in with Mark's. "Oh fuck, guys," she called out, as he pushed fully into her. Her body welcomed the two cocks and she slowly began to move and adjust to them.

John felt the walls of her sex and the sucking motion of fucking her drove his shaft to push deeper. He fully impaled her with his cock, and would pull it out then drive it hard into her again. His body was quivering as her pussy inhaled him. Fingers dug into her hips, then he used on hand to slide down her ass. Sucking his index finger, making sure it was slippery with his saliva, he wedged it between her cheeks and finger fucked her tight hole.

Mark's cock was practically vibrating as he pushed and pumped the sweetly trimmed cunt. His shaft was being swallowed whole by the warm, honey soaked juices. Her green eyes seemed to turn as green as emeralds, and he knew she was going to cum. He loved her eyes, they showed him what he loved the most. A woman cumming for his cock. Mark moved faster, his hand reached up and twisted her right nipple, as John's moved from her hip, and twisted her left.

Linda wailed out in ecstasy as the shots of the men's cum filled her entirely. The forced heat sent her over the edge and she showered their dicks with her fluids. Linda gasped and rode the meat that was fucking her. She squeezed vast amounts of cum from their bodies, milking each cock, and emptying it deep inside her. Groaning and tossing her head back, she let lose the final wave of juice and felt John bite her neck. Shuddering she slowly rode her wave back down, and collapsed onto Mark's body.

John left her pussy, and pulled his finger from her ass. He rubbed her butt cheeks and massaged the muscles of her legs. He grinned at Mark, "You and Linda enjoy yourselves. I'll be back later. I have some calculating I just have to get to."

Mark chuckled, "Take your time, and add everything correctly." He rolled Linda under him, and began to work her body and his to another state of arousal.

"What's that all about?" she asked.

"Nothing that concerns you my lovely," he whispered as he sucked in her rosy nipple.

John laughed as he closed the door. He pulled out his notebook from his desk, made a tally mark and calculated up his figures. "Fuck, two more to go! One and I tie though, that's not bad."


The golf game hadn't gone to Sheldon's liking. First his golf partner was late and smelled of pussy, which kept him good and distracted. Second, he couldn't get over fucking that tight little blonde whore this morning and his mind kept wandering back to the phone number written on it. Third, that little blonde that he fucked the hell out of was his golf partner's buddy. On a day like that, it was almost karmic that the sound of every tee-shot was followed by the soft Keri-sploosh of his ball in the pond and various water hazards.

"Jesus, Shel, did you buy stock in Titleist or something?" George laughed. He, much to his black friend's dismay was having an awesome game. That meant only two things. First and foremost, George didn't know that Sheldon had shot into the new 19th hole on the 18th green this morning, or he didn't care. More importantly, however, it meant that Sheldon would be buying the beer.

Sheldon laughed nervously and swore under his breath.

"Yeah, I guess my game is a little off today."

"A little? Fuck! If your game was any farther off you'd be playing my daughter's hole!" George said laughing deeply. Sheldon shook his head, trying to register what he just head his friend say.

"How's that?" Sheldon said, standing back up to the tee-box for his second attempt at a fairway drive.

"I said if your game was any farther off, you'd be playing water polo. You know, team sport...in the water. Not like golf at all really. Fuck it man, just forget it," George rambled, taking another pull off his beer. They'd both been drinking like fish this round and Sheldon was glad they were coming up on the 16th and they'd be done in a few minutes. The three holes lasted an eternity, and on the last hole, George drilled the T-shot, getting easily within one shot of the green. Sheldon's shot, like clockwork, sliced off and landed just barely fair. His next shot wasn't much better, he just couldn't concentrate on anything other than the little blonde cooze he'd fucked this morning and how much he had to concentrate on keeping his dick from swelling back to full size.

George shot again, the shot was good; too good, as a matter of fact, and it hit the green and rolled into the hole. George jumped in excitement, forgetting that he had just grabbed his beer and spilled it on himself. Not only that, but he rolled his ankle on the landing, turning his celebration into curses.

Sheldon's drunken laughter didn't help his friend's situation any, but it did improve his mood a little. He picked George up and they hobbled over to the cart, Sheldon driving them back to the club house.

"Thank God this place is fully staffed," George said dolefully, icing down his ankle with a cold beer from the cooler.

"Yeah, the steam room will be open, but do you really want a rub down from Steffens?" Sheldon said, veering the cart around the path faster than he should have been. Both men shuddered at the thought of the Herculean Amy Steffens. Over 6 foot of big boned, strong armed, retired weight lifting masseuse. If the muscles didn't coax back into place, she'd beat them back.

"I think I'll just settle for a steam bath and let her wrap it. Join me?" George responded absently, taking the Bud from his ankle, cracking the top, and taking almost half the can in a swig.

"Fuck no. I have to get home to the woman as it is," Sheldon said quietly. George laughed and made a whip-cracking motion with his hand. Sheldon laughed it off as they entered the club; George limping down stairs to the locker room and the therapy rooms, Sheldon wandering up to the bar. He couldn't help but notice the beautiful woman sitting there with her back to him, her long dishwater blonde hair tied in a loose, thick braid, her body hugged by a tight T-shirt and painted-on jeans. He also couldn't help but notice she was alone.

"Hey Shel," the bar tender said as he wandered up to a seat next to her. "What can we get you today?"

Sheldon looked the girl up and down slowly, noticing the view from the front was even better than the view from the back. This girl had the biggest set of tits he'd ever seen in person. The amount of cleavage she was proudly displaying wasn't to disappoint, either. Sheldon could have sprained his tongue drooling on those luscious mounds had he not stripped his attention back to the bartender.

"Gin and Tonic," Sheldon said plainly and sat down. The blonde turned her brown eyes to Sheldon's and she smiled.

"Sheldon Reese?" she said with the bubbly enthusiasm of a mid-twenty year old. Sheldon smiled curiously and extended his hand to take hers in a gentle shake.

"The one and only," he said, still smiling.

"Oh wow! I've heard about you from George," she said, looking the older man up and down. Her tongue snaked out between her lips to wet the gloss on them, making the blood start to rush back to Sheldon's loins. Sheldon still had no idea who she was, and he wore his confusion like a red badge of stupidity. "I'm Lucy, Lucy Mounds; I'm George's sister-in-law."

"Right! I guess I just didn't expect to see you here," Sheldon said, not able to help his view from drifting south. He noticed her large nipples hardening as his eyes licked over the valley of tit-flesh on display beside him.

"Well, I wasn't supposed to be, but we figured since George wasn't home yet, you either beat the shit out of him for being late, or he was drunk," Lucy said, her eyes sparkling. Sheldon's eyes weren't the only ones drifting and she took in his strong frame; his well built arms, thick chest, narrow waist, and ever growing shaft sticking up along his hip. She felt her pussy moisten and a deep fiery itch start in her core.

"Nope, just drunk. He twisted his ankle on the last hole though, he'll be along after getting it looked after and some time in the steam room," Sheldon said, prying his eyes back up her body, noticing her breathing had shallowed and sped up. The fact that she was starting to figet in her seat was not lost on Sheldon either, and he swore he could smell wet pussy.

"How much time?" Lucy asked, taking the last swig out of her glass, the ice clinking in the sudden silence.

"Enough," Sheldon said. The two got up simultaneously, Sheldon leading Lucy down to the game room. The bar was deserted, he figured the pool tables would be, too. He hadn't been so happy to be right in a long time. As soon as the door shut behind them, Sheldon turned around and planted a kiss on the woman's lips, savoring the taste, noticing how much she tasted and reacted like her niece did this morning. Her hands were roaming down his strong back, making Sheldon shiver as his pulled her tight T-shirt out of the top of her jeans and mauled the curvy flesh under it.

Their lips staying locked, she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist, smashing her huge tits into his chest, her hands practically bear hugging the man. His hands went down to her jean-clad ass, his finger tips feeling the heat radiating from her swampy cunt. They broke the kiss only for the moment it took to peel her T-shirt from her skin, then her bra. Sheldon's lips ravaged Lucy's for a moment, then broke to move down her neck, sucking on her collar bone, and then moving lower, exploring the huge mounds of flesh. He set her down on the pool table, her hands flying to her back to unclasp her bra before he pushed her to the table top.

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