Chris & Carmen


Carmen Electra hosted this special on Fox the other night and she was wearing these tight leather pants and open toed high heels. The look absolutely ruined me that I had to write a fantasy story about me and her and below is what I wrote.

God I was in heaven. Somehow my dad had got an extra ticket to a special that Carmen Electra was hosting. I sat there and was with a bunch of people as the taping began.

As soon as the cameras went on out she walked. My eyes and mouth just stayed open for the longest of time. Carmen was dressed to kill and I almost was thinking of walking out of the place as I couldn't even stand to look. She had on a pair of tight black leather pants that hugged in all the right places, a silver top on and black strap on open toe heels that ruined me. Now through out the show Carmen walked a round a bit and also sat down in this big leather chair that was on the set.

Carmen actually did pretty good as she didn't screw up most of the lines and the taping was over in about 90 minutes. I was in heaven in those 90 min. I was too far away to see her toes, but her fingers were a manicured clear white and her eyes and the rest of her were just pure heaven.

After the taping they asked for people to help tear down the set and since I am a pretty built guy I asked and was picked. I had hoped to sneak a peek at Carmen, but I kinda just figured I had no shot. After I finished breaking down the set I was led toward the back and put in a room where I was going to actually get paid for what I did.

There was a computer in there and the guy asked if I wanted to log on for a few minutes while I got paid. I told the guy sure and I logged onto AOL and was checking my mail and some files.

I was checking some of my sent mail and I had sent this awesome pic of Carmen Electra in strap on pumps to a few people and I was reading their emails to me back.

I looked around and didn't see anyone around so I went back and opened one of the old emails and out popped Carmen's feet in those heels. I just sat there looking at them when I heard a little knock on the glass.


I turned around and quickly kicked off the email as she motioned for me to open the door.

"Hi I am Carmen" she said as I almost passed out. Still wearing that outfit she taped for the show I was dying inside.

"Hey what happened to the pic you had on there" Carmen asked as I was starting to sweat and almost began to shake all over.

Carmen leaned over as all I could do was just sit in chair as she proceeded to double click the email with her feet in it and all I could do was watch as her image popped up on the screen.

"My my what is this?" she asked as I tried to make some excuse up. "" god I couldn't even get the words out.

"I know what this is. This is a pic of my feet" Carmen blurted out. "Where did you get this" she asked.

"I scanned it from one of your posters I have" I managed to say very weakly.

"I am sorry Carmen" I whispered.

"What is your name" she asked. "Chris" I replied expecting to be thrown out of the building. "

"Come with me Chris" Carmen ordered as she clicked off the pic and signed me off and opened the door. I could hear the clickity clack of heels and she looked so good, but my face was bright red from getting busted.

Carmen led me down the hall to another room and told me to go in and sit down and not say a word. I was expecting security to come take me away. Then I thought, I hope she didn't call the police on me. I sat there a nervous wreck in this room waiting for my punishment.

Finally I heard a click clack of heels and a door opened and in stepped Carmen again. She quickly closed the door and sat down on a couch and propped her feet up. She swung one foot over the other.

"Chris I kinda dig the fact that you like my choice of shoes. See everybody talks about my breasts, my butt, etc, but you, I think like my feet best don't you?" she purred.

I nodded my head yes.

"Chris your all red over there...don't be embarrassed about your fetish...I kinda like it" Carmen said as she began to swing her leg and the heel began to come loose.

"Chris I have never had my feet kissed or licked and since you like feet so much why don't you come over and show me how much you want them" she pointed at me to get off the seat and crawl to her.

Carmen slide her legs out more as both her eyes were on me and me only. "Don't worry I left strict instructions not to be disturbed" Carmen said as I was inches from her heel.

I looked up at her.

"Carmen your a goddess" I told her as I opened my mouth and began to lick her high heel. Carmen just watched as I made love to her high heel.

I slide my tongue out and began to lick at the tip as I slide it in my warm mouth and tasted the leather and her toes. God the smell was over powering as my tongue went across her toes and I could feel her shake.

My mouth went under the tip and began to lick her heels clean.

"Oh my Chris..clean my feet baby" Carmen told me as I worked like a madman on her bottoms. My tongue was like a race car driver as I went from side to side and all over my tongue making the bottoms shine. Finally I got to the tip as I inhaled Carmen's feet.

I could only imagine her feet were in these heels for a while as the foot smell was overpowering. I looked up at Carmen as I grabbed the heel and slide it off her toes, revealing those gorgeous soles. God I almost passed out again.

They were tanned and so beautiful. And they were mine all mine at least for now. I took the heel and in my arms I rubbed it as I stuck the heel right in my mouth and began to suck on the tip and the heel part, much to Carmen's surprise I slide all the way in and began to suck it hard in and out of my mouth.

'Wow that is hot" Carmen replied as I slide the entire heel in my mouth and kept it there and twirled the heel around in my mouth as Carmen pushed up a bit to get a better view. She even leaned over and grabbed the heel and began to push it in and out of my mouth fucking me with it.

"God I'm getting so hot" Carmen said as she then kicked off the other heel and stood up. She began to move her hips in those tight as fuck black leather pants as I dropped the heel out of her mouth and looked down and saw her toes were painted silver.

I looked back up and saw the hips moving and the hands were sliding all over her upper body. Sticking 2 fingers inside her silver shirt, she then moved the shirt up a few inches then pushed it back down teasing me.

Finally she lifted the shirt up and all the way up and she tossed it aside. Her nipples were rock hard as she turned around and bent over for me, stretching the pants to the limit.

"Like my pants...Chris" Carmen panted as she took a finger and rubbed it between her cheeks. My cock was rock hard and I couldn't even speak.

Carmen turned around and smiled when she saw my hard on. "Look at what I made you do" she purred as she stood back up and then took a finger and rubbed it along the top button of her leather pants. With a twist of her wrist the button became un done and taking another finger she slowly un did the zipper.

All you could hear in the room was the zipper being pulled down. Carmen wiggled her hips as the pants began to slide off her hips a bit. Turning around I could see the top crack of her tanned, gorgeous ass.

She turned back around front as she fell down into the couch and lifted 2 feet high in the air, giving me my first good look at her soles and I gasped out loud as I saw them. They were soft, tanned and beyond beautiful.

Carmen I think got the message as she wiggled her toes and let the pants slide off her tanned legs to her ankles and the kicked them away. She laid on the couch and just laid there.

"I'm all yours" Carmen giggled as she sort of knew where I was gonna go first.

"Chris I want you to lick me all over and lover start with my feet I was in those heels all day and my feet need special attention" as she said that she rubbed them sending me into orbit. Here I was on my knees getting ready to kiss Carmen Electra's feet.

I stared at the silver toe polish on her toes before I opened my mouth and slide her foot in my mouth. My nose inhaled the foot aroma and they smelled great. My tongue slide out and went over each toe.

I was in heaven as my tongue glided over each toe and slide around the polish. Carmen just leaned back and I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing.

I moved down to her little toe and wrapped that around my mouth and then went around in a circle a few times before moving over to the next toe. Carmen put her other foot on my shoulder and soon 3 toes were in my mouth and my tongue was working overtime like a man on his last meal as I slide my tongue over her tiny toes and right under them as well.

My mouth sucked up anything it could find between the toes as Carmen moaned about how good of a job I was doing. I moved my mouth open more as I pumped all 5 toes in my mouth and Carmen got up and watched as I fucked her toes in my mouth as I slide my mouth open and moved her toes back in forth in my mouth.

Getting the big toe ready I sucked on it hard, giving it a mini blow job as I tried in vain to suck off the toe polish. Moving her foot up more I began to suck directly under the toes at this point.

My mouth was her vacuum as I sucked off anything I could find off the bottom of her soft, tanned soles. I moved over to the top of her soles as she moved a foot down to my crotch and began to rub my stiff hard cock. I heard her moan as I guess she liked what she rubbed.

My lips, mouth and tongue were all over her soles as I licked like an ice cream cone the middle of her soft soles. Making like a dog licking water out of a bowl I lapped at her sides and then down to the bottoms where I knew her feet would hurt in the heels. My salvia was all over her soles as I continued to work on her foot. Carmen bent over and unzipped my pants and let my cock spring free.

She then had me lay on the floor. "I want you to cum in my high heel Chris while you suck my feet" she whispered as I took one hand and wrapped it around my cock as she lowered both feet right over my mouth and nose. I could see Carmen was getting turned on by the thought of somebody being so into her feet as she watched me inhale her feet and suck the soles as she rubbed them back in forth across my lips and mouth.

My hand was moving as fast as possible and it wasn't long till I told Carmen I was ready to cum. She moved the heel into place as I grunted and shot load after load into the heel that she has on for hours.

Wave after wave of white goo pumped from the head of my cock into the heel. Carmen looked over as I dropped the last few drops of cum into the heel as she just nodded at me. Taking the heel she placed the tip near her mouth.

"Carmen pour that cum in my mouth I want to drink it for you" I told her. Carmen looked stunned but took the heel from her near her mouth and leaned over and we French kissed. Her tongue was wet and on fire as our tongues connected and she swirled it around my mouth and lips.

She moved the heel closer and moved her mouth away and I opened my mouth wider as Carmen tilted the heel and poured my cum right into my open mouth. I greedily drank every drop as Carmen looked on in astonishment.

"wow" her mouth whispered as I licked the last few drops out of her heel and placed it on the ground.

"That was incredible Chris. I loved watching you drink from my heel" Carmen said as she winked at me and I got up and got dressed.

Carmen asked for my phone number and I told her that I would love to lick her feet again especially if they got dirty. Carmen promised to call me and she would walk around barefoot for 2 full days barefoot for me.

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and handed me her heels as a present and her beeper number. "me and my feet thank you" Carmen said as I left the building.

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