tagErotic CouplingsChristina: Wham! Bam! . . .

Christina: Wham! Bam! . . .

byChristina Samuels©

The intercom buzzed. I glanced at the phone. My secretary's line was the only one lit. "What part of 'leave me the hell alone' don't you understand?!" I muttered to myself.

I hit the speaker button. "Yes?"

"You have a visitor."

I tried to decide if she was on speaker as well. Couldn't.

"Who is it?" I asked, doing my best to sound anything but highly annoyed.

"Your husband." Aaron answered.

She was on speaker.

"Come on back."

Without waiting for an acknowledgment, I hit the speaker button again, and hung up. I looked at my watch and checked the time. It was two fifty two. What was he doing here? Why wasn't he back at his office, mired in tax returns like I was?

The door opened. Aaron stepped inside, closed and locked it behind him. He smiled, took off his overcoat and tossed it onto the chair that sat just inside the door. I took off my reading glasses and leaned back in my chair. "Do Joey and Pam (his partners) know you skipped-out on them?"

His suit jacket followed his overcoat. He loosened his tie. "Where's your purse?"

"Where it always is: my bottom desk drawer."

"Get it."

I opened the drawer and took it out. He grabbed it from me and started rummaging through.

"What are you doing?" I asked, more perplexed than anything else.

"Stand up and take your panties off."

Slowly, I did as asked, watching with curiosity as Aaron continued his search. "There it is!"

With a magician's flourish, he took out a tube of K-Y® Brand INTENSE®.

"Now how did that get in there?" I said with a laugh.

"Planning!" he replied.

Aaron took me by the wrist and pulled me to the side of my desk. "For all the junk you keep in there, you sure don't have the important stuff."

"I'll make a note of it." I said, with a sly grin.


"For what?" I asked, innocently batting my eyelashes.


Aaron placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a gentle shove forward. I wavered in my high heels, caught myself, then rested my forearms on my desk. I glanced over my shoulder and watched as he lifted my skirt and bunched it in the small of my back, then uncapped the K-Y. I closed my eyes and waited. His delicate touch coated my inner lips with the cool gel.

A moment.


Three probing fingers did the same for my awakening pussy and clit.

More quickly than expected the gel began to work its magic. "Mmmmm."

Aaron gripped my waist. His thumbs caressed my sides. The head of his cock ran the length of my pussy lips. It slipped inside. A gentle thrust gave me the rest.

"Your pussy is so slick." he whispered, "Warm. Tight."

He withdrew all but the head of his cock, then thrust back in.

"Ooooo. That feels so good." I whispered in my throatiest voice. "Sooooo good!"

A slow; deep thrust. Another. Another. With each, the hood of my clit slid back, and forward.

"I can't believe we're doing this!" I laughed, "What if one of my staff walks in on us?"

"The door's locked."

"Did you ever hear of these things called 'keys'?"

More slow, deep thrusts.

"Then they'll find out just how good a lay you are."

Aaron slipped his left arm around my waist and lifted me up on my toes. His thrusts picked up in pace; which, from this new angle, put extra pressure on my clit.

"Is the K-Y doing its job?" he asked.

"Oh yes!"

It had been ages since Aaron had taken me 'cold'; and though I normally hate when he blatantly skips the foreplay I crave so much, the combination of that delightful gel and the moment, more than made up for it!

"Faster, babe. Faster!" I whispered.

"You sure?"

"Oh yes. Fuck yes!!!"

Per request, his pace increased. My breasts strained against the confines of my bra. My nipples grew hard. They rubbed the softness of the cups. The feeling was VERY erotic!

"That's it. That's it. Oh yes! YES!" I groaned.

He pumped me harder. Faster.

Orgasm was just beyond my grasp.

"I'm going to cum." he whispered.

"The hell you are!"

I quickly straightened, reached down and not so gently removed his cock. I turned to face him. As I did, my skirt slid back in place. I unfastened it, and let it drop to the floor. Our lips met and I plunged my tongue deep in his mouth. We kissed: hot and wet. Like a selfish little brat, I began fingering myself toward orgasm. His slick, throbbing cock pressed against my hand. I was soon on the brink.

"Okay. Now!"

I spun around and resumed my position. With animalistic lust, he plunged into me.




Four strokes and he erupted inside me.

Five, and I followed.

"With . . . a minute to spare." he panted, as withdrew from me.

I straightened, and pulled a handful of tissues from the box. I turned, lifted his deflating cock, wiped it clean, then tucked it back inside his pants and pulled up his zipper. "I'm curious. What do you mean: 'with a minute to spare'? "

"I have a client meeting in a twenty minutes, and I have just enough time to get back, with a minute's cushion."

Aaron pulled another handful of tissues from the box and squatted in front of me. Lovingly, he wiped the gel and cum from my thighs and pussy. "There. Nice and clean." He slid my skirt back into place and held it while I tucked in my blouse, and fastened the clasp.

"Where did my panties end up?" I said, wishing to leave no (obvious) clues for my staff to discover.

Aaron reached around the corner of my desk and retrieved them. I extended my hand. He smiled, shook his head 'no' and put them in his pocket. "A souvenir." he said.

I wanted to protest, but didn't. Instead, I helped him on with his suit jacket and overcoat. He fixed his tie, stole a quick kiss and was gone.

As the door closed, I returned to my desk, and checked the time. "Fifteen minutes." I said aloud, "Not bad. Not bad at all."


With a title like "Christina: Wham! Bam! . . .", you were expecting a novel or something?!

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