tagIncest/TabooChristmas With the Sheldrakes Ch. 02

Christmas With the Sheldrakes Ch. 02



Carol relaxed her naked body back into her favorite armchair and sighed happily as she rested her head back against the antimacassar and within seconds was asleep. Ray, nude too, of course, smiled proudly at his wife who had worked bloody hard since the crack of Christmas morning getting the festive dinner ready and it was hardly surprising that she was now well and truly knackered. Though, giggled Ray to himself, a lot of that was probably due not just to preparing Chrismas dinner but also to the fact that they'd been awake into the early hours sucking and fucking with their sons Ryan and Luke.

Ray and his sons had offered to help Carol get the dinner ready and had done their best but Carol was an expert housewife and preferred to do things her way by herelf, although Ray had peeled the potatoes and Ryan and Luke had cooked the mini-sausages and roll mops before letting their mother get on with it.

"Go and amuse yourselves, boys," Carol had said, "I'm much better off on my own."

"We don't like you working hard like this all by yourself," Ryan had replied, with genuine concern, "do we, Luke?"

"Sure, no," Luke had replied, "it don't seem fair mom doing it all by herself."

"You three can do the washing up afterwards," Carol had smiled back at her naked sons, pleased that they had at least offered to help, "now, get lost!"

"Come on, Luke," Ryan had said, smiling in the knowledge that his mother's last two words had been spoken in jest, "let's get dressed and go and build a snowman."

It had snowed really hard on Christmas Eve, the first White Christmas for several years, and Ryan had only just managed to complete the journey from his home in the city before the blizzard had started to rage. Ryan had been so pleased to get away for a few days back to his horny loving family and, within half an hour of arriving, he had given his mother her first Christmas present, not making her want to wait until Christmas Day. Carol had been only too pleased to get her present immediately, unwrapping her son's pants and unzipping his fly as Ryan offered her his aroused prick for sucking before he had returned the compliment by treating his mother to a long hard lick of her pussy.

Ryan had resisted the temptation to have a wank that morning and thus, when he came, had well and truly bathed Carol's face and tits in several lavish helpings of his thick hot incestuous jizz. After Carol came as well, they had showered together and gone downstairs to the lounge where Ray was licking Luke's asshole, having sucked his youngest son's prick first as a reward for Luke beating him in another of their regular games of chess. Ryan and Carol hadn't wasted a second getting involved in the proceedings as the Sheldrake Family Sex Club had swung into action for the first time since the summer. True, Ray, Carol and Luke had done many threesomes in the interim while Ryan slaved away in the city and, enjoyable as they had been, nothing compared to when all four members of the club were present and as horny as fuck into the bargain.

Ray and Carol and their two sons had sucked and fucked away into the early hours and when Carol had gone into the kitchen in the morning, after just four hours' sleep, her ass and cunt still felt delightfully sore from all the heavy poundings they had received from her three wonderful men whom she loved so much and never stopped thinking how lucky they all were to share such a beautiful relationship. Likewise, the assholes of Ray, Ryan and Luke were quite sore, too, since, as always when the Sheldrake Family Sex Club got together, the men were always eager to explore their gay sides and Carol was only too eager to sit and watch as they put on a hot show for her. She loved watching her sons taking it up the ass from their father and also her husband getting fucked hard by his sons who had inherited their parents' intense enthusiasm for sex and always gave it everything the club meetings everything they had ...


Ryan and Luke's assholes were still sore as they'd pulled on their clothes and put on thick coats and woolly hats and wrapped their scarves round their necks before theydescended the stairs again. Ray had looked up as they entered the lounge with a look of perplexity on his face.

"Oh, its you two," he said, after a few moments, "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on."

"Oh, ha ha, dad," Ryan had laughed, "I've not heard that one before, I shall have to write it down so I don't forget."

"Aren't you coming outside too, dad?" Luke had asked.

"No bloody fear," Ray had replied, "its too fucking cold for an oldie like me. You two can relive your childhoods if you want to but I'm staying put."

The brothers had smiled at their father as they opened the front door and let themselves out into a world of stillness and calm, as it always seemed to be when it snowed. It was, indeed, a winter wonderland, like the ones of old when Carol and Ray were children, and several of the neighborhood kids were out and about and a few snowmen already decorated the blanche-white street.

"Let's make ours the best," Luke had said as he'd gone round the side of the house to the shed to fetch a couple of shovels. Snowballs were flying through the air to cries of happiness from the infant kids who were probably seeing snow for the very first time in their lives. One had narrowly missed hitting Ryan on the shoulder but he didn't mind, he simply scrunched up some snow in his hand, formed it into a ball, and threw it back in the direction of the culprit who giggled as he ducked out the way and the snowball slammed into the side of a tree.

By the time Ryan and Luke had completed the snowman, putting stones in for the eyes, nose and mouth, it had been almost time for dinner. The brothers had returned thankfully to the warmth of the house and, after warming up, had gone upstairs to divest themselves of their clothes. Ray had been busy laying the table and half an hour later. they'd all sat down to dinner in the nude as befitted their status as a full blown naturist family, the only things they wore being the silly paper hats they'd got after they'd pulled a few crackers.

"Merry Christmas, everybody," Ray had said, raising his glass and the others had done likewise.

"Yeah," said Ryan, "and a happy nude year. Bet nobody else in this street is sitting down to Christmas dinner naked."

The dinner itself had been delicious, Carol was and is an excellent cook and now she was sound asleep in her armchair while Ray dozed semi-consciously in his.

"Let them rest for a bit," Ryan had said, smiling at Luke, "mom especially deserves to, she worked so hard giving us such a great dinner. Better than anything you get in the best retaurants in town, its a wonder I haven't got indigestion."

"Me, neither," said Luke, "but just because mom and dad are having a kip, doesn't mean we have to."

Luke fluttered his eyelids at his brother, unwittingly demonstrating his feminine side and Ryan read the message loud and clear.

"Let's go upstairs," he said and immediately made to the hallway. Luke followed Ryan up the stairs, his eyes glued to his brother's tight sexy ass, determined to fuck it before much more of Christmas Day had passed ...


Ryan climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees as Luke returned from the bathroom with a tube of KY. He smeared a gob or two of it onto his fingers and then lubricated his brother's asshole. Finally, he greased his prick, which was hard and quivering with anticipation, and moved up behind Ryan to give his adored brother a stupendous Christmas Day fuck.

Ryan gasped as Luke's prick nudged the entrance to his asshole and looked over his shoulder, a smile of pure lust on his face. "Fuck me, bruv," he said, "I need it hard."

"You slut," laughed Luke, "the way you speak anyone would think it was months since you'd last taken it up the ass."

"Until last night, it bloody well was," replied Ryan succinctly. "Now, quit speaking, little bruv, and get on with it."

"Not so much of the little, if you don't mind," giggled Luke, "I'm gonna fuck you as hard as I have mom and dad while you've been away."

With that, Luke slid his stiff pole into his brother's ass as Ryan pulled his cheeks apart as wide as he could to give Luke better access. Ryan pushed his ass back as Luke started the incestuous gay penetration and soon the brothers were rocking backwards and forwards as the fucking began in earnest.

Luke fucked Ryan for what seemed an eternity, his excitement increasing by the second. As Ryan had said, apart from last night, it had been months since the brothers had had sex together and they were both determined to enjoy every scintillating second. It beat watching all those crappy t.v. programmes which the stations put out on Christmas Day, mostly repeats and/or celebrities pretending to be in the Christmas spirit in shows which were recorded months earlier. All they had to do was put some bunting up in the studio on a hot summer's day and bob's your uncle. Ryan and Luke couldn't be doing with anything like that, however, having a good fuck was much more exciting.

After ten minutes or so, the brothers changed position, Luke going to his back on the floor and Ryan impaling his compliant ass on Luke's thick rod with consummate ease.

Ryan had been fucked so many times by Ray in the past three years and several times by Luke since he became old enough to participate that his asshole was now capable of taking cock as easily as the best professional porn stars. Indeed, Ray and Carol had often suggested that their sons should have taken up porn for a living, they had matured into a couple of fully-fledged fuck sluts and a porn studio would have been only too pleased to snap them up, especially as they both possessed undoubted exhibitionism skills as well.

"Aaaagh!" screamed Ryan as Luke's cock plowed the sweaty depths of his ass, "you've got so good at this."

"Yeah, bruv," Luke managed to say inbetween his grunts and groans, "I'm a very quick learner."

"You sure fucking are," said Ryan, "every bit as good as dad."

Ryan's groans grew louder as Luke's cock went in inch by inch and he started to post up and down on the stiff pole. Luke was determined to please his brother just as much as he'd been pleasing his mother and father over the past three months during his threesomes with them and he could tell from the noise Ryan was making that he was not failing in his efforts ...


Ryan's screams of pleasure mixed with pain rose to a crescendo, so much so that neither he nor Luke heard the patter of feet on the stairs. Ryan had his eyes shut tight for several minutes and it was only when he opened them that he saw his naked father staring at them with a big grin on his face through the bedroom door.

Ray stood with his hard throbbing cock in his hand, once again experiencing the familiar overwhelming feeling of pride as he watched his sons fucking. Ray smiled at his father and, catching his breath, managed to beckon him in the room.

"Hi, dad, come on in."

"You were making so much noise, I had to see what was happening," said Ray/

"Where's mom?" Luke managed to ask.

"She's still resting in her armchair," replied Ray, advancing into the room with his outstretched cock leading the way, his mouth drooling as Ryan continued to work himself up and down on Luke's cock, "leave her be for awhile, she worked bloody hard this morning and she won't mind us having a threesome without her. She'll join us when she's ready."

"Luke's cock feels fantastic in my ass, dad," said Ryan, closing his eyes again, "you've really taught him well."

"Just as your mom and I did you, son," said Ray and then, without further ado, he moved up closed to Ryan and nudged his prick against his mouth. Ryan opened his eyes and immediately opened his mouth to engulf his father's cock and Ray gasped as his son took him into his hot wet face hole. Apart from the fact that his mother was temporarily absent, Ryan was really enjoying the Christmas present his father and brother were giving him with Luke's cock in his ass and Ray's in his mouth. Moments later, Luke let out a cry somewhere between a scream and a choke as he shot his load deep in Ryan's asshole.

"Fuck, that's great," Ryan said as he felt Luke's nice warm spunk flood his love box, "what a nice big load you give me."

"All for you, bruv," replied Luke as Ryan lifted himself off his brother's prick and Ray removed his cock from Ryan's mouth.

"I'm gonna cum too, lads," Ray said, increasing the pace of his wanking.

Ryan and Luke scuttled onto their knees in front of their father. "So soon, dad," said Ryan, "you've only just got here."

"That's because you boys get me really going," Ray replied, "I'm so proud of you both and it won't take me long to get going again.

"Nor us." said Luke, who was still coming down from the intensity of his orgasm.

Ryan and Luke watched as Ray continued wanking his big paternal prick, his hand flying up and down the long shaft lined with thick veins, his knobhead peeping in and out of his foreskin as he got ready to cum his load. Seconds later, Ray's legs buckled, his ass cheeks clenched and he sighed happily as the first spurts of his fatherly spunk jetted into the atmosphere, the first landing on Ryan's chest and the second on Luke's face.

By the time Ray had finished, Luke was lying back on the carpet, his cock now semi-erect and his face a complete mess, buried as it was under a liberal supply of his father's spunk.

"My turn now," said Ryan, standing up with difficulty since his ass was now more sore than ever, thanks to all the fucks it had had the night before and the one just now from Luke.

Ray quickly knelt in front of his eldest son and Ryan started to rock back and forth on his long athletic legs as he pumped his cock for all he was worth. Luke was content to sit back and watch, wiping some of Ray's spunk from his eyes to see better.

"Oh yeah, dad," Ryan cried, "here it cums."

"Give it to me, son," Ray said, "I want it all."

Ryan didn't disappointed, he came almost as soon as Ray finished speaking, coating his father's chest with another supply just as lavish as that with which he had coated his mother's face the night before. As he stood there with his sated cock in his hand, Ray looked down at the long rivers of his eldest son's spunk that were running in thick long rivers down his chest towards his navel. Then he collapsed onto the floor next to Luke as Ryan lay down on his other side and the horny father and his two sons relaxed in the afterglow.

"Plenty of time for fucking," Ray said, "and your mom will be ready for us then, too, I'm sure."

"I'm ready for you now," came Carol's voice from the bedroom door. The three men had been so wrapped up in themselves, they hadn't heard the Sheldrake Family Matriarch climbing the stairs and watching them from the landing. "You made so much noise you woke me up."

"Sorry, mom," said Luke as the three men looked up and smiled at Carol, delighted to see that she was, indeed, ready to join the action.

"Oh, don't apologise," said Carol quickly, "I'm very glad you did, I wouldn't have wanted to miss that gay show you just put on for the world. And I'm sure you won't mind if I join in now, after all it is Christmas."

Carol grinned as she advanced into the room and lay down in her, as usual, favorite position on her back on the bed where she immediately lifted her legs and spread them wide as she waited to enjoy a few more of her Christmas presents ...


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