tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCindrellas Kiss Ch. 01

Cindrellas Kiss Ch. 01


For a long time, I wanted to be a GIRL. I love to be feminine, cute and a bit sexy, at times! It wasn't surprising that the fairy tale princess wooed me to the core, for they were all that I wanted to be! But, I never ever imagined I am going to be one such girl in my life time even though it's only for a short while.

Everything started during my college stage play rehearsals.


I was enjoying the show and even though ours' is a boys' only college, we have fun performing in our college annual fest. The story of Cindrella was well known with everyone. So, we decided to give it a twist and make it more contemporary.

"We need someone cute enough to play Cindrella," the senior students were discussing among themselves.

One of my senior, Bryan was intently looking at me! I knew I was an object of desire from his perspective because for some odd reason he's attracted towards a feminine boy like me. I wasn't sure if it was because of my slender hips, my frequently waxed smooth and silky thighs or my glossy lips, but he liked me!

"Guys, I think I have found the right person," Bryan said.

As we had no other alternative to play the girl and with Bryan eyeing me constantly, it was no wonder he picked me. He was playing prince charming and I should admit that he's a handsome hunk. He's tall with broad shoulders and an amazing physique while I am exactly his opposite.

I looked petite compared to him and more on the girly side, with some voluptuous curves and soft fair skin that guys admired.

After much cajoling, I agreed to be Cindrella and took part in the drama rehearsals which lasted for almost a fortnight. I had to wear a white, frill gown which would be a girl's dream come true. But, more than me, Bryan was having a great time because he gets to hold my hands and hip often during rehearsals.

With plenty of makeup and a naturally gifted body, everyone agreed that I could easily pass off as Cindrella on stage. Everyone started calling me as Cindy ever since I took my role.

"I like you, Cindy," he said when we were rehearsing our ball room dance. His hands were firmly planted on my slender hip and he was caressing it often. I couldn't help but feel slightly aroused at the moment.

I blushed.

"Stop kidding me," I said.

When the dance came to an end, we were supposed to fake a kiss. But, Bryan didn't stop and pulled me in close for a romantic kiss. I was shocked but my knees were trembling with excitement at the same time.

He held me for a good minute exploring my mouth with his tongue right in front of our friends. He wrapped his lips around my lower lip and kissed me to his heart's content in a leisurely pace. I couldn't protest. I didn't stop him either.

Once he broke the kiss, I looked around with an awkward expression but to my surprise, the director of the play was smiling.

"I never expected you would do this Bryan but I should admit it was mesmerizing. I want this to be performed on stage so that the audience can feel what Cindy felt," he said.

"Oh no, I can't," I looked into Bryan's eyes. He was smiling.

"Cindy, I feel you should feel the role. The kiss won't be so awkward if you are into it," the director tried to convince but I was sort of convinced already!

The rehearsal came to an end and as we were about to leave Bryan offered to drop me back home. I just smiled and nodded.

Soon, we arrived at my doorstep. It was late in the night with less people around. I was sitting in his car when he asked me something with little hesitation in his voice.

"Cindy, I mean would you mind if we put in our best efforts to make the play more believable?"

"Yes," I replied. "Don't you think we should practice the err... kissing scene to display real intimacy on stage?"

I hardly expected such a request and was left surprised. I wished it all stopped with me getting kissed by this sexy hunk and not end up with me being the girl in bed. Even though, I had often fantasized of being the sexy girl in bed moaning and being spread to be humped, I just wasn't ready yet!

I nodded meekly.

It was all Bryan needed.

He leaned in towards me within the confined space of the car, took my cheeks in my strong palm and planted a deep kiss on my quivering lips. I had to hold his shoulders for support and I did it out of natural instincts. Maybe, it was what I am, the shy, virgin and nervous girl!

Bryan's kiss was feverish yet sexy. He took his time in exploring my mouth and I let him go deep by parting my lips wide. He took the opportunity and meddled with my tongue before initiating a deeper French kiss.

I was wearing a tight pink t-shirt and jean shorts at the moment when I felt his hands slide right inside. His warm hands on my naked tummy sent shivers through my body. Obviously, his hands were over my small breasts in the next few minutes but my small mounds were safely enclosed within the brassiere.

"I love you," he mumbled between our kisses but he wasn't surprised to find that I have breasts which are handful in size. He knew I was more of a girl and was looking for an opportunity to make me his. Often guys had commented on my natural breasts but I think he's going to be the one who's about to taste it, sooner or later!

After a couple of passionate minutes, Bryan ended the kiss much to my dismay!


The rehearsals for the play continued in our college. Bryan took every possible opportunity to touch me and kiss me. By now, the guys in college were sure we were dating and assumed that I was being humped by the handsome hunk in campus every night!

It is a fake rumor, at least for now but I know eventually Bryan wanted to make love to me! Every time, he dropped me home, he didn't miss the opportunity to taste my juicy lips and I become a silent victim of pleasure.

The D-day arrived and even though, you might find it awkward, everyone applauded when Bryan kissed me on stage during the finale. Our back screen intimacy was evident and I think everyone thought I was a girl!

He kissed me longer than I expected in front of hundreds of people with the flood light focusing on us. It was the most passionate kiss of my life! I was ready to be his!


The amazing night came to an end and I met Bryan in the parking lot.

"Bryan, could you drop me home?" I asked him with a sly smile. He was already expecting the same and eagerly took me to my apartment. My parents were out of town and I know this is it!

"I've never been kissed liked that," I complimented him on our way. I was blushing a lot as I said it.

He looked into my eyes and pleaded me to nod. I nodded. We know what is about to happen and I was ready to let him devour my feminine body for all its worth.

Moments after we reached my home, he carried me right out of the car and placed me on the escalator. I was still in Cindy's clothes. He started kissing me right there.

I knew a long night was about to follow.

Concluded in Ch.02...

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