tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 03

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 03


This is the third in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.

Now that Pam had told Beth about our little arrangement, I had a whole new situation to deal with and enjoy. First, it meant that I had a new beauty to fuck and it opened up several possibilities for enjoying them both together. But I also needed some "punishment" for Pam. After all, she did break our agreement even if it did work so nicely to my advantage.

I had some ideas for some fun-filled threesomes for starters and though I was sure that I could intimidate Pam into going along, I wasn't so sure about Beth. I was going to need a little bit of leverage if I was going to succeed. This was going to take some planning but first I wanted to enjoy Pam's body some more and let her worry about how I would react. The longer she remained insecure about it, the easier she would be to handle. I knew that she would be preparing herself for the worst and then my suggestions for a menage a trois would be easier to accept. Especially, since it would be with her best friend, Beth.

When Pam entered my classroom, I saw that she wore a simple, print dress that buttoned in front to the waist. The skirt flared out nicely and the hem rode just at her knees. I could see by the careful way she was walking, that she did not wear a bra. I loved the way her full breasts bounced and swayed with each step.

She looked at me, trying to read my thoughts but could find nothing. She sat quietly in class and looked worried. As I handed back the day's assignments, I clipped a note to Pam's paper. She unfolded it as I walked away from her desk and read it. "Come to my office during the break." When I turned around to start my class, Pam caught my eye and nodded.

Arriving at my office, she knocked on the open door and peeked in. "Come in and close the door behind you." I said. As the door closed the lock clicked. The young beauty stood in front of my desk, her hands clasped in front of her pussy. She still didn't know how I was going to react to Beth finding out about our arrangement and she shifted nervously in front of me.

"We have some things to discuss but there isn't enough time right now." I said as I rolled my chair back slightly. "I'd like you to be available to me tomorrow for the entire day." Pam nodded. "Right now, however, we do have a few minutes for some quick pleasure." I added.

"Relax," I said as I motioned the young beauty to the side of my desk. Pam leaned against the edge of the large desk as I rolled my chair back a little further. "Give me your panties." I said softly. Pam was a little surprised by the directness of my request and hesitated for a moment. Then she remembered what Beth had told her about her first encounter on the desk. She slid her hands under the loose material of her skirt and slid her panties off. As she handed them to me I smiled at her and said, "Now open your dress."

Relieved a bit by my smile, Pam's fingers began to unbutton her dress. I could see that she was a bit nervous as her fingers trembled slightly. Her huge breasts swelled beautifully under the soft material of her dress. I could see her nipples getting hard, in anticipation of what her body was going to enjoy. "Now sit up on the desk and lie back." I instructed. Pam lifted her firm ass onto the edge of the desk and then lay back until her shoulders lay flat on the desktop and her head rested just at the far edge. I looked down at my young beauty and smiled as I placed my hand on the top of her warm thigh.

Pam lay very still, her hands at her sides her shoulders flat on the desktop, her dress unbuttoned but still covering her firm tits and her thighs slightly parted. She looked up at me expectantly. Sitting down on the edge of the desk, I slid my fingers up the inside of Pam's satiny thigh. The loose material of her skirt tickled her thighs as it slid over her soft skin. She eased her legs a bit further apart. As I pressed my fingers between her swollen love petals, Pam closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. Her body began to tremble as my fingers probed her wet pussy. Her breathing got heavier as my thumb grazed across her sensitive clit.

I teased her clit as my fingers probed deeper into her love channel. Her hips began to rotate and she lifted her pussy to my fingers. Bringing my finger, wet with her juices, to her clit, I teased it like a marble in oil until her body went rigid and with a gasp, she flooded my fingers with her sweet cum.

Pam's head rolled softly from side to side as every slight change in pressure by my fingers on her sensitive clit, registered on her beautiful face. My fingers continued to tease Pam's erect love button as she gasped once again and her insides let go with another powerful orgasm.

Still teasing her wet pussy with my fingers, I eased off the desk and moved around to stand above her pretty face. I glanced at the clock and saw that there were about 15 minutes left in the break. Easing my fingers from Pam's sweet loins, I licked my fingers, tasting her sweet flow. Placing my hands on her upper arms, I looked down at her amazing body.

"Slide towards me." I said and helped the young girl move her body across the desktop. As Pam's head neared the edge of the desktop, her legs touched the other side of the desk. Slowly she lifted her feet onto the desk and then pressed her young body forward until her head dangled over the edge and down between my thighs. After adjusting her position a bit, she let her knees down, spreading her thighs open on my desk.

Pam reflected on just how open her body was as her head lay back and her thighs were spread so open. I looked down at her slender neck as her face rested only inches from my crotch. She could smell the strong aroma of my manhood as I pulled the front of my gym shorts down and the tip of my cock grazed her soft lips. The young beauty parted her lips as I held her upper arms and guided my shaft into her warm mouth. Gently I rocked into her mouth as I felt the young girl begin to suck on my ramrod. I watched as her slender throat seemed to expand to accommodate my shaft as it slid deep into her mouth.

"Open your dress." I said and without stopping her excellent sucking, Pam's hands slid down over her swelling breasts and tucking her fingers inside the edges of her dress peeled back the soft material. Her nipples were dark and very hard as they came into view.

My hands slid from her upper arms to her naked breasts as the material of the dress pressed her luscious tits together. My fingers closed on her aroused nipples and her moans began to tickle my cock as it pumped in and out of her sucking mouth. I felt Pam's arms wrap around my hips and try to guide my motions as I fucked her face.

As Pam continued to pleasure my cock, her thighs were in a constant state of motion. Her pussy looked too wet and too tasty to pass up. Sliding my hands down to her hips, I bent forward and sucked her erect clit between my lips. As I teased her clit, her sucking became even more intense as she tickled my ass with her long fingernails. My cock slid deeper into her eager mouth as my tongue teased her sensitive love button.

Pam was sucking hard as her thighs continued to twitch. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through her beautiful, young body as I teased her clit with my teeth and tongue. I felt my own climax building and thrust deeper into Pam's hungry mouth. Trapping her clit between my teeth, I gently pressed it and as I felt my load about to explode, I flicked my tongue across the top of her love button and she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Her scream of pleasure vibrated around my invading shaft as I let go buckets of cum into her eager, young mouth. Pam swallowed hard as my load spurted across her tongue and down her throat.

Instead of pulling out of her mouth, I slid my fingers around Pam's open thighs pulling up on them. She got the idea and raised her legs. Wrapping my arms around her slender waist, I rolled her body towards me, lifting her off the desk. Pam's arms tightened around my waist as she felt her body being turned upside down. As I stood straight up, Pam's lips were still wrapped around my shaft as her legs rested on my shoulders and my mouth continued to suck on her gushing pussy.

As I walked to the sofa, I saw our reflection in the mirror and smiled at how sexy and pleasing this young beauty was. I sat down at the edge of the sofa and turning slightly, leaned back against the padded arm where I had fucked Beth only the day before. As I lowered my back to the arm, Pam felt her legs descend until her feet touched the floor. She eased her grip on my waist and placing her palms on the cushion beside my hips, began to raise and lower her mouth on my spent shaft. Finally she lifted her mouth from my cock and started to stand up.

Taking hold of her arms, I pulled her body down slightly until I was able to kiss her dangling breast and then sucked her taut nipple into my mouth. Pam relished the sensation of my sucking on her breasts and she moaned loudly as I teased her hard nipples. Releasing my grip on her arms, Pam stood up and tried to rearrange her dress as I slid my cock back into my gym shorts.

"Thank you." I said as I stood up and caressed her firm tit through her dress. "We'd better get back to class. You can go out that way." I said nodding at the side door. Pam hurried out the door, knowing that she'd have to walk around the long way to the classroom. As she started to run down the hall, she realized that she didn't have anything on at all under her dress. Her panties were lying on my desk. She thought about going back to get them but remembered that the doors lock when they close. She then thought about skipping but realized she couldn't do that since her books and things were still in class. Reluctantly she moved toward the classroom, very conscious of the wetness between her thighs.

As the bell rang, I reached the classroom and held the door for several students including Pam. I could see her worried look and then remembered her panties were on my desk. I smiled down at her and whispered, "It'll be okay." Pam was unconvinced.

Pam was thankful that her seat was in the back of the room and towards the side. There was no one sitting behind her and the chair next to her was empty. As I began the class, I noticed that Pam was very nervous in her seat. She was trying very hard not to move as the sweet cum filling her love hole after so many orgasms, began to seep out between her swollen labia.

As I spoke, I could see that Pam shifted her body and slid the back of her skirt out from under her dripping pussy. She was afraid that the cum would drip onto the fabric and leave a stain and even worse, hold the powerful scent of her juices. I watched as the young girl, deep red with embarrassment, eased her warm thighs onto the cold steel of the chair. She bit back a scream as the shock of the cold surprised her. I knew she was embarrassed but I also knew that only she and I knew anything about what was happening to her body. The rest of the class was oblivious.

When class ended, everyone except Pam got up to leave. She waited, hoping that the rest of the students would leave so that she could get up without giving away her predicament. She was positive that there was a gallon of cum that had puddled between her warm thighs as she'd sat in class, feeling the warm liquid drain out of her full pussy. Several of her friends stopped to talk to her on their way out but Pam was not very responsive. In fact, she was terrified. I left with several other students.

Finally when no one was left in the room, Pam lifted herself out of the seat and from her purse took several tissues and wiped the puddle of cum from the seat. Turning to face away from the door, she pulled the front of her skirt up and wiped her sweet pussy of any remaining cum. A shudder ran through her as she touched her sensitive clit and remembered just how all that sweet cum had gotten there in the first place.

Pam heard the door open and froze. She sat leaning against the desk, her skirt pulled up and her hand probing deep between her trembling thighs. Petrified, she slowly turned around and was relieved to see that it was only me. She gave a last wipe and then let her hem slide back down over her satiny thighs.

"Can I get my panties back?" she begged as I approached her. I smiled and nodded in the direction of the door.

Arriving at my office, I unlocked the door and let Pam enter. The outer office was empty. I closed the door and saw Pam scoop up her panties from my desk.

"Not so fast." I teased. Pam looked at me with a knowing sarcasm in her eyes. She knew what was going to happen - at least in general.

I pulled my desk chair back and turned it to face her. "Kneel on the chair." I instructed and Pam lifted the front of her dress enough to allow her to kneel on the padded seat, without resting on the hem. As the chair began to tilt back a little, Pam reached up to the high seat back for balance.

Gazing down at her body, I ran my palm over her full chest, cupping her massive tits in my hand. They really were magnificent as I took their full weight and caressed her hardening nipples. Pam reached down with one hand and unbuttoned the front of her dress. As she placed her hand back on the seatback, I slid my palm into her open dress and teased her erect nipple. Pam let out a deep moan.

Stepping around behind her, my hands traced down her exposed sides and over her firm asscheeks. Her back arched beautifully as her sweet, young ass thrust back towards me. Reaching down for the back of her dress, I lifted the soft material and lay it across her slender waist. Her bare ass looked delicious. Pam felt the tip of my cock tap against her naked ass as my hands caressed her firm buttocks. Holding my rigid tool in my hand, I slid the tip between Pam's firm globes.

"Please don't do that to me." she begged as she thought I was going to fuck her in her virgin ass. She knew I had made Beth do it and she was terrified that I would make her do it.

"Don't worry." I assured her. "Though I do have definite plans for this beautiful ass of yours, fucking it this minute is not what I have in mind." I said. Pam sighed with relief.

I slid my cockhead along the length of Pam's moist pussy lips and the young beauty gasped as she felt the thickness of my shaft press between her swollen labia. Taking hold of her hips, I leaned forward and my tamrod slid deep into her tight love hole. Gripping the seatback more firmly, Pam began to thrust her hips back, skewering her tight pussy onto my impaling shaft as I thrust repeatedly into her quivering quim. I pressed up into her juicing twat, lifting her entire body off the seat cushion as she let out a soft scream. My hands slid up to her full breasts and peeling open her dress, I began to squeeze and pinch her huge breasts as they heaved with sexual excitement.

Pam's body continued to gyrate as her hips thrust back to meet my every stroke. My hands slid down the front of her body and then under the front of her skirt. Finding her erect clit, my fingers went after it as Pam's moans became louder with each passing moment. She was grunting like a rutting pig as I ravaged her tight, young pussy. I could feel her powerful love muscles grasping at my invading shaft as I plunged in and out of her lovely, young body. She was desperately trying to make me cum and it was working.

As I felt my load about to cut loose, I reached up to Pam's heaving tits and squeezed them tightly. I thrust up hard into her quivering loins and my cock exploded. Gobs of hot cum spewed up into her tight love hole as her love muscles milked my cock for every drop and her own powerful orgasm ripped through her beautiful, young body. We both filled her tight pussy with our cum.

Still buried in her trembling pussy, I held her huge tits firmly and pulled her back towards me. My ass rested on the edge of the desk as Pam's hips rested on mine, my cock still hard between her legs. Pam leaned back against me as my fingers teased her hard nipples and then slid down the front of her body and back into her wet pussy. With each caress of her sensitive clit, her inner muscles contracted, clasping my spent cock. I knew that if I kept this up, her love muscles would have me erect again in no time. I thought about it but then decided it was too late and tomorrow promised to be an even more exciting day.

Easing my grip on Pam's firm body, she slowly lifted herself a bit and stepped forward, pulling her pussy off of my still firm cock. She gasped as my hardness slipped from between her swollen labia. Turning to face me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She nibbled her way down my body until she was sitting in the chair. Her fingers wrapped around my cock as it shined with our combined love juices.

Pam opened her mouth and swallowed my spent shaft. She licked and sucked on me as her long fingernails tickled my balls. I relaxed as Pam pleasured my cock once again. I watched as her head moved up and down the length of my spent shaft. Pam seemed to be fascinated at how something so rigid and large could shrink to fit completely into her mouth where it would only grow back to its full size in moments.

When she finished sucking on me, Pam sat back in the chair and smiled up at me. I helped her to her feet and she again scooped up her panties from the desktop.

"I'd prefer to keep these as a reminder of how much pleasure you gave me this afternoon." I said. "Both during the break and just now." I added. Pam looked at me with a mock angry look and handed me her panties.

From my pocket I took out a card and handed it to Pam as she buttoned up the front of her dress. She took the card and read it. I had written down an address for her. She looked up at me questioningly. "Come to this address tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning and plan on staying for the rest of the weekend." I said. Pam smiled as she put the card in her purse. "We have a lot to talk about tomorrow." I said and Pam's facial expression changed. She still didn't know how I was going to react to her telling Beth about us.

"I want you to bring a bathing suit and that white lace top I saw you wearing at the pool the other day." I instructed her. Pam nodded. "On second thought." I said. "I've seen your bathing suits. They're too modest for a body as magnificent as yours." Pam blushed at the compliment. "I prefer to see more of your body. Ask Beth to lend you her white bikini." I added. Pam knew the bathing suit I had in mind and how little it covered of Beth's body. Her own tits were much larger and she knew how that would end up looking. Pam nodded, hoping that it was only going to be the two of us tomorrow.

As Pam left, I quickly returned to my office and called her dorm. The phone rang several times and then Beth answered.

"Hello." she said with a cheeriness in her voice.

"Hello, yourself." I said. She recognized my voice and felt her body begin to get excited. Her nipples began to harden and her twat began to moisten.

"I would like you to meet me someplace." I said.

"When?" she asked. I could hear the anticipation in her voice.

"Right now." I said.

"Okay." she replied, her voice full of excitement. "Where?" she asked. I gave her the address and she wrote it down. "See you in a half hour." she said.

"Okay." I replied and hung up the phone.

To be continued......

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