"I'm sure you are." Verna laughed. The doorbell rang.

Page walked in since she had her own key. "I'm here for my shift." She said smiling.

"You too?" Verna laughed. "Seems like everyone wants to lend a hand to help."

"So has everyone done it?" Verna asked while sipping on her coffee cup.

Brenda shook her head yes and so did Page. Annie was the only one who really said it. "I did it."

"Annie told me the nurse said it would help if we did more." Verna said waiting for a reaction.

"More?" Brenda asked looking at Annie.

"Yes. She said we could undress and lie next to him when we do it." Annie said looking at her grandmother who winked.

"Undress? Naked?" Brenda said looking shocked. "I don't think so."

"And, if it would bring him back faster you wouldn't do it?" Verna asked.

"That's not fair mother." Brenda said looking pissed.

"Of course I would if it really did work. I just don't trust that nurse."

"Well. Do whatever you want." Verna said. "I will. By the way, I can't find anything to eat in this house."

"We have nothing to eat. Why don't we go out and get something?" Brenda asked.

"I've already eaten." Page said. "I'll stay with Jake. Verna looked at her and smiled.

"Let's go. We'll be back in an hour or so. That should give you enough time to do your therapy Page." Verna laughed.

"What. No, I'm just going to sit there." Page said with a shocked look on her face.

"Sure." Verna said as she led Brenda and Annie out of the house.

Jake heard them talking in the kitchen and thought about walking in there and shocking them but he heard Page say she was going to watch him. He remembered Page's fingers on his prick and her thoughts about how small her husband was compared to him.

Jake closed his eyes and waited for his older sister. He didn't have to wait long.

"Hi Jake it's me Page." She said while sitting on the edge of the bed. "I can't stop thinking about you. I miss you and love you so much. I was thinking of you last night in my bed. I touched my pussy thinking of you." She whispered.

Jake did his best to remain still. Her lips near his ear were slightly tickling him. He slightly moved his head from her lips. She jerked back.

"Jake? Can you hear me?" She asked looking at his face. He didn't move.

"God. I imagining things" She said.

Jake felt her fingers and they moved over his lips and down his chin. Her fingers explored his neck and moved under the top of his gown. "I feel your heart beating so fast." She said. "You like it when I touch you don't you?" Jake remained silent.

Her fingers moved out of his gown and down under the sheet. She moved over his navel and lower until she touched the tip of his quickly hardening prick. "It's getting big just for me isn't it?" Her fingers came together as her hand took over and curled around his thick shaft still covered with the sheet.

"I told you I wanted to suck it." She whispered. His prick jerked slightly. "You can hear me can't you." She pushed the sheet down and pulled the gown up until his foot long hotdog lay on his stomach.

Jake opened his eyes as he watched her head move down his stomach until her lips touched the tip of his prick. He moaned slightly. She laughed and pushed her tongue out to lick the crown. "I'm going to eat you." She thought. Jake could hear her thoughts.

Her mouth opened and his mushroom head moved down her throat. She was good. Jake thought as she slowly sucked and licked his tool while her head moved up and down. She pulled her head away and looked at his face. "I'm not going to let you come in my mouth little brother." Jake thought she was going to jerk him off but she moved off the bed. He peeked out and watched as she unzipped her dress and let it fall at her feet. Her bra fell next and her small but firm white breasts popped out. She pushed down her black panties and stood naked. "I have a better place for your come." She laughed as she climbed on the bed and straddled his hips.

Jake noticed her pussy was shaven as he peeked down while she opened her thighs. She moaned as she fed his long pleasure rod up into her. "Oh Jake. I'm going to fuck you until you wake up." Her body slid up and down his pole.

"Too late." Jake thought as his older sister fucked him. "Damn. It doesn't get much better than this."

Jake peeked out to see her head looking under her breasts to see his shaft disappearing and appearing in and out of her stomach. "You know you're going to ruin it for Bill. His little prick will not do much for me after this." She smiled and kept fucking him.

"I'm almost there Jake. I'm going to come and you are going to come too." She moaned as she squeezed her pussy muscles milking his prick.

As soon as Jake heard her scream he let his own damn burst open. His hot fluids shot up into her. "OH YES!" She cried as she climaxed. She dropped on top of his body and her body didn't move for almost a minute. "I want you back Jake. Even if I have to give this up. I love you so much." She leaned up and kissed him lightly on his lips.

Jake felt her get up and peeked out to watch her dress. She turned away and showed him her nice round ass. He quickly closed his eyes when he saw her turn. She hummed a tune as she walked out of the room. Three down and one to go. Jake thought. He wasn't sure if his mom would do it.

"You need to do whatever is necessary to bring him back Brenda." Verna said to her daughter while they sat at the restaurant table.

"What do you mean by whatever is necessary?" Brenda asked looking at Verna and then at Annie. Suddenly it hit her.

"You two fucked him didn't you?" She rose from her chair and looked down at them.

Neither of them said a word which basically answered her question.

"How could you?" She asked loudly.

"Quiet and sit back down." Verna said pulling her arm down as her body followed.

"We love him and want him back."

"So do I, but, God you have to draw the line somewhere." She looked at Annie. "And, I thought you were a virgin."

"She was." Verna smiled.

"I can't believe what sluts you two are." Brenda whispered.

"We both felt him move while he was inside of us. He's coming back and what we did worked." Verna said.

"It was just a body reaction." Brenda said unsure if it was or wasn't.

"Not just it but also his lower body. He was helping." Verna said reaching out to hold her hand.

"I don't believe you." She said.

All three of them were quiet as they finished their dinners and drove back to the house. Page was sitting at the kitchen table when they returned.

"So, how was your shift?" Verna asked looking for any clues to see if she went further than jerking him off.

"Good." Page said looking away from her grandmother.

Verna decided to go right for it. "Did you fuck him?"

"Mom!" Brenda yelled. "What kind of question is that. Of course she didn't do that." They all turned and looked at Page's face. Her face couldn't lie. She just looked at her mother.

"God. I can't believe this. My mother and my daughters fucked my son who's in a coma." Brenda stormed out of the room.

"Tell us about it." Verna said as she sat down next to Page.

"I couldn't help myself." Page sobbed. "He, it was so big."

"We know." Annie said while sitting on the other side of Page.

"What do you want to know?" Page asked.

"Did he show any reaction when you did it?" Verna asked.

Page thought. "I think he pushed up into me a few times. And, when I told him I was…" She stopped.

"Go ahead. You can't shock us." Verna laughed.

"When I said I was going to suck him his penis jerked." Page answered.

"Shit. Let me think." Verna said. She smiled. "I think he is almost back."

"No way." Annie said.

"Sure. Why not? His body is responding and so is his mind."

"But, how do you know?" Page asked.

"His body might react automatically to touching but his penis reacted to what you said. He was hearing what Page said."

"Hey. I think we need to get Brenda to do the same or we will hear it for the rest of our lives. Besides maybe doing it with her will totally bring him back?" Verna said.

"How do we do that?" Page asked.

"You need to tell her about his penis jerking. If she thinks fucking him will bring him back she will do the same." Verna said. "After you tell her we will all leave and then circle back to watch."

Page agreed and walked up to her mother's bedroom. Brenda took a while opening the door. Page noticed she was wearing a robe and didn't look like she was wearing anything under it. "Mom. I have to tell you want happened. Jake was responding."

Brenda opened the door and let Page enter. After about 15 minutes Page came out. "We are going out for a while so it's up to you." Page said loud enough for the two women at the bottom of the stairs to hear.

They made it a point to slam the front door as they left.

Brenda took a deep breath and pulled her robe tight. She hurried down the stairs and stood in the doorway to Jake's room looking at him. "Please forgive me son." She whispered as she released the robe and let it fall at her feet. She walked naked to his bed.

"They said I have to do this." She whispered as she pulled his sheet down. His prick was already hard under his gown. Although it was rock hard she decided to touch and suck him anyway. Jake looked down at her head as her lips moved up his shaft and back down. On the next trip her tongue moved out. Jake gasped softly as her mouth opened and sucked in one of his balls. Brenda heard him and smiled. "It's working." She whispered.

Verna and the sisters quietly opened the back door and tip-toed into the kitchen. "Shhh." She said as she led them into the hallway and up to Jake's door. They saw the robe at the door and all peeked at the same time to see Jake's hard-on moving in and out of Brenda's mouth. She made a popping sound as her mouth moved off the tip.

"I have to fuck you son. It's the only way." She said as she positioned herself over his tower of power. "OH My GOD!" She cried as she slowly lowered herself on his shaft. "It's been too long and it's so big."

"This is so wrong." She said as she moved up and down his shaft.

"God. It feels wonderful." She thought.

"I'm only doing this for you Jake." She said.

"I've never been filled like this before." She thought.

Jake chuckled to himself listening to her voice and then hearing her thoughts. For some reason he had acquired the power to hear the thoughts of others. It must have been the bump on the head.

Soon the room was full of Brenda's body slapping down on Jakes firm abs. Her panting was getting louder and louder. "OH GOD I'M COMING JAKE. JUST FOR YOU!" Brenda screamed and fell forward crushing her large orbs on Jake's chest.

Jake had fucked them all and knew it was time to come out of his coma.

His prick was still hard in her warm pussy when he whispered in her ear. "Mom."

Brenda jerked back and sat up on his stomach. She didn't think about her pussy on his hard-on. Only that he had spoken.

"Jake. Son. You're awake! Oh, thank God!" She threw her bare breasts down on him again and hugged his shoulders.

"Mom. Why are you naked?" Jake asked trying not to laugh.

"Oh God. Jake. I had to. It helped bring you back." She said realizing he was still stiff inside of her. "I'm so embarrassed." She said as she jerked her body up off of his prick. It popped from her damp hole.

Verna and the sisters heard Jake talking. They all ran into the room as Brenda jumped off his naked body. She grabbed her robe and returned to the bed. Verna and Annie jumped up by his head and Page fell over his stomach. His hard-on pushed up against her bra covered mounds.

"Jake. We're here. You're back!" They shouted as they hugged and kissed him.

"What happened." Jake asked. He knew he was naked under their bodies and didn't care. As long as they were OK with it so was he.

"Get off of him." Brenda yelled. "Give him some air."

"Jake honey. You had a car accident and a blow on your head put you into a coma. You've been asleep for over a week." Brenda said as she pulled his gown down over his still rigid hard-on. She pulled the sheet up as well.

"Page. Call the doctor and tell her Jake woke up." Brenda directed.

"Hi Jake." Annie said while holding his hand. "Do you remember anything since the accident?"

"I wonder if he remembers fucking me?" Annie thought.

Jake smiled. "No not a thing." He lied. "Of course I remember taking your cherry little sister." He thought.

"Annie. He doesn't remember anything. Right Jake?" Brenda asked.

Jake smiled. "Not a thing Mom." He lied.

"Would someone get me a drink of water?" He asked. His throat was dry.

They all sat on his bed until the Doctor showed up. "Why don't you all leave Jake and me alone for a while? I'll check him out and make sure he is OK."

"So, welcome back Jake. How do you feel?" Dr. Joan Miller asked. Joan had just left a boring party at her husband's office. One of his co-workers was leaving and they were throwing him a going away party. She was thankful when her pager went off.

"I feel pretty good actually." Jake said. "My muscles are a little sore when I try to move my legs and arms."

"That's from not using them for over a week." Dr. Miller said. "Let me check you out to make sure." She looked to make sure the door was closed. "This is one part of my job I really enjoy." She thought as she pulled down his sheet and touched his feet. She could see a small rise in his gown caused by his penis. She remembered how big he was in the hospital.

Jake smiled while watching the Doctor check out his feet, ankles and calves. He could read her thoughts and her hands moved north to his knees. "Let's see if I can cause his penis to rise." Both her eyes and his were on his bulge as it grew before their eyes.

"You're responding very well." She said as her hands moved up to the bottom of the gown. Her fingers pinched the gown and lifted it up over his expanding prick. She had not seen it fully erect in the hospital. As it moved past the ten inch mark her hands froze while holding his gown up. "God. How big will it get?" She asked herself.

Jake felt it expand to its max. He grinned as he watched her expression.

"I have to check everything." She said as she laid the gown on his chest. His prick was pointing upward at a 45 degree angle. Her fingers moved up his thighs and through his forest of pubic hair to touch his hard-on. "I wish I was alone with this." She thought.

"It's OK. They are outside." Jake whispered after hearing her thoughts.

Joan looked at him with a puzzled look. How did he know she wanted to do more?

"Your response was more than expected." She said smiling. "God. I want to suck him so bad." She thought.

"Go ahead. Kiss it." He whispered.

Shit. He either had a lot of balls or knew she had to have him.

Joan moved her head closer to his shaft as if she was inspecting it in her hand. She hesitated worried that she would get into trouble if anyone found out.

"Don't worry no one will know." Jake whispered as his hand moved up over her shoulder to rest on top of her head. Her eyes looked up at his as he gently pulled her lips down to his prick. She didn't pull away. Jake smiled as her lips parted and her tongue moved out to taste him.

Dr. Joan had not had another man since her intern days at her last hospital. For six years she had suffered having sex with a man who was faster on the trigger than the Lone Ranger. Plus, his erection was half the size of this young mans.

Her mouth opened and she sucked in at least four inches of his rod. Her tongue flicked at the bottom of his prick.

"Doc. You are making me feel better all ready." He laughed.

"God. I want to feel him inside of me." She thought as her mouth moved up and down his tower.

Jake pulled her head up off of him. He smiled as his fingers moved down to cup her small but firm breast. His fingers moved down her side to her hip. He could feel her panties through the thin party dress she was wearing. "Take off your panties."

Joan could not resist him. He knew everything she was thinking. She moved back and stood next to the bed. She slowly bent at the waist and reached up under her long black gown and grabbed the waistband on her soaked panties.

"Are you sure you are up for this?" She asked. They both laughed after realizing what she had just asked. "Definitely." She answered her own question.

Dr. Miller's panties lay on the floor next to the bed as she climbed over his hips and reached up under her to aim his prick at her dripping pussy. She slowly lowered her tight pussy down his prick. "I wish he would touch my breasts." She thought. Her breasts were a major part of her achieving a climax.

Jake smiled as his fingers moved up and pulled down the spaghetti straps of her dress. Her braless breasts pointed down at his face. His fingers dropped the dress straps and moved up to cup her bare mounds.

She moved up and down his shaft as he played with her soft mounds and nipples. They were both ready to come when someone knocked on the locked door. "Dr. Miller. Is everything OK?" Brenda's voice asked from the other side of the door.

"Huh. What?" Brenda panted. "Yes. Yes. OH YES." She cried as she came. "YES!!!" She screamed. Jake came and was laughing trying to picture his mother on the other side of the door.

Dr. Miller quickly moved off of him and straightened her dress. Jake pushed down his gown and pulled up sheet. The doctor opened the door. "I think your son is definitely in great shape." She said all red-faced. "I'll send over a physical therapist tomorrow morning to get him moving off the bed." She picked up her purse and looked over at Jake. "It's good to have you back Jake." She smiled as she quickly left the room.

Brenda walked into the room and saw something under the bed. She reached down and picked up a pair of black panties. "I see the doctor makes good house calls." She looked at Jake.

Before she could say anything Jake asked. "Mom. Why were you naked and I was hard inside of you when I woke up?"

"Brenda looked back to make sure they were alone. "Jake. The nurse told us if we stimulated you sexually you could come out of the coma quicker. We were only doing it for you."

"We?" Jake asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes. Everyone including your grandmother."

"God. Too bad I was asleep." Jake lied. "It doesn't bother you having sex with your grandmother, sisters and me?" Brenda asked.

"Hey. It brought me back and it felt good when I woke up." He smiled.

"I think you are still delirious." Brenda said throwing the doctor's panties at his face. Jake picked them up feeling the damp crotch. "I know I enjoyed it." Brenda thought.

Jake smiled. "I'm tired. I better get some sleep." He laughed.

Jake woke early the next and tried to get out of bed. He staggered to stand and held on to the side of the bed as he wobbled to the bathroom. He managed to relieve himself and made it back into the bedroom. He stopped when he saw his Grandmother.

"Jake. You know you are not supposed to get out of bed." She said.

"When you gotta go you gotta go Gram." He laughed. Verna moved over and pulled his arm over her shoulder. She led him back to the bed.

As he sat down his gown moved up and the tip of his prick popped out. "Ooops." He laughed but didn't make a move to cover it up.

"It's OK. I saw it while you were in your coma." Verna chuckled. Jake fell onto his back and his whole prick came out. "Let me help." Verna said as she picked up his legs and guided them over onto the bed. His gown was still over his Johnson.

"God. I wish he was asleep for about a half hour." Verna thought as she looked at his exposed shaft as it again expanded. Jake smiled as he watched her pull the gown down over his hard-on. "There will be more opportunities." Verna thought.

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