Comforting My Step-daughter


Her nipples were smallish, but stood atop dollar sized brown aureole. She moaned as I caressed them with my fingers. I squeezed them more firmly, and she responded with more moans and groans, and begged me not to stop. As I manipulated her nipples with one hand, I dropped my other hand to her pussy. Her lubrication enabled my fingers to slide easily between the folds of her pussy lips, and I felt her tremble in excitement. My finger quickly found her clit, which seemed quite large. As soon as I pressed on it, I felt her body shake in what was obviously a small orgasm.

Knowing that she wouldn't be able to stand up much longer, I eased her back down onto the couch and spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips were engorged and glistening with moisture. Her clit was visibly erect. My eyes met hers, and she stared at me with that dreamy look of post orgasmic bliss. I stood between her legs and undressed. Her eyes watched as I slid my pants down over my raging erection. When it popped free, she made a move to reach for it, but I pushed her back onto the sofa, telling her to relax and enjoy. I had completely cleared my mind of any guilt by now, and was completely focused on giving this young woman the real sexual pleasure that she had never had.

I stroked my cock lightly, and as much as I wanted to ram it onto her right then and there, we had plenty of time. I wanted her screaming in ecstasy when I did finally penetrate her pussy. I told her to relax and enjoy; to yield herself to me. She nodded in agreement, visibly relaxing. I then knelt between her thighs and started licking them. I instructed her to play with her nipples and her pussy as I tongued her.

The movie had been playing all along, and I could tell by the audio that it was now showing a scene where Asia was with another woman. It wasn't long before Amy's eyes were once again glued to the screen. I watched up close as her fingers spread her pussy lips apart, and she massaged her nubbin. She was again close to another orgasm, and I desperately wanted to taste her, but I knew I had plenty of time for that. I intended to savor the experience of teaching this young lady how enjoyable sex can really be, and I wasn't about to rush it.

Then it hit her. She raised herself up off the sofa, as she plunged her fingers deep into her own pussy. "Oh, god, I'm cumming," she screamed. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Her entire body was jerking and twisting as the orgasm rippled through her. My face was inches from her twat, and I watched her juices ooze from her cunt. She continued to jerk and moan for nearly a minute, before she pulled her fingers from her twat. I could see that they were coated with cum, and I took her hand and sucked her fingers into my mouth, tasting the essence of her sexuality. I slowly licked them clean, letting her catch her breath a bit.

But, it wasn't enough for me. I leaned forward and licked her clit lightly, sending her into another spasm. I reached under her and grasped her ass in my hands, pulling her pussy tight to my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, pulling in as much of her juice as I could, and every time my tongue found her clit, she jerked again. I then probed between her inner pussy lips with my tongue, and with just a stroke or two, she was screaming in yet another mind-blowing orgasm. She grabbed my head with her hands, and pulled me tight against her crotch, letting me know how much she was enjoying my oral worship.

Eventually, I slowed the pace down after drinking in copious amounts of her female juices. She relaxed and finally let go of my head, and I pulled away from her. When I looked up at her face, she had a big smile on, and was still playing with her own nipples.

Seeing me looking at her, she said, "That was fantastic. I've never cum like that before. Wow. Oral sex is even better than my girlfriends said it was." She paused a bit, and then added, "But, what about you? You haven't cum yet? Can I suck your cock some more? I want you to cum in my mouth."

I wasn't about to deny her desires, so we swapped places, and I leaned back on the sofa, while she positioned herself between my legs. Within seconds her tongue was sliding up and down my cock, as her hand cupped my heavy balls. Given all the excitement of the evening so far, I knew I wasn't going to last very long. "Oh, god, sweetie. You're doing great. I'm not going to last very long, though, before I erupt."

That was all she had to hear. She immediately wrapped her lips around my cock, and started a rhythmic up and down motion, as her tongue caressed the hole in the head of my cock. She slid her hand up to my shaft, and established a pretty good motion with her mouth and hand on my stiff rod. As much as she tried, she couldn't get my entire cock into her mouth, but she was able to take much of it.

I urged her on, "Oh, yeah, baby. That's right. Suck my cock. Oh! Fuck! That's it! God, yes. Don't stop now. I can feel my jism building in my balls. Shit! Fuck! Yes!" I put my hands on the back of her head, and started controlling her speed. She responded immediately, letting me control her up and down. My entire body was shaking in pre-orgasmic anticipation, and I could tell that I was going to release very soon.

"Oh, god, baby. Don't stop. Suck my cock. Oh, fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" I felt my release start. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, fuck!"

She didn't let up, continuing to suck my juices out of my cock without any hesitation at all. After what seemed like minutes of her sucking action after my eruption, I finally had to push her head away from my throbbing member. I looked down at my step-daughter and saw a huge smile on her face, which was covered with a combination of her saliva and my cum. I then pulled her up onto my lap, and we kissed. I could taste my spunk on her lips, and it was delightful. She moaned as we kissed, and I knew that she had most definitely enjoyed the giving as well as the receiving.

We lay there together for several more minutes, both of us recovering from our orgasms. The TV continued to play, but I don't think either of us was paying too much attention. She slid off my lap and cuddled up next to me, and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight to me. She looked up at me again, and we enjoyed another deep kiss, this one a bit more languorous than the previous one, clearly enjoying our post-orgasmic bliss.

We kissed and fondled each other for another fifteen to twenty minutes before we trundled off to bed. We headed off to our separate rooms, but I wasn't surprised when, a few minutes later, she crawled into bed with me and cuddled up next to me. We were both asleep within minutes.

I awoke the next morning and smiled as I felt Amy cuddled up beside me, her arm draped over my side. As full consciousness invaded me, I realized my cock was stiff. I knew though, that this was a combination of my need to go pee, and the closeness of a sexy young lady. I eased myself out of bed, careful not to awaken Amy, and headed into my bathroom. After completing my morning ablutions, I headed down to the kitchen and started the coffee brewing. I poured myself some juice, and laid out the makings for bacon and pancakes, which had always been Amy's favorite breakfast. I had no real priorities for the morning, and figured I'd let her sleep in.

I poured my first cup of coffee, and turned on the morning news; my usual ritual. As I half-heartedly watched the morning news, I contemplated the reality of the previous evening. As near as I could tell, Amy definitely enjoyed the evening. My only concern was what her feelings might be this morning when she woke up, and faced the reality in full sobriety. I smiled, remembering her lips around my cock, and how quickly she had learned to pleasure a man orally. When she went down on me, I would have sworn that she was an expert at cock-sucking, even though she denied it vehemently.

There were no big news stories, and I let the news-lady drone on as I contemplated what to do about the upcoming evening. It would be quite okay for me to call up Cindy and blow off the evening; it wouldn't be the first time one of us had begged off of one of our non-dates. But, I knew she was looking forward to this particular night, as she had told me earlier in the evening that she had recently broken up with her latest boyfriend. I knew Cindy was a high maintenance girl friend, since we had dated for about two months. Not only was she high maintenance, but she liked to be in control in the bedroom most of the time. Our time together had been wild, but we both quickly realized that our lifestyles and attitudes didn't mesh well. In bed, it was great; out of bed, we just didn't seem to fit. Just as I was realizing we had to end our relationship, Cindy did it for us, telling me that all she wanted from me was the occasional romp in the hay. I agreed, and we had become best fuck buddies since then.

I hadn't decided what to do yet, when I heard Amy coming down the stairs. She bounced into the living room, stark naked and plopped herself onto my lap, barely giving me enough time to set my coffee cup down. She wrapped her arms around me, giving me a big hug. The next thing I knew, we were engaged in a deep French kiss. Any worries I had had about her feeling any guilt or regrets over the previous evening's events were completely dispelled.

She broke the kiss, and looked me straight in the eye, and said, "Thanks for last night. I had never realized how wonderful sex could really be. My girl friends had tried to tell me how awesome their sex was. Now, I know what they were talking about. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You are most certainly welcome, sweetie. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I must admit, I enjoyed it as well. Now, how about some bacon and pancakes?"

"Mmmm. Yummy."

She followed me into the kitchen and grabbed a seat at my breakfast bar while I warmed up the griddle. We chitchatted for a bit, and then she asked me what my plans were for the rest of the weekend. I had a pretty good idea where the conversation was headed, and chose my words carefully.

"Well," I said, "I was planning on doing some chores today, and a friend of mine and I were getting together for the evening."

Amy was bright, if nothing else. "Oh, you've got a girlfriend. And I bet the two of you were planning on fucking tonight. Right?"

"Wrong. But, nice try. She is most definitely a female, but she is not my girlfriend."

"Aw, but given the hemming and hawing you were doing at dinner last night when I asked to spend the weekend, I do believe you were planning on fucking her. Weren't you?"

"Well, truth be told, she was probably planning on fucking me."

"Oh, really. Okay. That sounds especially kinky. Will you tell me about her?"

"Maybe." I put her breakfast in front of her. "But, eat your breakfast first."

We ate our breakfast in silence. I have to admit, though, I was enjoying ogling her naked breasts as I enjoyed my breakfast. When we were done, she collected our dishes and loaded my dishwasher, and then asked me if she could help with my chores. I jokingly suggested that she could be my naked maid for the day.

She laughed, and said, "That sounds like fun. I'd love to."

I tried to tell her I was kidding, but she would have nothing of it, and proceeded to start rummaging around in my kitchen to find my cleaning supplies. I shook my head in amazement and continued contemplating my evening plans. I now had my choice of two women for the evening. I hadn't finished my contemplation when Cindy called me. I answered my phone, and we chatted. When I told her of my situation, she surprised me a bit by suggesting that I invite her to join us for the evening. Her argument boiled down to, 'Why should I choose one girl, when I can have two.' I knew that Cindy had played both sides of the street, but she had never done so with me around. We chatted a bit more, and we agreed to continue to meet for the evening, sharing barbequed steaks, salads, and some wine. As to whether or not Amy would join us was left up to me.

I continued to contemplate the options. The idea of having both Amy and Cindy at the same time had great appeal of course, but there was no way I wanted to jeopardize Amy's self esteem. Finally, I decided to share the option with Amy and let her decide. I left my office, where I had made the call and found Amy dusting in my living room, still buck naked. She had her back to me and didn't hear me enter, as she had her iPod on and ear buds in her ears. My cock twitched seeing her bent over a table, so I walked up behind her, and lightly caressed her bubbly ass. She cooed in delight, as my hand slipped between her legs. Her pussy was still soaking wet, and I slid two of my fingers into her pussy. Her moans told me that my advances were welcomed, and it didn't take me long to find her g-spot.

As I massaged her g-spot with my finger, her entire body started trembling. I was surprised, as I didn't think that she would be that aroused after our behaviors of the previous night. Clearly, I had underestimated this young lady.

"Oh, gawd! Don't stop," she begged. "That feels so fucking good. David never treated me this way, and I had no idea how good it felt to be horny, wet, and satisfied, all at the same time. You're going to spoil me."

I pulled my fingers back out of her pussy, much to her dismay, and told her we needed to talk. She turned around to face me, and had the cutest pout on her face. It was evident that she wanted more attention, and I was obviously denying her the pleasure that her pussy was demanding.

"We need to talk," I announced, in my most authoritative of voices. "I can see that you are clearly enjoying what we have started, but we need to talk about where this relationship is headed."

She interrupted me, by bluntly saying, "Stop!" Which I did.

She continued, "Before you say anything more, I want to say something. Can you be quiet until I'm done?"

I was impressed with her assertiveness, and I quickly agreed.

"So, I've been thinking about what happened ever since I woke up this morning. And, I've got a lot to say. So, let's sit down for a few minutes; that is, if you will let your maid take a break?" The grin on her face told me she was really enjoying being my nude housekeeper. I was pretty sure it had to do with the nude part, as opposed to being a housekeeper.

"Dad, I love you. Completely. And, I know that mom loved you, too. As I look back over some conversations that Mom had with me, I now realize that she was trying to tell me a few things. But, I have to say, either I was dense, or she wasn't clear enough with me. She had told me several times to loosen up and enjoy life; to listen to my body; and to go where my feelings took me. At the time, I had no clue what she was trying to tell me. I think I understand now what she was saying. She had told me more than once that you were the most amazing man, and that she was so happy to share her life with you. And she often tried to explain to me that a marriage was not about owning or controlling the other partner, it was about sharing the journey of life in all its glory.

"I remember when she and I went shopping about a year before she was killed. We were at the mall, and she wanted to take me to Victoria's Secret, and buy me some new lingerie and underwear. I resisted, and it didn't happen, but I still remember what she said at the time. Her comment was, 'Too bad. I'll just have to stop by later and treat myself.' To be honest, I was so dense, I couldn't figure out why my mom needed sexy lingerie and underwear. I figured that somehow, she had to do it for you. I know now, that was not the case. She was doing it for herself. That wasn't the only time that she tried to indicate to me that life was to be enjoyed to its fullest, and sex was one of the most wonderful ways to enjoy life.

"David is a complete ass, and I'm going to try to figure out how to divorce him with minimal impact on our son. Then I want to embrace my mom's philosophy on life. Especially her attitude on sex. She was so lucky to meet someone like you. I can only hope that I find someone as well. Until that happens, I intend to enjoy my new found sex life, and I want your help.

"I'll be honest, though. My pussy is screaming at me to figure out how to move in with you and become your lover, mistress, or whatever you would want me to be. My brain, the one in my head, says that that is a foolish and misguided desire. But, I guess women are like men; their pussy sometimes tries to override the brain in the head. I remember your lecture when I was younger, about life decisions requiring a balance between the brain, the heart, and the pussy, although you didn't say pussy at the time. I didn't understand it then. I think I do now. I'm not sure I know how to do it well, but I get it. I didn't get it then. Right now, my heart loves you dearly. On two levels; as the only Dad I've really known, and as the first lover that actually cared about me as a sexual being. My pussy wants as much of you as it can get. After last night, I should have been satiated. But, I woke up this morning, horny as hell, and all I could think of was your hard cock in my mouth and what it would be like in my pussy. When I slipped my hand between my legs, I was amazed at how wet I was. I had to masturbate to my umpteenth orgasm of the weekend, before I could climb out of bed, and come downstairs. And, even, after that, my pussy has been dripping continuously, desperately waiting to be fucked by you. But, my brain is screaming loudly that I'm being selfish; I'm invading your life. And, that's not fair.

"So, for the past couple of hours, I've been wracking my brain on how I can have what I want, and still not fuck up your life. And, I have an idea, but I have no clue whether or not it can work. I want you to continue to be my dad. But, I also want you to be my sex mentor. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm hoping that somehow you'll understand and help me here. I do not wish to screw up your life; that would be unfair. But, hopefully you can help me enjoy my life to the fullest. Does that make any sense? Can you be my sex mentor?"

I was blown away by the maturity of her reasoning. I couldn't imagine that this was the same girl that I had had dinner with only eighteen hours earlier. Her mom had been amazingly intelligent, and clearly Amy had inherited some of that. I reached out, opening my arms and invited her to hug me before I gave her an answer. I held her for nearly a minute, savoring the contact with her naked curves. Then, I pushed her away, and answered.

"I'd love to be your sex mentor." She smiled with glee, and I continued, "But, I suspect your sexual development will require lots of practice, and quite a bit of hands on training."

She laughed, responding, "I certainly hope it requires a lot of hands-on training. And I promise to practice as often as I can."

"Well, then, if that is settled, we have another matter to discuss. And that is about this evening."

She interrupted me, "Oh, don't worry. I'll be out of here whenever you say."

"Ummm. No, you won't. I want you to stay for dinner and the evening."

"But, you have a date."

"Yeah. And now I have a date with two women."

"But what will your friend say?"

"That really isn't a problem. She's the one that suggested it."

"Oh. Well, won't my presence put a damper on the evening for the two of you."

I laughed. Amy hadn't yet tumbled to the fact that we were going to involve her in our evening's fun. "We're not about to let that happen. In fact, we intend to have you join us. That is if you're interested."

Realization dawned on her quickly. "Oh! You mean you want me in a ménage' a trios. That's what it's called, right?"

"Yes, and yes."

"Oh my god! I'd love to. Should I go home and get some other clothes, or do you want me naked when she arrives?"

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