tagMind ControlCompulsions Ch. 02

Compulsions Ch. 02




Pulling himself through a haze of unconsciousness and a swirl of wild dreams, Michael Connors awoke. Sitting upright in bed, it took him a few seconds to figure out where he was. Suddenly, it all came flooding back to him.

He was in his mother's bedroom.

He remembered his mother, their dinner and the passionate sex that they had together. Days had passed since then, hadn't they? Days of intense lovemaking, if he remembered correctly. They were but a blur to him. She had done something to him, hadn't she? What had she done?

He tried to remember, but the memory kept slipping away.

"Sure, mom did something to me, alright!" Mike thought. "She sucked the come out of my balls!"

Mike saw something glint on the nightstand. It was his father's golden wedding ring. He picked it up. His mother had given it to him. He didn't understand quite why, but he would keep it, for her sake.

Standing, Mike walked to his room and put the ring in a safe place.

He heard the shower start. On impulse, Mike crossed to the bathroom and opened the door. He watched Jennifer moving behind the glass, as he had on Monday, when she had been his mother.

Now, she was just his.

Mike opened the shower door and entered. The steam and hot water hit him like an invigorating wave and he moved in behind his mother.

"Aaahhh," Jennifer said, as her ass and back came into contact with her son's groin. "Oooohhh!" she moaned, when he moved his hands around her shoulders and grabbed at her heavy breasts, squeezing them with strong hands.

She turned her head back to him. "Morning, baby..." she cooed, softly.

"Morning, mom," he replied.

"Jennifer," she corrected.

"Jennifer," he said, letting his voice caress his mother's name. When they were having sex, he usually called her 'mother', or thought of her that way. It made everything seem better, more risqué, but he decided that, at other times, he would try to call her Jennifer, because she asked.

"Want something before breakfast?" she asked.

"I've got your breakfast right here, Jennifer," he said, his hand massaging his cock to full attention. It was a lame line only a bastard would use and he knew it, but he had always wanted to say something dirty like that to a woman. The woman being his mother made the line seem all the dirtier.

And a little playful talk was fun, sometimes.

Jennifer cooed, "Oh, baby, you know what I like!"

Turning to face him, Jennifer dropped to her knees and took her son into her mouth and throat. She started sucking, immediately. The suction pulled him in. Mike threw his head back in ecstasy as he felt his mother's mouth and throat envelop his throbbing manhood in a warm, velvet embrace. Her muscles pulled her back, away from him. She alternated between muscle power and suction power, bobbing her lovely head on her son's throbbing hard cock.

Mike looked down at his lovely mother. The spray from the shower was hitting him in the chest. Stepping back, Mike grabbed Jennifer's shoulders and pulled her into the spray of water. Now, his back was against the tiles and the water was showering down on his mother's bobbing head. Much better.

Mike spent long minutes luxuriating in the hot, steamy blowjob. His mind went back to the day when he had throatfucked Coach Samantha under the shower, at school. This felt twice as good, for his mother was a woman, indeed, with twenty years of oral experience under her belt.

"This is great, Jennifer! And the shower makes it awesome! How many times have you done this with dad?"

She pulled back, releasing him from her mouth. Her face seemed to fall a bit and Mike regretted what he had said.

"I'm sorry, mom."

"No, really. Don't be sorry, Michael," she said, taking his cock in her hand, massaging him with her delicate fingers. She spoke up to him, head upturned, like a worshiper on her knees.

"I have to get used to your father being gone and to speaking about him. I want you to know all the things we've done together, your father and I. All the secret things you don't know..." She winked at him.

"Tell me something, then," Mike said. "Something you've never told anyone, before."

He enjoyed her on her knees, speaking to him. Her face looked so beautiful, so submissive from above.



"Alright," his mother said. She shifted from kneading his cock to jacking it. Her face was close to him, her lips close to his cockhead. "Well, there was once when we fucked Aunt Caroline, together."

"Fuck!" Mike exclaimed. "Dad fucked his sister? That's pretty hot! When was this?"

"It was eight years ago," Jennifer said, "when we were all up at her cabin in Colorado, for the holidays. You had finally gone to bed and your father had gotten drunk, like he always does on Christmas Eve... or did. That's the only time he ever drank alcohol, you know. Just on Christmas."

Jennifer's hands continued to merrily jack away at his cock. "Anyway, I tucked you in, wished you a merry Christmas and stayed until you were fast asleep. You were so cute..." She rubbed her thumb around his cockhead, stimulating him.

"Am I cute, now?" Mike thought, laughing in his head, at the way she was acting.

"And when I came back down," Jennifer continued. "I caught your father kissing Caroline. Mauling was more like it. And her top was off." Jennifer took his cockhead into her mouth, for a moment, swirling her tongue around it and teasing it with her teeth.

"Fuck," Mike grunted, at the stimulation.

"Yeah, it was a surprise," his mother said, looking back up at him.

Mike blinked, trying to focus on her story. "What did you do, mom?" he asked, absently.

She jacked at his cock, again.

"I got down on my knees and sucked him off, like I'm doing to you." And, she sucked him, again, dragging her teeth on his cock.

"What... ah, fuck... what did Aunt Carol do?"

Smiling up at her son, Jennifer took her mouth from his cock and rubbed the monster on her chin. "She got down beside me and we took turns," she said.

Mike groaned. "Fuck, I wish I had that..."

Jennifer jacked him and rubbed him on her face. "You want your Aunt Carol, here, too?" she asked.

"Yes... What? No... I... Fuck... I can't think right now, mom!"

Laughing, his mother went back down on his cock, throating him.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna come, mom!"

Pulling back, Jennifer locked her lips around her son's cock at the head.

Crying out, Mike shot off, his sweet come spraying and filling his mother's warm mouth. "Oh, god..." Mike said, holding his mother's head and locking eyes with her, his semen continuing to spray between her sexy, motherly lips.

"Oh, fuck... oh... mom... shit..." he said when he finally stopped coming.

"Stand up. Open your mouth, mom." She did as he said, showing him the come that coated the insides of her sensuous mouth. "Swallow it."

Jennifer swallowed once, then again, to get all of her son's sperm. Smiling, Jennifer scraped a small bit of Michael's come from the corner of her lips, shoved it into her mouth and then licked at her fingers.

"All gone, baby," she said.

"That was great, Jennifer. Wait a minute. You said that you and dad fucked Aunt Caroline, together."

She raised her eyebrows at him, in response.

"Sharing a blowjob isn't fucking, Jennifer. What else did you do?"

"I'll tell you all about it," Jennifer promised, "everything about me that you want to know. If you tell me something, baby."

"What do you want to know, mom?" Mike asked.

"I want to know about you, too. What you think and feel, Michael. Personal things. Everything. For example, is there anyone at school that you feel yourself attracted to? Any girls that I should want to meet?"

Mike looked down. "Well... there is this one girl. Abby Prescott. I like her a lot, but I haven't got the nerve to ask her out. I don't know what to say."

"Just say what you feel, Michael. It's hard to do, but it's the only thing that works. If she feels the same way, then you will know soon enough."

"What if she doesn't, mom? Then what?"

She reached out and touched her son's handsome face. "High school is ending for you, Michael. Spring break is almost here, already. You don't have much time to decide, before you, and she, go off to college. If you care about her, now is the time to make it known, before she leaves."

Suddenly, a car-horn blared from outside. "Shit!" Mike said.

"You have to go, dear," Jennifer laughed and kissed him on the lips. "I'll tell you all about myself, later."

"And the story about Aunt Caroline?"

"That, too, Michael."

"Complete and unedited?" Mike pressed.

"In glorious detail, my young lover," She promised.

Mike stumbled out of the bathroom shower and hurried to get dressed. "Have a good day, Jennifer!" he hollered, as he left the house.


Mike Connors jumped into his friend Jim's car and, as usual, Jim roared out of the driveway and off into the street.

"In a hurry?" Mike asked.

"Not really, we have some time."

Mike nodded and threw his bag into the back seat. "Tell me something," Jim began. "That little trick, how did you do it?"

"What trick?"

"You know, the one where you got Miss Walsh and Coach Collins to have sex with us. How exactly did you do it, Mike? Do you have something on them?"

Mike sighed. "Can you keep a secret, a very important one?"

"Sure," Jim said.

Mike found himself telling Jim about the Compulsion, how he could take control of people's minds and convince them to do whatever he wanted them to do, even something against their will.

"It started out simple. I would ask my mother for something that I thought she wouldn't let me have or do and, for some reason, she would agree. It was always something small and inconsequential. But, lately, the Compulsion has grown more powerful. I don't know if there is anything I can't do with it, now."

Jim turned onto the next street and they proceeded into the hills, the wealthiest section of town. Jim was quiet for a second.

"You've got to be kidding," Jim said. "I've never heard of anything like that, Mike."

Mike saw a particular house up ahead. Mike nodded. "Alright, I'll prove it to you. Turn into the next driveway."


"Turn into that driveway and I'll prove it to you. I'll give you all the evidence you'll need to believe me."

"All right," Jim said and stopped the car. "This is Julie Winters' place. One of her friends invited me to a party here, once. But when Julie saw me, she wouldn't let me in. I guess I'm just not good enough for her."

Mike opened his door and got out. "Come on." He climbed the steps to the front door.

Jim followed him, somewhat hesitantly.

Mike rang the doorbell. There was a long pause before the door opened and a stunning woman appeared. Both of the guys stared.

Cynthia Winters was dressed in a crème-colored suit, her high heels accentuating the length of her slender legs. She was taller than her daughter, at five-foot-seven. Unlike her daughter, she had golden blonde hair, not quite shoulder-length, and teased into thick, wavy curls. Her slender face seemed only slightly more aged than her daughter's. Fine lines at the corners of her mouth and eyes were all that betrayed her true age of 45. Her eyes were a sexy, stormy gray. Like an aging beauty queen or starlet, she could still turn heads and likely would continue to do so into her fifties, or even longer.

"And how may I help you, young man? Make it quick, because I have an engagement that I really cannot be tardy for." Her voice was proper and cold, with the slightest hint of a British accent, one that should have faded away by now. Her eyes took the two of them in as if they weren't worth her time. "Well, spit it out, quickly. Or is your friend, here, the brighter of you two?" She raised her eyebrows at them, expectantly. Her breasts were thrust forward as if to try to intimidate him, to beat him from her path, though her arms were crossed over her chest, defensively. She looked at him as if she were intimidated by his presence, but would not show him any fear.

Mike had never met a woman whose manner was, at once, so insulting and so alluring.

"Mike Connors. Jim O'Neil. Is Julie home?"

Cynthia sighed. "I suppose you would like to come in," she said. She reluctantly stepped aside and closed the door behind them. "She will be present in a moment. Please, don't sit." Cynthia walked into the next room, as if putting them from her mind.

"You see," Jim said. "Bitchiness extraordinaire. Can we go, now?"

"Mrs. Winters?" Mike called. He had only been planning to give Jim a little demonstration of his abilities. Get Julie to ride to school with them. Maybe have her show her breasts to them, things of that nature. But the elder Ms. Winters' attitude was so insulting that he decided to change his plans.

"Yes, young man. I told you that Julie will be down in a moment. I know that young men such as yourself are always so excitable and erectable, unable to keep it in their pants, but... you'll just have to wait."

Mike and Jim traded a look. "What's up with her?" they both thought. "This woman had reached a new, all-time high score on the bitchiness scale."

"Could you come in here, please, Mrs. Winters?"

Cynthia's exasperated sigh could be heard from the next room. After a second, she returned to the foyer, her eyes searching the room for his.

And were caught, by his.

Mike's deep blue eyes drew Cynthia's gray ones like iron filings to a magnet. She was drawn in deep, as helpless as a woman lost at sea, drowning and unable to swim. The Compulsion took hold of her so desperately that she lost the words that he was saying to her.

"Wha... what did you say, young man?"

"I said to remove your jacket," Mike ordered, firmly. "It's too hot in here for it, anyway."

"Of course. You are quite right, Michael."

Her jacket slipped off her shoulders. She folded it and held it in her arms. Mike stepped up to her and took it from her.

"In fact, you might feel better without that blouse, as well, Mrs. Winters." Mike threw the jacket on the couch and watched as Cynthia removed her soft blouse, revealing a slender frame. Mike looked her body up and down.

"Very nice," he thought. He gestured and Cynthia continued, removing her skirt first, then unhooking her bra and, finally, sliding her panties down to the floor and stepping out of them.

"Jesus Christ," Jim muttered, softly. "I can't believe it!"

"Excellent form," Mike said, as he studied her slender body. "Keep the hose and shoes, please, Mrs. Winters."

She had the largest pair of breasts he had ever seen on such a slender frame, and her legs were so thin that he felt like he could almost put his hand around one, at the thigh. With that stupendous body, Cynthia could have passed for ten years younger, maybe more.

"You!" a voice came from up the stairs. It was Julie. She glared at Mike. "I'm calling my father."

She went for the phone, but Mike stopped her with a word. "Julie," he said. "Don't you think you should do everything I say?"

The Compulsion snared her for the second time. Her will was easier to break, this time. Only the barest thread remained. Somehow, Mike knew that the next time he Compelled her, she would be his forever, her will submerged completely under his iron domination.

She stopped, immediately. "Follow your mother's lead, Julie. Strip."

Jim watched with undisguised relish as Julie's clothes ended up in a pile on the living room floor. "Hot damn! You have a gift, Mike. That's unbelievable." He stepped up and grabbed Julie's waist and one of her tits. He leaned her back and kissed her lips, simultaneously crushing her to his chest and fondling her young breast.

Mike cupped Cynthia's chin in his hand. He turned her head from side to side, stared into her gray eyes. He studied her. "You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, Mrs. Winters."

"Thank you for the compliment, Michael," she responded and smiled, demurely. It was a nice smile, actually. One that Mike was sure was rarely used.

"I think I'll keep you."

The shock on her face was visible even through the Compulsion.

"Kiss me, Cynthia," Mike said.

Cynthia's lips met his. Her lips were moist and sensuous, intoxicating, her mouth warm and smooth. Mike's hands went to her ass and squeezed it. Cynthia's tongue entered Mike's mouth and dueled with his. Kneading her ass, Mike pulled her to her tip-toes, causing her tongue to slide deeper.

She murmured into his mouth as he sucked on her tongue.

Breaking free, Mike pushed her back through the next doorway. He entered what looked like a small office. "Probably her husband's," Mike thought. "Husband! I'm about to fuck a married woman!"

Mike crossed the room and sat in the desk chair. Unzipping his jeans, he pulled them off and threw them aside. His eyes caught Cynthia's. He grabbed his cock and worked it to its full length and girth.

"Mrs. Winters, come over here. I want to be inside you, baby. I want to fuck your sweet pussy. Now, mount me."

Cynthia strode to her dominator and soon-to-be lover. Slowly, almost demurely, she climbed atop him and straddled his throbbing cock. With her beautiful gray eyes on his face, she slid down on him, enveloping his manhood within her soft folds, accepting him inside her moist, mature pussy.

"Oh, god," Mike cried out. "Cynthia, you are so sexy, so sensuous. I want to pound your fucking pussy into oblivion." And he started fucking his cock into her, forcing his cock deeper with each thrust.

"Ahhh, fuck," she said. "Ah, fuck me, Michael... fuck your young cock deep, fuck me... fuck me..."

"Ride me, Cynthia, baby," Mike said and slapped her ass.

Cynthia squealed and her back arched. She rode him, faster, pounding her pussy down on his long cock while she squeaked and squealed, soft sensuous noises coming from her throat.

Mike looked up at her and lost himself in her gray eyes.

"Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, baby, fuck me, baby..." she said.

Mike looked up at the mature wife and mother. Her mouth was open, spewing out obscenities. Her back was arched and her head was thrown back, impassioned. Her tits bounced on her chest.

Through the open office door, Mike could see Julie down on her knees in the family room, taking Jim's thick cock down her youthful throat. Jim's hands were locked in her black hair, trapping her as he forced his cock ever deeper. Gagging and gurgling around Jim's probing meat, she suffered a grueling throatfuck at the hands of a young man that she had offended and insulted for years.

Mike had a sudden thought. "Jim, bring her in here!" Mike called out.

Lifting Cynthia from his cock, he moved her around the desk and sat her down in one of the two chairs facing the desk.

Jim appeared, his hand locked in Julie's hair. She was bent over and wincing at the pain, as he dragged her into the office.

Mike put the chairs back-to-back and Jim threw Julie into the empty one.

"Good idea. Let's fuck these bitches, back-to-back!" Jim said.

Jim straddled Julie, sitting on her arms and pinning them to the chair-arms. "Suck, you fucking cunt!" he said and thrust his cock back into her dripping mouth, pushing deep.

Mike moved up close to Cynthia. He didn't trap her arms, like Jim, but he stuck his cock into her face and looked down into her enticing gray eyes. "Pleasure me, Mrs. Winters." Obediently, her lips took him inside, slurped and sucked on him, deliciously. Mike watched.

While Mrs. Winters sucked his cock, sensuously, the matron's young daughter had her face rammed and her throat fucked with deep thrusting abandon by Mike's impassioned friend.

Reaching down, Mike brushed an errant blonde lock from the mature lady's pretty face. Touching her hair, Mike started to guide the matron in her sucking, pulling her head onto him, softly. She increased her speed, reacting to his touch, taking him into her mouth, rapidly. Bumping against the back of her mouth, Mike felt the entrance to Cynthia's throat.

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