tagErotic PoetryCorrection No. 6

Correction No. 6


I had failed to write
I had failed to report
Each evening
As requested

Your questions
Rapidly fired at me
"Why do you suppose you have forgotten to report?"
"Are you testing me?"
"Do you suppose if you do not do what you promised that I might let it pass, uncorrected?"  
"Is that what you think?"

I prepared myself
I knew I had to be strong
I knew you would be harsh
I failed again
At a simple task

I undressed
Leaving on the black bra and black panties
The toys were assembled, neatly on the floor
Ready for your choosing

I placed the handcuffs on my wrists
I waited
I watched the clock
Fifteen minutes past the time we scheduled
I waited
Then, the door opened
I was expecting your call
How did you get in?

I stood
Hands behind my back
Ready for you

You mentioned something about "perfect"
Was it perfect that I was ready
Was it perfect that I had on the cuffs
I don't know

I felt you touch my wrists
Clipping my wrists together
With the metal hook
Your fingers
Running over my skin
Around my neck
I feared you
I feared the Correction
I wanted to be strong
You were so calm
Walking around me
I can't remember if you kissed me then

You unhooked my wrists
Told me to get on my hands and knees
I did as instructed
My right knee in extreme pain
You stood at the far corner
You told me to come to you
I crawled
My hands digging into the floor
My knees trying not to touch the floor
I struggled
In pain

You moved
Into the kitchen
I crawled

You grabbed my braid
Pulling me up
My wrists locked together
I heard it
The switch in the air
The item I fear most
Introduced from a previous Transgression
The dowel
I didn't like it then
The first strike
Hitting the back of my legs
I don't like it now
Instant pain
The strikes
Hitting my skin
Silent screams
The sound
Hitting my flesh
Hot tears down my cheeks

You asked me to crawl to you
I couldn't
I was in extreme agony
Each movement on my knee
Sent nausea through my body
I tried to be strong
You saw my struggle
And helped me up

I stood as you tied the rope
In my mouth
Gagging me
Preparing me
For further pain

You unhooked my bra
The dowel
Hit across my breasts 
My nipples hard
My body craving the pain
My mind in fear of it
The dowel
Hard against my nipples
Your mouth
My panties down
The dowel against my thighs
Nauseating pain
You could tell it hurt
You pulled my arms back
Further exposing my breasts
Against the nipples

On my toes
Slapping my breasts
Your hand
Slapping my ass
Your hand hot
My skin burning
I crumbled
Wanting it to end
I turned
Buried my face in your chest

Afraid to move

I lay on the bed
Awaiting additional pain
You lay on top of me
Hot skin touching
The Sire
Slid easily inside
Fucking me
The Sire
Deeper inside
Fuck my asshole
I whispered
Twisting the Sire
Your cock
Growing in my mouth
Your juices
Filling my mouth
Your cries of pleasure
Filling the room

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