tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounseling Ch. 04

Counseling Ch. 04


Counseling; Chapter 4,

an erotic tale by AchtungNight.

Celebs: Erika Christensen, Marisol Nichols.

Codes: FF, toys, romance, violence.

Standard disclaimer- This story is a satirical fantasy. It is fictional, even though its plot and characters are based on real events and people. All characters based on real people are fictionalized. All celebrities in the story are impersonated — poorly. I, the author, have no actual connection to any celebrity mentioned in this story other than being their fan, and I acknowledge that they do not act in real life the way my characters based on them do. I did not write this tale for financial profit and I expect none from it. This story contains controversial adult themes and situations, so it should not be read by those who are close-minded or under age 18.

Intro: Hello, readers. This tale is my tribute to celebrities and other people who need to get their minds fixed up, and their lives straightened out. It is a satire, like all my stories. All opinions expressed by the themes are mine. If you disagree, that is your right and I hope you will excuse me. If I am not as familiar with my subjects as I should be, please correct me if you are more knowledgeable. Any mistakes in this story that were not caught by my editor and other advisors are my responsibility.

There are references to other art in the story. The mentions of the nudist camp "The Pines" and its patrons appear with permission from author Nick Scipio. Writer KMB allowed me to include a nod to his "Harem" series (which takes place in a separate but connected universe from my own celebrity fanfiction). I give my thanks to these great artists for letting me plug their writings. I also credit Greg Weisman, John Kovalic and the creators of all the other works mentioned in the text. I don't own any of these people's conceptions and I did not contact any artist other than KMB and Nick Scipio for prior advertising assent. However, all these artisans' labors inspire me. I hope they and their fans will appreciate the ways I have paid them homage here.

In my series timeline, you can consider this tale the bridge between "Passion of Erika Christensen" Chapters 4 and 5. I would call it a "Passion" chapter, but Erika is not the lead of the story. She's just one of many important characters. I also want to do a sweeping summary to bring her into the present. Therefore, I have put this story outside the main "Passion" arc. You can call it "Passion 4.75" ("The Rendezvous" being 4.25 and "Rekindled" being 4.5) if you must. No other text should be required reading, though as usual my other stories are connected to this. "Counseling" is also one of my longer works, so I have broken it into four chapters for reader convenience. I recommend everyone read the chapters in order.

One additional note — the villain in this tale is a character I have tried to introduce before. She can be held in check no longer and my heroes need to face her. People like this woman and her associates exist and are the reason certain celebrities are distrusted by their potential fans. I feel this needs depiction. The villain in question has been retooled for her role. If all goes well, we will be seeing her again for further conflicts. She is a figure whom I believe fits the part I have given her, like all my characters. I'll let the tale itself speak further as to whom she is.

Please let me know if you like or dislike this story. I appreciate any feedback I am sent. I haven't been getting nearly enough feedback of late and would like that to change.


Counseling, Chapter 4.

Los Angeles, California. November 30, 2008.

"How's it going, Nadine?" Baxter Page asked. The Goth hippie walked up to the frumpy reporter dressed like MTV character Daria when she disengaged herself from a group of costumed celebrities. They were near the bar in the main gathering room of Marilyn Manson's home and hundreds of party guests were moving around.

"It's going okay," Nadine replied. "I was just watching Brangelina say hello to Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer."

"Did anything happen?"

"No. They just exchanged greetings and then walked away from each other. They all seemed calm. I guess they're not going to come to blows tonight."

"Too bad. I've been asking random people about drugs at this party. Everyone keeps telling me there aren't any. I stopped my inquiries about fifteen minutes ago when a security guy looked at me suspicious. I think they're telling the truth."

"Were you expecting to find drugs?"

"Not really. We've been trying to prove Manson uses them for a long time, though, so it was worth a shot. I also heard a preliminary total for the funds Manson's collected here — around seventy million dollars."


"Yes. It will take more to overturn Proposition 8 like Manson hopes, however. Have you seen Gary?"

"Not since he went to the restroom. Wait, there he is!"

Baxter turned as Nadine pointed out the approaching blond weasel-faced werewolf. "Here you are, guys," Gary said. "I got what we came for. Come on, I have a feeling we need to leave now."

"What are you talking about, Gary?" Baxter asked with a frown.

Gary grinned as he answered. "Okay, get this! I just got video and audio of Evan Rachel Wood taking Jodie Foster upstairs and eating her pussy. Jodie returned the favor. We finally have proof Jodie's a lesbian. Not only that, Evan Rachel Wood has wood for other girls!"

Nadine raised her eyebrows. "Gary, is what you got something we can legally put on television?"

"Not completely, no, but that's not a big deal." Gary was talking and gesturing rapidly. "Ted can edit it. He'll really like it. Come on, let's get out of this mansion and take it back to him."

Baxter looked around them, saw no one listening and then held out his hand. "You should give me your flash drive just in case."

"Here," Gary said. He passed Baxter a small gray box from inside his costume shirt's half-open zipper. "Don't lose that. Did you guys get anything good?"

"Well," Nadine began, "I..." She paused, staring at a figure behind Gary.

"What?" Gary asked and then turned around. He gaped, speechless as Mickey Rourke grabbed him by the costume chest hair and lifted him up off his feet.

"I know you, you little bastard," growled the "Sin City" actor Gary had recently maligned. "You're the tabloid reporter who published false rumors about my friend Evan and me. You're not getting out of here alive."

"Those rumors weren't my fault!" Gary stammered. Rourke was staggering and sweating, he noticed, possibly intoxicated with too much liquor. He was also glaring at Gary and everyone else around them was staying back. "The public has a right to judge who celebrities date!" Gary continued his protests. "I had a source! It was Dane ..."

"Gary, shut up!" Baxter interrupted. He tapped the mirrored button on his vest and made a Friendship society gesture. "Mickey, please put him down!"

Rourke shook his head, too soused to interpret the movements or see reason. "I'm gonna break this fuckwit's legs!"

Rourke cocked his arms to throw Gary across the room and then gasped and stumbled. A blue-skinned albino ghoul in ragged clothing had leapt out of the crowd nearby and kicked him in the shin. Rourke dropped Gary and spun to face Asher Stravjan. The Gypsy agent stood in a Savate martial arts stance, his hands up and his eyes on Rourke.

"Clint Eastwood?" Rourke questioned, mistaking Asher for the action star he resembled. "Why are you interfering in this?"

Asher did not answer.

"Never mind. You're going down!" Rourke swung a ham-hock fist at Asher but the Gypsy dodged. He then blocked two follow-up punches and kicked Rourke in the other shin. As Rourke toppled over, Asher grabbed his extended arm in one expert movement, applied a come-along hold and twisted Rourke's wrist behind his back. The burly former boxer went flaccid at once.

"You're not Clint," he gasped. "Who are you?"

"We'll take it from here," Barney the mummy security guard said, approaching. He and his Frankenstein's Monster partner Andy had been relieved at the mansion gates a few minutes before. "You've had too much to drink, Mickey, okay? It's time to go home."

Barney took one of Rourke's arms and Andy took the other. Asher nodded thanks to them as they bore Rourke away and then turned to face the tabloid reporters he'd spotted. Security supervisor Mr. Fox and other guards were moving amongst the nearby guests, telling them there was "nothing worth seeing here" and waving them off.

"Gary, are you okay?" Baxter asked, helping his friend get up. He grimaced, noticing the ghoul who stood next to them. Then the hippie blinked in recognition. "Asher?"

Hello, Baxter, Asher gestured at his former comrade. Forgive me. I cannot speak.

"Yeah, I remember," Baxter said, reading the sign language. "What are you doing here? Wait, never mind. Clarke and Viceroy Ramsay sent you, didn't they?"

They did. I have been watching you. Please give me your companion's flash drive.

Baxter nodded and produced it. "Good to see you again," he said after handing the device over. "You and whoever's with you call me before you leave town, okay? Viceroy Ramsay has my number. I wouldn't mind catching up."

I will do that. I will also give Jodi Lee your regards.

"Who is this guy, Baxter?" Gary asked, staring at Asher. "Do you know him? Why are you giving him my footage?"

"It's just like with Eliza, Gary," Baxter answered. "This was all a setup. Come on, it's time to go."

Asher gave Baxter a look of agreement as he pushed the drive's "data erase" button and then passed the device back to Baxter. I trust you have no other footage our society would not want to see.

"I won't air it if we do. I wasn't going to air that either. I know Regal Jodie Foster values her privacy." Friend, Viceroy and Regal were the three tiers of Friendship rank.

Friends Evan and Jodi Lee value theirs as well.

"Excuse me," Nadine addressed Asher. "Are you related to Bat Boy?"

"He's not!" Baxter snapped. "It's just a costume. Come on." Nadine grimaced at Baxter, who then made a confession. "He's Friendship and so am I. Let's go!" Nadine nodded assent and smiled at Baxter and Asher. She then took up position to help Baxter support Gary.

"Thank you, Asher," Baxter said. "Can we get out of here okay?"

Yes. Please do not forget to air your story about the lack of drugs at this party as you were instructed. Friend Manson wants the gossip about his drug addiction dispelled.

"I'll try. Some people may still speculate."

Friend Manson can live with that as long as the truth is also known. Remember to clear everything else you have recorded with Viceroy Pinkerton before it is aired or printed.

"We will. See you later. Thanks again." Baxter steered Gary to the mansion's exit with Nadine's help. "You are very lucky, Gary!"

"Hey, I didn't know I was going to get jumped like that! Now everything I had is gone! Did you guys get anything?"

Baxter told him about the drug investigation and the funding preliminary total.

"Okay, that's something," Gary said. "Anything else?"

"I recorded what happened to you and I see no problem in using it. After this, Mickey Rourke should think twice before he provokes the press."

"Yeah, that's definitely worth getting my legs broken over. Who was that dude who saved me? I didn't know old men could move like that."

"He's not an old man, Gary. It's a long story. I'll tell you sometime. Your legs aren't broken. You're just a bit unsteady on them. You're fine."

"I still feel terrible. Did you get anything, Nadine?"

"I saw Jack Nicholson leave with two girls a third his age," Nadine answered. "They were all hanging on each other and kept stopping to trade kisses."

"Jack the womanizer? That's not big news."

"I also saw Alicia Witt. You know, from 'Law & Order'? She was dancing the tango with some guy and they both looked very content."

"Alicia Witt is happily seeing some guy? That won't last, or sell for that matter."

"Well, I did pick up something else. Michelle Williams was at the party and I interviewed her. She wanted me to put out that living on the Goth scene has given her help getting over Heath Ledger's death. You remember Michelle from your attempt to talk to her last week, right, Gary?"

Gary dropped his jaw. "She gave you an interview?"

"Yes. I identified myself and told her I would air nothing without her permission. I was very nice to her. You should try that sometime."

"Damn it!" Gary cursed. "You really lucked out and I ain't got shit! How did that happen? Baxter?"

"It's your karma, Gary," the hippie said with a smile. "Let's go home."


In another mansion elsewhere in Los Angeles, a redhead and a brunette were grinding their naked bodies against one another. The redhead was in her mid-twenties and voluptuous. Vivid auburn hair and deep blue eyes accented her fierce angel's face. The brunette was about ten years older and slimmer in figure. Her black hair flowed about a Romanesque visage with expressive brown eyes. Both women were beautiful and talented actresses.

"Yes!" Erika Christensen cried out, removing her mouth from Marisol Nichols's. The other woman's small brown nipples stabbed into Erika's own large pink breasts. Their legs rubbed together, entangling about each other's sweat-flushed torsos. The two women rolled back and forth on the tan-sheeted bed, the black rubber double-ended dildo they had between them moving in both their cunts. Erika's pussy was surrounded by a fertile vee of blonde hair while Marisol's had a well-tended black patch. Their hands journeyed over each other's backsides, massaging hip and shoulder muscles. Marisol's body was athletic and Erika's was larger in figure but equally toned.

We've been lovers just over six years, Erika recalled as they fucked. She smiled at Marisol's eyes and the other woman beamed in return. Each pulled the other closer with arms and legs and their lips touched again.

The two had first met taking Scientology courses together in Los Angeles. Erika was born into the church while Marisol was introduced to it by her chiropractor. They both found fulfillment in Scientology's teachings and values. They also agreed the church needed to turn away from its abusive practices such as charging money for spiritual services and expelling members who did not strictly toe the scriptural lines. As celebrities, Erika and Marisol were mostly immune to these provisos but they still felt sympathy for people who did not enjoy such advantages.

"You remember our first time?" Marisol asked Erika in a breathless voice. Erika nodded, exhaling as she reminisced. Six years ago Erika was in the middle of filming the teenage slasher film "Swimfan" and enjoying a church purification sauna between days of shooting. Marisol and four other Scientologist actresses — Catherine Bell, Lynsey Bartilson, Laura Prepon and Juliette Lewis — entered the sauna and surrounded Erika.

"We've heard about you," the "Resurrection Boulevard" star Marisol said. "You're part of a movement to reform Scientology with celebrity leaders."

Erika blinked but nodded. She had indeed recently joined such a group. It was guided by the church's Office of Special Affairs Director Mike Rinder and senior celebrity Scientologists such as Isaac Hayes and John Travolta. The movement was growing but the members wanted to keep it secret. Scientology's Chairman and the fanatics who held power in the church could be deadly enemies if the reformers challenged them. Thus the movement was not widely advertised and did not even have a name.

"Be not afraid, Erika," Marisol said, making a gesture that indicated she was a Friendship member. "We're here to help you. You have a purpose we share and the ability to accomplish it." She smiled. "We've also heard you're into swinging. We've all been doing that for a number of years. Catherine's agent, who is also your agent, told us about you."

The women then moved in to touch the no longer apprehensive Erika and dropped their cotton robes. A steamy orgy followed. It remained among Erika's most treasured experiences. She found key allies in Marisol and the other actresses. Catherine and Juliette had been popular in the church for over a decade. Laura was a new entrant and Lynsey was born and raised in the religion just as Erika was. Lynsey's mother was a church lawyer who had become so disgusted with defending Scientology in court over and over again that she wanted to see the religion reform before it disintegrated under its own mistakes. Laurie Bartilson passed her desire on to her daughter. Lynsey was a rising star in the church's "Youth for Human Rights" program. She became a valuable secret recruiter for Erika's movement.

It was Marisol, though, who was even more useful. Like Lynsey, she was heavily involved in the church charities. She was also the older girlfriend of a teenage genius named Taron Lexton who wrote and directed many of Scientology's promotional videos. Taron wanted their church reformed too.

"Marisol and I see quite a number of people having to put on a happy face for my cameras," he said when Erika inquired. "It bothers me when I think about how many of them really feel cheerful and how many don't."

Because of this opinion, both Taron and his girlfriend wished to be part of Erika's reform drive. They had enlisted the other actresses who entered the sauna and their families. All knew that their goals might not succeed and would probably take a long time to accomplish but believed the journey was worth it.

"We have the power to change our church," the "Grounded for Life" star Lynsey Bartilson said. "We are being used to sell something that can help but also hurt. We must take over and stop the hurting." Erika agreed and welcomed them all into her circle of associates.

Soon afterwards, the Friendship Viceroy who headed their movement was exposed as a would-be reformer and thrown out of Scientology. Fear spread in the wake of this. The movement disintegrated before it could do anything major. Rinder, the new leader, warned everyone to quiet down. A doctrine promotion campaign spearheaded by Chairman David Miscavige along with Tom Cruise, Jenna Elfman and other celebrity fanatics followed. Erika's movement lost its drive and the would-be reformers slipped into the shadows.

For the past six years they had stayed there, watching and waiting as their creed's new popularity backfired and the forces opposing Scientology in its entirety grew. In 2007, Rinder had resigned his office and left the church. The reformers had no leader now and every Scientologist celebrity's career was suffering as word of their religion's abuses continued to spread. The church contracted and declined in strength, just as Erika's movement had. Vibes of apprehension ran high among those who remained inside.

The reformers still exist, though, Erika thought. We've been growing in recent years. We do not sponsor Scientology's abuses and we lead others away from them. We're ready to step up when the time comes, held together by the Friendship and our dreams. Deft political maneuvers and staying away from the fanatics has kept us part of our religion. Poise, precision, resolve and audacity will one day let us lead. I have faith in that. The Internet protest group Anonymous, the ex-Scientologists and the others who are against us may for the most part not know about us or even believe we exist, but we are here. We might not be willing to accept their help, but we too want our church to change. We believe Scientology has the right to be a religion and stand in this world. We live the good in our beliefs, knowing that good exists, and work to edit out the evil. The battle for our tomorrow continues today.

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