tagIncest/TabooCousin Lynne Again

Cousin Lynne Again


Now that Lynne's friend, the bi-sexual Jo, had entered the picture, my sex life had expanded dramatically. They promised me that more was yet to come (so to speak), and they soon proved it.

One Sunday I visited Lynne's apartment, expecting a nice fuck with my cousin. Jo was there, so my young cock responded immediately when I saw her. They both were naked and laughing, and I saw a strange object in Jo's hand. It was a dildo of moderate size, but it had a bunch of straps attached and I had no idea what they were for.

"See this?" Jo asked, holding out the contraption. "This makes me as good as you are, my young stud."

I didn't get the point. Jo was small and slim, with perky, rose-tipped breasts and a shaved pussy whose lips were open and moist.

"Huh?" I said (Not too sharp a response, but I was baffled.)

"Watch," Jo said, and began attaching the dildo to her groin. When she was done, it indeed looked like she had a nice erect prick. She approached Lynne, who obligingly spread her legs, showing a very wet pussy.

It seemed they had started without me. Jo, with a leer, took the fake cock in her hand and pushed the tip into Lynne's pussy. Lynne smiled and grabbed Jo's ass, pulling her and urging the dildo deeper.

The thing had dangling balls attached, too, and they slapped Lynne's ass as Jo began to fuck her hard. Very quickly, Lynne was moaning and writhing, and Jo redoubled her efforts. Lynne came hard, yelling and scratching Jo's ass.

"Wow," I said. I was full of smart remarks that day.

"Yeah," Jo said. "See. When she cums I squeeze the balls and cum shoots out." Sure enough, some creamy white substance was leaking out of Lynne's cunt.

"Cool," I said.

"Your turn," she said. "Go ahead and give Lynne a good fucking. We'll see who's better."

I needed no more urging, and I quickly stripped and approached Lynne, who was still lying there with her legs spread, knees raised, and a pillow under her butt so she was completely exposed.

As always, she looked like every man's sex dream- big tits, big nipples, small waist, and ample hips. I shoved my cock in what was now a very wet and somewhat loose pussy, and began pumping away. By now, I was more experienced and could fuck for much longer. Lynne and I were kissing and I was pinching her big brown nipples.

Suddenly I felt something probing the entrance to my anus. I was used to both women putting a finger up my ass while we screwed, but this felt a lot bigger, and cold. I turned my head and said, "What the hell...?"

I felt a glob of lubricant slapped on my ass, and Jo said, "Now I'm gonna fuck your ass."

"Hey... wait a minute... no way. I'm no faggot." I tried to twist away, but my cock was firmly embedded in Lynne's pussy; and she grabbed my ass to hold me still.

"Of course not," Jo said, "This is just extra pleasure, my friend, and you'll love it."

The dildo pushed at my asshole, and my sphincter closed down, rejecting it. Jo just laughed and continued the pressure, and soon my muscle relaxed and that big thing was in my ass. Damn, it hurt, and besides, the whole affair was making me lose my erection.

"Relax, cuz, your education is progressing nicely and we love it, too," Lynne said. While she was talking, the magic muscles in her cunt were squeezing my cock and bringing it back to life.

What was I to do? I kept on screwing Lynne, and Jo kept screwing my ass. Pain changed to almost pleasure, and I found myself getting very excited. When I came, it was intense, one of the best orgasms I ever had.

Oh shit, I thought as I lay panting on Lynne's chest, Am I gay or bi too? No, I decided, I still loved women and everything about sex with them. There was no denying, though, that the asshole could be a very sexy place.

We all relaxed and sprawled on the bed. Jo took off the dildo and showed me the protrusion that stimulated her clit while she fucked me, giving her good sensations, too. After we recovered, we showered together (cramped quarters, but having all those tits and asses rubbing against me was terrific.) We ate, watched a little TV, and then Jo stood up and announced that it was time for the next lesson.

I wondered what could possibly come next. Jo came over and laid herself, face down, over my lap. Her lovely buttocks squirmed against me. I felt my cock begin to harden.

"Spank me," Jo said. "Not just a love tap, I want you to really have at my ass."

Once again, I wondered if I wanted any part of this. I had never hit a woman, never wanted to. But I was obedient, and I gave her a smack that made her ass cheek red.

"Come on, wimp, hit me hard. Really hard."

I gulped and laid a good one on the other cheek. You could see the imprint of my hand on that round globe of her butt.

"Better," Jo said, "now keep going, faster and harder."

I looked over at Lynne, who had two fingers up her sopping wet pussy and was grinning.

I mentally shrugged and thought, Well, OK, if that's what she wants... And I began spanking Jo again, putting a lot of force into each blow. She was gasping and wiggling and whispering, "Yes, yes, more, more."

Jo's legs parted, and I could see that she was dripping pussy juice. She was evidently loving it.

I kept going, and then to my astonishment she came, her butt cheeks clenching and unclenching, a flood of cum squirting out of her cunt. I stroked her wet lips and finger-fucked her briefly, which she seemed to like a lot. I also felt obliged to lean down and kiss her poor red ass- you know, like when you were a kid and mom kissed the hurt to make it well.

Jo really liked that, and I spread her cheeks and licked her crack from clit to asshole. She went ballistic at that and had anther loud and lengthy orgasm. When that woman came, it seemed to go on and on. Delightful.

Lynne, meanwhile, had cum on her own fingers, and looked very happy.

"Ah, cuz, you see, it's all wonderful. And believe it or not, there's more we'll teach you."

More? I thought, Good God what more can there be?

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