It had been raining for three days straight and Mahoghany couldn't help but be sick of it. It was Saturday and more than anything she wanted to be outside somewhere with her best friend John Davis but because of the rain they were instead headed to the campus lounge to see if anything was going on.

If no ones down there we could always just rent a movie and make lunch she suggested.

You know I'm not known for my culinary skills in the kitchen John said laughing.

Okay so I'll make dinner and you choose the movie she laughed.

Deal he said as they pulled up to the building where the cafeteria and student center were located.

She popped her umbrella and quickly walked over to John's side to shield him from the downpour. He was considerably taller than her so he took the umbrella and led them into the building without getting too wet.

There were a few people hanging around playing ping-pong and pool or just watching TV.

I need to go to the bathroom John said so find a table and we'll play some pool.

Okay she replied looking around and locking eyes with a guy in the corner. His eyes were electric blue cold but not unfeeling she felt herself shiver as a sensation coursed through her body and for the life of her she couldn't look away.

He got up from where he was seated and for a moment she thought run but then realized she'd look like a dumb ass so she waited for him to come to her.

Got a name he asked pausing in front of her his gaze swept over her like a lovers caress she pushed the hair from her eyes so he could see her face.

Mahoghany she said softly.

What was that he said you got to speak up darling as boldly as you were staring at me?

Mahoghany she said louder this time Mahoghany Brown.

Nice to meet you Mahoghany he said I'm Randy Dallas by the way.

Nice to meet you she said I'm sorry I was staring.

No need to apologize I'm flattered honestly such a pretty thing like you looking at me.

You boys are all the same she said shaking her head.

Trust me he replied I'm nothing like these other guys. His eyes glittered dangerously but she wasn't afraid instead she found herself becoming more intrigued.

Here comes your boyfriend he said smirking.

He's not my boyfriend she said turning to look at John who looked none to pleased at who she was talking too.

Oh he replied well either way he definitely doesn't like me he said so I think I'll see you later he said brushing his lips over hers for a moment not a kiss but a promise of things to come.

I thought I told you to find a pool table John said spinning her around.

Sorry she said snapping out of her reverie he just totally caught me off guard. Who is he?

No one you need to know John said as his cell phone rang and saw it was his younger brother Teddy calling.

What's up lil bro he said following Mahoghany across the room to a corner table that was unoccupied. She wasn't surprised he thought John was her boyfriend everyone did at one point given how much time they spent together. He stood at 6'3 and was built like a linebacker. He had light brown hair and blue eyes and he was always smiling about something. He loved life and life loved him, which is why he had so many friends, and just about everyone on campus knew who he was. They had grown up together being neighbors since she was 3 and he was 6. He never failed to put a smile on her face no matter how bad she was feeling and one of her closest friends. At 5'5 inches Mahoghany was a full head shorter than him, but what she lacked in height she made up for in spunk. She was well known around campus because she was a cheerleader and her brother Kofi was an 2x All American and fiercely protective of his baby sister. With her smooth cocoa brown complexion mischievous brown eyes and amazing body she had her pick of guys and she was currently dating John Hennessey.

Teddy and Cody are coming in John said racking the balls up.

Really John she replied dropping her laptop bag and herself onto a couch across from the table I don't feel like doing this today.

Doing what John asked?

Teddy she said I don't want to see him let alone talk to him I'm just so over him. She ran her fingers wildly through her reddish brown hair as she glared at John.

I really don't understand why you are still so mad at him.

He got drunk on my birthday and gets into a drunken brawl with three other guys and doesn't apologize. So excuse me if I'm not in a Theodore Alexander Davis kind of mood tonight John. I'm going back to my room she said grabbing the umbrella.

Mahoghany don't John said I'll take you back you haven't got to walk.

No it's fine she said tossing a carefree smile his way I need the walk anyway.

Call me when you get back to your room he said knowing it was no use to argue with her when she got like this. He pulled her into a bear hug and kissed the top of her head love ya kid.

Love you too and I'm not a kid she said as the doors to the student center opened and Teddy and Cody entered laughing about something.

She was still oh so attracted to Teddy no matter how mad she was at him but she had to stick to her guns and not give in to him. Teddy was a younger version of John just a bit more cocky and brash.

So you just gonna keep ignoring me Teddy asked her as Cody passed by going over to the pool table where John was or can I finally get a hi.

Hi Ted, bye Ted she replied never looking him in the eyes as she passed him by. She lit a cigarette as soon as she got outside listening to the rainfall on the canopy over head. It was warm with a slight chill due to the rain but it wouldn't be noticed till' the morning so she made a mental note to remember her jacket in the morning

Leaving without your boyfriend?

He's not my boyfriend Mahoghany said and yes I'm leaving.

Need a ride? He asked stepping out of the shadows just as intriguing as ever. He was tall a little over 6ft muscular and lean. He had a natural tan that accentuated the blue of his eyes and his jet black hair was cut short giving him a look of someone who fancied trouble.

Like what you see he asked smiling slightly a look that clearly said busted.

It'd be a crime not to look she said turning away I'll take that ride only because I'd hate to catch a cold and all.

Yeah coz it has nothing to do with wanting to get into my pants.

Don't flatter yourself she stubs her cigarette out then says I just don't wanna walk is all.

Whatever helps you sleep at night he laughs as he leads her to his car. She was kind of a car buff so she knew it was a black 1976 Dodge Charger and in very good condition.

I think I'm in love she says running her hand along the body.

With me he asks hopefully?

With your car she says as he opens the door for her to get in.

Close enough he says smiling and she feels that familiar flutter in her stomach from earlier and it takes her breath away as he shuts the door and gets in on the other side.

What dorm you in? He asks after a moment of compatible silence letting the beating rain take the place of conversation.

Hoffman she replies but you can drop me off at Caulfield.

Really he says you do know that's a boy's dorm.

No shit Sherlock my boyfriend stays there.

The mention of a boyfriend rubbed him but it wasn't to be unexpected.

I thought we left him back at the student center he smirks.

John is not my boyfriend she growls as they pull up outside of Caulfield. There were a group of guys standing outside under the covered porch smoking cigarettes and hanging out.

Thanks for the ride she says as she gets out of his car.

Anytime he says watching as she heads inside the building.

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