tagLoving WivesCuckold Chronicles: Rick Pt. 01

Cuckold Chronicles: Rick Pt. 01


This is the eighth adventure with Heather & Dave. It will be in 3 parts. Part 1 is the introduction of Rick, Part 2 is Heather's view and part 3 is Dave joining them. It is not necessary to read the other stories to follow this one, however there may be references to other lovers from the past. If you don't like cuckold stories or consensual humiliation, then please skip this story, it is not for you. When we last left our loving couple, they were returning from their vacation in the Virgin Islands.

It was nice to finally be back home. You know how it is; it's great to go on vacation, but don't you just love it when you get to sleep in your own bed again? We settled back into our routine, Heather going to work every morning, me taking care of the house, just puttering around. It took her about a week to finally come down from the sexual high she felt in the Islands.

That came to a head the next Monday afternoon. Heather called me to let me know we were having company that night. It would just be after-dinner drinks & getting to know each other. Turns out he was a new associate at her office, training to run the office about 25 miles away.

"So", I asked, already knowing the answer, "what are you planning with this guy? Is this just a business meeting? You don't usually invite a guy over just for drinks?"

"Am I that transparent to you," she asked with that devilish grin.

D: "Yes you are. After over 20 years of marriage, I like to think I can read you very well. So I'd like to ask again, what's going on?

H: "OK, here's the scoop. His name is Rick and he is going to be the new manager at the Daytona office. I find him attractive, intelligent and witty. I embarrassed myself with him. I made a couple of passes at him & he rebuked me. I finally called him to my office. I asked what was wrong with me, not his type, not pretty enough, not sexy enough? I can't believe I did that! Then he dropped the bomb. I was dumbfounded, speechless. He said I was everything he would look for in a woman, but he won't ever have an affair with a married woman. He would never help a woman cheat on her husband."

Through my laughter, I managed to ask, "Did you set him straight on that?"

Heather, with fire in her eyes (at my laughter) said, "Yes I did. That's why he is coming here tonight. He wants to see for himself and hear it from you. So get your panty ass to the bedroom & put on what I laid out for you, then you can help me change into something sexier for him."

I went to our room & found my black heels, stockings, a black camisole with smiley faces on the breast, along with my cuckold sleeve and my panties that say "Limp Dick". She hadn't put that on me since we got back. I knew then that this wouldn't just be drinks after dinner. My thoughts were even more cemented when Heather had me slip a pair of green string bikini panties up her legs and the matching sarong she bought in St Thomas. It was more like a wrap for walking on the beach. It came together at her hip, showing the string of her panties, held together with a small piece of Velcro. The top was just a loop that went around her neck, leaving her breast to swing freely. It was designed to be a beach cover-up, not something to be worn without a bathing suit. They both highlighted her eyes beautifully. I brushed her hair while she did her make-up. When she slipped on her green 2" heels, she looked liked an exotic wet dream.

We still had about a ½ hour before he was to arrive so I made us some drinks & Heather told me what she had explained to him. Just as Heather left to go check her make-up, the doorbell rang. I took a deep breath and went to answer the door.

As was my practice when dressed like this, I looked through the peephole. I saw a man standing there that I didn't know. He looked to be a bit over 6' and had a flat belly, weighing around 180 I guess. He had a full head of salt-n-pepper hair and sparkling blue eyes. I could see how she would be attracted to him. I cracked the door open and said, "Yes? Can I help you?"

His eyes were focused past the door. "I don't know how much you could help me, but I'm here to see Heather. I'm Rick, I believe you are expecting me and if you're her husband, you should let me in and take me to her. NOW."

I opened the door and bade him to come in. I could already hear him laughing as I closed & locked the door. "Well, so far everything Heather told me about you is true", he said through his laughter. "She also said you wear panties with your name on them, so I guess you are Limp Dick, right?"

"Yes Sir that is my name tonight. I have other pairs with names written on them, so my name changes from day to day, depending on her mood. My wife will be right down, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to the living room."

"She should be here soon, Sir; can I get you something to drink?"

Vodka, on the rocks, came from a voice behind me. I turned around and saw Heather smiling. She does like to make a grand entrance. Rick stood up to greet her as I turned to go fix the drink.

"Refresh mine while you're there, Limp Dick. You better refill yours as well; we have a few things to discuss with our company."

I came back a few minutes later to see the two of them kissing on the loveseat. I didn't want to disturb them, so I sat their drinks on their respective end tables and took my seat at Heathers feet.

Finally Rick broke the kiss, gently pushing away from Heather. "WOW! I know the 1st kiss is always a little awkward, but damn, that was the best 1st kiss I've ever had!"

"I rather liked it myself," Heather whispered. "What did you think of it, Limp Dick?"

"It looked like you two fit together nicely, Ma'am."

H: "I thought so too. Now let's get down to the purpose of this meeting. Rick I know you have reservations about being involved with a married woman. As you can see, I'm not cheating behind his back. You are not breaking up a couple. We are very much in love, as much now if not more than when we married. Rick, I want you to ask him any questions that you might have." Looking down at me, she added, "Limp Dick, you are to answer all his questions and explain them completely. As a matter of fact, I think that during this discussion, you should be Dave, not Limp Dick. Sit in your chair until told otherwise. You may address us as Heather & Rick. Everyone agreed? Good, Rick would you like to start?"

R: "Sure. I see now that this isn't a cheating situation, which I'm glad to know. I'd like to start by asking Dave about his involvement in all this. Is this going to be MFM type thing? Is all this so Heather can have 2 men at once?"

D: "As far as my involvement, I am only there for the prep, fluff and clean-up. That is the only sexual contact I have. Other than that, I am there to serve you both, get drinks or bring you things. If she wanted a 3some, she knows I would have to find her 2 men; I am not in the equation. There is a reason why she calls me Limp Dick. That's what I am. I am useless to her in bed. She needs a real man with a hard cock. I can't give her that."

H: "Oh, he's just being modest now. He isn't useless. He has a very talented tongue, mouth and fingers. He takes good care of me."

R: "Judging by the way you limp, am I right that this is a medical problem? Is that why you're impotent?"

D: "Heart attack first, then blood clot in my groin. Can't take the little blue pill & blood thinners at the same time. So I've accepted my lot in life. This is the hand I was dealt."

R: "Heather, I have a hard time believing you love him when you treat a sick man this way. Why not just bring in a lover, let Dave watch if that's what he is looking for. Why the humiliation? I just don't get it."

H: "I do it because I love him. This is not my idea. I fought him for over 2 years about this. This is what makes him happy. I've never fully understood it myself. Dave, you explain it to him, let him know what you are looking for."

D: "Since the day I met Heather, her happiness has always come first to me. We had many many 3somes, of which I was an active player. Then I got sick & had to retire. She never said anything, but I know she missed the great sex life we had. It wasn't hard to convince her to contact one of our old playmates. She had her hard cock again, but I felt left out. I wasn't doing anything to make it more enjoyable for her. I did feel useless, for the first time in my adult life. Since all our sex friends were at least orally Bi, I started slipping in while they had sex and I'd lick their cocks & her clit while they were busy with each other. They both seemed to like that. I knew how excited Heather got watching me suck a cock, so that was a small step. Then I started prepping them. Clean-up was the natural evolution of that. The hard part was getting them to order me to do those things. That's where the doctor came in. He gave me insights into my very being."

R: "I can understand that, but why humiliate a man that only wants his wife to be happy? I'm not sure I could do that to you. You seem like a nice guy & devoted husband."

H: "Go ahead Honey; tell him what the Psychologist told you."

D: "I'd rather not. Just suffice it to say, I feel the need to be punished because I can't take care of my wife like I should. I love the humiliation. I love being ordered around and being told to wear things like this. I love being called names. This is all my idea, it is what I feel I deserve. I know Heather loves me with all her heart, no one can change that. That's why she does this, because she loves me and wants me to be happy. She won't leave me for another man, nor I for another woman."

I realized I had been staring at the floor during my long dissertation. When I looked up, I saw that Heather & Dave had both inched themselves more to the middle of the loveseat. Rick had his arm around Heather's shoulder, gently stroking her hair. Her fingers were softly grazing his thigh. She pushed herself back up straight and told him, "One thing I should add. We don't do anything unless we both are OK with it. We have a safe word that either of us can use if something bothers us. There is only one thing that is off limits when making fun of him. That's his disability. Never mention his bad leg or other medical problems. Everything else is fair game. Lastly, and this is important. This is not a 24/7 lifestyle for us. He has Dave days and he has Bitch days. So, Rick, what do you think about our playtime now?"

"I think the Limp Dick should take off my shoes & socks, go get me another drink and sit back down at your feet until we need him. How does that sound to you, Beautiful?"

"Sounds like I have a new lover, Handsome. You heard him Bitch; get your panty ass out of that chair. Get hi.......," Her words were cut off by his tongue invading her mouth. I'm not sure which one of us was the happiest.

I slid out of my chair and crawled to his feet. As I was untying his shoes, I saw Heather's hand graze over his crotch as his hand was stroking the bare hip exposed by her sarong. Because of the design, it didn't take much effort for her breast to be exposed without bothering to take off the top part. His free hand was groping, massaging and caressing both of her heaving tits. I got the shoes & socks off as I watched her grabbing & squeezing his hard cock. I got up and took his glass for his refill. This was one of her special humiliations I loved. Neither of us drinks Vodka, but she insisted I keep Absolute Vodka on hand for her lovers. I'm glad none of them ever drank Johnny Walker Blue, now that's a lot of money.

I came back with his drink & put it on the table next to the couch. He was a bit preoccupied. Heather was on her back wearing only her panties, with one foot on the floor & one foot still on the loveseat. Rick still had his pants on, but his shirt was gone. He was kneeling on the floor, between her legs. He had just stopped kissing her tits and was working his way down to her belly, leaving a trail of kisses and saliva in his path. Heather was in ecstasy, trying to push his head down lower, pulling him closer to her and humping an invisible cock or mouth all at the same time.

I couldn't sit back down by her feet as I was instructed, so I sat next to her hip that was hanging off the couch. Rick finally noticed me & smiled. He stood up and looked more at me than Heather. It almost sounded animalistic when he said, "Be a good Bitch and take off your wife's panties for me. That's a good boy, now feel her pussy. Did she ever get that wet & excited for you? I doubt it. Now get these clothes off me so I can show your wife what it feels like to have a real man eat her pussy. Who knows, maybe she'll realize you aren't that good after all. Then you'll just be a cock sucker and cum slut."

I could barely contain my smile while I fumbled with his belt & button on his jeans. I slowly pulled the zipper down, trying to keep Heather in suspense. Heather brought her foot up and gave me a gentle nudge to move faster. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and got them free. He still had his boxers on, but he leaned over my head to kiss Heather again. Of course, this put his crotch up against my face. I grabbed his hips to save myself from being bent over backwards. The kiss lasted maybe a minute. Rick straightened up and grabbed my hair to keep my face in contact with his groin. As he started rubbing my face on his boxers, I started pulling them down. I was in more and more contact with his skin, noticing that he was shaved. When the underwear hit the floor, he took his cock in hand and lightly drew it across my lips. A couple more passes across my cheeks and nose and he pushed me aside.

R: "Sit back where you were. Lay your head on her hip and look at her. Watch her face while I take her to OH-MY-GOD-DON'T-STOP land. See if she reacts the same way to me as she does with you Limp Dick."

I got in my position and he knelt in front of her. I could tell he was licking & kissing her belly because I could feel his head next to mine. Her hand was making small circles on her belly & he was kissing the circles as she made them. He took her hand and placed it on my head, moving it down to my pony-tail. He squeezed her fingers to let her know to hold me in place. He worked his way down her thigh, licking & kissing like a pro. Half way to her knee, he slipped to her inner thigh, repeating the process. I couldn't see him, but I could feel him shifting his weight. Heather was squirming more & more. I couldn't see much from him anymore, but Heather was encouraging him in her own way. Her hips were moving all over, trying to make contact any way she could. Whatever he did next made her gasp and shove her butt off the couch. She started moaning and moving her hips faster. She let go of my hair and grabbed his head with both hands, fucking his face as hard as she could. I leaned back and saw his mouth firmly on her clit while 3 fingers were pumping in & out of her pussy like a piston. I saw her hand shoot down & grab his wrist to hold it in place. Her hips were off the couch and by the flexing of his arm; I knew he was wiggling his fingers rapidly. She was thrashing about like a fish out of water, and I was in awe of the sight of my wife have her biggest orgasm in a long time, at least one I was allowed to see.

Rick stood up and effortlessly, picked Heather up and laid her back on the loveseat. He slid her up so her head was resting on the armrest. He climbed over the other end and crawled between her bent knees to kiss her. He lay down on top of her, kissing her neck, throat, shoulders and finally, her very hard nipples. The whole time, he was slowly rubbing his hard cock up & down her pussy. When she wrapped her legs around his back, I had a clear view of him not so dry humping her. I could hear her whispering to him. He kissed her hard and turned to me.

R: "I'm about to fuck your wife Bitch. You're going to get to hear her call out my name in ecstasy. Problem is, she is plenty wet enough, but my cock is still dry. I can only get so much of her nectar on my cock like this. I need a panty clad limp dick husband to get my cock wet for her. Looks like you just volunteered. Get over here and suck my cock. Get it real wet, slather it up good. I want this 1st time to be unforgettable for your wife. Ok, that's enough Panty Boy."

Turning back to Heather, he kissed her again and asked, "How do you want it Baby, slow and tender or hard & fast?"

H: "Can't we have both? Start slow & take it from there? Have the Limp Dick guide you in, then you can have him attend to anything else you'd like to have done to you till we need to rest. Sound good to you Babe?"

"Sounds better than good to me, sounds excellent. Limp Dick, get over here. You get to feed my hard cock into your wife's hot wet pussy. When you get it all in, I want you to get behind me and lick my ass while I fuck your wife. I better feel that tongue in my ass while I'm bringing her to paradise. Do it NOW!"

I reached in with my right hand and grabbed his hard wet cock. With my left I stroked her pussy and used my fingers to open her hungry lips. I slid his cock up & down a few times and then started to push his cock forward. Heather gasped as it went deeper. Her arms flew around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. He pulled his cock out a couple of inches, and then slowly went back in. I didn't think he needed me anymore, so I went behind him. He knew it would be hard for me to lick his ass while he was humping, so all I could do was lick his ass when he pulled out. To be honest, I don't think he noticed or cared. He was distracted by something better than my tongue. I did think of one thing I could do that he might like. I reached between his legs and held his balls. I gently massaged them as he went faster and faster. Heather was screaming and rolling around, Rick was grunting and trying to suck on her tits some more. Heather's pitch suddenly got higher and Rick's thrust became erratic. Both started shaking and holding each other closer. I literally felt his ball sack pulse as it started to shrink. I felt every spasm as he filled her with his cum. Heather & Rick both froze and screamed so loud it set off our doorbell. I slipped away and got back to my original position on the floor. I watched as two sweaty bodies clung to each other while they twitched in involuntary jerking motions.

They laid there for a couple of minutes trying to catch their breath. Rick finally found the strength to sit up. He offered Heather a hand to pull her up straight. Since I was still sitting on the floor, Heather hooked her leg around my neck as she sat up. She scooted down so her ass was off the loveseat, leaning against Rick. She used her leg to pull me closer, directing me to her pussy which was already overflowing with his cum. She kept bending her knee until my face was up to her well used honey pot, only this time, it was different nectar I was expected to lick up.

I knew she would still be sensitive, so I started slow & gentle. I had to kiss the big gob coming out first, then I started on all the fluids around her red swollen lips. I saw her stomach muscles contracting & knew she was pushing more out for me. I clamped down on her pussy and began sucking as much cum out as I could. I slipped 2 fingers in to get what was left, but was rewarded by having my hair pulled back. I guess she wasn't ready for that yet. Heather planted her foot on my shoulder & pushed me away, saying, "That's enough for me. Clean him up."

I scooted over between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, not sucking but washing it with my tongue. I had to clean his whole groin, there was such a wet area from their joining. Once again, a hand grabbed my hair & pulled me away.

Rick stood up & offered his hand to Heather. He picked her up and headed toward our bedroom.

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