tagNovels and NovellasCul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 03

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 03


"Put down those damn binoculars!" Gina raged at Roger. He had been at the tinted window for most of the evening.

"He had two women over tonight, the new girlfriend and the regular slampiece," Roger reported eagerly while reluctantly putting the high-powered binoculars onto the shelf next to the window where he did his regular viewing.

"You're going to get in trouble one of these days," she told him.

Roger silently agreed with her, but was unwilling to give up his voyeuristic practices. Gina tolerated his field glasses and the porn he rented that supposedly was made without the subjects' knowledge, but if he told her the whole truth, he'd be well over her level of tolerance.

"Don't worry," he told her. Gina had been his wife for over ten years and she still worried about everything he and they did. Not that she was unwilling, but that she liked to worry. He was pretty sure that worrying was part of what made her enjoy some of the sex practices they indulged in. She was almost a foot shorter than him, her dark brown curly hair framed her face as she looked up at him. He was tall and muscular, though starting to go a little softer as he aged. Still he was handsome enough for her.

His viewing window was on the small sunroom off their bedroom on the second floor of the house. It gave him a commanding view of the entire cul-de-sac. Gina was already naked; she wanted to fuck.

"Get your clothes off," she ordered. For such a tiny person--she barely stood over five feet tall--Gina always wanted to be in control when they had sex. At first their pairing didn't work, because of his size and toned, muscular body, Roger had been taught and acted for most of his life, that he had to be the dominant partner. He wanted to be in command. But so did Gina, she wouldn't let her small stature hold her back from anything and as a consequence had taken on a slightly commanding, domineering personality.

They had started dating after being introduced by mutual friends. It hadn't been a whirlwind romance or love at first sight, but they gave it their best efforts. They liked each other just fine, but there was no spark of passion. Even their fucking was routine, dull. Gina had been thinking about ending the dull dating process, but wanted to wait until after Roger's birthday. As part of his birthday celebration--and a good-bye present unknown to him--Gina gave Roger a blowjob, an activity she didn't mind, but didn't particularly love either. Roger was having trouble cumming that night; Gina wasn't sure why, maybe it was because she wasn't particularly into giving head right then, so she remembered an old trick told to her by a college roommate.

She took his cock out of her mouth, got her finger wet with her saliva , reached under his balls and carefully inserted it into his anus. As first Roger resisted, then gave in to her unusual advance. Probing forward she found the right amount of resistance and then Roger's cock suddenly went from semi-firm flesh to a steel rod. An instant later her mouth was flooded with his semen as he cried out in pain and ecstasy.

"What was that," she asked him after swallowing his load.

"I don't know," he admitted. "No one has ever stuck a finger up my ass before. But I'd love to do it again."

That was the turning point of their relationship. The friendship blossomed and they began to enjoy each other more. Eventually it led to their marriage and to this night where Gina watched Roger strip as she adjusted the straps to the harness around her hips. Roger went willingly and easily to the corner of the bed where he laid face down waiting for her.

"You love this, don't you," she teased him a little. The tube of KY was on the bed and he squirted a dollop into his hand then reached around to apply it to his asshole.

"Yup," he unashamedly admitted. Gina like to play the dominate in their sex lives, but she enjoyed the rough treatment of his body as much as he did. It was much better to admit and give in to one's kinks rather than hide them and never experience true pleasure.

They had purposely bought a tall bed frame and thick mattresses. Stacked as they were, Roger's ass was just as the right height for Gina to easily penetrate with the dildo projecting out from her crotch, held in place by the harness. It wasn't just giving him the unusual pleasure of a good pegging that Gina enjoyed, they had learned early on in their relationship to buy the harnesses that accommodated a double-ended dildo so that she could fuck herself even as she fucked Roger in the ass.

She approached him and placed the tip of the lubed dildo against his anus. "Ready?"

"No warm up?" he asked.

"Do you ever need any?" she riposted, and before he had time to answer she thrusted forward. Roger didn't resist. He had been through this too many times to make that mistake. Still, a muffled grunt passed his lips.

"Like that?" she asked, pulling back and then thrusting in again.

"Yes," he gasped into the mattress. She was rough and she knew that he liked that. He couldn't tell her no. It didn't take much effort and she was all the way in his ass, the dildo buried in him as far as it would go. His cock hardened underneath him. Pressed as he was it was uncomfortable and twisted to the side. An unconscious wiggle of his hips threw off Gina's rhythm and she pulled back angrily, barely leaving the tip of the dildo inside her husband.

"What's the matter?" she demanded.

"My cock is uncomfortable," he admitted.

"So?" she asked, half-angrily, half-amused. "Does that matter when I'm fucking you?" A smile played on her lips. The thrusting in and out and rubbed the textured harness just right against her clit and she was starting to experience the mild elation that filled her as she built toward orgasm. She liked to fuck this way, like a man would. She like to orgasm as she was the one thrusting into someone else's flesh.

"No," he said, playing along with her game.

An overly exaggerated sigh filled the room. "I suppose we can shift positions," Gina relented and pulled the dildo all the way out. He groaned as her presence was withdrawn. "Sometimes you make it awfully hard to give you a proper pegging."

"Sorry," he said, still playing the game that was their sex ritual. He climbed all the way up on the bed and settled down on all fours, his ass in the air, head face down on the pillow and waited for her.

Gina applied another good dose of lube to Roger's ass and slipped the artificial cock back into his ass. "How's that?" she asked, thrusting hard several times, so fast he had no time to enjoy it.

"Good," he grunted. She wasn't sure if that was the truth or not, so she reached down and around his hips, searching for his cock.

It was erect and pointing nearly straight up at Roger's navel. The tip was weeping precum.

"Apparently it is good," she agreed and let go of his cock to hold on to his hips as she started thrusting back and forth in a steady pace designed to pleasure her, not him. Gina had prided herself on being an easy fuck, not so much that it was easy to get into her panties, but easy that it didn't take her an hour to reach orgasm. This was especially good for her, because it made multiple orgasms that much easier.

Her thrusting continued, speeding up to a frenzied pace until her hips were nearly a blur and she tried out as a stunning wave of ecstasy overwashed her body. It was almost too much and she collapsed against Roger, still on his hands and knees.

"Good, honey?" he asked her.

"Mm-hmm," was all she could manage. Neither of them moved, the faux-cock was still lodged in his ass and his real cock was still hard.

"Want to finish me off?" he asked after a minute. It wasn't her weight that prompted him to ask, but his eagerness to have his own orgasm.

"Should I?" she dreamily replied, almost teasing, but she didn't allow him to answer. Her hand wrapped around his cock--he had already applied some lube to the taut- skinned organ--and she started sliding her hand up and down his manhood. It didn't take long, it never did. He came hard, with a strangled cry, his prostate being heavily pressed by the dildo in his ass; it was almost painful, but exquisitely wonderful.

As he erupted Gina slipped her other hand around him, catching his semen in her palm. Realizing what was happening, Roger froze. It wasn't often she did this, but he knew what she wanted.

After his last spurt landed on her cupped hand and she was certain he was done she asked, "Finished, baby?"

"Yes," he gasped. It was always hard to talk right after he came. The hot, sticky fluid was already cooling, but that didn't matter to Gina. She removed her hand from underneath him and brought it up to his lips. He didn't resist, he couldn't. Licking and sucking her removed half of the thick white fluid, swallowing it like she wanted.

Pulling back, lest he get all of the treat, Gina upended the rest of the cum onto her tongue and licked her palm clean. A moment later she pulled the dildo from his ass and slipped off the bed.

"I've got a surprise for you," she called from the bathroom as she washed up.

"Another one?" he asked, rolling to his side and enjoying the after effects of the explosive orgasm that has wracked his body.

"This is just as much for me as it is for you," she explained, walking back into the bedroom and opening a drawer in her dresser. She pulled out box and displayed it's contents for Roger to see.

He shivered, partly from delight, partly from nervousness. "That's for me," he said unnecessarily. "Why?"

"Why?" Gina repeated back to him. "I should that that would be obvious. I like pegging you, Rog, but sometimes I need a little something more. I usually get off, but this is to ensure that I do." She pulled the oversized buttplug out of the box. It was pink and smooth with a narrow nose and flared base. It would be perfect. "Turn around," she ordered while applying a generous dose of KY to the front third of the toy.

Roger did as he was ordered. He wasn't afraid to have the plug in his ass, he certainly had dildos just as large shoved into his anus before. The idea excited him. What made him nervous was that he would enjoy it a little too much and that Gina would stop pegging him. There was little he could do, he was a slave to his body and his desires.

Once again he was on his hands and knees, ass slightly higher that his shoulders, as Gina applied a dab of lube to his anus and started introducing the toy into his body. He relaxed. That's all there was to do. His heart was pumping wildly but he willed his muscles, most especially his anal sphincter, to remain loose. The final inch of the plug was the worse and the best part. It forced open his ass almost too much, then it slipped in all the way to his intense relief. The flared base was held firmly in place by his well-trained anus and he could feel the nose of the plus pressing on his prostate. Against his will, his cock immediately hardened.

He was embarrassed and didn't know why.

"Wonderful," Gina breathed seeing his autonomic reaction. Roger's cock was by no means the largest she had ever seen or had, but it was more than most women ever got. She had determined she wasn't getting enough of Roger's wonderful flesh and she was determined to change that.

Having already removed the harness, Gina was already naked. She sprawled on the bed in front of Roger, her legs spread and her labia glistening with desire. Her light, dusky brown nipples pointed toward the ceiling and she reached out to grab Roger's cock. It was a scene that most men would have found irresistible. Being a typical man, Roger couldn't resist. He followed Gina's hand, the hand that pulled firmly on his cock leading in right into her pussy.

There was no hesitation as he plunged into his wife. He told himself it was perfectly normal and indeed the sensations were very enjoyable, especially after his hips involuntarily started thrusting back and forth, fucking Gina like she wanted. The plug in his ass rocked back and forth by his thrusting, each forward jolt pressing harder and harder against his prostate. He had become so used to being fucked by Gina that he had almost forgotten what it was like to have sex with a woman when she wasn't behind him.

"Fuck yes!" Gina cried out as his pace increased. Her arousal was nearly complete and her legs circled around his hips pulling him deeper into her sex. Knowing it was causing him untold pleasure and pain, she locked her ankles around his waist, dipping the heel of one foot down just far enough to press against the base of the plug.

That was all it took. Roger screamed as his orgasm shot from the base of his skull, down his spine and out through his cock. The reflexive clenching of his anus around the buttplug forced it hard against his prostate and it was all he could do to keep from collapsing. Then, just as quickly as it had come, it was gone and he fell against Gina's body.

She let him rest against her for a minute, then pushed him to his side. "Ready?" she asked, but didn't wait for his answer. Her hand reached between his buttocks and started pulling the plug out. To resist would have been painful and useless. "Push," she told him, her voice soft. He followed her instructions and the silicone toy slid from his body. For a moment there was a gap both emotional and physical when the plug was free, then there was only relief. He stayed prostrate against the bed, his shrinking cock hidden from Gina's view.

"Good?" she asked him, feeling his cum starting to drip out of her pussy.

"Wonderful, perfectly wonderful," he mumbled into the pillow.

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