tagGay MaleCycling Shorts Ch. 01

Cycling Shorts Ch. 01


It was a hot day in June when i went on my first cycling trip with Pete. I was 18, he was a year older & we'd decided to head off to the country for some 'R&R' while off work. For mile after mile, i watched his ass cheeks pumping up & down rhythmically until my cock was pressing painfully against my thigh! When we made a stop, i got off the bike with some difficulty & he smiled when he noticed the bulge in my lycra clad crotch,

"What’s brought that on?" he asked.

"Must be the heat" i winked as i adjusted myself.

"Yeah, it sure is hot", he grinned, looking at me & the innuendo made my cock swell even harder.

"I'm surprised you could even ride with that in the way!"

"No problem man, i just rise up out of the saddle!"

We laughed & sat behind a hedgerow by the road to eat, passing a bottle back & forth as we got our breath back. After a time he asked,

"Has it gone down enough to carry on yet?"

"Well, almost" i admitted, as i was semi-hard & couldn't get the image of his supple ass out of my mind.

"We can stay here until you're ready" he said, looking me meaningfully in the eyes & i looked down to see his cock was straining against the front of his shorts. I caught my breath & hesitated for a moment, then reached over to grasp his fat tool through the thin material,

"Mmmmm, that’s a fine feeling", he gasped & he reached over to stroke my shaft as we kissed lightly, then more ardently as the heat grew stronger between us until our lips parted with a breathless smack.

"Stand up Pete" i urged & pushed my face into his burning crotch to savour the aroma of his sweat through the lycra, while he held my head & kept a lookout across the field as i eased his shorts down over those firm cheeks that i had admired for most of the day. His fat shaft sprang out to greet my probing tongue, a nicely proportioned 8" tool, that i could just wrap my fist around to jerk his hot meat, while i licked along the velvety flesh, to suck one of his balls into my mouth.

"Oh god yessss" he groaned, stroking my hair, while i stroked the flesh back & forth over his engorged knob. I groaned & gripped the base of my meat as i wrapped my lips around his balls, licking & kissing them while my hand slid along his sweat-slick cock.

"Suck me like that, yes, yes", he urged & pumped his hips to meet my mouth as i took him in for the first time.

"Mmmmm," i moaned appreciatively as his pre-cum coated my tongue & the head swelled even more as i bobbed my head over his throbbing cock to suck harder & faster until he was fucking my mouth as i sucked him off eagerly; my hands reaching around to cup his ass & pull him into my throat until i gagged & came up for air.

"Don't stop, o god don't stop" he cried & pulled my mouth onto his cock as he fucked my mouth faster, grunting with every stroke as his orgasm rushed closer.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmph" i gasped & squeezed his ass even harder until he cried out

"I'm cumming, cumming, yes, yes yessssss!!" & held my head over his cock as a thick stream of hot juice shot down my throat making me splutter, but i loved it! Another stream of thick cum poured over my tongue, then another as he bucked against me with trembling thighs, as i slipped a finger into the tight, rosy hole of his ass to take every drop of his salty cum.

"Mmmmm, i love it!" i gasped as a string of cum drooled from my lips. I stood up & we kissed passionately, then he dropped to his knees & took all my 7 inches into his throat slowly, looking into my eyes as i stood poised on the balls of my feet.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes pete, yes like that." i groaned feeling my balls boiling full of spunk after the hot taste of his juice turning me on so much that i knew i wouldn't last long in his mouth. He ran his tongue all over my meat, teasing my ass with a finger until i could take no more & held his head to pump my solid cock into his mouth.

"Suck me off!" i demanded urgently as my spunk began to surge along the thick shaft. "Now, Pete, now, suck it, suck it all!" i moaned & felt the cum burst from me in a torrent onto his tongue.

"Aahhhh, fuck yessssssssss" i almost screamed as the pent-up juices cascaded into his waiting mouth again & again until i thought my knees would buckle with the force of it! He pulled it out of his mouth & jerked the rest over his lips, licking them to relish the slippery stuff until all our passion was spent....for the time being, i was sure of that!!

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