tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 10

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 10


*All participants are over the age of 18. If you are offended by BDSM stories then do not read any further! Daddy and Babygirl are not related in any way. Any and all feedback is always welcomed!*

Daddy was sitting on the couch that afternoon watching a show on the television. Babygirl had just gotten done doing a few things around the house. She walks into the living room with a couple of beers and hands one to Daddy. She takes a swallow of hers then sets it on the coffee table. Daddy adjusts his feet on the coffee table as he takes a few swallows of his beer, before placing it down by hers.

Meanwhile, Babygirl lays down on her side on the couch and rests her head on Daddy's lap. They both settle back in and continue watching the show together. A couple of commercial breaks into the show Daddy starts to get restless. Babygirl smiles and wonders if her head being so close to Daddy's cock is distracting him! She readjusts herself on the couch so that it seems nonchalant when she slides her head back a little further and can feel Daddy starting to harden under his jeans.

Unknown to her, she has slid her head back far enough that Daddy can see her smirking and he is pretty sure he knows what it is all about too. He begins to wonder if this was her intention from the start. Daddy decides to finish what she has started!

"I suppose you think this is funny huh?" Daddy asks her sarcastically with a smile.

"Why, I have no idea what you are talking about!" Babygirl acts innocent as she bats her eyelashes at him.

Daddy starts chuckling at her. "Yes, of course you don't" Daddy says. "How about I show you then?"

Babygirl's grin gets even wider yet, "okay Daddy!" Daddy takes one hand and lifts her head up off of his lap as he leans down to her and kisses her. He is very gentle at first and it's nice, but soon Daddy is claiming her mouth as his own and she can't help but let out a small moan into him.

"Oh we haven't even begun yet Babygirl!" Daddy starts to laugh and then goes back to teasing her lips with his. His hand firmly held upon the bottom of her neck.

Babygirl turns over onto her tummy so that her mouth is now by Daddy's leg. She undoes his jeans and Daddy lifts up as he pulls them out from under him. She reaches down and slides them off of his feet. She brings her head back up to his cock and wraps her fingers around it. Babygirl starts working her hand up and down Daddy's dick, getting him nice and hard for her mouth. She twists her hand slightly as she pulls it up and uses her tongue to tease his balls.

Babygirl points his dick upward as she slips him into her hot, wet, awaiting mouth. Using her tongue to lick the underside of his dick while she wraps her lips around the head. She starts working her mouth further down onto his cock making it all wet and easier to suck.

"That feels so good Babygirl!" Daddy praises her as his hand entwines itself into her hair. His hips involuntarily lifting up to meet her mouth. He takes his other hand and places it on her back, occasionally rubbing his way down towards her ass. Babygirl moans around Daddy's cock and it jerks in her mouth.

Babygirl begins using her hands once again to stroke Daddy and gently massages his balls with her tongue. She then gets down onto her hands and knees on the floor so she is sitting between Daddy's legs. She uses her hands to press her breasts together and guides Daddy's cock between them. Using her fingers to hold him in place while she starts to stroke herself up and down his cock. Daddy takes his finger and puts it in her mouth and she starts sucking and teasing it as she would his dick.

Daddy places his hands onto her arms and pulls her up to him. She straddles his legs, placing one of her legs on each side of his. Daddy points his cock at Babygirl's pussy as she lowers herself onto him. Just as she has slid a couple inches down Daddy suddenly thrusts himself up into her, making her take his whole length.

"Oh Daddy!" Babygirl wraps her arms around Daddy and buries her face into his neck. Her pussy contracting against his buried cock. He gives her just a moment to relax before starting to slide back out. Babygirl uses her legs to lift up off of him. As Daddy thrusts up towards her, she slides down towards him. Before long they have a rhythm going and their moans begin filling the room.

"Daddy loves fucking his Babygirl. Tell me how much you crave it, tell Daddy what you're here for!" Daddy grabs hold of her hips and starts fucking her harder and faster. She tosses her head back as she moans in pleasure and Daddy leans in to bite her neck. He grabs her hair with one hand and holds her head back while he continues to kiss and bite her neck and chest.

"I do love it Daddy, I need it so badly, I want it so badly. I only want you Daddy! I love being your Babygirl. I need you to use me Daddy. I need you to take my body and use it for your pleasure any way you desire Daddy. Please take me Daddy!" Babygirl starts begging him.

"Any way I desire?" he asks.

"Yes Daddy, please!" she replies.

"So I can do this if it pleases me?" and he thrusts himself hard and fast into her pussy until she is screaming 'yes Daddy' and then he stops.

"And I can do this?" and Daddy ever so slowly slides his dick all the way into her pussy and slowly withdrawals it.

"Yes Daddy, anything that pleases you" she replies.

Daddy picks up his pace once more, fucking her fast and hard. Her tits are bouncing against her chest and he can't resist leaning in to tease one with his mouth! She moans and her hands fly up to the back of his head, almost pulling him in for more. Babygirl starts riding Daddy's cock as he fucks her. Their moans and groans filling the room once more.

Daddy starts groaning louder as his pace picks up to another speed and he thrusts himself up into her pussy one last time before she gets down and kneels before him. Daddy starts cumming all over her tits and face just as she gets down to the floor. Babygirl leans in and takes Daddy's dick into her mouth once again.

"Good girl. Go get cleaned up and come lay back down by Daddy when you're done."

"Yes Daddy" and Babygirl gets up and heads to the bathroom. She grabs a towel and as she is standing in front of the mirror she looks at herself - she sees the cum on her face, the cum on her chest, the cum on her tits, and all she can do is smile. She gets freshened up and heads back out to the kitchen to grab Daddy another beer on her way. She takes Daddy his drink and then curls back up on her side, laying her head once again on Daddy's leg as they watch a little more television together. Daddy rests his hand on her head, slowly stroking her hair.

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