tagIncest/TabooDaddy & Ronnie's Cabin Adventure

Daddy & Ronnie's Cabin Adventure


Daddy and I have been lovers since the day that my mother, the bitch, walked out on us and never looked back. That was my sophomore year in college, the summer I turned 20. I was there to ease Daddy's pain and he has rewarded me with the loving touch only a Daddy can give his little girl. I know that some of you may be thinking that this is wrong, but how can something that feels so right be wrong? It is not wrong in our eyes and it works for us. After we became lovers, Daddy moved us out of the community that I had grown up in. We moved to a small rural village and are living together as man and wife. None of our neighbors know the difference. They just know that Daddy is one lucky son of a bitch to have such a young spry bride that loves to fuck her husband.

It's nice to live as man and wife in a community that doesn't know that he is my Daddy. In our bedroom, in the privacy of our own home, I can call him Daddy but when we are out in public, I must call him by lover's names or his first name of Michael. I could recant the first time that Daddy entered my bed and touched me like a lover but that has been done so many times and we are so past that. No, today, I would like to tell you of our spring break trip to a cabin in the woods that Daddy found specifically for some alone time with his little girl. Because Daddy was taking me away from work and school, I was to be submissive for the entire trip. Anything that Daddy wanted to do to his little girl, he was going to do and I was to give him no lip about it. I was his for the taking and there was no stopping him once he was on this mission.

It was about a three and a half hour drive to the cabin in the woods. We left Monday morning and would not be back in town until Thursday evening. That entire time I was able to address him as Daddy and he addressed me as his baby girl, little slut, fucking whore and any other name that he wanted to call me. It was our time and he was going to make the most of it before we had to head back to reality. We talked and laughed and listened to music on the way to the cabin. Every once in a while, Daddy would reach over from driving and fondle my left tit. Daddy loved my 36DD titties. He played with them every chance he got. For the first Valentine's Day that we had after mom left, Daddy took me and got my nipples pierced. That was one of the hottest gifts that he ever got me and we have had so much fun with those pierced nipples. So, he would reach over and grab my pierced nipples and pinch and twist them because he knew that would turn me on.

He was so right. By the time we got to our destination, my pussy was so wet that I wanted to fuck right then and there. It was a beautiful day when we got to the cabin, it was like 78 degrees yet when we left home it had been 56 degrees. Unfortunately, the fan did not work in the cabin and the air conditioner was still closed up from the long hard winter that we had this year. Daddy had to turn around and go back into town to purchase a fan as he was one to need the white noise to sleep peacefully. Plus, we had to have some air circulation in this cabin that we were spending three nights at. While Daddy was gone, I set the stage to what was going to be one hot kinky week away from civilization.

I had purchased a new outfit for Daddy, one that he has commented on many times when we were looking at fetish wear online together. It was a blue plaid skirt, with a sheer white tie between the tits sort of blouse. I put my hair up in pigtails with blue pigtail holders. I added to the outfit some white fishnet crotchless panty hose, some baby doll socks and black loafers along with a blue thong to match the plaid skirt. Blue is my Daddy's favorite color, so I always try to go with something blue for him. I felt sexy and my thong was already wet from the anticipation of the coming events. My pussy was soaked and couldn't wait for some attention from my Daddy.

When Daddy got back from the store, he walked in the cabin and I was standing there in my outfit with my right leg crossed over my left ankle with one hand on my hip and the other leaning on the footboard of the wooden bed that was one of the features of the cabin. He loved my outfit. He looked at me and said, "Damn, baby girl, you look hot! When did you get that outfit for Daddy?"

"Oh Daddy, I got this a couple weeks ago when we were starting to plan for the trip. I couldn't wait to show you. It was so hard to keep a secret from you, Daddy.

"My sweet baby girl, you are always thinking of how to please Daddy and you do such a good job at it. Thank you sweetheart, I love it! Let me get this fan set up and I will show you how much I love that little skirt and blouse."

"By the way, I got you something while I was at K-mart." Daddy said.

"Oh wow Daddy that is awesome. What did you get me?"

He had purchased me a pink leather journal to record this week's adventures. I thought that was a completely hot idea and because my Daddy knows that I love to write erotica, he wanted me to recant the vacation and possibly submit it to Literotica, which is how I am telling you this story. I tried to capture each and every sexual encounter as shortly after it finished as possible, so that I could keep the details sorted out in my head. It was hot and kept me wet all week. When Daddy wasn't touching me, I was writing about how he had just touched me and getting wet all over again. It was a vicious circle that I did not mind having to deal with. IT WAS HOT!

So, once Daddy got some air circulating in the cabin, we sat out on the back deck and relaxed for a little while. That was our favorite spot to sit. Let me tell you about this little cabin in the woods. It is the cutest damn thing. When you walk up to it, the door is in the center with a window on each side with window boxes filled with silk flowers. So, no matter what time of year you visit these little cabins, there are always flowers. When you walk in to the log cabin, there is a small kitchenette to your right, a seating area for two with a gas fire place and a TV with a DVD player on the left. The four poster oak log bed is the central point of the room and the bed is absolutely beautiful. There is a CD player playing relaxing music and there is a gift basket on the bed with two plush robes, a bottle of sparkling wine with two wine glasses filled with Hershey's kisses. The bathroom is off to the left and there is a back door that leads to the deck.

Once out on the deck, there is a two person hot tub to the left, completely private with ivy covered lattice work. There is a chiminea in which to burn a fire, firewood, a table and two chairs and a gas grill with utensils. The back deck faces the woods and there is complete privacy on that back deck. We had planned on being in the cabin for the next 36 hours and play out our fantasies that we have been journaling about for the past month. With planning on staying in the cabin, there was no need for clothes so Daddy got naked and put on his plush robe while we sat out on the deck talking and deciding what to do first.

Let me say that my Daddy loves to take pictures of our sexual encounters and look back at them when I am not available to fuck. He loves looking at our homemade porn. Well, for my birthday last year, he got me a real nice 35mm digital camera that takes pretty good videos. So, he took some pictures of me in my little school girl outfit. He made me bend over and touch my ankles so that he could get a shot of that blue thong going up the crack of my ass. You could see that my thong was wet and discolored from my pussy juice seeping onto it.

"Is Daddy's little girl wet? Thinking about how Daddy is going to get you off this evening?"

I turned around and looked at him over my shoulder and said, "Daddy, I have been wet since we left our house." I stood up and turned around and lifted my skirt so that Daddy could get a picture from the front. It was a pretty blue thong that Daddy licked his lips when he saw my pussy lips outlined in the satin thong. He absolutely loved that outfit and I am glad that I spent the money that I did for this trip.

So, after we had a couple of beers and were well on our way to a very relaxing buzz, Daddy led me back into the cabin. He pulled out another surprise that I had no idea about and showed me something that he had made just for this week. Let me explain that I love to be restrained, spanked, bound and gagged. I love to submit to my Daddy and I love for him to make me do things. When Daddy spanks my ass and turns it red, my cunt starts flowing with juice that Daddy loves to feel. He will spank me just to see how wet he can get me before I have to get off. I love being completely submissive to my Daddy. He is a wonderful dominator.

He made me put a sex blanket on the four poster bed, in the middle, and crawl up on the center. He turned around and got into our "tool" bag of sex toys and got out the necessary items that he needed for this session. As he was getting things out and getting set up, he told me to take off my panties and spread my legs. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs for Daddy and he got out a spreader bar that he had made himself. We had been looking at them online and he told me he could make it for a lot cheaper. He put on my leather ankle cuffs and hooked them to the end of the 34" bar and my legs were not going to be together for some time. I was completely immobile as far as my legs were concerned. Then he put rope through the links at the end of the bar and up and around the head board of the wooden log bed. Once he got the rope situated, he pulled my legs up high and spread wide. It was a hot scene and my pussy was spread open for any use he could come up with. My ass was also accessible for any spanking that might have to occur.

Daddy kept track of the things that I had done to irritate him on the way down to the cabin. One of the things that happened that Daddy was not keen on was the references to his age a couple times down the road. He even told me once, at lunch, that I was going to get a whoopin' for that comment. Once he got me strung up and unable to move, he grabbed our pink riding crop and began whoopin' my ass.

"Now what was that reference to my age on the way down here? I will teach you a lesson. You are not to make references to my age, young lady. I am your father and you will respect me!"

With every other word came a slap of that leather across my ass cheeks. He caught my clit a couple of times to, for good measure. Daddy loves spanking my clit. My pussy was dripping juices down the crack of my ass with every strike he made on my ass.

"I'm sorry Daddy, please don't spank me anymore."

"I will spank you until I feel you don't need spanked anymore. You have been a bad little girl and you must be punished for your actions."

"Oh Daddy, please...stop!"

Daddy reached between my pussy lips and dragged his fingers through my slit. "You don't want me to stop. See how wet your pussy is from my spanking? You love being spanked, don't you my little whore?"

"Oh Daddy, yes, I love when you whip my ass. The more you make it sting, the wetter my cunt gets. Please Daddy, don't stop!"

He picked up our newest addition of the spanking devices that we acquired. It is a crop with ball chain strips, about 8, at the end of it. Daddy got my nipples a couple times pretty good with that. Daddy liked it because it got into my nooks and crannies quite well. He got those ball chains twirling and smacking on my rock hard little clit. I almost came right then and there. I was so close that all Daddy had to do was reach up and rub on my clit for a couple of minutes and I came with a gushing amount of juices flowing from my cunt. I was cumming like a whore and rising up my hips with orgasm. It was a beautiful sight. I know because Daddy was videotaping this sexual encounter and we were able to watch it later.

He set the spanking devices aside and leaned into my wide open pussy and began licking my hard little clit. He ran his tongue around my clit and back down through my cunt and back up again. My legs were spread so wide open that Daddy didn't even have to spread my lips open to get to my clit. It was an awesome feeling.

Daddy's tongue licked and lapped at my clit while my body started convulsing into another, more intense, orgasm. I squirted all over Daddy's goatee and I would be able to taste that later. He always gets me going so hard that I squirt. He is amazing like that and like no other lover I have ever had. Daddy knows where my buttons are and how to push them just right to bring on the most intense orgasms.

After that orgasm, Daddy picked up the riding crop and spanked my ass some more. My ass was red from his beatings and it was stinging like hell. Of course, with that sting, my pussy started flowing even more. He spanked me and asked me how many boys in the neighborhood I was fucking and he told me not to lie to him. You see my Daddy works third shift so we don't get to fuck until the weekends. A slut's gotta have some sort of release throughout the week and my Daddy knows me that well. When I told him five, he spanked me even harder and called me a fucking whore. My cunt was flowing directly into my asshole at this very minute.

Once Daddy was done spanking me for the five boys that I had been fucking, he grabbed two of his favorite vibrators and attacked my snatch again. He had a g-spot vibrator inside my cunt vibrating on my magical spot. Then the other slim line vibrator, he had rubbing on my clit. He fucked me and rubbed my clit until I was a fountain of ejaculate. It must have flowed for a good thirty seconds and all over the blanket that we had put down. Daddy loved my legs spread wide open and so did I.

The last orgasm was so intense that my legs were shaking and my whole body was having aftershocks. Daddy released my legs and pulled me into a very romantic kiss. "Oh sweetheart, you make Daddy feel so good. I love you baby doll! And I am so thankful for our relationship. You are such a fucking slut and Daddy is so lucky to have you. Let's go build a fire on the deck and rest up for what's to come." I took off my little girl outfit and threw on my plush robe and we went out on the deck.

It was a beautiful night out, just starting to cool down some. Daddy built a fire in the chiminea and had a very romantic setting started. We lit the candle on the table and had some incense burning and we decided to get into the hot tub. Like I said before, there was no need for clothes for the first day and a half of this trip. Once we got the lid off of the hot tub, Daddy disrobed and got in. We had all of the privacy in the world and there was no need for suits in this hot tub. I disrobed and got in and sat across from Daddy. The jets felt so good on my sore aching muscles and I found if I rose up just a little bit the jets would wash over my clit, cunt and asshole. It felt so good having the 102 degree water rushing over my most intimate parts. Daddy was watching me with a sly grin on his face.

"What are you doing little girl? Are you letting those jets get into Daddy's places? Does it feel good to my little slut? Why don't you come over here and give me a kiss."

I went over to him and got on my knees in front of him and we locked lips in a mind blowing sensual kiss. My Daddy kisses better than any man in this country and I would bet my life on that. As soon as Daddy kisses me and enters his tongue into my mouth, my pussy starts flowing like a whore. He kissed me while he fondled my floating 36DD tits and squeezed my nipples, which also make my cunt start flowing. When Daddy reached between my legs as I spread them wide open, he began rubbing my clit and inserting his first two fingers inside my slick cunt.

"Oh, Daddy's baby girl is so wet. Can you cum for Daddy?"

"Daddy, I will always cum for you. You know how to make me cum so well, c'mon Daddy, make your little whore cum!"

He began thrusting his two fingers in and out of my dripping wet cunt. "Oh sweetheart, you are so fucking tight. Your cunt is amazing. It can take a fucking, a fingering and a licking and still be as tight as the first time I fucked you and took your virginity as mine."

"Oh Daddy, I am going to cum and cum hard. Daddy, fuck me with those fingers. You know I love your fingers inside my cunt. Oh god, Daddy, I am cumming."

I squirted all over Daddy's fingers as he continued to pound my cunt with those magical fingers of his. "Do you want to ride Daddy's cock, little girl?" These are the words that I live for. When those words come out of my Daddy's mouth, my cunt starts twitching and aching for his hard cock. My Daddy has an eight inch cock that knows how to do things to women that can only be seen in movies. My Daddy's cock has seen the insides of a whole lot of pussies throughout his lifetime. In fact, Daddy calls himself a whore all the time. He loves pussy.

"I would love to ride your cock Daddy. I love having your hard cock inside of me."

I planted my feet on either side of his hips and squatted over his cock. His hard cock entered my cunt like it belonged there and I grabbed onto the side of the hot tub and began bouncing on Daddy's hard cock. Daddy reached up and began squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as his hard cock pounded my tight hot cunt.

"Baby girl, Daddy loves having his cock inside your tight little cunt. Daddy loves fucking his baby girl like a paid whore. You are Daddy's little whore this week and you are mine for the taking. That's it my little slut, ride your Daddy's cock like a wanton little whore. My cock feels so good inside your tight little fuck hole. Oh god, baby, Daddy's gonna fill your cunt with his load of hot cum any second now. Oh shit baby, yeah, fuck your Daddy like a whore!"

When Daddy talks dirty to me, my cunt responds with spasms. Every time he calls me a dirty name, my cunt gets hotter, wetter and tighter. I was riding Daddy's cock like a pro when I felt the first spurt of his cum enter my insides. My cunt muscles clamped down tight onto Daddy's cock and felt every twinge of his load entering my fuck canal. My body spasmed throughout the orgasm as Daddy continued to pinch and twist my nipples. It was hot as fuck and the pain made the orgasm that much more intense. As soon as Daddy was done, I slipped off of his flaccid cock and floated on the surface of the hot tub.

Daddy reached up and began fingering my cunt like he knew I had another orgasm inside me. He thrust three fingers inside my cum-filled cunt and began pounding it where his cock had left off. He wiggled and wiggled his fingers against my magical spot and had me screaming out to no one in the woods. He had my body spasming and buckling under his thrusts and I couldn't hold back any longer. I let out a guttural scream and came all over Daddy's fingers.

"That's my little whore; I'll bet you even have one more inside that tight little cunt of yours. Why don't you back up against the jets and make yourself cum once more. Daddy wants to watch you masturbate with the hot tub jets. Go on my little slut, don't be shy. Make yourself cum for Daddy, once more."

I relaxed back into my seat and raised my hips up so that the jet was pointed straight at my clit. Daddy watched intently as I began rubbing that jet across my clit, back and forth, up and down. It felt so good to have that powerful jet stream across my sensitive clit. It didn't take any time at all to get me back on the orgasmic peak. When my body started convulsing, Daddy took me over the edge with his words.

"Cum for Daddy, you fucking whore, Daddy wants to see you cum again. Oh you are such a hot little slut. Anything you can use to make you cum, you do. That's it baby girl, make yourself cum with that jet on your clit. You're going to cum soon, aren't you? Do it right sweetheart!"

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