Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.


"Oh, my God."

I'm excited and embarrassed at the same time just thinking about getting naked in front of my Dad and my brother. Yet, I'm not so embarrassed to admit that, just as I look at my brother's cock every time he exposes it to me, I'd look at my Dad's cock, too, if given the opportunity. Now that I've seen my brother's cock more than a few times, I'm more than a little curious what my Dad's cock looks like.

I know my brother would go wild with lust and desire to not only see me naked but also to see my Mom naked, too. Since my brother looks like a younger version of my Dad, I wonder if it would sexually excite my Mom to see her son naked, as well. Who knows? Maybe she has already. Taking that one step further, since I look like a younger version of my Mom, I wonder if it would turn my Dad on to see me naked? Who knows? Maybe he's been spying on me and has already seen me naked. It wouldn't surprise me if my Dad has a camera installed in my bathroom or in my bedroom videotaping me, while he masturbates watching me get dressed and/or undressed.

In hindsight, having seen my brother's cock more than a few times is just too coincidental. Either he jerks off all the time or he purposely exposes himself to me, when hearing me come upstairs with his clean laundry to put away. I know my Mom has caught him jerking off a few times, too. When I caught my brother masturbating the last time, I told my Mom and she went upstairs to talk to him, yet, again.

Now, that I think about it, she was in his room for a long time with the door closed. Wouldn't it be something if she was giving her son a hand job? Wouldn't it be something if she was giving him a blowjob? Who would know what they did behind closed doors? To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if my Mom was doing my brother.


The thought of my Mom touching my brother's cock, sucking my brother's cock, grosses me out, but excites me at the same time. Maybe I'm jealous, but I guess I'd do my brother, if I was horny enough, which I am now, or drunk enough, which I need to be. If nothing else, it's the fantasy that makes me hot enough to masturbate myself over it.

When my Mom finally came downstairs, she said that she talked to him about being more discreet and to lock his door, whenever doing that behavior. She also told me to always knock before opening his door, but it's sometimes difficult when you're carrying all his clean laundry, laundry that he should be doing himself. Why does he get out of doing the laundry? He doesn't do anything around here.

Then, there's my Dad. When I walked in the office, I caught him looking at naked women a few times. He apparently doesn't know how or doesn't care enough to bother to erase his cookies because he's been reading incest stories on a site called Literotica. I never heard of that site before, but I know what it is now.


Discovering that my Dad is into incest makes me wonder if he thinks of touching me or if he has thoughts of me sucking his cock or fucking me, even. Just as I'd never allow my Dad to fuck me or even touch me sexually, I'd never suck my Dad's cock. That's just so wrong. That's just so nasty. I don't know, maybe if I was stuck on a deserted island with just my Dad, like in the remake of that movie, Swept Away with Madonna, I would. Yet, even though I'm excited about seeing Daddy's cock, it sometimes grosses me out just to think of my Dad's cock.

It would be so weird to have him touch me in a sexual way. Only, now that I've had thoughts about sucking Daddy's cock, I'm thinking about what it would be like to stroke my Dad's cock, before sucking it. Just because I think about blowing my Dad doesn't mean that I'd actually do it. I'm not depraved. I'm not an incestuous slut. I'm just horny. I'm just having a normal sexual fantasy is all, albeit an incestuously sexual one. If men can have sexual fantasies about their mothers, why can't women have sexual fantasies about their fathers?

Maybe while masturbating, my Dad thinks of my brother with my Mom. Wouldn't that be something. Maybe he thinks of my brother touching my Mom and my Mom fucking and sucking my brother's cock. With his obvious interest in reading incest stories, maybe he puts my Mom up to having sex with my brother, so that she can tell him all about it later. Nah, that's too fucked up. That's ridiculous. My Dad's perverted, but I don't think he's that perverted. Gees, I didn't think of this until now, but maybe he thinks of my brother. Maybe he thinks of my brother blowing him or him blowing my brother.

"Eww. Gross. That's just too nasty to think of that thought for very long."

My Dad's sudden bizarre sexual behavior that now extends to having his family pose nude for an Earth Day advertising campaign for the Wholesome Family Foods Company makes me wonder if he's going through the change of life. He's old to me, but he's not that old, really. He's only 46-years-old and my Mom is 44-years-old. He's probably too young to be going through the change.

Maybe he's just revisiting his youth by trying to relive it. Even though he's lived through the sexual revolution, once already, this is a new sexual revolution, of sorts, for him. When he was sexually maturing, they didn't have desktop computers, the Internet, and X-rated photos and videos when he was growing up. Back then, they only had Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and strip clubs. Now everyone who wants can be entertained with X-rated pornography around the clock in the privacy of their own home.

After my Dad talked to us, my Mom, my brother, and me about the potential Earth Day nude family photo shoot modeling job, he left the ad on the living room table downstairs for all of us to read and I read it again.

"Wanted wholesome family to do Earth Day nude family photo shoot advertisement. All family members must be 18-year-old or older. If accepted for the job, you'll be paid nude modeling wages of $300 per hour for each family member for print ads and more compensation, in addition to residuals, if the photo shoot is picked up by an ad agency for televised commercial use."

When discussing the potential job possibility, there was no discussion about how we'd feel about posing nude together, as a family, and being naked in front of one another. No one protested, that's for sure. Yet, no one asked any questions either. If my reaction was the same as the rest of us, my Mom and my brother, we were all just kind of silently stunned. In the past, without question, we all just blindly accepted that we'd go along with whatever Daddy wanted us to do. He expected us to and we all just accepted that we'd pose naked, without question and without protest, which is how we normally handle things around here.

Certainly, in the way that my brother masturbates, he surely had no reservations about removing his clothes in front of me, his sister, and our mother. Certainly, in the way that my Dad wants to make quick and easy money without working, and now to discover his taste for reading incest stories, would allow him to get naked in front of me and my brother, as well as enjoying seeing me or my brother naked, whichever one of us interests him more. Then, as I suspect, if my mother has already had sex with my brother, she'd have no objection to removing her clothes in front of him.

Having mixed emotions of excitement and embarrassment, I seem to be the only one struggling with the prospects of posing naked in front of my family and having my family see me naked. With all the incestuous thoughts, you'd think that I'd be looking forward to getting naked in front of my Dad and my brother. Only, it's because of the thoughts of being naked in front of my Dad and my brother and seeing them naked, too, that has preoccupied my mind with incest. I don't know, I'm so confused.

Nonetheless, I suspect we all felt the same way about it. We all felt a little embarrassed, awkward, even, but excited at the same time, even though none of us admitted we were excited. Putting the chance for making some easy money aside, as I said before, seriously, what wholesome family would pose naked together? It would have to be a family of nudists, or a family so desperate for money that they wouldn't care what they had to do, even strip naked, or a family like our family, a bunch of incestuous perverts, who'd jump at the opportunity to pose naked together and maybe even be coerced and cajoled to have sex with one another, so long as the price is right. We could justify posing naked, no doubt, as being artfully done, along with the excuse with more justification really, that it was a way for us to earn some easy money, while hoping for other opportunities to make even more money.

Feeling as dysfunctional as the fictional family, The Royal Tennebaums, I couldn't help but feel a little like the oddball Margot Tennebaum, as played by Gwyneth Paltrow, in the quasi-incestuous relationships she had developed with the male members of her family. I blame my Dad. As usual, much in the way that Royal Tennebaum was the ruin and abomination of his family, my Dad was the catalyst for all of this. He was the one eager and desperate enough for money to want to have us model nude. As the shepherd of our little incestuous flock, what did he care? In truth, what did it really matter? As his obedient lascivious little lambs, why should we care? He called and made an appointment for us to audition and we followed his lead.

"Baaa baaa."

The tag line read, let it all hang out. Talking about their foods and using us as a parody of their organic food products, if they look this good without their clothes, imagine what they look like fully dressed and sitting at your dining room table. They wanted to make the parallel that people who look good naked do so because they eat Wholesome Family Foods, that their foods were totally organic, and that they had nothing to hide.

My friend Tiffany is a model and, although she's never done any nude modeling, lingerie modeling, or swimsuit modeling, for that matter, she's done some television commercials. She told me that if our ad was picked up for television, we'd have to sign a release with the photographer and hire a modeling agency to get a modeling agent and join SAG, the Screen Actors' Guild. Joining SAG could be pricy. We'd each have to pay the $2,277 initiation fee and the $116 yearly dues, but Tiffany said that the modeling agency would pay the upfront fees and reduce our earnings, until we paid back what we owed them.

Yet, if the ad campaign was a successful one and if they used our family again and again in commercials, we'd stand to make a very large amount of money from residuals, more than my Dad makes in a year. Besides, we could even become the spokes family for the Wholesome Family Foods Company and, if that happened, we stood to make a lot of money. Just as my Dad has already identified this as a viable chance to make a lot of money and for a the possibility of a new and successful career, I'm beginning to see this as the opportunity that it truly is. This one job could lead to big things and open another door to something else.

As far as nude models go, Tiffany told me that three hundred dollars an hour for nude print modeling is at the very bottom of the pay scale but excellent pay, nonetheless, considering that they pay inexperienced nude portrait models only about $15 an hour because, as I imagine, this photographer was looking for unknown and first time talent. Besides, catching my Dad's fever, I was starting to believe that this nude modeling job could be the start of something big, really big. Maybe, as a family and such a good looking family, at that, we'd be famous and they'd offer us a reality TV show or a sitcom television series. That's how things happen in Hollywood, fast, really fast. You never know. You just never know.

To be honest, I thought my Dad was nuts for even suggesting having his family pose nude for an Earth Day family photo shoot. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but who wouldn't be overly cautious around this family, but I was even starting to question if Daddy wasn't a closet pervert and had arranged this elaborate scheme just to see me, his daughter, naked, or his son naked, especially after I discovered that he was reading incestuous stories on Literotica and masturbating over them, later, in the bathroom.


I don't know, unless I'm horny and touching myself, it just gives me the creeps to think about being naked in front of my Dad and my brother. Definitely, without doubt, after the nude family photo shoot, after they've seen me naked, they'll be masturbating over what they saw of me, later. The thought of my Dad and/or my brother masturbating over seeing my naked body is a definite turn on, so long as I'm in a horny mood. If I'm not in a horny mood, I find the whole thing disgusting and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about my Dad and my brother ogling my naked bits and pieces and imaging me naked later, while masturbating. When I think more about it, the idea of either one of them seeing me naked and lusting over me is a gross thought.

Yet, then again, filled with mixed emotions and going back and forth from disgust to being aroused, all it takes for me to get horny again is when I think about seeing, stroking, and sucking my brother's cock or when I think about seeing my Dad's cock at the photo shoot. I'm up and down and all over the place about this nude family photo shoot. Feeling as if I'm having an anxiety attack, definitely, I'm nervous about getting naked in front of my family and who else knows will be there in the room with us. I think that part of my apprehension is hormonal. Admittedly, it's scary and exciting at the same time.

Now, with the thoughts of this nude photo shoot in my head, just like my brother, every night, before I go to sleep, I masturbate, while fantasizing about having sex with my Dad or my brother. Fucked up, I know, but it's just a sexual fantasy and no big deal. Having sex with either with my Dad or my brother would never happen in a million years.

Then, one day, when I was alone in my room and touching myself, the thought of exposing my naked body to my Dad and my brother aroused me enough to get me off. Not knowing why I never thought of doing that before, the thought of exposing myself was a sexual epiphany of sorts. I was so sexually charged that I couldn't wait to do it.

I was so excited by the thought of flashing them, only I was nervous at the same time. How would I do it? What if they knew I was purposely flashing them? I'd be so embarrassed for them to know that I was just as perverted as they are.

I figured, if they were going to see me naked anyway, soon, why not have a bit of teasing fun with them, now? If nothing else, giving me the control, flashing them would set the stage for and ease me into this Earth Day nude family photo shoot. Flashing my Dad and my brother my body now, having them see naked bits and pieces of me now, would make me feel less embarrassed and awkward later. Besides, I'd have some hot, sexy fun in the process, while flashing them, which would give me something to masturbate over later.

I couldn't believe that I found the thought of exposing my ass, my tits, and my pussy to my Dad and my brother arousing. Not having a boyfriend and being horny all the time had suddenly turned me into an incestuous slut. I mean, certainly, I haven't done anything, yet, had incestuous sex with a blood relative, but I was having incestuous thoughts of having sex with my Dad and my brother. In many religions, as well as in the eyes of the law, sometimes, depending on the crime and where in the country and the world it happened, the thoughts of doing the crime are just as bad as doing the dirty deed.

Calling it an innocent sexual fantasy, no doubt, I was trying to analyze and justify my reasons for having incestuous thoughts. Instead of just going with the flow and staying in the moment without questioning my motives so much, I was overanalyzing my sudden and newfound incestuous and lustful desire for my Dad and my brother too much. Maybe because it had been a while since I had sex, maybe because I was always so horny, apparently an inherent, genetic trait of this family, and maybe because I had the pleasure of such a horny and appreciative audience in my Dad and my brother, but it was then that I started my sexy teasing of them.

Whenever my Mom wasn't around, I was purposely careless about how I dressed or didn't dress around my Dad or brother and had numerous accidentally on purpose wardrobe malfunctions, where I flashed them my pussy, my ass, my tits, my panties and/or my bra.

"Oops, sorry, don't look. I'm so embarrassed," I said pretending to stumble and falling back on the couch to catch my fall, while my nightgown rose high enough to expose what they were hoping to see, my pussy.

It's so easy for a girl to get a man's interest, even when that man is her Dad or her brother, especially if that man is her Dad or her brother, sometimes. Flashing my body to them made me feel sexy, wanted, and desired. I was a baby bird just learning how to spread her wings and fly for the first time. Only, in my case, knowing full well that neither one of them would cross the incestuous line, hiding behind my protective layer of innocence and the fact that I was my Dad's daughter and my brother's sister, I was using them to learn how to be a sexy seductress.

If only they knew how wicked I really was. If only they knew I was flashing them on purpose. If only they knew I was having incestuous thoughts about having sex with them. Only, how would they know? They'd never know I was the vixen. By their thoughts of wanting to see more of me and wanting to have sex with me, no doubt, they were the ones guilty of an incestuous perversion and not me. They'd be more apt to figure that they were more guilty of looking at me and wanting to see my body than I was of guilty of wanting them to see me and showing them my body.

After being witness to her sexual antics for years, I had a role model to watch and from which to learn. Although my Mom was more of a coy cock teaser than she was a sexy seductress, I wanted to be a seductress. What's the difference between a cock teaser and a seductress? To me, a cock teaser is more crass and bold and a seductress is more sly and subtle. There's no question when a woman is a cock teaser, but a seductress will make you leave scratching your head, while wondering what she meant by her comment or action.

Not knowing where you stand with a seductress, you're always afraid to make a move for fear that you've misconstrued her sexual intentions and will embarrass yourself by taking the next sexually aggressive step. Whether teased by a coy cock teaser or a sexy seductress, it's all a big sexual game, after all, anyway. Whether it's with a friend, a stranger, my Dad, or my brother, it's all about sex.

Sex is the drug. Sex is the addiction. When we're not doing it, we're thinking about doing it. We can't stop thinking about it. Sex, sex, sex, everything in life is sex.

It's a fine art of sexuality and sensuality in learning how to be a seductress than it is in learning how to be a cock teaser. A cock teaser is easy. Those men who cannot differentiate between a cock teaser and a seductress aren't worth my time to sexually tease them, which is why I prefer going after older men. Older men more appreciate the fine art of a woman being a woman.

Most young men don't play the game correctly, don't even know the rules, yet. Too many young guys aren't even romantic in trying to seduce a seductress. They're just clumsy and inexperienced at best. In the meantime, while learning how to play the game of a sexy seductress, being that I already have my captive audience in house, I'll use my Dad and my brother as my poor suckers to improve my skills of seduction.

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