tagMind ControlDangerous Paths Ch. 03

Dangerous Paths Ch. 03


"I told you Trinity will be moving into the guesthouse by this weekend." Rob said to his wife his anger barely contained.

"How can you bring your whore into this house? This is my house and I will not have my children around your little slut of the month!"

Dana never saw his fist coming until it contacted with the side of her face, knocking her to the floor.

Rob grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her into his face, "This is my fucking house! I'll bring whomever into this house I want to. You will have nothing to say about that. If I want to bring every whore on the street in here I will."

"I am your wife! How can you bring your mistress into our home? How can you embarrass me like this?"

"Yes and as my wife you will do as I say. Not another word, my dear, I am feeling rather tired. I am not to be disturbed." He threw Dana to the floor and walked away from her.

Dana's head hit the wall with enough force to make her pass out. One of the maids seen the commotion and helped her employer back to consciousness.

"Madame let's go and lay you down."

"Yes please Eliza help me to my room."

Once inside her bedroom Dana sent the maid away. She went into her private bathroom to look at the damage. The right side of her face was already bruising her eye turning a purple color. Wetting a washcloth she held it to her face hoping to be able to stop more swelling. She hated her life. She hated herself. If she had the courage, and wasn't for her children, she would just end it. Thinking back to how her life once was tears formed in her eyes. Raised by her loving Sicilian parents Dana Robusto was a very happy girl. Surrounded by family and friend constantly. Laughter rang through the hallways of her childhood home. If her religion would allow it she would divorce Rob, but she felt it was a sin against God. Marriage is forever she was always told by her parents who were married 55 years before her father died followed by her mother 6 months later.

"Why couldn't I have found a love as theirs?" She looked at the picture beside her bed of her parents. Dana was only fifteen when her father passed on to heaven. Barely sixteen when her mother decided she couldn't be separated from her love any longer and laid down to die. Rob was only twenty-one then, but was already quite wealthy. Dana's mother contacted him and asked him to take care of her only child. At first Rob refused but further pleading just to come to meet her finally won out and he had his first glance of the little sixteen-year-old beauty. Although her mother didn't know that Rob didn't make all of his money legally and wasn't really the man she thought he was. She just saw a better future for her daughter. Sadly not long after Rob agreed to become Dana's guardian the mother she loved so dearly said goodbye to this world, laid down to sleep to never again wake up.

Dana was then thrust into Rob's world. It wasn't pretty, but she kept quiet. Rob seen the advantages of having her around and began to charm her. He wasn't planning to marry her, but plans change. He lusted after her young supple body like he had none other. He had to have her. Nothing would stop him from taking her. Charmed and thinking she was in love as most any other then seventeen year old girl who was given expensive gifts and taken to the best restaurants, told constantly about her beauty, and having a very handsome older man professing his love for her every spare second of the day. Rob charmed her into bed, only to find that she had been a virgin. Code dictated he marry her and make her an honorable woman. Sicilian Code was very strict concerning bedding virgins. Especially when six weeks later when they tell you they are pregnant.

Dana shook her head to clear them of the depressing thoughts. Needless to say good went to bad and bad went to worse. That's where she is now. Married to a person she hates who hates her.

"Oh Momma what should I do?" Dana said aloud. "Is there a way to fix my life? Has God forsaken me?"

At the same time across town Trinity was thinking the same thing. She hasn't been able to get in touch with Mark, nor had she seen him in 3 days. She knew Rob was getting angrier with every day that passed and she wasn't able to give him any results. Her life was in jeopardy. She should just leave town, leave the state. But her mother wouldn't survive the trip. And she couldn't leave her mother. She would give her life for her mother, unfortunately she might end up doing just that.

Trinity was later packing her bags when the doorbell chimed. As she got closer to her door she saw the folded up piece of paper. Inside was a note from the detective in 16B.

'M. needs to see you. Basement at midnight.'

Was all the note said. Trinity knew she had to see him. Knew it was life or death. Thankfully tonight was Tuesday and Rob wouldn't be coming over tonight he was in Connecticut for a baptism in the morning for his infant nephew. She knew that didn't mean she wasn't being watched. She could knew she was, she could feel it.

Ten minutes until midnight, she had three boxes packed and ready to take to the storage units in where else, but the basement. She was hoping that her plan would work and that whoever was watching her would see her carrying down the boxes and thinking she was just storing them. Better yet maybe the watcher had even falling asleep.

Carefully picking up one of the boxes she made her way to the basement. Trinity hated the basement of her apartment; it gave her the creeps, normally. Knowing that Mark was down here waiting for her somehow made it seen a lot better.

"Trin....." She placed her hand over his mouth before he could say anything else that might give them away. Taking hold of his shirt she led him to where the storage units were, but knowing the building as well as she did she placed the box in her unit and continued down a very narrow hallway. Once at her destination she pushed a large bookcase from the wall and stepped inside the dimly lit room.

"How did you know about this place?"

"I grew up in this building. I found this room one-day quite by accident. It's been my safe haven ever since." What she didn't tell him was that this was also the room where ten years ago, when she was sixteen, she lost virginity in. She smiled with the memory of fumbling with clothing and clumsily getting penetrated for the first time.

"What happened to your face?"

Trinity placed her hand over the purple bruise along her jaw line, "It's nothing."

"How can you say it's nothing? That son of a bitch hit you!"

"Listen to me. We haven't got the time to worry about that. I am in a lot of trouble. I need your help."

"What do you need?" He asked trying to keep his eyes from watching the rise and fall of her breasts.

Trinity explained to Mark what was going on and what Rob thought was going on. She didn't leave anything out. Not even the fact that either way she didn't think she was going to make it out of this alive.

"I'll get you out of this." Mark practically swore to her when she finished.

"I don't know how. But it's a nice thought. All I want out of this is that my mother be continued to get taken care of. No state resting homes or hospitals. She is not to be moved out of her house. She has a do not resituate order in which she signed before she got so ill. There isn't any reason for her to be removed from her home."

"Don't worry your mother will be taken care of, but you're talking as if you know you won't make it through this. I will protect you."

"I don't even think you can keep me alive, Mark. I've made a lot of stupid mistakes and.. well I have to deal with them. I wasn't forced into this relationship. I did what I felt I needed to, to help my mother. It's time I pay for those decisions I made years ago." Mark grabbed hold of Trinity's arms and pulled her closer to him, "You will get out of this. I couldn't loose you not now, not ever. Are you so blind that you can't see why I'm doing all of this? I love you Trinity! I can't get you out of my system. You're like a drug and I'm addicted."

"I will only hurt you, Mark. You deserve more than this. A woman who is another man's whore. You deserve the picket fence and the beautiful house. The gorgeous family. A wife that cooks for church suppers. Not one with a past like mine. I am tarnished. I am no good any longer."

He pushed her against the cement wall behind him just enough to get her attention, but not hard enough to hurt her.

"Dammit Trinity you are good! I don't need the wife who cooks for church suppers. I need you!"

He couldn't hold back the hunger any longer. He had to have her. He had to have her now! He brought his mouth down on hers and was relived when she responded with the same hunger. He had to feel those breasts that were straining to get out off her top. Practically ripping her shirt open he caressed those creamy white mounds for the first time. He brought his mouth down on one and then the other bringing the pink nipples to pointed peaks. Trinity frantically unbuttoning her jeans she tossed them across the room. Mark took one look at her; shirt and bra torn open, standing there in only her white lace panties. He let out a low growl and in seconds his pants were joining hers across the room. His stiff cock throbbing with urgency. He ripped off the last remaining obstacle that was keeping him from her. The lace fall at her feet in 2 separate pieces. Mark picked her up and backed her against the wall. With her against the wall straddling him, he entered her. To Trinity it felt he penetrated her straight to her soul. His cock thrusting in and out of her. Trinity's nails clawing at his back. Her back scrapping the wall behind her, but she didn't care. When her release came she thought she was going to pass out from the intensity of it. Feeling her inner muscles grabbing at his cock he couldn't hold back any longer, with a roar he filled her with his seed.

She led Mark back further into the room where and old bed was in the corner. He laughed when he seen it noticing that the sheets were for the most part clean. Knowing this is a place she must come often. He gently laid her down on the bed and began kissing all over her body. When he got to her pussy he could still taste himself there, but didn't care. There was a need in him to explore every inch of her. He flicked his tongue over her still enlarged clit and further investigated her core. Soon Trinity was shaking from yet another earth shattering orgasm.

It was well past 4 am before Trinity got back inside her apartment. It didn't matter to her that she had to sneak past windows and couldn't turn on any lights. She felt like for the first time in a long time she had a chance to get out of the mess of her life.

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