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Daring at Disney


Miranda and Jason walked slowly through the park, holding hands like young lovers. Their fingers were intertwined as they looked around the surroundings. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just perfect. Jason was wearing beige shorts with a white shirt. Miranda had chosen a cute beige skirt and was wearing a white and pink t-shirt. Other than the pink in her shirt, they matched perfectly. Some say that couples that are together for a long time begin to dress and act the same.

Miranda and Jason made their way over a wooden bridge. It went over a small creek and in the distance there were birds singing and the wind rustled the dark green leaves of the trees. They stopped on the bridge and looked out.

Miranda and Jason had been together for over twenty years. It didn't seem that long, but as they walked through the happiest place on earth, they understood that things had changed. This was the first year that their two children, Mark and Joey, had not come with them. They spent every Spring Break in Florida since the boys were young. They remembered the time that Joey had gotten food poisoning and thrown up outside Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. When the boys were teenagers, they had bet each other how many times they could ride Space Mountain without getting sick. Miranda and Jason had just sat outside the ride listening to the repetitive voice explaining how Space Mountain is the tallest roller coaster in North America.

Now they were doing their own thing. Joey was in Cuba with some of his dorm mates. Mark was working at the lab trying to catch up on his work. Miranda and Jason had discussed whether they would go or not. They decided that a trip with just the two of them would be nice.

"I love you." Jason whispered those words against Miranda's ear. He wrapped his arms around his wife's small waist and pulled her close. Miranda giggled and wiggled her butt against his crotch. She waited for a reaction.

Jason moaned and gyrated his hips against her butt. Two could play this game. He turned her around and faced her. He was probably going to have back problems soon from being hunched down so much. There was almost a foot height difference between the two of them, but he loved the fact he was so tall. It meant that whenever she wore anything that was even a little low cut, Jason could see straight down her shirt.

"How daring do you want to be today?"

Miranda blushed. She remembered the first time that Jason had asked that question. She had been just a teenager at the time and Jason had wanted to make out at the drive in. She had said yes. It had been an amazing experience. Every time Jason wanted to be daring, he would ask her the same question.

"Whatever you want that won't get us arrested. The kids would be so embarrassed."

"I want us to go sneak off and make love by the creek."

Miranda moaned and let Jason lead her across the bridge and into the bushes. There weren't many people around. It was Spring Break, but most people were enjoying the animals or the rides on the other side of the park. This was a secluded area where very few people would notice the two lovers.

Jason sat down on a rock and pulled his wife into his lap. He barely had time to kiss her when she reached down and began to unzip his shorts. Jason grinned. Sometimes his wife would tease or play the submissive one. He loved her no matter what, but he especially enjoyed the times when she was the aggressive one.

"You have no idea how badly I want your cock inside me." Miranda whispered those words against Jason's ear and then pulled his cock out of his shorts. He barely had time to feel her small hands wrapped tight around his cock when she pushed him inside her.

"You slut!" Jason grinned. She wasn't wearing panties. He loved teasing her about this, but also was a little upset. Had he known his beautiful wife had no panties on, they would have stopped and fucked a lot sooner.

"You love it." Miranda bounced hard on his cock, her knees bent as she pushed her whole weight against his cock. Jason just sat and watched. He wanted to touch her, but at the same time, he knew she was close to having her first orgasm. Jason ran his hands against her shirt, feeling he hard nipples through her shirt. He twisted them and pulled them, waiting for a reaction.

"Fuck!" Miranda bucked down hard and her body began to shake. She closed her eyes and began to breathe in and out very fast. Jason knew just to hold on, waiting for her to come down off her high.

"You love doing it outdoors don't you?"

"Oh yeah. Your turn sweetie." Miranda moved her legs around his hips and leaned in close. She nuzzled his nose. "I love you no matter what."

Jason gripped her cute butt cheeks and began to bounce her against his cock. He threw his head back and lifted his hips. He could feel every inch of her burning hot pussy and he loved it. He never tired of fucking his wife. He would never get tired of the intimacy they shared. It didn't matter when or where they made love. Each time was perfect.

"Fuck!" Jason cried out and held her tight against his cock. He felt the back of her pussy against the tip of his cock and he held tighter. Jason felt his cock explode inside her pussy and he closed his eyes. Blood was rushing from his brain to his cock and he was getting dizzy. They hadn't made love since last night and his cock was always in a state of arousal around her.

"I love you so much. " Miranda nuzzled Jason's nose. Jason smiled.

"Am I assuming we're going back to the hotel for round two?" Jason knew that once his wife came she would want to have a few more orgasms. Their sex drive was always in harmony and he wanted the same.

"Oh yeah. Let's go."

Miranda slid off her husband's lap and adjusted her skirt. Jason tucked his softening cock back into his beige shorts and they made their way back to the pathway. No one had noticed them and no staff were around.

"We just had sex at Disney World." Miranda was blushing as she realized exactly what they had done.

"You loved every second of it."

"Oh yeah. When we get back to the hotel, can we make love with the Mickey Mouse ears? Miranda was teasing, but was surprised at Jason's response.

"Actually I prefer you wear the tiara you bought. I'd love to fuck my princess senseless in only a beautiful tiara.

"You are bad."

"You love me anyway."

Miranda nodded. He was right.

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