tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Temperance Ch. 03

Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 03


Max stood there staring at Kavi, not believing her own eyes, "how...?"

"How did you get out?" she stammered.

"I don't think now's the right time for explanations Maxie," Kavi replied looking at the approaching boats.

The sound of whirling chopper blades caught Max's attention, he was right; they had to get out of there and fast. There were gunshot fire, after which several canisters shot on deck...

"Tear gas," Kavi said stepping over Petrovic's corpse toward Max.

"Their trying to blind us so they can flank around," Max said covering her mouth with the crook of her arm.

Gunfire echoed throughout the large freight ship with Petrovic's men trying to repel the invaders, but they stood little chance against military proficiency. Men with heavy body armour and gas masks armed with 7.62mm assault rifles were now scurrying through the ship and picking off Russian thugs as they chattered on their radios informing command of their progress.

Lydecker's men were quickly covering the ship narrowing their search for the X5 female they were looking for.

"Let's move, Max," Kavi said, cocking his gun, "I got exit strategies for times like these."

Max had no idea what he meant; she was still trying to wrap her head around why he was here and how he could have shot Petrovic and Yasinski in cold blood. None-the-less, she followed him through the thick smoke caused by the tear gas holding her breath; ironically if it weren't for the genetic abilities Manticore had given they would not have been able to escape them. At present their enhanced vision allowed them to see clearly as they moved.

Four Manticore soldiers came around a container spotting them, they trained their riffles on Kavi who acted at a split-seconds notice; he ran up the side of the container and spun his body kicking one of them thru the face, the Perspex of his gas mask shattering. Kavi then moved at lightning speed grabbing two of the other soldiers gun nozzles and twirling his body, avoiding the shot of the other he hit the two over the heads with their own riffle buttes. He followed through gripping the other by the throat and slamming him hard to the ground before kicking the another against the container with a loud thud.

"Team command, come in, this is black leader, we have two Transgenic's, repea..."


Max had stopped the last soldier reporting to Lydecker by thrusting her foot into his back snapping the bones in his lower spine. Kavi pulled something out of his inner-jacket pocket and started moving again.

"A detonator, what the hell Kavi?" Max asked eyeing it.

"Desperate times Maxie," he replied, "got some C-4 rigged to gas drums down in the cargo bay in case of emergencies..."

"Now haul ass."


The shattering explosion ruptured, lighting up the night sky sending pieces of the freight ship flying in all directions...

Lydecker covered his face as the ship went up in flames. He looked up clutching his radio in anger.

"Did anyone make out the last broadcast from our team?"

"It sounded like he said there are two Transgenic's sir."

"Dammit! Get the chopper to circle around, I want lights on the water, we are not loosing these kids."

"Sir, we're three miles out from the mainland, they can't-"

"Don't fucking tell me what these kids can't do captain. Now I gave you an order."

"Yes sir; sorry sir."


Ten minutes later Max and Kavi immerged out of the sea water near the docks surveying the area for any signs of military presence. They heard the chopper fly over them after which their position was signalled by a blinding spot light.

"Stay where you are," said the amplified voice over the megaphone, "you will be brought in unharmed. Repeat, X5 soldiers stay where you are."

Max and Kavi used their speed to sprint down over the street, Max skidding over the hood of a car as they ran over and into a nearby alley. Kavi kicked off a wall and leapt up onto the fire escape then kicked the ladder down for Max who started scaling it.

Meanwhile Lydecker headed off the dock and got into a black military jeep, "Where are we Briggs?"

"We got the chopper after them sir, the male has been identified as X5-459."

"And the girl?"

"We have no identification sir."

"Let's move out, I want two teams mobilised, they do not leave this sector, tell black bird not to loose them," Lydecker ordered.


Max and Kavi moved across the rooftops leaping the gaps from one building to the next staying ahead of the chopper.

"We gotta lose the eye in the sky Kavi," Max said, the speed at which they were moving hardly affecting her.

"Stay on my tail," Kavi smiled.

He ran up to the edge of the roof but instead of jumping across he slanted his body weight and flung himself through a window breaking through into someone's bedroom. There was a scream as a girl jumped off a man covering her breasts with a sheet, then another as Max came crashing through the window too. Kavi broke the door in half with his sheer strength and then took the front door off its hinges moving through the hallway of the apartment building.

"Gotta keep going," Max said passing him.

They peered over the railing and down the stairwell as they heard footsteps making their way up the stairs.

"Fuck; Deck's task force is well trained," Kavi said eyeing the soldiers with his enhanced vision.

Never one to think things through, Max acted on impulse jumping over the railing and dropping seven stories down landing on her hands and knees. She sprinted up and grabbed the last soldier around the neck and kicked the one in front of him. Max then gripped off a flash grenade and tossed it up three floors. There was a loud BANG! and a flash of bright light followed by the groans of soldiers as they were disorientated. Special membranes over Max's eyes prevented the flash grenade from having any stumbling effects on her so she turned and moved to the door in the entrance hall; Kavi who had also dropped down from the top floor following.

"Nice," he smiled passing her and taking the lead again.

Max smiled back, she had to admit it was fun doing what she was made for along with a fellow X5.


"WHAT!?" Lydecker yelled, pissed.

"They evaded the chopper and set off a flash grenade blinding team 3 sir, we don't know where they are now..."

"Correction sir, we got them heading along the freeway on the overpass four miles away, their making for the sector blockade," Briggs reported.

"Let's move, I will not have these kids slip through my fingers again."


The chopper flew trying to keep its light on the fast moving X5's with little success.

Down below Max and Kavi pushed their body's running down the freeway toward the train line at 30 miles per hour. As they approached it a train came speeding by. Kavi timed it, grabbed Max's hand and leapt onto the train's roof quickly finding his feet to maintain balance. Max was down on all fours as they sped through sector 4 on the roof of the train, wind rushing passed her ears. She smiled looking ahead at the fast approaching bridge. Max bent on her knees and acrobatically laid on her back as they passed under the low bridge, her breasts almost grazing the roof of it...

The train came out on the other side and as the chopper's light shone on the roof of the carriages, they were gone.

Inside the train the door closed and the commuters stared speechlessly at the couple who had got on bored as if it were an everyday thing...


"Son uffa bitch! FUCK...!"

"How the hell did you loose them?" Lydecker demanded.

"These are not civilian's sir. They have-" Briggs tried to explain.

"I put this task force together to reacquire escaped X5 soldiers captain, I don't want excuses. Now you find them."

"Yes sir."


Max opened her apartment door and walked in, Kavi entering behind her.

"This is, quaint," he said looking around at the unfinished place.

"Yeah well, when you're keeping a low profile you squat."

"Max that you?" Kendra said coming out of her room, "Oh, hi," she stammered looking at the attractive man in her living room. "So Max, you gonna introduce your friend?"

"Hi, name's Kavi," Kavi said extending a hand.

"Hey, I'm-"

"Leaving," Max said interrupting introductions, "Kavi is a friend from way back and we gotta catch up; alone."

"Boy, you'd think a girl can't take a hint, Max," Kendra smirked.

"It's not even like that," Max said virtually pushing her out the door, "His like a brother."

"A really hot brother, like, incestuously hot," Kendra teased.

"You are disgusting," Max said pulling her face, "Now out, go to Crash or hook up with Mr. Multiples."

"His got a weird ink job though," Kendra quipped catching the barcode tattoo on the back of his neck.

"Out," Max said pushing her and slamming the door shut.

She turned to Kavi with a girlish grin on her face. Then she walked over to him and hugged him tightly, "I can't believe you got out."

Kavi smiled down at her, "yeah."

"How- what were you doing on Petrovic's ship though?" She asked concerned.

"We do what we can out here in the real world Maxie," he said walking over to the window and staring out of it, "you do work for Eyes Only, and I... headed hits for the Russian mob."

"What?" Max asked shocked.

"I acted as an assassin Max, took care of business; used the contacts to find our unit."

Max didn't retort. They did what they had to do to survive. Hadn't Zack killed to keep her, Max, safe? Hadn't he killed the private eye Vogelstein she had hired because Lydecker had gotten to him? And if it weren't for Logan what would she be doing to survive; she'd still be doing small time cat burglaries.

"So did you?" she asked.

"Did I what?"

"Did you find any others from our unit?" she clarified.

"Vada." He said looking over at her.

"Where, is she, is she safe?" Max asked excitedly.

"She's fine Max. What about you, you find anyone, you know where they are?"

Max's face was sullen, "a few, Tinga, Jondy, Brin, Zack of course, Ben," she said the last name softly, not wanting to remember what happened to him.

"I heard about Ben, it was... fucked up," Kavi said cupping her chin. She looked up at him and smiled warmly.

"You're a hell of a woman Maxie. Roof over your head, working at a job, friends. You did okay for yourself."

"Yeah, I'm living it up while the others are out there doing god knows what to scrape by-"

"Don't beat yourself up, we all knew the consequences," Kavi said sternly.

They looked at one another still invading each other's personal space...

"You really are beautiful Max."

Max was speechless, caught unawares by the compliment, "What are you-"

When he cupped her cheek she didn't know how to react.

"Manticore did one hell of a job putting you together," Kavi smiled licking his lips.

'He was going to kiss her,' Max thought, 'her 'brother' was going to kiss her.'

Before she could respond and pull away, Kavi had pressed his lips to hers and started kissing her passionately. When she felt his moist tongue slip in her mouth she put her hands on his chest and pushed him off...

"What the hell are you doing?" she protested.

"Don't tell me that escape didn't get you all hot Maxie," he said, then went down and nipped at her neck running his tongue along her throat before kissing up the side of her face and sucking on her earlobe.

She couldn't deny the pulse-pounding run-in with Lydecker had her adrenalin surging and her body in need of release; but not like this, Kavi was her brother she couldn't fuc...

Her breath hitched as his hand slipped into her pants and inside her panties, she immediately grabbed it trying to stop him but he had already cupped her core, his fingers parting her soft lips and dipping into her sex.

"ohnoffck," Max mumbled as he pushed his finger in deep inside her cunt, "Kavi stop," she pleaded, half-heartedly. Kavi was nibbling on her ear and gently running his finger in and out of her slit, pushing in further every time.

She wanted to pull his hand out but it felt really good having his knowing fingers work her heating sex, and instead found herself moaning and grinding her waist against his hand...

Smiling at her release Kavi dropped to his knees and pulled her tight black pants down her smooth bronzed thighs, making sure he slipped her panties off along with them. The scent of her sex filled his nostrils as he looked at her pristine snatch; the soft, thin padded slit already glistening with her arousal. He rose to his feet and lifted her slender frame off the ground then stepped backward and sank into the tattered sofa. Max was crouched over him with her feet along side his waist, watching as he unbuckled his belt and undid his jean anxiously awaiting the package held within.

Her eyes widened as Kavi's erection popped out like a beast. It was thick and around 8 ½" long, clean shaven and circumcised. She hadn't ever taken a dick this large and the thought both thrilled and frightened her. Kavi reached between her legs and tapped her slit then rubbed it lightly. He took her hand and put it on his dick, groaning when she gripped it firmly. Max felt him pulse in her palm and slowly started pumping her fist up and down his length, "I haven't been with a Transgenic before," she whispered. She steadied her feet and lifted her body over him with his dick pointing straight up at her moist pussy.

Kavi stopped playing with her snatch and held her calves as Max got ready to take his cock. She patted her pussy then held his cock firmly as she eased her waist down. His bulbous knob propped up against her lips then plopped into her vagina, his wide girth forcing her cunt muscles to stretch around his shaft as it pushed into her. Max snapped her eyes shut and rotated her waist as she tried to take Kavi's dick into her tight pussy, her juices trickling down his length giving the needed lubrication to stifle the friction.

Kavi held her legs and started thrusting his cock in and out of her while she continued pushing down till eventually half his dick was eased up her wet depths. Max leaned back and rested her weight on her arm and her hand on Kavi's knee and looked between her legs at how her soft pussy bulged around his huge, thick dick. She started thrusting her waist up and down, steadying her feet on the sofa for the support needed to fuck him.

"God Maxie, look at you- ahh", Kavi groaned as he watched Max take half his cock, her silky snatch gliding up and down it as she slowly started fucking him. He unzipped her padded leather waistcoat and threw it aside then took the hem of her black top and helped her out of it. Kavi looked in awe at Max's supple tits encased in her black bra, her chest already gleaming with the sweat of her exertion.

He reached for the back strap of her bra and ripped it apart freeing her golden tits. They were perfect, sitting high on her chest despite their large size. He watched them jiggle as Max continued to rock on his cock then groped them feeling how soft and firm they were before taking one of her dark nipples into his mouth.

Max leaned back and just rode him, resting her hands on his knees with him holding her lower back; sitting there and thrusting her waist up and down and working her tender pussy over his hard cock.

"God Maxie, ergh, that's good," Kavi groaned as he watched her move, gritting his teeth as he held onto her tanned sweaty body as it rose and sank on his lap.

Max clutched his muscular shoulders, rolling her head in circles, her hair sticking to her sweaty brow as she rode him. Further and further she took him inside her sex, her cunt gripping and drawing his cock into her sexy body. Her clit pulsed as her juices smeared over his shaft with the way she ran her slippery little snatch up and down his length.

Kavi suddenly swept her off the couch into his strong arms and carried her into her bedroom. He tossed her sweat-kissed body down and lifted her waist so that her heart-shaped ass was in the air and level with his pelvis. Max craned her neck and looked at him breathing heavily consumed with lust. Kavi grinned at her, reaching out and fondling her buttocks and spreading her cheeks apart, leering lasciviously at her puckered anus.

Max's face crumpled when she felt the head of his cock prop against her asshole. It's not that she didn't do anal; it was just that she preferred her sex the way nature intended

"Hrrnt," she scowled as Kavi pushed forward and his dick pushed into her butte, her tight ring stretching to allow him access. Max's mouth was agape, her breathing ragged and through her nose, her eyes snapped shut as Kavi heaved his way in, his large penis slithering up her bowels.

Max tried to wriggle forward as pain shot through her as her ass clenched around Kavi's dick resisting the intrusion. She gave a deep grunt as he continued pushing, feeling how wonderfully hot and tight she was, trying to thrust in all the way. Finally he felt his balls nudge against her wet pussy and knew he was as far in as he could go.

Kavi held still, enjoying the feeling of Max's tight ass clasped around him. He slipped off his leather jacket and pulled off his top, standing behind her naked. He placed one knee on the bed for leverage, his hairy chest pectorals flexing as he moved- he was quite the male specimen.

Filled with the huge cock, Max pushed her bum against his pelvis and spread her legs, knowing that what was to come would be a far cry from sensual love making. She prepared herself as Kavi pulled his cock from her anus slightly and slammed back in roughly. He bent over her and pumped in and out of her so that her muscles could relax, his cock sliding smoothly in and out her butte.

Max sucked her finger as he picked up the pace going faster, sloshing his dick back and forth humping her, his hips smacking against hers.

Her ring turned from a dirty brown to a light shade of red as Kavi ravished her, fucking her ass with everything he had, his Transgenic strength and animalism now taking over, every thrust making her perfect butte jiggle. He pumped quickly, going deep and hard her gorgeous ass slapping back hard against his hips as he dug his fingers into her hips.

"Oooh fck, Ahahh, hahh," Max grunted and moaned in pleasure as her hot ass was ravished mercilessly, the pain heightening her arousal as she now started pushing back to meet him, raising her body on all fours. She grit her teeth groaning uncontrollably as she enjoyed the good, hard ass pounding.

Kavi grabbed her waist, pulled out of her ass and twisted her body around so that she was on her back in one sweeping motion before he was on top of her. Max caught up with what was happening and spread her legs for him as he gripped his cock and patted it against her plump pussy before expertly guiding it to its destination. He was in her in one quick thrust of his hips, groaning with her as her warm wet walls hugged his hard cock.

"Oh shit," Max howled, raising her waist and pushing it against his pelvis trying to get him further in her soaking snatch. She flexed her cunt muscles, squeezing his cock as he pulled slightly out of her.

"Ffffholy ffck," Kavi groaned feeling her pussy grip and spasm around his cock, it was the most incredible feeling in the world and he lost himself in it thrusting deep into her over and over again. Max was arched against him, her body, thrashing, clammy, and in the throes of pleasure as Kavi worked his lovely dick in and out of her taut body.

Her hands were exploring his chiselled body wanting to feel it against her as they fucked. He kissed her again and she let him, eagerly, willingly sucking on his tongue as it intertwined wither own. He moved his waist side to side as he thrust, teasing the sensitive girth of her vaginal walls making her pussy tighten up rigidly again.

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