tagNonHumanDark Desires Ch. 02

Dark Desires Ch. 02


Reading the first part of the story will help you understand this chapter better or you just can enjoy reading the sex.


Matthias woke up the next evening naked and tangled up in his bed sheets. When he looked at the spot next to him, he found Lila gone. She couldn't have gone far since he did not give her the security codes for the elevator and garage. It was then he heard the faint noise of the television coming from his living room. He got up and strode naked down the hall.

He found her sitting on his recliner watching and masturbating to porn on his flat screen TV. He watched as she played with her pussy, shoving her fingers into her sweet little hole. She glanced up and saw him and then rubbed herself faster. Within seconds she was climaxing, crying out in pleasure.

"I'm glad you made yourself at home," he told her when she was done.

She opened her legs father apart to show him her wet pussy. He walked over to her and stood beside the chair.

"Good evening. Did you sleep well?" she asked, giving him a wicked grin. She dipped her fingers in her pussy again covering them with her juices. She lifted them up and offered them to him.

"Very," he answered. "Have you been awake for quite a while?"

He took her fingers and put them in his mouth.

"Only for a few hours," she replied and watched him lick her fingers clean. "I took a shower and then watched some TV. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your shirt."

Matthias saw she wore one of his white wife beater shirts, her body stretching it thin. The white cotton tank shirt could barely hold her abundant breasts and her wide hips. The outer sides of her boobs were exposed through the large arms holes and he could see her erect nipples through the thinness of the shirt. The shirt's hem only grazed the top of the trimmed hair between her legs.

He leaned down and began licking her pussy clean. Lila moaned in pleasure.

"Actually I do mind," he said when he was done a few minutes later. "That's my favorite shirt and your big tits are stretching it out. Take it off."

She gave him pout and lifted the shirt over his head. She was now completely naked.

"What am I suppose to wear?" she complained.

"You shouldn't wear clothes, you should be naked all the time," he told her.

Matthias reached up and began kissing her pouting mouth. He silkily eased his tongue between her pink lips.

Her vamp really knew how to kiss, Lila thought. She felt his hands move to her breasts and roll her already erect nipples between his fingers. He broke off their kiss and trailed his tongue down her neck, licking at pulse of her vein. His tongue moved down her chest until he reached her breasts. Her vamp licked one tit and then the other making them wet and shiny with his saliva. He took a nipple into his hot wet mouth and began sucking at it like a newborn babe. Her other breast was being caressed and fondled by his other hand. As Lila watched him suck on her tits, she ran her fingers through his black wavy hair.

"I'm hungry sugar. It's been hours," she told him.

He released her nipple but not before gently biting it. "We can't have that now."

He stood up and placed himself in front of her.

"I've been waiting for this all day," she told him and licked her lips.

She took hold of his now fully erect cock and pumped it with her hand. His siren licked the underside of his cock at the base and then along it's veined sides. She then teased its purple head by making circles with her tongue.

"Oh baby you're full of cum," she said in delight.

She took the large head into her mouth and began sucking on it as he did with her nipples. He watched as she widened her mouth and completely inhaled his cock.

"Yeah that feels good," he hissed.

Lila sucked lustily on his cock. She cupped his firm ass with both hands and pushed him in and out of her mouth. He couldn't believe how far in he was, Matthias was sure she'd be gagging by now. His siren really enjoyed sucking his cock by the sounds she was making and she was good at it too.

"I going feed you now sweetheart," he said with clenched teeth.

Matthias climaxed and shot his cum into her hot mouth. Lila moaned as she felt his cum go down her throat. Her gorgeous vamp came in quarts, filling her with more than she needed but she took it all not wanting to waste any of his delicious cum.

She sucked him dry when he finally pulled out of her mouth. Her skin seemed to glow and her eyes sparkled after she was done. She reminded him of how a vampire looked renewed after a blood feed.

"Feeling better now siren?"

"Much. I could go on all night," she replied and stood up. "But I need some clothes and check on my place."

"You can't leave unless I give you the security codes."

"What will I have to do to get them out of you?"

"The bedroom," he said jerking his thumb towards that direction.

She smiled and strutted down the hall.

"How do you want me baby?" she asked when they were back inside his room. "On my back? On my hands and knees? On my head?"

"On your feet. By the window," he told her.

"Does that turn you on? Having people watch as you fuck me?" she said as she walked to the window.

He positioned himself behind her.

"I doubt anyone will see us siren, but the thought of people watching me fuck your beautiful body gets me hot," he whispered into her ear.

"Me too," she replied.

"Bend over and place your tits on the glass," he ordered her.

Lila complied and found her face, arms, and breasts flat against the cool glass.

"Spread your legs."

Lila parted her legs further apart and braced herself. She felt his hands skim her inner thighs and then up to her ass cheeks. Her fondled her ass and ran a finger from the base of her spine down her ass crack until he reached her swollen clit. He parted her folds with his fingers and then she felt it, the head of his cock pushing into her pussy. He grabbed onto her hips and with one hard thrust he filled her with his gigantic cock.

"Oh yeah! Give it to me, give me that big boy," she cried.

"Is this what you want?" he grunted and slammed his cock repeatedly into her.

"Yes! Yes!" she whimpered.

His repeated thrusts made her tits rub against the hard cold glass window.

"Look down baby, down to the street," he told her. "Do you see people?"

"Yes," she panted.

"I wish they'd look up at us. I want them to see how your fabulous tits are squashed against the window. I want them to see me pound your pussy and take you like a whore."

"Make them jealous," she groaned. "I want them to see me cum."

Matthias thrust himself faster and harder into her. The glass surrounding her was growing foggy and wet with her own sweat.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she cried. "I'm going to cum!"

When he felt the suction of her pussy it pushed Matthias to his own release. He pulled her head back from the window and bit her neck. As her blood flowed into his mouth he spewed his seed into her hot pussy. When Matthias felt both of their orgasms ebb, he pulled her towards the bed and they fell into a heap on it.

"HV6914 and WX739," he said.


"Those are the codes," he replied. "You earned it sweetheart and much more."


Lila applied a coat of blood red lipstick onto her lips and then she was ready to go. She had invited Matthias to one of her favorite clubs that night. When she left his apartment yesterday she left her phone number on the table and told him to call her sometime. She wasn't gone even two hours when he called her. He suggested him come over to her house, but she said she needed to rest and will see him the next night at a night club called Pure. Lila could tell he wasn't exactly happy with the plan but he would go along if he wanted to see her again.

When she arrived at the club the following night she headed towards the door bypassing the long line of people waiting to get in.

"Hello Lila. You are looking hot tonight," said the large black bouncer at the door.

"Well thank you Danny," she replied as he moved aside the velvet rope for her.

"When are you going to go out with me?" he asked playfully.

"Sugar you do not want to date me," Lila told him.

She proceeded to walk into the club. It was the regular scene of people talking, drinking, and dancing. Several men instantaneously approached her asking her name or if she wanted a drink or to dance. Usually Lila would revel in all the attention and by the end the night she would chose the man that appealed to her the most and take him home.

Maybe meeting at the club wasn't such a great idea, she thought as she flirted her way across the room. When she reached the bar she kept an eye out for Matthias. He if was here already he'd probably be brooding in a corner somewhere. She didn't know many vampires, but they seemed to be a broody bunch.

"Can I buy you a drink?" an attractive blonde man to her right asked.

"Sure. I'd love a martini," Lila replied.

"A martini for the lady," he told the bartender. The man turned his attention back to her. "My name's Jeremy."

"I'm Lila."

"Nice to meet you Lila. May I say that you are a stunning woman?"

"Thank you," she replied.

"Do you come here often?"

"On occasion."

"Me too," he said. "I'm usually busy working. The real estate business is booming. I have to turn down clients."

"Here you go," the bartender said handing her a martini.

Just in time, Lila thought. Jeremy was pretty but really boring.

"Cheers," she said and took a long sip of her martini.

She never usually consumed food or alcohol since she didn't need them to survive, but on occasion she'd drink a martini or eat a piece of chocolate because she liked the taste on her tongue.

Lila chewed on the olive while Jeremy chatted on about some real estate deal. She glanced to her left and almost choked on the olive when she saw Matthias seated at a table with two other women. What the hell, she thought.

"Thanks for the drink Jeremy. It was great talking to you," Lila told him.

"Where are you going beautiful? I thought we were just getting to know each other."

"I'm here to meet my friends, it's not often we all can get away from the husbands and kids."

"You're married with children?"

"Oh no. I'm divorced and I have three wonderful little girls," she told him.

"Nice meeting you," he said and turned away quickly.

Nothing kills the romance quicker than kids, Lila thought. She then made her way to the table the vamp was sitting at. His back was to her when she approached him. She reached out and rested her hand onto his neck.

"Hello sweetheart," he said without even looking at her.

"Hi sugar. Did you make some new friends?" she asked.

Lila smiled sweetly at the women. They were two gorgeous young things. One was a tall thin blonde and the other a shorter and curvier red head.

"They're new to town. They were kind enough to let me sit with them while I waited for you," he told her as he stood up.

Lila could see the disappointment in their eyes once they saw her. They thought perhaps maybe one of them or even both of them would get lucky with Matthias tonight. I don' think so, Lila silently said.

"How nice of you girls. He gets in all sorts of trouble when he's all alone," Lila said. "Can I refresh your drinks?"

"No thanks. Matthias already bought us a round," said the blonde one.

"It's been pleasure ladies. Thank you very much for the company," he told the girls.

"It was nice meeting you too," said the red head this time.

"Shall we?" he asked turning to her.

"Yes of course," Lila said.

They walked away with Matthias' hand resting comfortably on the small of her back.

"Poor things, you broke their hearts," she said when they were out of earshot.

"They'll survive," he replied dryly.

"So what were they? Appetizers?"

"No. Like I said they kept me company while I waited for you to finish with your many admirers," he told her.

So she wasn't the only one who felt a twinge of jealousy.

"Let's forgot about everybody," she said. "What do you want to do? Dance? Have a drink?"

He leaned in close to her ear. "I want to tear that dress off of you and fuck you until you're begging me for release."

Matthias saw her green eyes darken and her nipples harden under her very sexy red dress.

"Let's get out of here," she said and took his hand.

She practically dragged him out of the club.

"Where's your car sugar? I took a cab here," she told him when they were outside.

"Down the street," he answered.

She rubbed up against him as they walked to his car. Not to be outdone, Matthias reached behind her to caress her shapely ass.

"How do you feel about spanking?" he asked her.

"I think it should be given to those who are frequently naughty," she replied and pinched his firm behind.

He led them into a dimly lit alley where he parked his black vintage muscle car.

"I don't think I saw this in your garage," she said.

"It was being worked on," he replied. "So my place or yours?"

"Hmmm. I think here works for right now," she said.

She turned to face him and then leaned back so that she sitting on the car's hood. With both hands she slipped down the straps of her dress, exposing her large naked breasts to him.

"I agree," he said and slide towards her.

He crushed his mouth onto her blood red lips and his hands went instantly on her mountainous breasts. His tongue swept the inside of her mouth enjoying the sweet taste of her. His fingers teased and pinched her nipples until they were hard and aching. Matthias' mouth trailed down her neck and he scraped his teeth against her throbbing pulse.

"Later sugar," she told him. "You have to pleasure me first."

"Oh I intend to," he huskily replied.

He cupped her breast in his hand and captured its pink nipple between his lips. Lila whimpered at the feel of his hot wet mouth feeding on her tits. Matthias pushed her further up onto the car so that she could fully lay her body on top of it. Lila never did it on top a car before and the chance of being caught added an extra thrill.

She felt his hands move down to her thighs to the bottom edge of her dress. He slid the tight material up her thighs and over her hips so that it bunched up at her waist. He looked down and saw not only was she not wearing any underwear, but was also cleanly shaved.

"Do you like it? I did it for you," she told him.

"Yes," he said his voice thick with desire.

He lifted her legs so that her heels were on top of the hood. He brushed his fingers over her newly smooth pussy. She was already wet and his fingers were now covered with her nectar. He pushed deeper into her hot tight hole, causing her to moan loudly.

"Fuck baby I can't wait. I need it fast," she told him and then began unbuttoning his pants.

She took out his cock and began pumping it with her hand. She quickly licked the precum on its head and then lay back down on the car's hood.

"Stick it in me," she ordered him frantically.

He never been with a woman who needed it so bad and he had been with plenty. Matthias thrust his cock deeply in her until he filled her completely.

Lila cried out in pleasure. The vamp was fucking her like a machine. He thrust his marvelously big member in her without mercy. He slammed into her hard and fast, his balls were slapping against her ass.

What a sight they probably made, Matthias thought. He was still completely dressed and she was almost naked except for her red dressed bunched at her waist. His car squeaked loudly with his every thrust. He probably would need to install new shocks after this.

"I'm cumming," she suddenly warned him.

"I can feel it," he told her. "I can feel your tight little pussy draining my cock."

Matthias quickly kissed her mouth and then sunk his teeth into her long white neck. Lila screamed in ecstasy as his feeding and her orgasm overtook her.

As the vampire and succubus lost themselves in their passions, neither sensed another creature watching them from the rooftop above.

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