DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


"Actually, that isn't where it hurt," I smiled back.

"Really?" She said, surprised but intrigued by my intent.

"It was my ass you hurt," I pointed out.

"You want me to kiss your ass better," she smiled.

I shrugged.

"That seems like a good transition to the surprise I have for you?" Ashley smiled.

"Now you have me curious," I replied.

"Good word choice," she said, squeezing my cock before adding, "Don't you go anywhere, I'll be right back."

As I waited, I realized her tone dripped with sexual promise. I waited a few minutes, more than I expected, but when she returned I gasped. She was in white thigh high stockings and was wearing a black strap-on cock.

"Do you like?" She asked, posing seductively.

"I am speechless?" I replied, even as I realized the obvious intent of her attire.

"Are you ready for the last part of your training?" She asked, walking over to me, the big plastic cock bouncing confidently with her every step.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked, trying to avoid answering the question.

"Everyone has a choice, silly," she smiled as she reached me. "But if you are going to be ready to even attempt taking Troy's cock in you, you better get used to the feeling of getting fucked."

I fluttered my eyelids, "Oh you just know exactly the right words to say."

"Get undressed," she said, her playfulness gone.

I obeyed, the thought of getting my ass fucked by her turning me on in ways I never would have imagined just a few days ago.

"Let's see how your ass is doing with your gaping process," she ordered.

"There is no way anything bigger can ever fit in my ass," I said, even though Ashley's cock was longer than the plug, as I got onto my knees doggie style on the couch.

"You would be surprised what can fit in that tiny hole of yours," she countered, pulling out the last butt plug and replacing it with two fingers.

"Ohhhh," I groaned softly.

"Fuck, I know it shouldn't, but the thought of watching you suck Troy's cock and take his cock in your ass has my cunt dripping, baby," Ashley said, as she wiggled her fingers inside my ass.

"Imagining you eating Rhianna's cunt does the same for me, baby," I whimpered, as she stretched my ass with her fingers.

"Can I fuck you, Adam?" She asked, leaning into my ear, her tone tentative, but excited.

"I-I-I-don't know," I stammered, distracted by the fingers in my ass and her hot sultry breath on my ear.

"I want to be your first, baby. Can I be your first?" She asked, tugging on my ear with her teeth.

The days of butt plugs in my ass and the thoughts of always wanting more in my head, I knew I wanted her to fuck me, yet as a man such words are hard to allow to escape your lips, even after everything I had already done. "Just do it," I said, answering yes, but vaguely.

She knew enough not to make me repeat it, not to humiliate me like Troy had done, as she moved her tongue down my neck. "I will be gentle, baby. I want to do everything with you."

Such tenderness enhanced my eagerness to make her happy and any trepidation of being ass fucked dissipated as I gave in to her unconditionally, to pleasing her however she wished. "Kkkk," I cautiously answered.

A moment later I felt lube on my ass and a few seconds later she asked, "Ready, baby?"

"Yes," I answered, suddenly turned on by the act of submission I was about to commit with her, I added, "Take my anal cherry."

Noticing my shift from insecure and tentative, to eager and anticipatory, she paused, the head of her fake cock teasing my rosebud, "You want me to fuck your ass?"

She pushed in, just breaking through my defensive wall, as I answered, "Yes, baby, I want you to be the first to fuck my ass."

Slowly she eased her cock deeper into me, widening me naturally, the last few days of butt gaping paid off, as the pain was almost non-existent, just a slight burn to remind me of the taboo act I was committing.

"Half way," she announced, I assume to relax me, but it did the opposite. I thought she was almost all the way in and suddenly doubts reappeared. I grabbed onto the top of the couch for support as I felt the cock continue its inward exploration of my virgin back door.

"Just relax," she reassured, her left hand caressing my back.

"Okay," I weakly replied, the cock going officially deeper than the butt plugs had, save the time when Ashley impaled me onto the big one earlier by accident.

"Good boy," she purred, not condescending, but soothing as she continued her slow advance.

The pain increased and yet the thrill of submission, in making Ashley happy, somehow dulled my senses and allowed a sense of euphoria to build simultaneously.

"Two-thirds in, baby," she announced, even as I clenched my teeth.

"Ok," I said, my voice trembling.

"I'm going to stop now, and began slowly fucking you, get you used to my cock," Ashley said.

I just nodded in understanding, the idea of getting fucked a turn on, the reality not quite yet feeling as sensational as I had fantasized. I wasn't in major pain, nor was I in major pleasure, I was just there, my body trying to adapt to the two conflicting sensations.

She started fucking me slowly.

The feeling was a collision of teasing pleasure, taunting burn, helplessness, and eagerness.

It felt good, but yet I wanted more.

It felt bad, but I wanted more.

I felt defenceless and completely at the mercy of the cock in my ass; yet I felt a hunger to be used, to be fucked.

I understood in one brief moment of clarity what it felt to be a man, and a woman and in this brief moment there was no longer gender, just sexual ambiguity and a slow, but undeniable building of pleasure coursing through my very being.

As she slowly sodomized me, there was no talking, just my quiet, but audible whimpers and moans, the difference between the two almost unrecognizable.

I don't know how long she slowly moved in and out of me before she finally spoke. "I'm going to start going deeper, baby."

"Ok," I replied, accepting that I was completely at her whim and her black cock.

I wanted to feel the cock deeper in me.

I wanted her to fuck me faster.

I wanted to be pounded like a dirty little slut...but I couldn't say the words.

The thoughts were endless in my mind, but releasing the thoughts verbally, I just couldn't do.

The pain returned as the black cock, began to explore new never before reached depths and yet I kept wishing she would just slam it in me. Filling my ass full, the pain would be sharp, but it would be worth it and the pleasure that followed would surely be amazing.

Her strokes were still slow, but each forward movement continued to go deeper, driving me crazy as I wanted to be fucked, not made love to. After a few more slow deliberate strokes and I couldn't take it anymore. I burst out, "Please, fill my ass with your cock. Fuck me and make me your ass-slut."

My outcry was all she had been waiting for it seemed, as she immediately shifted from sweet, compassionate, and tender, into aggressive, rough, and assertive. "You want me to fill your ass, baby," she demanded, not really asking, stopping with her cock almost out of me.

"Yes," I whimpered, suddenly feeling empty.

Her hands squeezed my hips as she pounded me, her cock moving faster inside me, going deeper and deeper inside the seemingly never-ending abyss of my ass.

"Oh God," I whimpered, unable to put into real words how good it felt being fucked.

"You're worshipping now are you," she chuckled, referring to our crazy church submission.

"You are my Goddess, baaaaaby," I replied, gasping from the fucking.

She kept fucking me, the strokes longer and faster.

"Is it all in?" I questioned.

"Not yet," she admitted.

"Do it," I said, determined to feel the big cock's full magical power inside me.

"Ok," she agreed, "Here it comes."

"Fuuuuck," I screamed as she filled my ass with her cock, the pleasure-pain principal an oxymoron of tantalizing euphoria.

"You like my cock in your ass, baby?" Ashley taunted me as she began pumping my ass with hard deep thrusts, our hips slapping violently against one another.

"Yeeeeess," I was barely able to get out, all my energy focused on the intense feeling of her cock inside me, filling me.

"Your cock is rock hard baby," she noticed, after a couple of minutes of hard fucking later.

I moaned, my own cock feeling like it could burst at any moment, "I knooooow."

A few more minutes of deep anal penetrations and I knew I was going to burst. The pain had long faded away and each forward stroke brought a new wave of indescribable pleasure. It was a constant tease of almost orgasmic euphoria as I could feel the constant pulses of pleasure, my cock begging for release and yet unable to cross the threshold.

Finally, desperate to come, I weakly said, "Ashley I need to come so bad."

"Stroke yourself," she told me as she continued to slam into me.

The idea had never occurred to me and yet as soon as she said it my left hand went directly to my stiff cock and it took three strokes from my hand for the first stream of cum to spray onto the couch. "Fuuuuck," I grunted, from both the pleasure pulsating through my cock as well as the pleasure in my ass.

"That's it baby, come for me," Ashley encouraged, her cock still fucking me with reckless abandon.

I coated her couch with my cum as I shot the biggest load of my life, spray after spray exiting me.

Once done, my whole body was drained and I rolled to my left, her cock sliding out of my ass.

Ashley joked, "Look what you did to my couch."

I pointed to my well-fucked ass, "Look what you did to my ass."

"Wait till Saturday, a real stiff warm cock is twice as nice," she promised, reminding me of the submission ahead.

"I can't imagine it gets better than this," I said, meaning it.

"Trust me, I have had a fake cock and a real cock up my ass and a real one is infinity times better," she promised.

"Jesus, I can't imagine," I said, my body still twitching.

She scooped a big wad of cum from the couch and put it in her mouth. "Not as good as directly from the source, but still quite good."

She took off the strap-on cock and straddled my face. "I think it's time for me to get off, don't you think?"

"I don't know, I'm kinda tired," I smiled.

"It wasn't a question," she smiled back as she lowered her very wet cunt onto my face.

An orgasm later, we were laying there both exhausted and sweaty, when she said, "So are you ready for Saturday?"

"I lot more than I was an hour ago," I answered.

"Touché," she smiled.

"Are you?" I asked back.

"I can't wait to see you suck Troy's cock," she admitted, her eyes literally twinkling with excitement.

"I can't wait to see you eat out Rhianna," I countered, the thought of the white-black contrast such a turn-on.

"I can't wait to see you take Troy's cock up your ass," she added.

"I can't wait for you to get fucked in the ass by Rhianna too," I retorted.

"We really are two sick fucks," she smiled.

"But you are my sick fuck," I answered back kissing her.

"And you're mine," she replied, as we kissed, a kiss that was tender and sweet.

"I love you, Ashley," I said.

"I love you too, Adam," she returned.

A few minutes later, after a long, passionate kiss, I said, "So I was thinking,"

"Are you sure that is a good idea?" She joked.

"This time I think it is," I answered my tone serious.

"And what are you thinking?"

"I think I stained your couch," I said.

"Profound," she responded, clearly not expecting me to say that.

"And maybe instead of buying a new one, you could just move in with me and share mine," I offered.

"You're serious?" She asked, clearly surprised by where the conversation had turned.

"Deadly," I replied. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Ashley."

She kissed me hard before saying, very excitedly, "Let's do it."

Playing dumb, I asked, "Do you mean have sex again or move in together?"

As she lowered herself to the floor and took my semi-erect cock in her hand she answered, "Why both of course."

12. DARK Fantasies Become Reality

Friday was uneventful, as I didn't see Troy or Ashley, who had to work a double to get tomorrow off. I flip-flopped like a fish out of water the pros and cons of Saturday's anal submission to Troy. Yet, in the end, it always came back to both how excited it made Ashley, and how good it felt being used by Troy.


Saturday I woke up early, a mixture of excitement and trepidation equally pin balling back and forth inside me.

I picked Ashley up and my cock twitched at the sight of her. She was in a green dress with mocha stockings and matching five-inch green heels. I was so proud to know that she was mine and that she would soon be living with me. I did some research on engagement rings the night before, deciding I would ask her in the near future. I wasn't getting any younger, I had never loved anyone like I love her and I would be the luckiest man in the world if she would agree to be my bride. These thoughts were re-confirmed the second I saw her walking towards me: her radiant smile, her long hair blowing lightly in the wind, the twinkle in her eye and, of course, her legs wrapped in nylon. She was perfection and I was never going to let her not know that.

I got out of the car and opened the door for her. "You look amazing," I complimented, once she reached me.

"Thanks, baby, you clean up pretty good yourself," she smiled back.

"No seriously," I said, taking her hands in mine, "you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You are my destiny."

She laughed softly, "Are you quoting Back to the Future to me?"

"It is my favourite movie," I replied.

"What's mine?" She asked.

"You had me at hello," I responded with the famous line from her favorite movie.

She kissed me passionately. "I am surprised you didn't choose show me the money."

"And kill this romantic moment," I retorted.

"Not to be a killjoy, but we really need to get going. I don't want to be late," she said, clearly anxious about what we were about to do.

"Good call," I agreed, and waited until she sat down to get a nice glimpse of her legs before closing the door.

Oddly, we drove in silence, both I assume, considering the ramifications of what we were about to do. Once at Troy's parents' large home, we looked at each other knowing this was the last chance to turn back. Yet, we both knew we had no intention of turning back...we both wanted this, we both needed this and together we would cross another invisible line of propriety.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes, you?" She replied.

"Nervous," I admitted.

"Me too," she admitted, before adding, "but I am also really excited."

"Me too," I concurred.

"Let's go," she said, opening her door.

I did too and soon we were walking up the steps of the big house.

"Well, here goes everything," I joked, as I pressed the doorbell.

Time stood still as we waited, hand in hand, for the door to open, for us to be let in and to continue our journey of black submission.

It was a big surprise when it was not Troy, nor Rhianna, that answered the door but their older brother Jamal, in only a pair of shorts. "Hi, Coach," he greeted. I had coached Jamal when he was in high school before he started going to college and playing as a starter his rookie season.

"H-h-hi, Jamal," I stammered, my surprise at being face to face with him obvious.

Jamal, looked Ashley over, before saying, "Come on in, we've been expecting you."

The term 'we' sent a chill up my spine at who else may be included in the collective 'we'. I glanced nervously at Ashley who didn't seem as rattled as she squeezed my hand, a sign of reassurance, as she led me inside.

Silently we followed Jamal into the house and down the stairs into a large recreational room. Sitting on one couch was Troy, also just in shorts, while on another chair was Rhianna in a bikini that did little to cover her voluptuous breasts.

"Hi, Cocksucker," Troy greeted, snapping his fingers and pointing to his crotch.

I froze, the greeting in front of his brother adding another level of humiliation to my long list of indiscretions.

Jamal laughed as he tugged his shorts down, sat down beside Troy, revealing another glorious, big, juicy black cock and said, "Coach if I would've known you were a cocksucker when I was in high school I would have trained you to be a much more obedient bitch. Now get your ass over here."

His firmness was even more authoritative than Troy's and I glanced at Ashley, who was watching with voyeuristic awe, before I walked over to the two brothers.

"Knees, Cocksucker," Troy ordered, standing up, clearly trying to maintain his power over me in front of his older brother. I fell to my knees.

"Come sit with me, Ashley, let's watch your boyfriend in action," Rhianna offered, patting the spot beside her.

Ashley was behind me, so I couldn't see if she obeyed, but I assumed she had. Troy tugged his shorts down too and I was staring at two massive, black, cocks both begging to be sucked. Without instruction, I took a cock in each of my hands and began slowly stroking.

Jamal ordered, "Get to work with that mouth, Cocksucker. Troy tells me you are quite talented."

Oddly, hearing that Troy complimented my cocksucking ability made me flush with pride as I leaned forward and took Jamal's large cock, although slightly smaller than Troy's in length, but wider in girth, in my mouth, while continuing to slowly stroke Troy's with my hand.

"Do you like watching your boyfriend suck cock?" I heard Rhianna ask Ashley.

"Yes," she admitted, her tone sounding as if in awe of seeing it live, her fantasy now becoming a reality right before her eyes.

I wanted to prove my cocksucking worth to Jamal, another person knowing of my sick twisted secret no longer an issue once his big dark meat was in front of me, as I allowed his cock to grow in my mouth. I also wanted to make Ashley proud as bizarre as that sounds.

As I had with Troy several times before, I focused first on Jamal's thick mushroom top, swirling my tongue around while beginning to create the extra saliva that would cause the whirlwind sensation.

"Now mine, Cocksucker," Troy ordered.

I, of course, obeyed, taking Jamal's thick meat out of my mouth and replacing it with Troy's pulsing member. I replicated the mushroom top focus while I stroked Jamal's cock with my hand.

"Now mine, faggot," Jamal ordered and I began going back and forth between the two juicy black snakes. Over the next few minutes, I was in cocksucker heaven as I went back and forth between the two cocks so drawn into my cocksucking world of submission that I had forgot Ashley and Rhianna were watching the whole submissive scene.

"Shit, slut, your boyfriend is one hungry cocksucker," I heard Rhianna remark, jolting me back to reality.

"Mmmmmm," I vaguely heard Ashley moan in response, obviously turned on by my nasty act of submission.

This only turned me on more, my own cock begging for attention, as I began deep-throating Jamal's thick cock.

"Fuck, you are better than all the college bitches and faggots," Jamal grunted, surprised it seemed by my ability to deep-throat.

Troy laughed, "He loves being a cock slave for black cock, don't you Coach?"

I moaned on Jamal's cock in response as I continued bobbing back and forth now craving cum.

Troy grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back onto his cock as he began to face fuck me. I made a variety of sounds as I focused on not gagging on his beautiful member.

Rhianna asked, "Does he fuck your face?"

"Not like that," Ashley answered.

"So he is a bigger cocksucking slut than you?" Rhianna questioned.

"I guess," Ashley said, her tone implying she wasn't sure how to answer the question.

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