tagGroup SexDee's Misadventure

Dee's Misadventure



This story was written for a lovely lady I met and am talking to 'on line'. It includes ideas she had and I thank her for them -- and I thank her for the inspiration. Please send feedback which I will share with her. Positive feedback will no doubt result in more of her ideas and fantasies reaching the written word.


It was dark. Very dark.

Dressed to the nines in her evening dress Dee was beginning to get worried. She had dressed up tonight for the theatre and was supposed to meet the girls at a new restaurant that Barbara had found. Typing the location into her SatNav, she had set off. Now she was lost and, to cap it all, she had been so late and in such a rush, her mobile was on the table at home.

Her headlights lit what seemed to be a country road and she wondered where this restaurant was. Suddenly there was a loud bang from the front of the car and she stopped. All the lights went out and she was completely in the dark. Now she began to worry. Where the hell am I she thought -- and with no knickers! She rarely wore knickers when she went out like this. It made her feel free!

She sat for a while contemplating what to do and suddenly headlights appeared in the mirror. Shall I get out, she thought then felt very vulnerable. She seemed to be in the middle of nowhere! The car drew nearer, passed her, then pulled in. A man got out and walked back to her car. Dee got out to meet him. He was quite tall, about 6ft she thought, slim and, she smiled to herself, quite good looking. Probably in his late forties and dressed smartly in sweater and slacks.

"Hi," he smiled -- a nice smile Dee thought, "a problem?"

Dee looked up into his eyes and, smiling shyly, said, "Oh dear yes! It suddenly stopped. I don't even know where I am!"

He smiled back, "Well, you're well of the beaten track here. Where were you going?" Dee gave him the name of the restaurant. "That's a way from here," he said, "I think you must have taken a wrong turn a good while back."

"I was just following the SatNav," Dee said with a sigh.

"Mmm, they can get a bit lost around here. Lots of dead ends and roads that lead nowhere. Anyway," he said in a businesslike manner, "let's have a look at your car." She smiled up at him. Yes, he was quite handsome! "By the way," he said with a smile, "my name is Trevor Anselm. I live not too far from here."

"Oh," said Dee somewhat flustered, "I'm Dee."

"Well Dee," he said with another smile, "the car. Open the bonnet." Dee leant into the car and reached for the bonnet catch aware that, as she did so, her arse was sticking up in the air. This fact was not altogether unnoticed by Trevor who, appreciating greatly the female arse, liked what he saw. The woman was in her forties he thought and very, very attractive. Medium height and well built, shapely. Nice smile, nice arse, he though as his mind began to consider possibilities for developing the situation further!

Trevor walked to the front of the car and lifted the bonnet to be greeted by clouds of smoke. Coughing, he quickly moved away. "I think something serious has gone on down there," he said pointing to the engine, "are you in the AA or anything?"

"Yes," she nodded, "but I left my phone at home." Trevor smiled, things were working out!

"Well," he said with a smile, "I don't have a mobile with me so, I suppose, the next best thing is for you to come back to my place and use the phone there. How about that?"

Dee looked him up and down. She knew she was in a precarious position. The car wouldn't move, she didn't even know where she was and, to cap it all, it had started to drizzle. She was surprised however, at the frisson of excitement she felt about what was happening. It was a bit like some of the stories she read on Lit! She knew, however, that unless she wanted to sit in the car until dawn or until someone less -- was attractive the word? - came along, she had little choice.

Trevor meanwhile was contemplating the possibilities. She was bloody attractive and that arse! Pretty sure Dave would like that too! When he felt the drizzle he was certain she would agree.

"Yes," said Dee softly, "yes please. It seems the only solution."

Trevor smiled. "No need to worry, I'll take care of you," he said softly. Dee started at the sound of the words and that frisson of excitement seemed to increase in intensity. Trevor showed her to his car and they set off. The house, Dee noted when they arrived, had a fairly long drive and was set back a way from the road. She felt some trepidation as they left the highway and drove through the automatic gates. Trevor had kept up a steady stream of quite normal conversation as they drove and Dee began to relax a little, to feel a little more secure. The car stopped outside the front door of a largish house. Dee noticed a light on inside -- perhaps he was married, she thought, happier at the prospect of going into this man's house.

"Here we are," said Trevor with a smile, "let's get you inside. Perhaps a coffee then you can call the breakdown service?"

"Thanks," replied Dee gratefully as Trevor opened the door and ushered her inside. She didn't see the secure lock clicked shut as the door closed.

"This is my brother Dave," said Trevor as he opened the lounge door and showed her into the room, "he's the good looking one!"

Dee blushed for she had thought Trevor quite good looking. Dave was indeed handsome. He stood as she entered and smiled. He was taller than Trevor, probably 6' 2" she thought, slimmer and younger. He had a nice open smile. "This is Dee," said Trevor with a smile, "her car broke down some way back and she's come to use the phone!"

Dave's eyebrows raised as his eyes roamed over the lovely mature woman that Trevor had found. "Is that all," he said with a sexy smile, "I was hoping you'd brought some entertainment home!" Dee blushed but the frisson on excitement she had felt earlier returned with a vengeance.

"No, Bro," said Trevor with a smile, "unless . . . .?" He turned to Dee with a big smile, "Unless the lovely Dee, all dressed up and nowhere to go, is in the mood for some?"

Dee's heart began to bump, her pulse race, and her pussy begin to leak fluid. It had been a while since she had two men -- not something she did often - and these two were acceptable, very acceptable! Trevor was fixing her with his eyes, blue she noticed, and his smile never wavered. No doubt there. He was serious, very serious. Her glance flew towards Dave. His eyes were taking in her fulsome figure and it was clear he liked what he saw. Dee was nervous now, play it down a little! She didn't want this to get out of control.

"I . . . . I errmm . . . . I need to use the phone. Get them to come and look at my car!"

"Mmm, yes you do," said Trevor, "but do you have to do it now?"

Dee looked back and forth between the two men. She could see from their eyes that both were interested, very interested. What would happen if she refused? Nobody knew where she was, they could force her, she couldn't keep two of them off! Her heart continued to beat and the blood pulse in her veins. And she was getting wetter! Surely she couldn't could she? She made another attempt -- a last one?

"I really . . . . I really need to phone about the car!"

Trevor moved towards her, "I don't think you need to do that just yet," he murmured softly, "plenty of time," he continued stroking her bare shoulder. Dee shivered, for there was steel in his voice and his touch was sending ice cold sensations of heat through her body. She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. She saw that she had no choice there. He had decided that she would be his -- and his brother's. Dee shuddered as his hand continued and caressed her shoulder, running his fingers over her soft skin.

"I . . . Oh, oh!" His fingers stroked her neck and chin. They felt good, causing small sensations of pleasure where he touched.

"You want to? You want to don't you?" Dee looked again into his eyes and, almost without realising it, nodded. Trevor bent his head and covered her lips with his. His kiss lit the usual fires inside her body. Fires that burst into flame as she felt another pair of hands caressing her hips. Dee found herself sandwiched between these two tall powerful men and she revelled in the feeling. She could feel the hard pressure of an erect cock pressing into her bottom and the slight movement that went with it. She felt lips on the back of her neck matching the lips that were finding their way into her décolletage. Her breathing became sharper as she allowed herself to fall into their arms.

Hands swept across her hips then down her legs. She felt them cross the suspender belt and toy with the fixing through the material. She heard the soft whisper, "She's wearing suspenders," from Dave behind her. Then his hands lower running across the silk of her stockings. The hands rose again taking her dress with them and she felt the warmth as they met her naked thighs.

Dee heard a groan as those hands crossed her wonderful hips, stroking and caressing. Two other hands were shifting the straps off her shoulders then undoing her bra releasing her tits, nipples hard now as she became aroused. The hands on her hips moved away and she felt them reach for the zip. It was undone and, before she could protest, formed a pile at her feet. She heard the sharp intake of two breaths as she stepped out of the dress.

"God!" said Trevor as he stood back and looked at her, "you are bloody ravishing!"

"Fuck Bro, she's got an arse to die for!" He likes my arse, thought Dee with an apprehensive shudder. What will happen?

Both men just stood and looked at her. Dee preened. She liked being admired. Being wanted. Being desired. She smiled and turned to Trevor. "I think we are overdressed," he whispered. Dee nodded and began to undo his shirt. She glanced sideways and saw that Dave was already getting rid of his T-shirt so concentrated on Trevor. The shirt quickly joined her dress on the floor. Dee ran her hands over his chest. A chest covered with fairly long but soft hair. It tickled between her fingers. She giggled, a girlish giggle that, together with the soft look up into his eyes through her eyelashes, set his blood on fire. There was no way this woman was getting out of the house tonight until she had been fucked senseless he thought as his cock struggled to find relief in his pants. Help was at hand!

"Kneel," he whispered forcefully, hands stroking her tits and capturing the hardened nipples, "kneel and suck some cock!"

Dee knelt at his feet. Her hands didn't fumble for too long at the belt and it was soon undone together with the necessary buttons. Then Trevor felt them run down his side, gripping his slacks and drawing them over his hips. He cock, gratefully taking the opportunity, tented his boxer shorts. As she knelt to slip the slacks off his feet she saw the 'tent' and, without thinking, licked her lips. Looks good, she thought, as Trevor stepped out of his shoes and socks.

"Hey," she heard behind her, "don't forget me!" She turned her head and was presented with another pair of boxers tented by what looked like an even bigger 'pole'. Almost of their own volition each of her hands reached for the erections hidden under the shorts. As she clasped both cocks the men uttered a loud gasp. Dee needed to taste them then, feel each one filling her mouth, tapping the top of her throat. Two! To have two! As she gently masturbated both cocks through the material they began to move gently, surprisingly gently. She left Trevor and turned to Dave, pulling the boxers down and revealing a thin cock at least 9 inches long and as hard as an iron bar. She planted a kiss on the tip bringing a soft groan from the owner. Now she turned back to Trevor and slipped his boxers off. A shorter cock but fatter -- wider at the base than at the tip. A shiver of apprehension as she considered how that would feel inside her!

Trevor looked down at the woman at his feet. She seemed wanton, available, open to anything. This will be a good night, he thought with a smile, and she will go home fucked in every way! Then her mouth closed over his cockhead. "Oh FUCK!" he managed as she sucked then probed with her tongue. He felt her lips run down his cock, her warm wet mouth causing his cock to jerk. Her hand gently wanked the base as she sucked more inside. Trevor began to move slowly, to fuck her mouth. His hands held her head steady as her lips slid along the stiff flesh.

Dee sucked, her lips caressing the cock that would take her to heaven. Her tongue washed the head then down underneath as he slid back and forth in her mouth. She felt a slight tension then liquid on her tongue -- pre-cum! She enjoyed the savoury, salty taste and coated his cockhead with the oily liquid. She was getting into this, the heat between her legs increasing and her nipples standing proud.

Her reverie was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. Glancing sideways she saw the tip of a very hard cock! Her eyes widened in anticipation and pleasure as her hand reached up to grasp the newcomer. Trevor had slowed some so she turned her body, now kneeling between the two men, and brought the second cock to her lips. Trevor's cock slipped out and her mouth closed over the tip of the second. Not so big, she thought, but her hands were exploring it's length. Her eyes widened as both covered it and left a fair bit uncovered. She sucked the stiff muscle into her mouth and used her tongue to coat the tip with saliva. Dave was more forceful, grabbing her head tightly and thrusting his length to the back of her throat. She felt the tip hit the top of her throat then stay.

"Swallow it," she heard as he held her head on his cock. "Swallow it all!" Her eyes looked up as her mouth held half his cock. They met his and she knew he would brook no refusal. She didn't do this often, swallowing wasn't an art she had truly mastered but, she knew then, by the end of this night she would!

"Come on, swallow my cock Dee. Take it deep!" He relented for a moment and let her pull back. Dee took a deep breath and was ready as he thrust back. At least he isn't too thick she thought then remembered the other brother's! The tip of Dave's cock hit the back of her mouth. She relaxed the muscles of her throat and felt his cock slip inside, then she swallowed.

"Oh Fucking hell!" cried Dave as he felt the tightness of her throat. He thrust further, holding her head tightly until he felt her nose pressing into her groin. Dee felt the cock fixed in her throat, then her nose against his prickly pubes. He fucked her then, fucked her throat hard. Hard and deep. There as a sudden groan and Dee felt his cock pulse. She managed to pull back and take the first load of spunk on her tongue. Saltier than his brother's pre-cum but pleasant, she thought, as three more loads were deposited in her mouth.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" was about all Dave could manage as his cock pumped cum into her mouth. He felt her lips sliding along his cock and her mouth sucking spunk from deep in his body. "Fuck," he cried, "she is GOOD!"

Dee heard and felt a frisson of pleasure at the compliment. Feeling the cock withdraw she savoured the cum on her tongue, swirling the gooey mass around her mouth. She had been well trained for now she looked up into Dave's eyes and opened her mouth, using her tongue to show him the spunk. Then she turned to Trevor and did the same before swallowing the tasty cum.

Dee savoured the flavour as the salty liquid slid down her throat then reached for Trevor's cock. Pre-cum leaked from the tip and she used her tongue to tease it into her mouth. Her lips closed over the tip, sucking the head inside, then slid down until it touched the back of her mouth. She felt hands at her head as he began to fuck her mouth, cock slipping back and forth. One hand crept down to her cunt, stroking her bare sex, finding her swollen clit. Dee groaned around the stiff cock in her mouth then, as she felt him there, swallowed. God he was fatter! She felt her throat swell as his cock slipped down.

"Oh fuck," moaned Trevor as her throat muscles gripped his cockhead and dragged it down. He felt her lips around the base of his cock, her nose in his pubic hair. It was almost too much but he wanted to make it last so pulled back and continued to fuck her mouth.

Dee looked up into Trevor's eyes, wanting his cum. She had passed the point now. Her fingers were playing hard on her clit and she knew that she needed a cock filling the ache between her legs. Pulling back off his cock, she looked up into Trevor's eyes, "I need you! Oh Fuck, I need you!"

"Need me to what Dee?"

"Oh god! Fuck me! Please fuck me with your lovely cock!" Dee didn't realise exactly what she said only that she needed his cock between her legs. She felt strong hands lift her then move her to the back of the large sofa in the room. She felt herself being bent forward over the high back, thrusting her bottom backwards. Her high heeled shoes helped the position -- one she hadn't tried often, lifting her arse up and out. Dee felt hands caressing her bottom, squeezing and stroking the cheeks. Then a cock probing her pussy from the rear, easing between the swollen pussy lips.

The sight before Trevor's eyes was pure heaven. Dee's gorgeous arse, tight and proud, was lifted both by shoes and sofa back. He reached forward and, stroking the glorious cheeks of her arse, parted her legs. He could see her cunt, wet from her cock sucking, almost begging to be filled. His cock head found her swollen pussy lips and he eased forward parting them gently. Then, as he felt Dee relax, he thrust three quarters of his cock into her and began to move.

"Oh yes!" cried Dee as his cock filled her cunt. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She groaned as he fucked her then screamed in pleasure as she felt him feed all his cock into her and stretch her cunt.

"Take it, take it," moaned Trevor as his thighs slapped against Dee's arse.

Dee was in heaven as this thick cock filled her. Driving back and forth inside the warm wetness of her pussy, his cock was soon bringing her to her second orgasm. She lifted her head to moan and found Dave's cock, semi hard again, at her face. Her eyes widened as he pushed the tip to her mouth. She opened and took him inside just as her orgasm hit. Both men fucked her then, fucked her mouth and her cunt. Dee felt Trevor's cock pulse in her cunt, heard him groan loudly, the felt the warmth of spunk wash into her body.

"Oooohh FUCK!" shouted Trevor as spunk began it's journey into Dee's willing vagina. Dee thrust backwards and squeezed her cunt muscles milking as much cum as she could. It was difficult to concentrate though because she had another cock, growing harder by the minute, in her mouth. The combination of the two cocks invading her body like this just seemed to prolong her orgasm as she squeezed and sucked. The cock in her cunt continued to thrust back and forth, fucking her tight pussy through both orgasms. The cock in her mouth grew again to it's full length and was then withdrawn.

"I want some of that," she heard Dave say, "finished Bro?"

"Fuck yes," said Trevor, "she is fucking tight. Fucking great!"

Trevor's cock was by now past it's best and Dee felt it slip from her cunt. She felt empty, her own orgasm slowly dissipating. Then she felt hands on her arse again. She started then groaned in pleasure as she felt a tongue run up and down her cunt then across her anus. The tongue lingered there for a while, rimming her tight little rosebud before probing gently.

"Oh my god!" cried Dee as she felt the rolled tongue push at her sensitive muscle. Dee loved her arsehole played with but she had never taken anything bigger than a finger there. Or one of her small toys and always mixed feelings. A cock might be good but it would hurt! So much bigger! She'd read many stories, some gentle, some more violent, about anal sex and, although she fantasized about it a lot and used her fingers, she was still a virgin there. Dee shuddered again as the tongue probed harder, trying to force the tight sphincter but she was tight there and not a little apprehensive about what might happen.

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