tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDevoted to Pleasure Ch. 02

Devoted to Pleasure Ch. 02


This second part of the story almost stands alone, but it may help to read the first to know about Kelly. Hope it's liked. As usual, any constructive feedback would be welcome.

Chapter 2

Kelly was so bored when Janice was at work. She truly preferred to spend as much time as humanly possible with Janice. It seemed as if she enjoyed everything she did more when they were together. Because their days off and hours didn’t always align, Kelly often found herself looking for some way to avoid her own boredom. Expecting to find herself shopping she had dressed comfortably in a tee shirt and loose cotton skirt with a pair of canvas tennis shoes without any socks.

Eating a light lunch, she decided on doing some shoe shopping. She surely didn’t need more shoes. She had plenty of them in many styles and colors. She just loved shopping for them. She always felt so sexy watching her painted toes slipping into a ‘fuck me heel’ as she sat right next to some ordinary housewife or having the attention of some straight husband trying to see up her skirt as she bent over to adjust the straps. More than anything else, it was exposing her femininity that excited her most.

Shopping, lately, had taken on a new feel. With the effect of her hormones, almost no one even knew that she wasn’t a genetic girl. Her voice and Adam’s apple occasionally gave her away, but at a glance no one was the wiser. Now the stares she received were either that of interest or plain desire. It was amazing to her to be able to shop and have everyone see her as just another cute girl doing what girls do.

The only stress she even felt anymore out shopping was when an obnoxious guy, or worse a group of obnoxious guys, followed her around being too aggressive in their pick-up techniques. Surely every girl has been through that. Beyond her fear, she did partially enjoy having to go through the same thing as all the other girls.

She wasn’t far from several shopping centers and malls, but headed to a shoe warehouse that had a gigantic selection. Having bought a few pairs here in the past, she knew this place would have her busy for quite a while. Her problem wasn’t finding something she liked; it was narrowing the choices to one or two.

Even before she entered the store she could see they weren’t too busy. Being only slightly after 1:00, none of the stores had much traffic. Greeting the cashier with a smile, she moved on to roam the many rows.

Concentrating on her many possible choices, she hadn’t even realized a guy had been checking her out. It wasn’t till the third time she noticed him staring towards her that she got the hint. He had gradually worked his way to just three rows away from her. He wasn’t too bad looking. Middle aged, she guessed. He was the average polo shirt type of guy. Kelly smiled towards him, which he returned with a slight wink.

Towards the end of her row she found a gorgeous, strapped pair of sandals. They had about a two-inch heel. The straps were thin and placed to fully show her sexy toes. She really liked that style but loved the smooth brown material.

Moving to the bench at the end of the aisle she saw no one really nearby except the polo guy working his way across the back wall doing a poor job of feigning interest in any of the shoes on the wall. Sitting, she crossed her leg over and undid her laces. She slid off her shoe revealing her lovely shell colored nails. Because she knew no women were around, she ignored the small box of testing booties located at hers and every bench in the store.

As she slid on the sandal, she noticed the guy staring at her foot and watched his eyes as she fastened the strap around the back. Pointing her toes she seductively stretched her leg, a position she was sure was torturing her admirer. Only about ten feet from her, he tried again to act occupied with a pair of boots that were just barely larger than a kid’s size. They were quite obviously too small for him.

Not wanting to scare him, she acted unaware as she lowered her leg and crossed the other. Removing her other shoe as the one before, she paused to curl her toes, rubbing her hand across the arch as if it were sore. Noticing his full attention from the corner of her eye, she slid on the other heeled sandal much more slowly than normal. So, accustomed to giving men what they wanted, she wasn’t even consciously trying to seduce him the way she was. As naturally as could be, her fingers traced the thin sole from front to back, just barely caressing her skin as they continued up to about mid-calf.

She rose slowly, noticing that everyone else in the store was paying no attention to her, besides Mr. Polo. Stepping away from the bench, she admired what she saw in the floor mirror. Rotating slowly from side to side she looked down as she gracefully bent a knee lifting one heel leaving only the toe beside her other foot touching the floor. It was such a sexy pose. She knew her admirer would love what he was seeing.

Kelly could feel herself becoming aroused as she modeled secretly for this stranger. With her back facing him she bent at the waist, reaching down to adjust the straps. She knew he was getting a great view of her ass and could surely see the outline of her thong through the skirt. She fumbled about for a few moments, allowing him to savor the view as she noticed he was only about 5 feet from her at this point. Standing slowly, she tossed him a smile over her shoulder and stepped back to the bench.

By the time she was again seated he was almost beside her and no longer even trying to divert his attention.

“They look fantastic on you.” He told her in a quiet, almost shy voice.

Crossing her legs, she thanked him. Sensing his obvious desire, she smiled cutely. “My back is a little sore. Would you mind at all helping me get these off?”

She watched intently as he lowered to his knees and took her delicate foot in his hand. He lifted her foot as he cradled it in his hands. Holding it like a golden vase he slid his fingers across her lovely tanned skin. Never even looking up, he worshipped the foot before him, momentarily. He undid the buckle and gently pulled it from her foot. Taking her foot into his hands, he guided it back to the floor. He took her other foot in his hand and helped her cross it over her other leg.

Just barely able to see over the shelves, she glanced around making sure no one was close by, before returning her gaze in time to see him lowering his head to kiss the foot he now held. His lips were soft and warm as they touched her skin. She felt so sexy and desirable as she watched him continue kissing her foot from toe to heel. Returning to her toes he tenderly licked over her shiny polish. His tongue slid between each of her toes, flicking about trying to taste her.

Kelly could feel her tiny cock begin to stiffen and push against her panties as his tongue continued its hungry caresses. Glancing about every few seconds to assure their safety from non-accepting eyes, she leaned back slightly in the seat relishing his attention. His lips and tongue massaged her entire foot. She could feel as he licked the entire bottom of her foot. It was almost more than she could handle as he took her big toe in his mouth and sucked it like he would a cock. Kelly squeezed her thighs together, pressuring the cock between them, as he swung his head about sucking hard on her digit.

His one hand had found its way to his cock. He had unzipped and pulled out his meat without her even noticing. Stroking himself, he began licking up her calf, striving towards her knee. His free hand began caressing the thigh of her crossed leg as he sucked lightly on her kneecap.

Kelly’s head was spinning with lust as she continued glancing around the huge store. She was so relieved there was no one around to interfere. As the man’s hand reached further under her skirt, she felt alarm at him finding something he may not want.

“It’s not what you think, sweetie.” She whispered in his ear as she leaned to him.

“Shhh,” He whispered back “I want whatever you’ve got.”

Uncrossing her legs, Kelly watched as his hands returned under her skirt. Steadily his fingers probed around her panties, pulling them aside. She spread her legs further apart for him and moaned quietly as he pulled her cock through the leg of its panty prison. The cool air greeting her cock was soon replaced by hot breath.

She watched intently while his head moved under her skirt. The tender lips that once kissed at her toes now wrapped themselves around her hard girly cock. She cooed as he sucked it into his mouth, releasing it, and sucking it back in. She loved being eaten in such a public place. She lightly humped up to his mouth, trying to remain as still as possible to not draw any attention from the other few shoppers.

Kelly was nearly lost in her own little paradise when she felt his stiff dick begin to grind against her ankle. He was fucking her leg like a dog while he sucked the tiny cock up her skirt. She saw his one arm reach between them and begin to jack himself off, rubbing the head on her foot and ankle as he did. He grunted quietly while stroking himself rapidly.

With the coast still clear Kelly lifted her skirt to watch him sucking eagerly on her cock. Kelly could feel her balls begin to ache. She was growing desperate to shoot her cum on this stranger. His mouth squeezed hard on her, she could barely continue looking presentable. Spit oozed from the corners of his lips and down her shaft. She could feel it soaking her panties and wetting everywhere between her sexy legs. He was relentless in the terrific blowjob he was giving her. He sucked like a maniac, twisting his head back and forth. His tongue pushed and rubbed the underside of her cock.

His own hand had reached a fevered pace on his own tool. He was masturbating right there before her. Pleasuring his lovely cock as he worshipped this sexy boy-girl in front of him. This fantasy of his, something of which he had never spoken, was coming true. He could feel his wedding ring glide over the underside of his shaft. At this moment, none of that meant anything. He was hungry and full of lust. He beat hard on his dick, almost punishing himself for the fact that he loved her little cock.

Kelly was losing it. She pulled his head into her and began to shoot into his mouth. Her body started to spasm and shake as she tried desperately to be still. He drained her come, excitedly pulling her into his mouth and pushing her out with his tongue as fast as he could, over and over. Kelly’s breath came in short gasps, bobbling her lovely breasts slightly and as she rode through the tremendous orgasm.

Unable to take anymore, she pushed his head from her lap, exhaling deeply as she did. She was spread wide, her skirt exposing her least feminine part. She was soaked with spit and some of her own cum, which had leaked out from his lips.

Pausing his own masturbation, he whispered for her to cross her legs. Doing as she was told, she flipped her leg over as he gently smoothed out her skirt, placing it properly upon her silky, tanned legs. Her eyes returned to him, after glancing about, just in time to see him putting the heel back on her raised foot. He expertly fastened the strap around her ankle and leaned down and kissed her toes.

Resting on his knees, out of sight of all but Kelly, he spit into his hand and returned to rubbing his cock. He looked Kelly over as she sat prim and ladylike before him, barely showing any sign of what she had just allowed him to do to her. He quickened his pace again and felt his cum beginning to well up in his heavy balls.

Kelly was so enthused with what was now happening and twirling her foot slowly before his cock she failed to notice the woman approaching them.

He arched slightly backwards, squeezing hard on his cock. It began shooting all over the gorgeous new heel she was wearing. He pumped again on his cock causing more cum to splat against the leather and her soft skin. Shooting several more times he emptied his balls onto her.

Unbeknownst to either of them, an unsuspecting woman stood in shock at the end of their row. Her mouth hung agape in disbelief of what she had just seen. She stared, almost paralyzed, and watched as he sunk to his hands and knees and started to lick his own cum from Kelly’s foot. Her mind was a blank. Never before had she seen something so perverse and bold. Not knowing what to do or say, she turned dazedly and walked towards the corner of the store where the door was located.

Neither Kelly nor the stranger licking her foot clean noticed as the woman walked steadily away and out the front door. Fortunately for them both, she had been too embarrassed and confused to say anything to the cashier as she left.

With only a thin glaze of saliva left on her foot, she watched silently as he unfastened he heel and removed it from her foot. Neither spoke as he picked up the matching heel from the floor and placed them both neatly in their box. Kelly sat still as he removed his wallet and pulled out a $100 bill, laying it over the heels. He situated the lid back into place and handed the box to Kelly.

“Buy them.” He whispered as she took them from his hands.

He put his flaccid cock back into his pants and stood up before her. Leaning in, he kissed her cheek and thanked her. He turned to leave before she even had a chance to respond.

“Thank you.” Kelly said, just loud enough for him to hear as he stepped away.

Glancing back momentarily, he smiled kindly and headed to the door.

Kelly watched as he left and headed off towards the parking lot. She sat for a minute, not even sure of what to think about that encounter. Shrugging her shoulders in a gesture to herself, she bent over and put her tennis shoes back onto her feet. Honoring his wish, she went to the register and paid for the shoes with the money he had left in the box.

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