tagBDSMDiane's Surprise Ch. 02

Diane's Surprise Ch. 02


The trembling just would not stop, no matter how hard she fought it. I watched as she glanced up searching for her Master; but he wasn't there. Her face was so expressive it was easy to see the confusion and doubt that assailed her; her eyes found mine and I waited to see what she would do. It wasn't easy to keep my expression calm; I wanted so badly to grin and tease her, but I knew she needed firmness more than teasing at that moment. She seemed encourage by what she read in my eyes and her trembling calmed somewhat.

"Well kitten...do you want to see what else I brought for you?"

Nodding, she whispered, "Yes Sir."

"I knew you would." I laughed softly and the sound sent shivers cascading over her damp flesh. "Kittens have an insatiable curiosity. Well come on then," I reached out and helped her back to her knees before standing and helping her to her feet. "There's a blue bag in the trunk of my car," I told her as I handed her a set of keys. "Mine is the red Lexus. Fetch the bag and bring it to the playroom. Then we can see what sort of goodies it holds."

Taking the keys, she nodded. "Yes Sir." Keys in hand she turned toward the door and the closet beside it. It was easy to tell from the way she moved that she was keenly aware of the kitten between her legs, and that it's constant movement as she walked would not let her forget what had just happened. Her walk was nothing like it had been when she was at work. There her movements were quick and efficient. Now though, her movements were slower and so sensual it sent blood rushing to my already hard cock.

"Oh... and kitten..."

"Yes Sir?"

"You're to go as you are." The look on her face was priceless as she stopped dead and turned to me. Before she could speak I nodded my head to the door. "Right now kitten, exactly as you are." Her lips parted, as crimson stained her cheeks, and it was clear she wanted to speak, but something in my expression must have told her it would be useless to argue. Her tongue darted out, wetting her lips and she simply nodded. It wasn't until she turned back to the door that I sighed softly and relaxed.

When I had told Brent what I had planned he said that she would balk and probably not do it. She was so incredibly shy that he just could not picture her walking outside in full view of the neighbors and whoever else might be passing wearing nothing but her new kitten. This was one bet I won and, I thought to myself, it was only the first. I grinned and turned to the others. Matthew was watching her through the still open door as she walked, head held high, back straight, without hesitation to my car.

When I first mentioned this weekend to him, he had declined. Not because he did not want to be here, but because he knew that his tastes and needs were darker than Brent's, and didn't think Brent would allow him to explore those desires as fully as he wanted. I convinced him to at least give it a chance. 'You don't have to stay,' I told him, 'if it looks like you're right. But at least give Brent the benefit of the doubt. He's told me quite a bit about his little one, and I get the impression that her needs and curiosity are a little more than he can handle alone. As you've said your tastes differ and I think that is precisely why he's set this up. She's not been with many different Doms so there are still many things she's not explored, yet wants to. This weekend is her chance to explore the full spectrum. To learn as much as she can about her needs and desires. And... to learn if those deeper cravings are ones that need to be let lose.' I think this first encounter had reassured him. When he told me what he wanted to do to her and later handed me the electrical packet I know he expected Brent to stop me. Brent not only did not stop me he actually nodded letting me know it okay. And he did not seem at all surprised by her reactions.

"I have to admit," I told Matthew, "I did not think she would take as much as she did."

Matthew smiled. "She needed that."

"Surely Brent's used a tens unit on her," Adam said.

Matthew chuckled and held the device out so Adam could take it. "It's not a tens unit. Similar yes. But this baby packs a lot more power." Adam looked closely at the small black box and the probe attached to one end.

Reaching over, I turned the knob on the side then flipped a switch turning it on. Adam dropped the probe as the current reached his fingers. Then he carefully picked it back up and held it against his hand.

"Kicks like a mule if you're not used to it or expecting it," Matthew told him.

"I'll say." Adam moved the tip of the probe over his wrist and up the inside of his of his arm. "But it's still not that bad."

"Put the setting back to where it was," Matthew told me. I reached over and turned the knob a few clicks and laughed when Adam cursed and dropped the probe again.

"Son of a bitch!"

"I told you it had more power."

Incredulous, Adam looked at me and asked, "And that's the setting you used on her?" He shook his head and looked at the box with more respect. "No wonder she screamed like she did."

"Yes...." Peter spoke up softly as he watched her lean over the back of the car and reach deep into the trunk, "but she did more than scream now.... Didn't she."

"My point exactly," Matthew replied. "The question is... how far can we take her." His eyes narrowed as he watched her remove the blue bag and shift her stance to accommodate the weight of the bag. "What exactly do you have in that bag?"

"Oh...." I grinned, "just a few trinkets and a bit of this and that." I glanced out the door and saw her walking back. "Come on fellows. Let me introduce you to the playroom."

"I'll make you a deal Matthew," Peter said as they started down the hall, "let me tie her up good with my rope and you can torture her as long as you like."

Laughing, Matthew agreed. "As long as you tie her where I can reach all the most sensitive and delicate parts be my guest."

"Damn... and I didn't bring my camera."

"Don't worry Adam," I told him, "I got mine."

"Hell yes. Did you bring the video equipment too?"

"Yep. It's already set up and ready to go."

The playroom was located in the back of the house and only took us a couple of minutes to reach. Each man whistled with appreciation when the door opened to reveal all the equipment and toys. Brent and I had spent the last two weeks working on the room while kitten was at work. He told me last night that she was not happy when he told her they had to play somewhere else while he made some repairs and modifications. When she wanted to know why he kept it locked he told her it was for safety reasons. I figured she would have died of curiosity but he said she wasn't like that. She was one of the few people he knew that loved surprises and would never try to spoil them. 'Well,' I thought, 'she should love my surprises.'

The room had a new St. Andrews cross, as well as a new spanking bench and several other new or modified pieces of equipment. The chains suspended from the ceiling in strategic spots glowed in the soft lighting. The best features were the large flat screen TV's mounted on three of the walls. A computer sat off in one corner humming quietly to itself. The entire room was soundproofed and wired so the cameras could be used anywhere and the video they shot would be transmitted instantly to one or more of the TV's, as well as the computer where it would be stored for editing later. The lighting was the next best feature. It could be as bright or dim as we wanted and more importantly, where we wanted it. There was even a surprise that Brent didn't yet know about. I had installed special software on the computer that could take a live feed from the cameras and broadcast it online. I had also modified several of the toys so they could receive transmissions from the computer. Using the special software, one could log on, get the live feed and use the features of the new program to operate the modified toys. I smiled thinking about all the deliciously wicked things I had planned.


"You're to go as you are." Those words hit me and their impact stopped me almost as quickly as Master's crop does when he's upset with me. I turned to object and beg him not to make me do this, I could feel myself blushing and hated it; but the look on his face – it was so hard and determined that I felt like I felt like I was facing a brick wall. I knew that look; it was one I often wore myself. Licking my lips I steeled myself for what I was about to do and nodded my acceptance of his command.

As I walked to the door and outside I prayed that no one was outside working in their yard. I didn't have a problem with modesty, but I did have a streak of shyness that kept me reined in. While I'd go check the mail wearing nothing but a tee-shirt long enough to just barely cover ass, as long as I didn't move the wrong way, I'd never come out the front nude before.

A shiver rippled through me at the thought of being seen and the dampness growing between my legs belied the blush heating my face and chest. I wanted to move quickly, that shyness in me demanding that I do this quick and get back behind the closed door; but the weight tugging at my clit forced me to walk slowly and carefully. The last thing I needed to do was have to stop and wait while I fought not to release. 'Damn,' I thought. 'Don't think about it. You're only making it worse," I reprimanded myself.

By the time I reached the car, my thighs were damp and I was visibly trembling yet again. I didn't even look around, just quickly unlocked the trunk and opened it. As it popped up my eyes found the blue bag. It wasn't as large as Master's toy bag, but it wasn't small either. Grabbing the handle I found it was heavier than it looked. I had to reach further and balance myself on one hand to grab and lift it so it would not drag. When I adjusted my stance the kitten swung free and bounced against the car. The impact sent shock waves through my clit and I bit my lip, frozen, as I fought not to release.

Once I regained control over my traitorous body I lifted the bag out of the car and closed the trunk. I couldn't help but wonder what was in it that made it so heavy as I shifted and compensated for its weight. Still refusing to look around, I focused my gaze on the front door now and walked slowly back to the house. The bag played havoc with my stride, which in turn affected the kitten causing it to swing and tug even harder at my clit. Biting my lip, not realizing just how sensuous my movements had become, I fought to reach the door before I had to stop again.

A whistle pierced the air and before I could catch myself, I had twisted to see who it was. That sudden movement caused me to gush wetly and I blushed even harder as my eyes met Davie's across the street. He winked at me and shooed me on with his hand. His grin told me just how much he was enjoying the show and I wondered how long he had been standing there. Grinning I turned and continued walking back to the house. I knew Davie well and knew he'd be giving me hell for this later; but he knew that too and also knew I'd find some way to get back at him. He'd been flirting with me ever since he moved in a year ago; and naughty girl that I was, I could not help but flirt back.

The first time Master saw us I thought he'd stripe my bottom, but he just laughed and told me to be careful. When he and Davie became good friends I worried that they might plan something, but nothing ever happened so I relaxed and just enjoyed Davie's wit and word play. I wondered what Master would say when he found out that Davie had seen me. Shaking my head as I thought about Davie and Master, I stepped through the door, shut and locked it behind me. I looked for the guys, but they had already left.

Sighing softly, I took a deep breath and walked to the playroom. As I drew closer I could hear them talking and laughing. When I heard the word 'punishment' my step falter, but I did not want to hear more so I walked quicker even though it played hell with the weight and reached the doorway before too much more was said.

"Ah... there she is now." Peter said as I walked through the door. They all watched me as I stopped and my eyes widen when I saw the changes Master had made to the room. The TV's caught my attention first and I blushed so hard I felt like I was on fire. While I wasn't big on porn, I loved watching BDSM movies. Master had teased me once about making me watch one while he did the same things to me that were done to the slave in the movie. That thought had both scared and aroused me so much that I was happy when he never mentioned it again. Now though, it was evident that he had not forgotten.

Trembling, the moisture between my legs spreading to coat my thighs and threatening to go even farther, I silently held the bag out to Dominick and lowered my eyes. I wanted to look at each man and see their reaction to the room, and me, but was terrified at what they might see in my eyes. Master knew how naughty I could be; but I had successfully hidden it from others for years. Somehow I knew I would not be able to hide it from these men.

Fingers lifted my chin and forced me to look up. Matthews's eyes locked with mine as I felt the bag taken from my hand. Then I felt fingers caressing my breast lightly before grasping and pinching my nipple. Pain and pleasure ripped through me and I shuddered as my head spun. This – this feeling was what I lived for, what I craved, what I needed. Matthew's eyes darkened, his fingers fiercely gripping my chin, holding my head immobile as the pain and pleasure both grew. I whimpered and arched my back thrusting my breast towards the fingers mauling my sensitive nipple. While a part of me wanted to draw back from the pain, a deeper, darker part wanted more and refused to let me draw back. Tears filled my eyes and flowed down over my cheeks as the pain grew. Just when I thought I could take no more the hand withdrew and the rush sent me spinning so hard I could not stand still. I shuddered and stretched, hands clenched shut, nails biting into my palms.

Then someone took my hands and drew them behind me. I felt rope slid over my wrists and the rough hemp felt like a lover's caress. My hands were tied tightly behind my back then the rope wrapped around my ribs and slid between my breasts. The feel of the rope sliding over, caressing, my fevered flesh was enough to send me flying. My eyes closed as my body arched offering itself to the rope slowly wrapping itself around my heavy breasts. Only the fingers holding my chin kept my feet planted where they were; but those same fingers could not keep me from squirming and offering even more of my self to the rope.

When the rope work ended I stood quietly, shivering, trembling, and flying, relishing the feel of the rope and how it made me feel. Silence reigned for several moments as I relaxed and let go of everything but my need to submit. Then I felt hands guiding me deeper into the room. With a sigh I opened my eyes only to see a blindfold being placed over them. A soft moan escaped my lips and I settled deeper into my headspace. I had forgotten that I had a punishment coming, until I felt the cool wood against my middle as I was bent over something hard. Strong hands wrapped around each ankle; my legs were spread and cuffed to what felt like Master's spreader bar. As I shifted to obey the commands of those firm hands I felt another hand playing with the kitten.

Distracted by the hands I never heard the chain, but I felt it when the cold links brushed my back and then my sides. I felt a tug on the rope between my breasts and then cold metal and realized they had hooked a chain to the rope Then I heard the chains rattle as they were pulled up – and my chest was snug against the side of the bench. When I went to shift my weight I realized my ankles had been tied to the legs of the bench. I couldn't move. My swollen tender breasts throbbed, nipples ached, and I knew what was coming. Yet, when the first blows landed I was unprepared for the pain and screamed.

Blow after blow landed on my upturned ass and swollen breasts. I screamed and begged, promising to be good, but to no avail. The punishment continued. Then I felt fingers in my hair and my head was pulled back. The blows stopped and I sobbed trying to catch my breath and relax. Tensing up only made it hurt worse. I knew this, yet they had caught me unprepared and I had tensed up with the first blow and was unable to relax. My ass and breasts burned and I hoped they were done, but then I felt hands caressing the tender flesh.

"Pretty... Think she's had enough?"

"Please..." I begged.

"Sounds like she wants more."

"No! Oh god no... please Sir"

"No? But you've been such a naughty girl." Master's voice was teasing, but I knew he was serious. "You've taken worse before little girl. And you still broke the rules."

Crying, I bit my lip and stayed silent. I knew that tone and experience had taught me that begging would only make it worse. Between the disorientation caused by the blindfold and the pain the only voice I knew for sure was Master's. I hadn't heard the others enough to tell them apart when I was this rattled. So I concentrated on Master's voice and waited.

"You have thirty more coming. Then we'll see just how well you've learned your lesson."

"Yes Sir." I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "Sir....?"

"No. You don't have to count them." He chuckled softly. "I don't think you could if you tried. But if you want to you may."

"Thank you Sir." The blindfold was soaked and I could feel the tears now on my cheeks. I shuddered and waited. And waited. I knew they were still there and I wondered what they were waiting for. Then the first blow landed and I knew.

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