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Did I Lose My Wife


The day was too beautiful to waste any more of it at work so I told the boss so long and was out the door just before noon. I was feeling kind of horny and wanted to get home to maybe try to have sex with my hot blonde wife because for the past few months, sex between us had been nonexistent. It's not that we hadn't tried, it's just that I couldn't.

You see, we were role-playing a rape fantasy a few weeks prior, 9 weeks actually and as I was aggressively attempting to catch my wife to "rape" her, she accidently kicked me in the scrotum. The very hard blow and those extremely sexy spiked heels did the trick. Needless to say, Sex didn't happen that night and hasn't happened since then either, I was impotent. The doctor said I had a slight rupture which should clear up on its own but to be patient as the length of time it could be was unknown and also to refrain from any more stress because further trauma might result in it becoming a permanent condition.

Being a 31 year old with erection issues was scary. The doctor also told me that in order to relieve some of the discomfort from the pressure building in my testicles, I should masturbate when needed. I asked how that could be done and he said to work the flaccid shaft with my fingers until orgasm.

Anytime I felt the pressure becoming too much, I did as instructed. It wasn't as much fun but it did the trick. Lynn laughed at me because I was doing it sometimes as often as 3 or 4 times per day, even at work. When time allowed, she would let me lick her pussy as I pulled on my limp shaft and after her orgasm, I would crawl between her legs and squeeze my meager offering onto her shaved vagina while she teased me about having a small, soft, baby penis. Sometimes she made me watch as she worked one of her big dildo's into her hairless pussy. I knew it was tough on my 28 year old sex pot wife to go without and her frustration was evident.

On my way home, the pressure was building and my testicles felt like they were going to explode. I sure was hoping that today would be the day. We've had so many failed attempts at actual penetration in the past months that I was very self-conscious. I was experiencing some healing because I was a little more firmer than before and even managed to roll on a condom but just two nights ago I had again failed miserably, not hard enough for penetration. We both attempted several times to insert my little pee-pee into her orally slickened vagina but it was of no use, I was just too soft. So, with the frustration building, I pulled off the loose rubber and wildly masturbated my useless penis while she fucked herself underneath me.

This was all on my mind as I entered the front door. I expected my hot blonde wife to come and see who it was but she never showed. I searched the living room and kitchen but no one was there. Upon entering our bedroom, I noticed her white spiked heels setting on the floor beside the bed, and in close proximity was a discarded pair of white lacy thong panties. On the bed was two white sissy socks with white lace around the top edge which were hap-hazardly tossed over her cream colored strapless sundress. She must have went shopping today I thought?

I gently picked up the discarded panties, rubbing the lacy garment between my fingers while imagining my hot blonde wife strutting through the mall in her sexy attire. I'd hoped that she had purchased something sexy because I like for her to show off. I'm sure she likes it as well.

The discomfort in my swelling testicles was increasing rapidly and if I didn't find my bride soon, I would have to masturbate to relieve my pain. There was no sign of her in the house, just discarded clothing so I unzipped and dropped my pants and sure enough, my pee-pee was sticking out slightly, although still a little floppy. Where is she I moaned, it's a good chance and I'd hate to waste it.

I thought I'd heard a noise, an impish giggle actually, and peeked through the blinds into my backyard pool area. What I saw shocked me! Straddling the lounge chair was our next door neighbors son Greg. Setting in the same fashion and between his muscular legs was my hot blonde wife. She was wearing her tiny black bikini, the one I'd ordered her from a foreign web site. Made of faux leather, It had a small strapless top that could barely hold her big boobs and the Brazilian cut bottom was equally as tiny. In fact, most of her tight little butt was hanging out and the whisper of material that covered the front barely protected her shaved pussy. She was dressed to flirt what with the 5 inch platform heels and large gold hoop earrings. Her blonde mane was also in a sexy ponytail which left much her long slender neck exposed.

Lynn was laying back on Greg who in turn was massaging oil onto her exposed flat belly. Her head was resting on his broad shoulder and defined chest while she looked dreamily up into his eyes. To me, it looked like two lovers embracing and I was shocked at how cute they looked as a couple. What they were talking about was anybody's guess. I couldn't hear through the window, but it must have been funny because the hot blonde was giggling and squirming in his arms.

Lynn was kind of helping him with the oil, her dainty manicured hands atop his arms as he pushed the pool of slick oil over and around her taught abdomen from just under her breasts to the tiny bikini panty. The railing on the deck was blocking my damn view so I had to assume that he had stooped there.

Lynn put both arms up and wrapped them around his neck. Then, doing a crunch type of move, I saw the top of her knees come into view. Her knees separated a little and disappeared again behind the railing. I could visualize the spiked heels she had on digging into the vinyl cushion the couple was setting on. Greg had to have a great view because from his position, he could look right down over her tiny body past the swell of her rather sizable tits and into the "V" of her wide spread legs. The bikini isn't lined inside and neither was the panty. I'm sure that the tight fit over her smooth pussy shows the camel-toe from her pussy lips. She knew what she was doing.

She leaned even harder into Greg and the said something. He lean down so she could whisper right into his ear and as a smile spread on his face as she twisted a little to his left. Holding onto his neck with only her right hand, her left dropped out of view, she squirmed and twisted slipping her head from his chest into the crux of his bicep. Now the she was stretched out like a naughty kitten getting its belly rubbed, Greg produced the bottle of oil.

He picked the spot just below her neck and started squeezing. She smiled as the oil splashed all over but eventually, the oil pooled a little and started flowing downward. It ran swiftly between the valley of her tits continuing across her belly onto the bikini panty and puddled on the vinyl cushion under her pussy. More giggling and squirming was induced but he just kept pouring and squeezing all the while the puddle between her legs was getting bigger and bigger.

After half the bottle was dispersed, he started pouring it over the exposed swell of flesh on each breast. Satisfied that she was drenched, he started spreading it around with both hands. He massaged it up her neck first then started down toward her tits. I was so shocked that she was allowing this. I know that she's a tease but I never expected it. Of course her being denied sex for so long now may be what is contributing to this.

She repositioned her head back onto his shoulder and was cooing into his ear as he worked the slick oil. His large strong hands massaged the oil over the mound of each breast and into the valley between them while she tickled his neck with her fingernails and chewed sexily on her bottom lip. He was carefully tracing the edge of the bikini top and I knew that with one little slip and all the oil, his fingers would be inside and tweaking her stiff nipples.

She pushed her chest up inviting him to do just that but he didn't take the bait. What he did do was to cover both breasts with his large hands and squeeze briefly then continue on down to her belly. The top of her bikini was now shiny and soaked in the oil, I guess the bottoms were as well.

Still squirming slightly and tickling the bulging veins in his neck, she extended her right leg and lifted it straight into the air. All of the sudden, she nuzzled her nose into his neck and bit sharply on her lip then looked up into his eye's, she lightly but quickly, kissed his chin. I assume that he had dipped his hand between her legs into the pool of oil. I wonder if he took a second or so to caress her barely protected pussy.

She giggled again as he reached up and started smearing a hand full of oil onto her high heel adorned foot. She squirmed and giggled uncontrollably as he worked the oil with his long fingers in and around her exposed toes and the arch of her foot tickling her severely. He continued to slowly work downward only stopping to spread the oil around the strap that held her high heel tightly to her dainty ankle.

She quickly dropped that foot down stabbing the sharp heel into the cushion as she raised the other leg for the same treatment. I was wondering where his other hand was? Was he rubbing more of the oil onto her slick tummy or was he fingering my wife? I don't know because I couldn't see that far down.

The same treatment was applied to her other foot and ankle except that he toyed with her tiny ankle bracelet that she seems to wear all the time now. Dropping that leg and foot back down, she adjusted her position once again. She squirmed back into the middle of his large chest and spread open once again. She really became animated when he got to the inside of her thighs. Damn deck railing! She reached back and held his neck as he went to work. Her oil slickened body squirmed wildly against him as he worked his magic. He had to be petting her pussy by the way she was squirming and twisting.

Suddenly, both turned around quickly looking in the direction of Greg's house. His mom must have called to him, he was probably going to be late for football practice. Lynn quickly leaned upright allowing Greg to rise and the large patch of oil that had soaked into his blue jean shorts displayed the very prominent bulge of his large young cock. He said goodbye to my wife and quickly departed the pool area.

At this time, I figured that my bride would be coming into the house so I quickly stepped back from the window and zipped up my pants. While the love scene was going on, I was absentmindedly rubbing my limp penis with my wife's lacy panties which now had dribbles of my cum on them and fear of being caught by her took over. I could hear the click clack of her heels as she approached the house getting closer and closer so I bolted for the door. I was closing the front door as she was entering at the back.

Here I was, afraid of being caught by my sexy blonde wife that had been teasing our neighbors young son. Why did that scare me, she's the one who was being naughty. Anyway, I drove to the high school and parked in the back corner of the lot to wait for a while and think things over. I also wanted to see the young stud that had basically been trying to seduce my hot little sex starved wife. The young man finally arrived and I watched as he hurriedly exited his moms car and then head for the locker room.

I remember that it was just a couple of years ago that he and his mom Michelle, moved in. Greg was a tall but gangly, scrawny 14 year old that weighed maybe 115 pounds. Now, the young boy had grown into a man. He was an excellent athlete and in fact was a starting tailback his sophomore year. Now he was again a starter and was the owner of the most yardage gained in a season in high school as well as a top ten state ranked linebacker for tackles made. He was a stud. A huge upper body and powerful legs. Colleges were probably already looking at him this year. I can see why my wife was!

As Greg disappeared into the building, I again thought of how terrified I was by almost being caught as I peeked out at their sexual display. The discomfort in my scrotum was returning and I looked down and was shocked to discover that I still possessed my brides crumpled, sperm stained panties, clutched tightly in the palm of my hand. I was in such a hurry to run that I forgot to leave them. As the vision of the cute couple invaded my mind, I found myself once again, pulling on my semi firm penis.

The events in my mind changed a little. I was still peeking at them but now they knew I was watching. My little minx of a wife was now fucking young Greg. They were still on the lounge chair as before but now his large cock was deep in her belly. My wife was staring at me from my hiding place safely inside while Greg, her young lover, was sucking her neck and squirting his fuck in her tummy. And, as an orgasm racked her lithe body, a moan escaped both of our mouths.

Awakened from my dirty daydream, I realized that more of my clear sperm was oozing out of my penis. I quickly unwrapped her dainty panty from my pee-pee and pointed my oozing member right into the crotch of the thong, spreading my ejaculate all over the tiny cotton panel. In my mind, it was young Greg's sperm that had trickled out of her after he had satisfied her with a majestic round of love making. Now I knew why I was so terrified of being caught........because I liked it.

I resigned myself to the fact that I was caught, the wet panties in my hand was all the evidence that she would need to know that I was spying on them. I tried to tell myself that I did nothing wrong but somehow I felt that I was at fault. Thinking of ways out of this situation, I chose to stuff the drenched panties into my pants to hide them. Then, I figured I'd toss them in the hamper later and I would avoid being found out.

I entered the house again and this time, my bride came out to see who it was. She had on a short black satin robe as well as the bikini top. She was also still wearing the black spiked heels. However, when her short little robe parted, I saw that she was no longer wearing the bikini panty and her smooth vagina was exposed. I could see the engorged lips of her sex hanging down as if she were aroused and the tiny thin strip of soft blonde hair pointing toward her belly button.

"What are you doing home so early," she asked?

I told her about deciding to leave work early to come home and make love to her. I approached my wife, dropped to my knees before her, and started softly kissing her flat tummy, occasionally stabbing my tongue into her tiny little belly button. She was telling me that it was such a nice idea for me to do that for her as I inched lower and lower towards her pussy. She moaned and caressed my head as my oil slicked tongue worked its way between the folds of her cunny and over the hard nub of her clitoris.

I mumbled into her pussy telling her that she was so beautiful and that I loved her so much. I wanted her to know that I would do anything to keep her, that I need her. I held her slim hips as she smiled down at me on my knees, tongue still licking wildly at her sloppy sex.

I lightly forced her to turn, licking my way around her thigh until her cute little ass was in my face. She reached down with one hand stroking my head and bent slightly forward while lifting her tiny robe, offering me her gorgeous little butt. I lovingly kissed each soft cheek then directed my wiggling tongue into her crack seeking out her tiny little anus. She loves to be licked back there and moaned softly as I tickled her little puckered orifice. I forced as much of my tongue into the tight little hole as I could and felt her shiver. I licked her little spot trying to prove to her that I was still her husband. Maybe, I was trying to prove it to myself?

I was still orally fucking her back hole when she lightly tugged a hand full of my hair. She wanted me to stand up. We stared into each other's eyes for a brief moment then kissed softly. She pulled my head to the side and I started kissing her neck as she whispered in my ear.

" I'm so glad you came home early. I was out by the pool soaking up the sun and was fantasying about you making love to me (a lie) and I had to come in the house and play with one of my toys. It's been so long since I was fucked properly. Do you think that my hubby can get his impotent little pee-pee hard enough to pleasure his hot little wife? Or, have you played with your tiny limp wee-wee to much already today to satisfy her?"

I moaned into her neck at the tease she was instilling on me. She smiled at me again, her big green doe like eyes twinkling with mischief, then took my hand and led me back to our bedroom.

Once there, I'd noticed that she had picked up her dress and shoe's from earlier and had put the rest in the clothes hamper. The bed was now tussled somewhat but what really caught my attention was that her big dildo was laying half under the covers. She spun around, embarrassed that I'd spotted her toy, and kissed me. Then, while looking up at me, she slowly dropped to her knees.

She reached up and pulled down my zipper and reached inside searching for my penis. While she was doing this, I was trying to visualize everything I'd seen today in an effort to make my limp noodle become erect.

"What's this?" She asked as she extracted her white lace panties from their hiding spot inside my underwear.

She glanced at the floor where I'd retrieved the panties earlier then looked up at me with worry in her dreamy eyes. She quickly turned to avoid my eyes and hung her head as if she was waiting for me to start yelling. She was still looking down at the wadded up panty waiting for me to call her out but I wasn't going to say anything. I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten that I put the panties there in the first place.

She slowly started working the panties in her small hand and that's when she noticed how damp they were. Still, her head downcast, she reached back up into my pants and fished out my soft member.

Realizing that neither of us was going to say, reveal or admit to anything, she looked back up at me. The fear that was in her eyes just a second ago was now replaced with a thoughtful glare and a naughty little smirk.

"Were you playing with my panties, Jamie? Did you whack off into my little lacy, naughty panty? Is this wet stuff your useless little limp spermies?"

I said nothing as she softly cradled my rapidly firming penis in her wet lace adorned hand. Using her fingers, she pushed and pulled her panties back and forth on my pee-pee.

"Does that feel good hubby? Do you like my little panties? Want to squirt some more worthless juice on my panties baby?"

I moaned and groaned as she partially masturbated my floppy wee-wee into the lacy wisp of material. I was starting to feel the rise of orgasm again when she suddenly stopped and told me to do it myself while she fucked her own cunt with her dildo. At least its hard and will satisfy me, she said.

We mutually masturbated in front of each other, me standing at her feet, she, laying back on the bed. She watched as I worked Mr. softy with her panties and I watched as she twisted and pushed hard against the fake cock. As her orgasm approached, she started the erotic banter once again.

"Do you like those little panties? You look so cute rubbing your wimpy little dicklette in my panties baby. You know, real men, men with big hard cocks, can wear men's underwear. Little sissies like you, with soft little baby pee-pee's, have to wear girl panties. I bet you want to wear my panties don't you honey? You want to hide your wimpy little penis in my panties don't you?"

It was at that moment that I was able to start squeezing out the worthless clear fluid. I sopped up what little there was with her panty and set down on the end of the bed exhausted while she finished herself off with a loud and violent cum.

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