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Dinner with the Boss


"May I give you my phone number in case you change your mind?"

My hand falters as I begin to zip up my suede jacket. Mind and body screamed yes, but I hear myself say no. A sly, knowing smile appears on Semela's beautiful face.

"Please come, I always prepare too much food. It will just be my son, husband and myself."

After only a brief hesitation I give in. I time out on the last available register and join the swarm of last minute shoppers as I exit the shopping center. Why is it everyone saves their shopping until Christmas Eve?

Driving slowly past each house, double checking the address for the house in comparison to the one scribbled on the paper. Noticing a woman waving in my direction from down the street. Sure enough it is Semela and I pull into her driveway and inhale deeply before opening the door and getting hit by a gust of cold dry air. Semela is known around work as the affectionate type, but I am still surprised when she pulls me in for a hug.

"I am so glad you made it, I was worried you may have changed your mind."

A broad smile is the only reply I offer, not trusting myself with a verbal response. Semela takes me by the hand and leads me inside her house to meet her husband and son. I am a bit surprised once my eyes fall on her husband, Drew. Uncomfortably shifting under his piercing stare, I can't help but wonder if this man is an alcoholic? He looks older than his years and I would be amazed to learn if he has in fact smiled at anytime in the past ten years. Semela's son, Kevin, resembles his father for the most part minus the hard look. A handsome young boy whose smile solely resembles that of his mother. With the formal introductions set aside, Semela briefly shows me around her home. A lovely living room which includes a big screen television, two comfortable recliners, and a large sofa pushed against the far wall directly across from the big screen. In the next room, I admire her stereo system. I was well aware that Semela had money, but this even impressed me. Semela leaned in close and softly whispered, "Only display upstairs is the bedroom." Upon seeing her wink, I couldn't help but turn a bit crimson at her bold statement.

Dinner was simply delicious, Semela went all out considering how simple she made it sound the day before. A large honey glazed ham as well as two casseroles and of course dinner rolls. Her son was a bit quiet, but her and Drew were very talkative. Then again, I'm sure the four beers Drew had during dinner helped him think of one annoying pathetic jab after another to direct towards his beautiful wife. Semela did her best to ignore his nagging comments and try to make me feel as comfortable as possible considering the situation and finally I opened up and when she focused all her attention on me, Drew snapped.

"I'm going out, all you seem to care about is little miss shy and quiet over here. You haven't paid me any attention for months, so why should today be any different despite the holiday?"

Semela glared at her husband and simply stated, "You are making a fool of yourself. Sit down and relax, I'll get you a cup of coffee."

My eyes closed tightly as the plate crashed onto the polished wood floor, the sound of it breaking echoing seemingly for centuries. I heard the door leading down to the garage slam shut and Semela tell Kevin to go over to Brandon's house to spend the night. I opened my eyes and saw Semela on her knees on the floor picking up the pieces. I immediately bent down and started helping her.

"I'm so sor..."

"Don't apologize," I interrupted, my hand briefly brushing alongside hers. "You didn't do anything wrong, don't you dare apologize for his actions. He should be ashamed and he knows it, perhaps that is why he erupted?"

Semela shook her head.

"He is always erupting. I'm lucky to go a day without getting yelled at or accused of something of which I am innocent."

I collected the last few pieces of glass and threw them in the trash.

"Has he ever hit you?"

Semela didn't even hesitate.

"Just once."

There was a long silence between us. I was relieved to hear she had only been hit once, but on the other hand, I simply couldn't believe she hadn't divorced Drew.

"I love him. He wasn't always this way. Not to mention Kevin. I refuse to separate while Kevin is still a child."

I returned to Semela and this time it was I who wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me for a hug.

"I'm fine, really."

I couldn't help but smile.

"I know that, I just wanted to thank you for inviting me over for dinner."

The kitchen filled with soft laughter.

"And for giving me a job, a wonderful job that I am quite pleased with."

Semela pulled back and whispered, "Now you are sucking up to your boss."

Despite Semela being thirty years my senior, she was still as energetic and attractive as ever. A wonderfully independent and caring woman, her charisma appealing to everyone, especially me. With one look at Semela, you just knew you could trust her with your life.

"Kiss me."

Her simple instruction barely heard over the beating of my own heart. Our lips met briefly before parting and then immediately pressed together once again with a sense of urgency. Her warm tongue parting my lips to explore my hungry mouth. My hands traveled down her back to her firm butt to pull her further against me. A passionate, uninterrupted moan filled the kitchen as her petite hands began massaging my breasts. It wasn't long before her fingers found the button on my jeans. As she unbuttoned my jeans, an idea hit me. I pulled back and turned so I could push my back against her and feel her firm modest breasts against my back. I forced her back against the nearest wall and turned my head to the right and her lips found mine instantly, the meeting sending shivers down my spine. I grinded harder against her and moaned, "Oh god yes," when her fingers made there way inside of my jeans as well as inside my moist thong. While her fingers worked on my hard clit, her other hand massaged my left breast, pinching my tender nipple harder each time even through my cotton shirt. I placed my hand over hers and kissed her more passionately, her fingers quickening there pace sending me closer to the edge. Our fingers intertwined above my breast as I moaned into her mouth signaling my orgasm. My walls abruptly clamped tightly around her fingers and I broke our kiss. We stood silently, her warm delicate hands teasing my hard nipples, while I enjoyed the warmth of her body close by. Finally, I turned to face her and softly said, "Show me your bedroom."

Semela took my hand and led me upstairs to her and Drew's bedroom. A rather large room decorated with simple wallpaper, a couple of wildlife pictures framed strategically around the room. The colors in the bedroom weren't at all what I was predicting, they were so different from Semela's personality. Normal, almost boring decorations kept in the very room with the very woman who possesses a quick sense of humor as well as unlimited flawless energy.

"You don't like it?"

Semela laid down on the bed and motioned for me to join her. I climbed on top of her curvaceous mature body and removed my shirt, grateful I had decided not to bother with a bra that morning, her fingers quickly pulling on my anxious pink nipples.

"It's not that honey, it just doesn't seem like you. It doesn't correspond with your personality, your...spunk."

I could feel her laughter reverberate through me as I kissed her. I unbuttoned her blouse and admired her black lace bra. Suddenly, as if a light bulb went off above my head, I unsnapped her khaki pants and teased them down her smooth legs only to discover a sexy pair of black panties. I grinned at Semela.

"Expecting a wonderful evening weren't you?"

Semela kicked her pants off while wrapping her arms around my waist.

"I admit I was hopeful."

I buried my face into her breasts, the material of her bra rubbing against my chin and part of my cheek. My eyes wandered up her gorgeous body, stopping to look deep into her brown eyes. I teasingly ran a finger slowly from her cleavage, down her stomach, a few gentle circles around her navel and finally over her sexy panties. I wasted little time in removing her panties and finally getting a look at what I had spent countless evenings fantasizing about with only my vibrator to keep me company. As I had hoped, my sexy boss neatly trimmed her dark bush. I pushed my face into her wet center, her soft curls tickling my skin, her strong arousal intoxicating my senses leaving me a bit light headed. I felt her fingers grip my blonde hair as my tongue leisurely explored before finally penetrating deep within her. Her hips found a steady rhythm and soon she was thrashing about on the bed moaning my name, her warm juices seeping between her creamy thighs and coating my admiring face.

We helped one another dress without saying a word. We shared one last passionate kiss before Semela walked me to the door.

"Thank you for coming," she said with that special twinkle I love in her eyes. "How can I show you my appreciation?" she asked mischievously.

"There is one thing," I replied while running a hand through my disheveled hair. "On Monday, wear a business suit to work."

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