tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDirty Deeds Ch. 01

Dirty Deeds Ch. 01


A/N: This story is set in the Warcraft universe, and as such is heavily influenced by it's lore. For further information(such as pictures) about characters such as Sylvanas, visit WoWPedia.org and use the search button.

Dark Ranger Clea grit her teeth together as yet another screech berated her eardrums. Quickly, and on silent feet, she peaked into the Dark Lady's personal chambers. The Worgen her Queen had taken as a pet a week before was perched on top of her bent form and rutting madly into her. From the view she was given she guessed that the wolf-like creature was working away at her asshole and judging by the very loud shrieks the Banshee Queen was enjoying it immensely. She had seen the Worgen a few times before and had noticed that he was quite large, even for a Worgen. Lady Sylvanas' body was hard to see over the mass of fur ontop of her and she was surprised that any Worgen female could take a cock as big as his. She assumed that if the Queen was still alive instead of undead and being humped by the furry creature that she would nearly break in half. She swallowed as a tingling sensation built-up in between her legs. The Dark Ranger wished that she was the one being humped into the ground by the feral Worgen, and indeed many of her fellow rangers had started to experiment with the Worgen prisoners. Clea's eyes were locked on the two figures engaged in their little romp even as she was thinking this, but her mind had wandered off and it wasn't until her Queen had stopped screaming that she snapped out of her reverie. She quickly ducked behind a corner and made her way to the hidden area where the Dark Rangers congregated in secret. Upon arrival she found three of her sisters engaged in an orgy with some of the prisoners. A Dwarf, captured in Alterac Valley, a large Draenei, a Murloc, and two Worgen were busy pounding the three undead beauties. She noticed that Anya was occupied with both of the Worgen prisoners. Ever since she was killed by Worgen infiltrators a week before she had been interested in taking one, or in this case two, out for a test drive. It seemed that they were the ones riding her, however. One was humping her in a similar fashion as she had seen the Dark Lady's pet hump her, and the other was practically humping her face.

Ever since Sylvanas had taken the Worgen Garwal as a pet and personal fuck-toy she no longer required the use of her other servants. Since then, the Dark Rangers have been using them, and quite frequently at that. The floor upon which the undead elf women were being pounded into was covered in a sheet of shiny cum with puddles of the thick spunk dotted all across it.

She was startled suddenly, as Sylvanas stepped up beside her. Quickly turning to her, she bowed and uttered a greeting. She watched her Queen tentatively, and smiled as she lifted one perfect blue finger and pointed it to the Draenei male drilling his large alien cock into Cyndia's bottom.

"You know I do not like Draenei men, Cyndie," she uttered, a green glow forming at the tip of her finger.

"Aww, come on, S-Ahh-Sylvanas! Have you tried one yet? Their-Ungh-cock has little tentacles on it! He's fucking both of my holes at once."

Sylvanas shook her head. She had been with a few Draenei prisoners, and she loved how each of the tentacles on their cocks would let out a torrent of cum by themselves. Despite this, she also hated them with a passion

"Draenei males are a pathetic excuse to the male gender. Pacifists and submissive, all of them." The green energy gathering at her finger shot forth and struck the Draenei in mid-thrust. His body shriveled and his blue skin turned gray as he collapsed.

"Sure seemed like a good excuse for a male to me," Cyndia muttered, rubbing her sore rear-end.

Sylvanas sighed. It struck her as amazing that someone as stupid as Cyndia could ever become a Dark Ranger. She guessed that in life she was one of the many High Elf women who would let just about anything or anyone plant their seed in her. No doubt she had sampled many of the cocks from this planet even before she died and had access to the Undercity prisoners.

"Try out a Dwarf. Just give him a mug of ale and you won't be walking for a week." Sylvanas had recently noticed that many of her rangers were walking funny. In fact, every Dark Ranger in Undercity walked with a limp. She herself was afflicted with the same problem from time to time after a long session with her pet Worgen. She had conducted an experiment once on him. When a full moon had risen she had taken him into her chambers and by the time she stumbled out of the room she was covered from head to toe in cum and her legs threatened to give out from under her. Since then she has been watchful of any full moons out.

"But Mira is hogging all the Dwarves," Cyndia complained. Mira had apparently brought in two more Dwarves and was currently being triple teamed by the trio of short men. Sylvanas' eye twitched and she quickly turned towards Clea before she lost her temper.

"I am traveling to Orgrimmar shortly, and I want you to join me," she began. "I believe you can be of some assistance. I am visiting each leader of the Horde and ensuring that we are on good terms with them all. This Alliance between the Horde races is tenuous at best and I do not wish to come under siege from a certain hot-headed orc."

Clea nodded and bowed once more. While bowing, she finally noticed that the Dark Lady was only clad in a black lace bra and panties. Each was see-through, however her panties had the symbol of the Forsaken embroidered onto it.

"As you say, my Lady."

Sylvanas grinned wickedly and her red eyes flashed as she spun on her heels and made her way to her chambers. "Follow."

Dark Ranger Clea followed along behind her, and once they arrived at the throne room her eyes fell upon the Worgen, Garwal. He was on top of something tiny in comparison. Upon closer inspection, she saw that it was the paladin Champion Cyssa Dawnrose. She was was biting down on her panties to muffle any screams and her armor was scattered across the circular throne. Sylvanas walked up to them and placed her hand on Garwal's tense back. "Having fun, are we oh righteous paladin?"

Clea saw the tiny Blood Elf's green eyes widen. She didn't spit out her panties to say anything, instead she seemed to be frozen in fear even as the Worgen continued to impale her on his shaft.

"Do not worry, I think the loss of use of your legs for a while is punishment enough for playing with my toys without permission." Sylvanas looked at Clea as if she were prey and smiled.

"Would you like to take my best toy yet out for a ride?"

Clea looked at the Blood Elf woman on the floor being humped by the large furry creature and shifted uneasily.

Garwal watched as his two playmates wobbled out of the throne room. His eyes locked on their rears as they walked and he noticed that they were both walking funny as they exited the chamber. Clea was the Dark Ranger his Queen had let him mate with, and now that the Banshee Queen was leaving Undercity he could get to work on the rest of the elite squadron of undead elven rangers. Soon every Dark Ranger in Undercity would be numb from the waist down.

When Sharlindra tried to possess him nearly a week before, he had resisted her will and slain her. The Queen did not know, and from this point he could either slay her in the middle of a wild fucking or keep pretending to be her pet. Perhaps he would fuck her until he was tired of her and then put her head on a pike.

Looking down at the unconscious Blood Elf paladin on the floor, he grinned. She did not have to be conscious for him to enjoy ravaging her. For now, he was content on pretending to be merely a pet.

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