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Dirty Motel Sex


Even in her forties, Rebecca was thoroughly delicious, as she is now. She clearly looks at least fifteen years younger with her creamy complexion and long, blonde hair. Men have always found her tempting and now, as then, she gets plenty of guys doing "double takes" in public. Their eyes lock right onto her curves, especially her shapely ass and her still pert breasts. Her face has always been pretty, and her large, hazel eyes can lure a man to bed in a heart beat. It's a very good thing I'm not at all jealous. In fact, quite the opposite. That helps if you're a swinger, which I am. We are.

Back just a few years ago Rebecca and I were always on the hunt for a hot, fun threesome. We still do hunt for that, but don't find it too much these days. The town in which we live is just too small, too provincial. Anyway, as I was saying, we searched for just the right person to join us for some indoor recreation. We maintained a personals ad, and it kept Rebecca reasonably busy. On rare occasions, we would get together with someone, but we never really found the right person, someone who could be a "regular." With that in mind, Rebecca would chat for a time with men she found attractive and, after vetting a guy, we would meet for coffee or a drink. Most of the time I would join them, but not always.

There was a man with whom Rebecca chatted for some time, and they decided to meet for lunch. He seemed attractive to her, intelligent and articulate. Despite being nervous, Rebecca met him at the appointed time and the two sat in the safety of a public place and enjoyed a pleasant lunch. The talk left the mundane and swerved to the topic of sex. When it became obvious her lunch partner was not terribly interested in group fun, Rebecca probably should have backed away. The problem, however, was that she was increasingly attracted to him. Part of it was the way he looked at her. He sought her eyes and conveyed a hunger and desire for her that caused her nipples to harden and her pussy to moisten. As he talked of things sexual and locked eyes with her, Rebecca's sex became engorged with blood. She knew she shouldn't, but she desperately wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him now, and he wanted her.

That's exactly what he said, too, "I want you...now. Let's leave here and go to a motel, and let's just spend the whole afternoon fucking."

"I really shouldn't do this," she said with mock shyness.

"Neither should I," he answered, "But let's do it anyway."

He paid and, as they left the restaurant, he pulled her to him and kissed her for the first time. Electricity shot through her as she lost herself in that kiss. The chemistry was all there, all of the things that caused her to find a man sexually attractive. He smelled good, he kissed with passion, he displayed real desire for her, and he was aggressive. If she'd had any doubts about fucking him, they dissolved in the chemical reaction. So she followed him to his car and they left.

She waited in the vehicle while he arranged for the room. He returned with the key, drove the car around to the back side of the motel, and they walked up to the room. Once inside, he drew her to him once again and kissed her deeply. She melted in his arms as he knotted his fingers in her hair, their tongues entwined. She felt his hardness against her and quivered as his hands began to explore her body. He whipped around with her in his arms and laid her on the bed. Climbing atop, he pressed his body against her and continued to kiss her. He moaned into her mouth, which made Rebecca even hotter. What she wanted now was to be naked, so she gently rolled him off and began to remove her clothing. He did the same and then wrapped his body around hers in a passionate embrace. It was Rebecca that was moaning now.

The two naked bodies writhed on that motel bed, rolling so that she was on top and then below. Rebecca was delerious with lust and her partner was every bit as hot as she. His cock was rigid against her belly. As she kissed him deeply, her hand snaked down to touch him. His dick was not especially long, but it was incredibly thick and oozing pre-cum from the tip. She smeared the clear, sticky substance about the head, eliciting loud moans from him. This, too, excited her and she thought he would mount her now. That was not what he did.

He kissed his way down her body. He sucked her nipples and licked her belly and thighs. Dipping his head between her legs, he merely teased her. He delivered soft kisses and licks all around her throbbing pussy as she writhed lasciviously. Then he began to gently lap at her swollen sex. Rebecca's head lolled from side to side, her eyes closed. When he began to suck her in earnest, she gripped his head and pulled him hard against her. For Rebecca, this was a delicious surprise, a man who actually knew how to perform oral sex! She was taken by surprise when the orgasm struck her, and it was like a lightning strike! She came hard and soaked his face with musky juices, but was still fully aroused when the climax subsided.

"My turn now," she said, and she swiveled around to place her face near his midsection.

He rose to his knees and watched as Rebecca slurped his throbbing member. Rebecca loves to suck cock, and it showed. She ate it, licked it, nibbled it, gulped it and thoroughly bathed it in saliva. Then she took the entire experience once step further. As he watched, Rebecca drew her knees up and, with legs spread wide, she began to masturbate. With the forefinger of one hand, she rubbed her swollen clitoris. With the forefinger of the other hand, she fucked herself. The scene was so intensely sexual that his dick pulsed in her mouth and, it seemed, required all his control not to fill it with semen. Sensing this, Rebecca eased the intensity of her sucking.

Still, he could only take so much of this. Shortly, he pulled from her mouth and physically flipped Rebecca over to her belly. Knowing where this was going, she grabbed a couple of pillows and propped them beneath her. He crept behind her and ran his hands over her smooth, round ass. Still wet from her sucking, he eased his cock into the heat of her pussy. She moaned loudly. He began to fuck her, slowly at first. Rebecca wiggled and ground back against him. She clutched the sheets and hissed into the mattress. He responded with a particularly hard thrust and Rebecca cried out. She could feel another orgasm approaching. The fat cock pumping in and out was picking up speed and intensity. The heat and tightness of Rebecca's swollen pussy was literally sucking his dick, tempting him to fuck faster and harder, and he could not resist.

He gripped her ass cheeks and began to pull her against him. She did even more, wiggling and squirming. She ground her ass hard against his pelvis, and he responded by pounding into her with his thick, hard cock. He began to moan and grunt. The noises coming from Rebecca became louder, and she buried her face in the mattress to keep the sound from reverberating through the motel room. He sunk lower and began to thrust up hard and fast into her, drawing the orgasm from deep within. He moved his hands to gain a tighter hold on Rebecca's flesh and, as his fingers dug into her ass roughly, it tipped her over the edge and she began to come. Waves of orgasm rolled through her and her hot, wet, tight little pussy convulsed in spasms that squeezed the fat, pulsing dick in her. It began to spurt. She could feel it hit the walls of her vagina, he was coming that hard, which only served to bring a second shower of orgasms and loud wailing that was thankfully muffled by the bedding.

They were sweaty as they lay side by side in that motel bed. The room already smelled strongly of sex. Once their breathing returned to normal they chatted amiably.

"I'm so bad," said Rebecca, "Here I am naked in bed with a man I just met, and I had dirty motel sex."

"You had a few orgasms, too," he replied. That made her laugh.

"That I did. Thank you," and she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

They lay in silence for a time. Neither moved to get up or dressed.

He began to lightly stroke her thigh. She began to do the same to him and, as her fingers drifted up his leg she grazed his penis. It was hard. She rolled to her side and kissed him. Once again they were entwined and writhing on the bed. He pulled her atop him and began squirming beneath her body. He maneuvered himself and her until she was astride his face, her hands braced against the wall. He sucked his cum from her pussy, showing again the expertise with his tongue that had drawn the first orgasm from her.

Soon, Rebecca's legs were shaking as she squatted over his face. His lips and tongue were driving her crazy and, to cause even more heat, he was kneading her ass. She swiveled her hips up against his face and wiggled. His tongue raked her clitoris with just the right pressure, and shivers ran right through her. Suddenly, Rebecca flipped around and they were in the "69" position. As she slid her mouth over his dick, he began to lick her sex from end to end. He could feel the vibrations of her moaning on his cock, so, to add to her thrill, he began to tease her anus with light touches of his forefinger. This made Rebecca moan all the louder. In fact, she was getting close to coming again.

Just as it seemed Rebecca would go over the top, she was flipped off onto her back. She could taste her own juice on his mouth as he pressed his body against her, and then his cock was in her. They fucked and fucked for what seemed an hour, but was probably much less. It was the look of pure desire in his eyes that made her come. Sweat dripping off his face, he felt her pussy clench and heard her moan pitiably as she reached yet another climax. As her body shuddered beneath him, he was overtaken by his own orgasm, which seemed to go on and on forever.

Now soaked with sweat, the two lay side by side yet again, and Rebecca was taken with the craziness of her actions. She met a man in a restaurant, then sneaked off and fucked his brains out all afternoon! That's insane! What would she say to her husband? She couldn't deny this was incredibly fun, but she was still troubled by guilt. She jumped from the bed and disappeared into the shower.

She stayed in there for a long time rinsing the sticky scent of sex from her body. She heard him calling from the room, and she responded by assuring him she was quite alright, just enjoying a nice, long shower. When she emerged, Rebecca dressed hurriedly, forced a smile and gave him a kiss and hug. She told him that she really needed to get home, and could he take her back to her car?

The ride back to the restaurant was awkward for both of them. Rebecca didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable, but her mind was whirling with questions about how to handle this situation. They pulled up next to her car.

"I had a really nice time," she said, feeling weirdness wash over her from the head down, "I know you have my number, but it would probably be better if I call you."

"Okay," he said tentatively.

"No, really, I will call you."

"I believe you."

"Okay, then, I'll talk to you soon."

Giving him another kiss, she got out of his car and quickly got into hers. With another forced smile, she drove off.

"Okay", she thought, as she drove toward home, "I just sneaked off and fucked somebody. I'll just tell Michael all about it. It'll make him really horny. The problem there is that he'll want to know when we're all going to get together for a threesome, and I really don't think this guy's into that at all. He's into me, but he's not shown any interest in a threesome. As a matter of fact, he pretty much said he doesn't want a threesome. That's okay. I can seduce him into it but, if I'm going to do that, I'd better not tell Michael anything right now. I'd better just keep my mouth shut and work on making a threesome happen. Yes, that's what I'll do! I'll just talk him into it. If he really likes fucking me, and he wants to keep fucking me he'll come around. Sure, I can do that."

By the time she pulled into the garage, Rebecca had convinced herself that everything would be just fine.

The next morning Rebecca awoke to an empty house. I was off to work, and the day lay before her. Rebecca sipped a cold soda and let the kinks work out of her from the long night's sleep. She sat quietly at the dining room table and her thoughts drifted to the events of yesterday. She thought again of how crazy it was to just let some guy pick her up and take her off to a motel for sex. What if he'd been an axe murderer? Of course, he wasn't. Instead, he was the most amazing fuck she could remember! She thought of his scent, his naked skin, his mouth, his hands. She became extremely aroused as her mind lingered on details, remembering his mouth on her pussy, his hands kneading her ass, the taste of his cock.

Rebecca climbed naked into the shower and luxuriated in the warm spray of water on her naked skin. She had hoped that washing her hair and her body would rinse away the potent sexual memories. Instead, they were enhanced. She stepped out, dried herself, and wrapped her hair in a towel. The tingling would simply not leave, and her thoughts simply would not veer from the rich memories of yesterday's long afternoon of fucking on that motel bed. Resigned, she went to her bed and lay down.

Her skin was still just a little damp. She lightly touched her nipples and thought of how he had taken possession of her before they even left the restaurant. Her hands caressed her body as she remembered their bodies entwined on the cool sheets in the motel room. She licked her finger and placed it gently on her clitoris, teasing it. She thought of his expert sucking, and how she had drizzled juice all over his face as she had come on his mouth. She fingered herself furiously, remembering how it had felt to bury her face in the bedding as he had gripped her ass roughly and pounded her from behind. Then she came all over her own fingers, a shuddering orgasm that rolled on for a long time. She lay there on the bed, back to reality. She was definitely going to fuck him again. She knew it.

The day dragged. Rebecca did a little housework, then took the dog for a long walk. Despite having masturbated, her mind lazily drifted back to the subject of illicit sex. By the early afternoon, Rebecca was horny again. Her thoughts again were dominated by memories of his hands, his dick and how delicious it was to roll around and fuck in that motel. She was actually pissed off at herself. This was so wrong! She loved her husband and hurting him was the last thing in the world she would ever want to do. She had to dismiss these thoughts from her mind. That was all there was to it!

That determined decision didn't take. As she stared into the refrigerator and tried to compel her thoughts to planning dinner, her traitorous mind swerved back to that motel room. "God damn it!" Rebecca slammed shut the refrigerator door and stomped back to her bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed and battled with herself over whether to call him or not. She decided not. She flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She let out a sigh and relaxed her muscles. Maybe just closing her eyes and taking a short rest would help. She wiggled on up the bed and rested her head on a pillow. Her restless mind raced back in time replaying the sensations. She remembered stroking his thigh and being delighted that his warm, fat cock was hard, even though he had thoroughly fucked her not long before. She remembered looking deeply into his eyes as he lay between her quivering thighs and how, their eyes completely locked, she had released a volley of powerful orgasms. She remembered forcing her eyes to remain open and focused on his as her pussy clenched his cock and drew jets of cum from his balls. She remembered how, in the midst of his climax, he had pulled her against him and kissed her passionately, and how that embrace had extended her own orgasmic pleasure. The memories stirred her to uncontrolled sexual arousal. Still, she would not call him.

Instead, she took off all her clothes and decided to masturbate again. She could not ever remember having masturbated twice in one day. In fact, she didn't masturbate very often, at all. Naked, she pawed through her dresser drawers and found oil, vaginal lubricant and a very fat dildo. She laid out the "supplies" within reach, and stretched herself out on the bed. Rebecca dribbled oil here and there on her body. She rubbed it languidly, concentrating on the soft flesh of her upper thighs. Although her hands were fairly slick with the oil, she dripped a small amount of lubricant on her fingers and began to touch herself. Again, her memories were rich with detail about yesterday's steaming afternoon of fucking. She moaned with pleasure and teased her swollen sex. Just minutes into her self-pleasuring, Becky could tell there was an orgasm approaching. She reached over, palmed the dildo, and dribbled a small amount of lubricant on the head. Placing it at the entrance to her pussy, she remembered with relish the sensation of his thick, hard dick penetrating her opening for the first time. She shuddered. Moments later, the jangle of the telephone burst her bubble of remembrance.

Clearing her throat, Rebecca sat up and answered, "Hello?"

She immediately recognized the voice on the other end, "I know you told me not to call, but all I've been able to think about is you."

Rebecca was very thankful that phones were not video. Not only was she completely naked and covered with oil, she was blushing bright red. Still, she smiled.

"Oh, really?" she asked, "Is that so?"

"Yes, that's so. I have never been so completely sex-obsessed in my life. All I can think about is your kiss, your tits, your hot, little pussy...all of you. The way you smell, the way you taste, the way your skin feels. Do you know how many times I've jacked off just since yesterday?"

Rebecca was grinning now, but was using her free hand to cover her breasts. Why she was doing that, she didn't know, maybe it was reflex. She spoke into the phone again, "No, tell me. How many times have you jacked off?"

"I lost count."

She laughed, then said, "Well, what are we going to do about that?"

"We're going to meet at that motel again and fuck some more, that's what."

"I'm not so sure about that. I mean, as much fun as that was I feel really guilty about sneaking around like that. I don't cheat, really."

"You did yesterday, and you liked it."

"That's true," she became serious, "And maybe if you were open to the idea of all of us getting together..." her voice trailed off.

"Hmmmm. Maybe we can talk about that."

"Are you serious, or are you just saying that?"

"No, I'm serious."

"Well, now that changes things, maybe."

"Good, because my dick is so hard right now it hurts."

"I'm not running out to a motel right this minute. You can forget that."

"What? What am I supposed to do with this big hard-on?"

"I didn't say I couldn't help with that. We'll just have to do it by remote control."

"Oooo, phone sex! Sounds fun!"

"Uh huh. Where are you right now?"

"I'm in my office."

"You're by yourself, right?"

"There's no one else in the building."

"Lock the door anyway."

He laid down the phone for a few moments, then he was back, "All locked down."

"Mmmm, good. I'm naked."

"Oh, shit. You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not kidding. I'm laying on my bed totally naked."

There were some rustling sounds on the phone, then a faint grunt, "Oh, God I have my cock in my hand right now."

"Good. What have you been thinking about?"

He made some unintelligible noises, then whispered loudly, "Thinking about fucking you. All the time. Getting you alone and just fucking your brains out. God, you're the most delicious fuck I've ever had in my whole life."

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