tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDiscovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 06

Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 06


Chapter 15

Joe's first 'female' public appearance as Josie was approaching fast. He was nervous about it. Fortunately Mistress Sarah had kept him busy most of the day so his mind was distracted. Shortly after his mind blowing masturbation session with her in the morning, she left to run errands and visit friends. Before she left she gave Josie a list of chores to do.

Josie spent the day cleaning the house wearing nothing but pink lace panties, stockings, and bra. His cock was tucked between his legs in its 'clitty' form. Mistress Sarah even had him put on lipstick, a dab of perfume and a touch of blush and eye shadow.

Josie found it to be quite exciting to do chores all femmed up. As he moved through the house cleaning, he could feel the soft lace rubbing over his clittie, he keenly was aware of the tightness of his bra and the soft tautness of the stockings around his legs and toes. The smell of his perfume was inescapable and made him feel pretty and soft. He was enjoying being a slave girl to Mistress Sarah and Miss May.

Josie was alone most of the day, living in his own fantasy world. Later in the afternoon he was cleaning the kitchen when he heard the front door open and a soft voice say, 'Hello.'

Josie thought it was Miss May and so he hurried out to greet her. He was mortified when he found himself staring at a beautiful girl who was much younger than him. It was the first time he encountered a stranger in his feminized state. Josie turned beat red and tried to cover himself up with his arms and hands. The girl covered her mouth with her hand and giggled at the sight.

"I'm sorry," apologized Josie in a panic, as if everything he was doing was wrong. "It's not what you think." Embarrassed, Josie rushed back into the kitchen for cover. His heart was beating a mile a minute. He could feel the heat of the embarrassment on his face. Josie was trying to figure out what to do when the girl walked through the door.

"It's alright sweetie," she said in a cool calm voice. "I know Mistress Sarah likes to play with sissies and pretty boys. You must be the project Mistress Sarah was talking about."

The girls' voice and nonchalant demeanor had a calming effect on Josie "Project," Josie said in a confused voice.

"Yes. Mistress Sarah told me to bring my stuff." The girl lifted up a large pink metallic case and put it on the counter in front of Josie. She opened it for him to see. The top of the case opened on both sides to reveal several tiers of trays and compartments filled with brushes, make-up, and other vanity items. "The girl giggled. She said she had a big project for me to work on."

Josie had never seen such a large collection of make-up. As he took in the site and calmed down, his mind began to work better and he suddenly recognized the girl.

"You're Julie," he said like he just discovered something important.

"Yes, that's me."

"Mistress Sarah has told me all about you. She has sent me pictures of you. They are all beautiful."

"Thank you."

Josie continued, "I feel like I know you even though we've never met. I'm Josie."

"Ah, Josie," said Julie, finally realizing who the boy dress in panties and stockings was. "Mistress Sarah has talked about you as well. You're one of her favorite sissies."

Josie blushed and smiled with pride at the same time. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Julie's phone. She pulled it from her pocket and looked at the caller. "That's Mistress Sarah." Her eyes lit up with excitement.

Josie listened as Julie talked.

"Hi Mistress Sarah....yes, I'm at your place now.....yes I ran into Josie...She was very embarrassed...." Julie looked at Josie and smiled. She giggled at something Mistress Sarah said and then she said, "yes..her face turned bright red and she ran into the kitchen."

Julie tilted the phone away from her mouth and said to Josie, "Mistress Sarah is very pleased that I embarrassed you."

Josie blushed again and his eyes darted downward. Josie's cock throbbed in his panties from the revelation that they were talking about him and that Mistress Sarah was getting off on his embarrassment. Even the way Julie was referring to him as 'she' and 'her' made Josie feel submissive and girly.

Julie listened to Mistress Sarah for a few seconds and then looked at Josie. "Come here slut," she ordered in a somewhat commanding tone. Josie knew the Julie was submissive to Mistress Sarah and he could tell that she was a bit uncomfortable taking on a dominant role with him. He knew that she was being instructed by Mistress Sarah and so obeying her was a must. He walked closer to Julie.

Julie ordered, "Pull your panties down to your knees pretty slut." Her eyes quickly shifted to the phone after the order revealing a shyness.

Josie obeyed. He felt a new level of excitement at obeying a submissive girl. It made him feel even more subservient to be ordered around by Mistress Sarah's slave. His cock immediately swelled when it was freed from the tight panties.

Julie giggled glanced at him and giggled. She reached her hand down and lightly squeezed and stroked his cock. Josie's noticed her nails were long and flawless. They were painted a sexy deep red color. His body shivered at her light teasing touch.

"She's very naughty Mistress. Her clitty is vey puffy."

Julie talked and giggled for a few more minutes while she teased Josie's cock. When she hung up the phone she used two hands to tease him.

"That feels so good Julie," moaned Josie.

Julie gave his balls a quick light tap. It was enough to startle Josie. She said, "That's Ms. Julie to you slut." Her tone was much firmer now. She was already warming up to her dominant side.

"Yes Ms. Julie," replied Josie obediently.

"Good girl. Mistress Sarah said for me to get started on you right away."

"I hear you are a pro with make-up Ms. Julie. Mistress Sarah said you learned a lot from all the modeling that you have done. I hope you can make me pretty." Josie was hoping Julie could do wonders with his face so that he could pass as a girl and not be embarrassed by looking like a sissy.

"You already have a pretty face Josie. You have nice fair skin. I'm going to make you look even more beautiful. First I need you to get all that hair off your face and arms."

The next few hours were a flurry of activity. After Josie showered and shaved, Julie had him slip into a long silk night gown and then she went to work on his face. She pulled out brushes, pads, sponges, and powder puffs. She was an artist working on a masterpiece. Julie used tweezers to shape his eyebrows into perfect thin arches. Then she used foundation, powder, and concealer to cover up any signs of roughness. She painted his face in blush, mascara, and eyeliner. She even glued long black eyelashes onto his existing lashes.

Just as Julie was finishing up, Mistress Sarah walked into the bedroom followed my Miss May and her neighbor Millicent. Upon seeing Josie's transformed face, the girls all got excited and fawned over him.

The girls admired 'her' pretty face and complimented Julie on what a great job she did. Josie was treated just as one of the girls. There was absolutely no acknowledgement that a male was even in the room. Josie was anxious to see what he looked like. "I can't wait to see," he said to Mistress.

Just a few more things Josie, "said Mistress Sarah. She brought over a wig with straight blond hair and carefully placed it on Josie's head, tucking under any of his real hair that was sticking out. Miss May went to work brushing the hair on the wig to make it nice and straight.

Meanwhile Mill sorted through Sarah's jewelry box and picked out a pair if dangly clip-on earrings and a silver necklace that prominently displayed the word 'princess'. Mill put the jewelry on Josie and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered, 'you are a pretty girl."

Mistress Sarah held her phone up and snapped a picture of Josie. "Ready to see," she asked.

"Yes Mistress," replied Josie with nervousness.

Mistress Sarah flipped the phone around and Josie could not believe his eyes. He did not recognize himself in the picture. Julie did an amazing job blending the make-up together into a natural feminine face. With the blond wig he looked like a completely different person. He thought he looked genuinely female and pretty too. "I can't believe it," he said with excitement.

"It is you Josie," said Mistress Sarah. "The girl in you is free. Come look in the mirror."

Mistress Sarah grabbed his hand and pulled him to the large mirror in the room. He looked into the mirror amazed. He did not see himself. He saw a pretty blond girl wearing a silk night gown.

Mistress Sarah said, "Josie is real now, isn't she?"

"Yes Mistress." Josie's nervousness about his first feminized public appearance started to fade away after he saw how pretty he looked. For the first time he was feeling comfortable that he could pull it off without his being discovered. He was starting to get excited about the night.

Mistress said with excitement, "You are a pretty girl now Josie. There is no turning back." She reached down and grabbed his cock through the silk night gown and said, "I even have something very special for this."

Mistress Sarah went over to her closet and pulled out a small plastic bag. From the bag she pulled out a pair of white panties. Josie was stunned to see a realistic looking vagina peaking out from the crotch of the panties. Josie was speechless as Mistress Sarah slid the panties up his legs. She tucked his cock back between his legs and pulled the panties up to his waist. They fit extra snug all around him and completely molded away his cock. The back of the panties even had pads sewn in to give him a perfectly round ass.

Mistress Sarah rubbed her fingers along his new pussy. "Mmmm. Now you have a pussy just like me sweetie." She licked his ear and whispered, "I like fingering you baby."

Josie hit another surreal moment with Mistress Sarah. His legs grew weak and butterflies filled his stomach. It was hard to fathom the transformation that was occurring to him. He looked and felt feminine. He was Mistress Sarah's creation. It was impossible for him to understand the excitement and arousal that coursed through his body. He loved what was happening to him.

Josie was in such a daze that he barely remembered Julie squeezing his chest together and applying a tape-like fabric to his chest to keep it in place. She smiled and said, "This is a trick of the trade to give you more cleavage Josie. Josie looked down and was thrilled to see that the muscles in his chest had been molded into soft breasts.

Miss May brought over a black bra and helped Josie into it. It was a special bra that further pushed his chest together and upward, enhancing his cleavage even more. The tightness in his chest was unnatural but the feeling was thrilling to Josie. It was symbolic of how he was being molded into something new and exciting. The tightness created a bondage-like feeling and brought to life erotic and submissive feelings in Josie.

Miss May also inserted small breast forms into the bra to fill out each cup. Then Julie went to work with her make-up using another trick of the modeling trade. She brushed dark powder around the insides of his chest and carefully blended in lighter powder as she went to the top of his chest. When she was done Josie's cleavage looked even more impressive.

Next it was Mistress Sarah's turn. She wrapped a pretty lacy corset around Josie's breasts and stomach. With the help of Mill, Mistress Sarah pulled the strings as tight as possible on the corset and secured them in place. Josie was bound tightly all around and shaped into a perfect hour glass. Finally Mistress Sarah made Josie put on a pair of black satin panties overtop of his 'pussy panties', black heels, and a pair of tight white shorts. The shorts clung tightly to his newly rounded ass.

The girls were thrilled with the outcome. They all admired and complimented Josie. Josie felt very pretty and sexy and all the attention from the girls excited him and helped him fall deeper into his feminine psyche. Cameras flashed as they took pictures of the newly transformed Josie. It was like prom night at Mistress Sarah's house and Josie was the young girl heading off to the prom. They made Josie pose on the stairwell; they took picture of him by himself and some with him posing with each of the girls and group pictures.

Josie did not see his final look until he was brought in front of a full length mirror. He was completely blown away by what he saw. His eyes were immediately drawn to his cleavage. It was natural looking and impressive. The corset hid his stomach and his legs looked shapely and sexy in his heels. Julie had also used powder on his legs to help give them a smooth feminine look. Stockings would have been ideal but were not appropriate for the hot summer night.

Miss May commented, "Wow Josie. You're cleavage is almost bigger than mine. The guys are not going to be able to take their eyes off you tonight."

Josie's heart stopped a beat at the comment. He was so excited at being able to pass as a girl that he did not even think about the possibility of being attractive to men. Suddenly he was worried about being too pretty and too sexy. He did not want that at all. He did not want to deal with men.

Josie looked at Mistress Sarah with nervousness and said, "Mistress Sarah, I don't want to be attractive to men. I want to be a lesbian girl."

Mistress Sarah laughed with amusement and delight at his comment. She put an arm around Josie and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered into his hear. "Mmmm. You are my lesbian slave girl Josie. You are pretty and sexy and that's what we lesbians like too. You do want to be pretty and sexy for me, don't you princess?"

Mistress Sarah's words had both a calming and arousing effect on Josie. He replied, "Yes Mistress."

"Of course you do sweetie. Dealing with men comes with the package. If a man hits on you tonight or buys you a drink, it just proves how beautiful you are right? We will then now that your inner-girl has fully blossomed."

Josie's nervousness came back again. Being the tigress that she was, Mistress Sarah sensed his nervousness and it made her pussy dampen. She enjoyed toying with Josie. seeing the fear in his eyes. He was weak and under her control and she got off on that.

Mistress Sarah comforted her pet, "Don't worry pretty. Miss May and I will be there to help you darling. We will protect you and make sure no silly boy takes you home tonight, o.k?"

"o.k.," replied Josie, still nervous.

Chapter 16 The Night Club

Mistress Sarah could feel Josie shaking as she held onto his arm while they walked from the car to the entrance of the night club. The music from the night club was so loud that it echoed into the streets and pulsed the air around them. Josie's heart seemed to pound in rhythm with the fast beat of the music. "It's going to be o.k. pet. You're surrounded by girls. You are blending right in."

Mistress Sarah was right but it did little to comfort Josie. He was a nervous wreck. When the group of girls approached the entrance the bouncer asked for ID's. Julie, May, and Mill all fished into their purses for their ID's. Josie looked over at Mistress Sarah in panic.

"It's in your purse darling," whispered Mistress Sarah.

A small purse hung from Josie's wrist. Mistress Sarah had given it to him just before they left the house. It was a cute Vera Bradley purse with a pink and black floral design that added to his feminine style. Josie did not know its contents. He opened the purse to find a lipstick, eyeliner, gum, and an ID. He was shocked to discover that the picture on the ID was him with a wig and make-up. He had little time to think about it as the bouncer reached for the ID. Josie handed it to him. He was blushing and his legs were shaking as the bouncer looked at him and inspected the license. It was only seconds but it felt like forever before the bouncer handed back the ID and allowed him to pass.

Mistress Sarah put her arm around Josie and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "See love, you made it in. You are all girl. I think the bouncer was even flirting with you."

Josie felt a small rush of excitement that he had gotten passed the bouncer. This small win eased his nerves a bit. "How did you get this," asked Josie in amazement as he inspected his new ID. It was a North Caroline license and had his full feminine name on it. It even had his sex listed as female.

"Remember the picture I took of you earlier today when your make-up was all done and you looked so pretty? I e-mailed it to a friend who is a pro at making ID's. He did his thing and dropped it off while we were getting ready. It is a real license lover. Josie officially exists now. Isn't that exciting princess?"

"Yes it is," he replied. Having an official ID made his feminine transformation more of a reality. He felt butterflies in his stomach and his cock tingled in his panties at this realization.

Mistress Sarah, May, Julie, Mill, and Josie causally walked through the crowd of people. Josie stayed close to the girls like a lost puppy. His steps were uneasy as he was still learning to walk properly in heels. He glanced around the room and noticed that the small entourage of beautiful girls that he was a part of was getting many glances from both males and females. A few guys even smiled at him. This was uncomfortable for him but at the same time he felt a sense of relief that he was being accepted as a female.

May grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards a bar. "Come on Josie. Let's get drinks for everyone."

She ordered a Cosmopolitan and four Mojitos. When the bar tender brought over the drinks, Miss May pushed the pink Cosmopolitan over to Josie and giggled. "I got a nice pink girly drink for you pet."

"Thank you Miss May." Josie felt a bit awkward having Miss May pay for the dinks but he did not have any cash on him. All he had was the purse that Mistress Sarah gave him. At this realization, Josie felt a sense of helplessness and complete dependence on Miss May and Mistress Sarah. He was in a nightclub, dressed as girl, in a town that was completely strange to him and he had no cash or credit cards with him. He felt very vulnerable but he knew the girls would not let anything happen to him.

Josie helped carry the drinks over to a small table that the girls had commandeered next to the dance floor. It was quite a feat for him to carry the drinks while walking in heels. He also felt restrained by the tight corset and the way his chest was taped together. Most people probably would have been uncomfortable with the tightness. However, for Josie the sensations were bondage-like reminders of his submissiveness to the girls and so he took pleasure in them. Josie took much shorter strides than what he was used to and he walked a bit awkward but he eventually made it to the table without spilling a drink

Mill and Mistress Sarah were already flirting with some of the guys standing nearby. May joined in with the flirting while Julie and Josie remained quiet and submissive. Every now and the girls would bring Julie or Josie into the conversation by asking them a question. Josie did his best to maintain a soft feminine voice. He must have been convincing because no one reacted to him strangely. He even thought one of the guys was glancing at his cleavage every now and then.

In no time at all another round of drinks appeared compliments of the guys. Millicent raised her glass to the group and said to the other girls, "here's to Josie getting her first drink paid for by a man." The girls laughed and Josie blushed as he tapped glasses and drank his pink Cosmopolitan.

Eventually the girls ditched the guys and dragged Josie to the dance floor. Josie had fun dancing with the girls. As the night went on, more free drinks flowed in and Josie grew more comfortable in his girl persona. He became his new identity. He let his hair down, laughed and drank with the girls and had a blast.

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