Peggy's other hand came to my face and she turned my head towards her, then kissed me deeply. It had been a long time since I had kissed a woman...Karen and I hadn't done that. That was across that invisible line we hadn't crossed. I felt her tongue play with mine in my mouth and the grip on my cock tightened. My other hand found a small breast and I grasped it hard in my palm. Peggy loved her breasts played with....she sometimes cums just from having her nipples pulled with a persons teeth. We pulled away when we heard Rogers voice.

"Karen, I'm going to cum....soon! You need to stop!" He pulled her head off his cock.

"No...i want you to cum Roger. I want you to last longer when I finally feel you inside me. Go ahead..cum!" She went back to sucking him harder.

"Oh jesus Karen....I'm ready....I'm ready....I'm cummmming Karen!" he began to moan. In the bright light of the full moon we could see his cock begin to pulse as he prepared to shoot his cum into Karen's mouth. She pulled her lips off his cock and jacked him quickly up and down until he spurted into the air....some of it covering her face, some on his chest....and some in the water.

"Oh that's wonderful Roger....I love watching a man spurt his cum. I love making him spurt even more!" She ran her tongue around licking his white cream from her face then leaned down and scooped the cum on his chest with her tongue. "Hmmmm....that's good. You taste different than...other men I've tasted." Apparently she didn't want them to know she'd tasted my own cum....and that was fine with me. That had been right on the line...and I wasn't sure how our freinds would take to that idea. I continued to pull Peggy's nipples, alternating from one to the other.

Roger slid back into the water...getting outside of the cooler air...and turned Karen around so her back was against the side. Sliding his hands onto both sides of her hips he lifted her ass out of the water, her blonde bush and perfect breasts capped by rock hard nipples coming into full view of Peg and I. We watched, and fingered each other, while he lowered his mouth between her wide spread legs and slid his tongue from the top of her slit down to her puckered asshole. He hesitated for a moment, swirled his tongue around her brown hole, then moved back up to take her clit into his mouth....and sucked hard. Karen gasped and used his shoulders for a fulcrum lifted her pussy even higher. Her moans got louder as he sucked her raised clit deep inside his mouth.

"Oh god Roger....jesus fucking christ that's great! Suck me Roger...suck my clit hard!!!! She was raising and lowering her hips in time to the sucking sounds coming from his mouth as he suctioned her clit between his lips. Peggy was still jacking my hard cock beneath the waves the other two were creating while I now had two fingers inside her. Roger slid a hand beneath Karen's ass...placed his thumb between Karen's pussy lips.....and thrust it deep inside her. I knew what was coming next....Karen's hips began jerking up and down as she came...and came hard. That had been all it took to drive her over the top. She was gasping for air like a fish out of water as the sensations of her orgasm overwhelmed her. She flexed her powerful legs straight out behind Roger and pushed his head up with her pelvis still deep in her orgasmic convulsions.

"Oh fuck Roger...oh fuck I'm cumming....stop sucking Roger...ssstoppp sucking meeeee!" she screamed out loud, the echo of her high voice carrying throughout the neighborhood. I knew the rest of the neighbors could hear her....and Peggy and I started laughing. Roger lifted his mouth off Karen's pussy and almost drowned in a fit of laughter. Karen, still writhing with her legs on top of Rogers' shoulders opened her eyes and started giggling too.

"Oops! A little loud I guess, huh?" she asked the three of us. "Damn that was good that was good!" she said.

"Honey if you can't be a little quieter we're going to have to take this party inside the house. Maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea anyway....what do you think Peggy?" I asked.

"That might be a good idea Dave. If she screams like that when he finger-cums her, what's she gonna do when he puts his cock in!" Peggy answered, looking over at Karen sliding back into the water. "Or when I suck her pussy?"

"Okay, lets go upstairs. There's more we can do up there anyway." I quickly pulled my fingers from Peggy's pussy, causing her to suck her breath in.

"Oh shit Dave. I want those back where you had 'em!" she commented as I stood up. Before I could turn to step out of the tub she grabbed my hard cock and slipped her mouth over the tip. I could see Karen watching intently....and thought I saw just a hint of jealousy in her eyes! Peggy pulled her lips off with a "plop" and grinned.

"Just as good tasting as I remembered!" She held her hand up and I helped her to her feet.

She sllipped her arm around my waist and stepped from the tub first still holding my hand, helping me out of the tub too. As I stood behind her she bent over to put her slippers on, and I couldn't help but grab her hips and move up behind her quickly slipping my cock between her legs and into her sopping wet pussy for a quick penetration...then I pulled it back out. Peggy had to grab the fence for balance.

"Oh god Dave...Ooohh!" "Come on David....put the lid back on later. I want you upstairs right now! Follow us Roger." Peggy didn't even put her towel around her....just grabbed my cock and led me into the house. I had to walk quickly to follow her or she would have ripped my cock out of it's base she was walking that fast...almost running to get upstairs. I lost track of Karen and Roger.

At the top of the stairs she led me to the couch against the window and turned me to sit down...then climbed on top. As she slipped my hard member between her legs and dropped onto it until I was buried deeply inside her she smothered my mouth with hers, wrapping her arms around my neck. I felt her wet nipples poking holes into my chest and soaking wet body against mine as she worked her tongue hotly against mine. I felt the smoothness of the inside of her hole around the hard skin of my cock, the roughness of her pussy lips against the inside of my thighs, and the hardness of her pubic bone against mine as she squirmed and settled all the way down. I met her tongue with mine and dug my fingertips into the fleshy part of her ass and began helping her move up and down on my cock, her breasts and nipples rubbing up and down my chest with her movements.

She pulled her lips off mine and began chanting...."Fuck Dave...fuck Dave...fuck...fuck...fuck." in rhythm with the bouncing of her body on my cock. At this pace it wasn't going to take had been a long time since I'd held a woman in my arms, felt her breasts against me...and fucked a hot, wet pussy. I thrust back with each downward bounce of her ass in my hands.

Over her shoulder I saw Karen watching us...fascinated by the scene of her dad fucking a woman. Behind her Roger had his arms around her pulling on her nipples while she had her hands behind her fondling his rod and balls. Her body glistened with water from the hot tub...while her pussy glistened with orgasmic persperation between her wide spread legs.

"Go dad go...give it to her!" she whispered while the man behind her caressed her pert breasts and nipples. I watched her turn, drop to her knees, and dive head first onto Rogers cock taking it all the way on one swift motion. Two up and down motions later she pulled away, looked up at Roger...and said "Follow me!"

Karen turned and on her hands and knees moved to the couch with her head between my legs justbelow Peggy's ass. She was now practically "face to face" with my cock and Peggy's pussy when she turned to look at Roger.

"Fuck me now Roger....fuck me now. Put that cock of your inside me right now!" She spread her legs wide and turned back around to face me. I watched as Roger moved up behind her. I stopped Peggy moving for a minute.

"Peg...turn around....I want you to be able to see this." She stopped moving and turned her head to see what was going on. She lifted off my cock and swung her legs around until she was straddling my legs, grabbed my cock in her hand, and plopped back down hard. I could reach around and take both of her breasts in my hands, slowly massaging the hard nipples beneath my fingers. Leaning back against my chest we could both see Karen's head between my legs right in front of Peggy's pussy...and Roger moving up to her from behind...his hard cock swaying in front of him. He took dead aim at Karen's luscious ass, grabbed her hips on both sides....and slid deep inside my daughters pussy! Her eyes widened then clamped shut as he bottomed out ...then slowly withdrew.

"Oh my god that feels good....Oh my god dad! You wouldn't believe it....that feels incredible!!!" She quietly moaned. Putting her hands on my legs she looked up at Peggy and I and smiled.

" I know what I've been missing! This is much better than any plastic dildo I've ever had inside. It's warm...and fleshy feeling! God this feels good!" Roger began slowly moving in and out of her "virgin" pussy, his hands grasping her hips and pulling her tightly against his as he shoved forward.

Peggy ran her fingers through Karen's hair while I began moving up and in and out of her pussy while my daughter's face was only inches from our own action. The four of us were now fucking in time with each other, each deep penetration by Roger and I eliciting a grunt from the two women.

" with my clit please....put your thumb against it...there! That's the place..right there!" Peggy said. I looked past Peggy's shoulder to see Karen reach between my legs and press her thumb against the older woman's clit. "Ooooh...that's it!" Peggy moaned. Karen was now touching another woman for the first time...and the other woman was loving it.

Roger was concentrating on driving Karen higher with his pounding of her hot, wet, pussy. Her face was a scene of intense concentration as he pushed deep then pulled out until just the head was inside. He reached around her hip and began caressing her pussy and clit with his fingers. I heard her suck her breath in deep. ` "Fuck me Roger...fuck me hard. I'm so close....sooooo close! How's this Peggy? Is this what you want?" She looked up at the woman on my cock. "Or do you want me to lick your pussy?"

"Do you want to Karen? It's okay with me if that's what you want to do hon." Peggy gasped as I pulled her nipples hard away from her breasts...a move that I remembered she always loved. I watched Karen intently as she lowered her head between my legs.

"Yes...I want to taste you....and I want to taste dad inside you. I want to lick you both." I felt her tongue run it's course from just above my balls along the short length until it disappeared inside Peggy. I knew when Karen licked Peggy by my neighbors sharp intake of breath

" taste wonderful Peggy. God this is great....fucked from behind by my first cock and my first taste of a woman." I noticed she left out her first taste of her dad's cock and I hoped nobody else noticed.

The excitement, the feel of a woman around my cock for the first time in a long time, the licking of Karen's tongue...and the sight of her getting fucked from behind by Roger was more than I could take...and I could feel the cum start to rise from my balls as they tightened and contracted to force it through it's tiny channel. I grabbed Peggy's waist and thrust my cock deep inside her as I emptied my balls deep inside her...spurt after forceful spurt against her cervix to fill her to overflowing.

"Cum Dad...cum! She's leaking your cum all over the place!!" Karen exclaimed, then dove face first into Peggy's pussy to begin lapping my cum from around my cock and off Peggy's pussy lips. Peggy's hips jerked twice then she grabbed Karen's head and pushed it hard against her pussy.

"Lick me Karen...I'm cumming! Lick my puusssy and your dad's cummmm!" she yelled into the room, the air filled with the aroma of raw sex, smelling like male cum and female lubrication. "I'mmmmcummming!!!!!" Karen kept licking and Peggy's legs jerked straight and she pushed against my chest. Finally, she pushed Karen's head out of her lap with her hands.

Roger was increasing his strokes now, pulling Karen hard back against him as he bottomed out inside her. With each thrust we could hear him grunt and her groan as she felt his cock rubbing against the sides of her pussy, pulling her lips out with each backstroke and slide past them with each thrust. He let go of her hips, letting her push against him in time with his thrusts, and grabbed both her breasts. He flattened them against her chest, then grabbed her nipples and pulled. She screamed loudly!

"Fuuuuuckkkk MeeeeRogerrr! I'mmm cummming!!!! Fuck...fuck...fuck..." she exclaimed with each slam of his pelvis against her ass, the slapping sound indicating the force of his thrusts.

"I'm...filling...her....tight..pussy....Peggy! I'm...cummminggg toooo!" He pulled Karen's nipples and breasts and pulled her tight against him as he filled her with spurt after spurt of creamy white cum. Karen's head came to rest against Peggy's lap as she came along with Roger, her pussy muscles milking the cum from his balls with it's involuntary contractions as her orgasm overwhelmed her senses. The pounding in her pussy and the aroma of Peggy's and my sex in her nostrils contributed to her sensory overload.....and she momentarily quit moaning and wrapped her arms tight around Peggy's waist and held her breath.

Roger finally quit moving inside the younger woman, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He let go of her breasts and leaned back on his haunches, his deflating cock sliding out of her and coming to rest between his legs pointing towards the floor. Karen's hips jerked as he slid out

"Oh my god....oh my god!" was all she could say over and over into Peggy's lap. Both women were full of cum, their bodies flush with the heat of their own orgasms. Peggy stroked the younger girls hair. Karen looked up at Peggy.

"I could feel his cock contract every time he spurted...and I could feel the juice hitting inside me. God what a feeling! Thank you!" Peggy leaned away from my chest and put her face to Karen's....and slipped her lips over my daughters, kissing her deeply for only a moment.

"Your welcome! And thank you for the licking too! You were great!" She said. Karen's smile was wide on her face with self satisfaction. I pushed Peggy's ass upwards and slid out from beneath her.

"Ladies, I hate to be a party pooper but I have to work tomorrow and it's getting late. I need to go to bed." I said to the three of them.

"Us too Dave. I think we oughta head home too." Roger said, lightly caressing Karen's ass then standing, his legs stiff from his position on the floor. He held his hands out to Karen to help her up, then to his wife to help her off the couch. I stood on my own...a little stiff in the joints myself. We all four headed down the stairs and retrieved our robes.

At the door I kissed Peggy and shook Rogers hand while Karen kissed both of them...lingering a bit with Peggy I thought with a smile. As I closed and locked the door Karen whirled into my arms and hugged me hard.

"Thank you dad...that was wonderful! I felt her hard body against mine as I hugged her back.

"You're welcome honey. I should say thank's to you too..for having me ask them over." I followed her into my room while turning the lights out. She turned the covers back and slid beneath them, her matted hair lying on the pillow. I turned the light out and slid next to her, then felt her rest her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her.

"I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight dad. Make sure I get up in time tomorrow." She wrapped her arms around me and got quiet as I stroked her hair. I could feel the soft points of her breasts against my side and her legs entwined in mine...then her breathing slowed, and within minutes we were both fast asleep...the afterglow of our encounter with our neighbors wearing us out."


"That night was doubt about it. I'll tell you what...when I fell into the hot tub and sat down with dad's cock between my legs, and pussy lips, I wanted to fuck him soo bad. I almost had it. But the rest of the night was absolutely incredible...from sucking dad's cock to getting him to eat me to getting my first fuck from my first taste of finally falling asleep in my dad's arms. The whole night...incredible! I had dreamed about my first fuck....but it was everything else that happened that made it so much better than just getting the feel of a cock for the first time. Another thing...after everything that's happened? Group sex is almost always better than one on just has that little extra feeling to it."

At the end of the telling of their story David reached his arm around Alicia, sliding his hand past her arm and grasping her right breast, encassed in skin tight bright yellow nylon bathing suit fabric, in his palm. Pulling his fingers from along the fullness in his hand until he felt the nipple between them he lightly pulled it away from it's mound in a gentle caress. He repeated the motion several times until he felt it harden beneath his fingers. Her chest and his hand were barely beneath the surface of the water, not so effectively hidden from the view of Karen and James sitting across from them. David couldn't see Karen's hands below the water but he was pretty sure what they were doing.

All four of them had started out in suits although David's and Karen's could barely be classified as such. Karen's one piece had a long zipper down the front of it which she hadn't bothered to zip up at all....the swell of her breasts holding the front apart to reveal an immense amount of cleavage. Cut high from the bottom nobody but David and Karen knew that it was a thong stretched tight between the cheeks of her ass. David's Speedo was barely big enough to contain him in a relaxed state, much less if he became aroused at all....and he was working on it.

James' 45 year old mom Alicia, on the other hand wore a stunning one piece that tied around the back of the neck and came down along the fronts of her breasts, leaving a lot of the sides of her breasts showing, while plunging down the front to a vee at least six inches below the point between her own ample breasts. Although conservatively cut around the legs it still managed to frame the area between them nicely, especially since Karen had long ago cut the liner fabric out of that area. James' speedos weren't much bigger than David's....only they had a nylon zipper in the front.

The four had enjoyed delicous steak dinners with all the fixing and the other couple hadn't even noticed that David and Karen had continually plied them with drinks to complement the meal. When Karen had mentioned a dip in the hot tub Alicia and James quickly agreed but said they didn't bring any bathing suits. David headed for his room, returning with their "emergency"'s for company they were trying to seduce. And they were succeeding!

Ten minutes after entering the water Karen had announced they were all adults and that her circulation was being cut off by the restriction of her suit (impossible considering the way it fit her) and did they mind if she skinny dipped? David wasn't going to say no, and Alicia hadn't, so she had stood facing David and Alicia, shrugged the straps off her shoulder, and worked the suit down over her hips. Her ass had been right in James' face...and he hadn't been able to resist running his hands between her legs to just below her pussy. She bent over to pull her legs out, holding onto Alicia's shoulders and spreading her legs in front of James. All three of them could see how hard her nipples had become, expecially Alicia with the younger woman's breasts not six inches from her face, and beads of water running off her lightly colored pubic hair down her legs.

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