tagRomanceDodge and Ally

Dodge and Ally



Dodge Blueitt was independent and tended to ignore instructions to perform low-priority work. Beef rancher Sloan Silver would have fired him years ago except Dodge was the best worker he'd ever had.

The cheerful drifter had appeared eleven years back in rain asking for a meal and enough gas for his jalopy to get to the nearest town. Sloan's new wife and the kids had taken to the guy and his stories about working cattle and the adventures he'd had.

Sloan invited the drifter to stay the night and next morning, nudged by wife Ally, offered temporary work to the lean fair-haired guy to help castrate bull calves.

Over the next decade Dodge (real name Roger) introduced the Silver's two daughters to sex and gave embarrassed sexual instruction to the two sons.

The parents believed that information should not be imparted until kids turned twenty-one while accepting the kids would learn bits and pieces about sex well before they turned that age. And so at the required times the four kids found Dodge was a fountain of information about sex and the girls both asked for more and got it.

But the best was to come.

Ally was a fair-minded but uptight and always did her best for Dodge because he was... well because he was different... well she had this suppressed feeling for him. There was the occasion she was feeling poorly when he hung clothes for her on the outdoor line. He was dressed in jeans and boots and when he reached up to peg one of her bras, Ally saw his back muscles on his tanned back ripple and she went weak at the knees and flushed strawberry red.

Oh my.

Four years after his arrival Dodge was promoted to foreman and a bedroom in the house went with that position.

Dodge had pushed back his Stetson to scratch his forehead and said, "Sloan I'll feel more comfortable remaining in the bunkhouse with the boys."

"Sorry Dodge I can't allow that. It's part of my proven successful management to require the foreman to sleep at the house to give the boys room to let off steam and to slander their boss and the real boss and his missus."

Dodge said his piece. "We are here to manage the land and to manage the herd boss, not to play nurse to cowhands."

"Well Dodge, this is yet another of our conversations that will never end in agreement. Get on with your work."

"We're finished for the day."

"Oh yeah."

Ally, who was 37 at the time, was excited about Dodge coming to live in the house. They were about the same age and had at least one thing in common: she'd been born in Chicago and taken to live in North Florida when eleven and Dodge had been born and raised on a chicken farm less 90 miles out of Chicago. Ally, who was nine years younger than Sloan, couldn't understand why this Sloan excited her so.

Enlightenment came finally when Ally realized she no longer dressed with the door closed. The view from the doorway was straight to the dresser when she stood examining herself in the mirror, whether dressed or undressed.

"Omigod," she breathed. "I'm hoping he'll see me nude or near-nude.

By 'he' she meant Dodge of course.

It took days before Ally could bravely examine her feelings without restraint. She attributed her previously high standards of morality to being the daughter of a clergyman but, at the same time, was aware those imposed and self-imposed standards had eroded a little over the years.

So what did she want from Dodge?

Confused, Ally blocked out thinking on from there.

However, her patient and unrelenting descent toward adultery continued.

Ally began buying dresses that were a little shorter and exposed a little more than a suggestion of bosom swell. Any thought that she was beginning to show Dodge her breasts would have half-terrified her. Wearing shorter dresses with a lower neckline was achieved incrementally so her husband wouldn't notice unless his memory recall had improved. But it slowly dawned on her that Dodge might not be noticing such change either.

She began regularly asking Dodge to bring in the washing off the line.

Cheerfully he did that chore, not matter how hard his working day had been. Like Dodge in coming to this state, she'd been surprised to learn that Florida had beef cattle and astonished to find that almost half of the state's agriculture land was involved in cattle production and that Florida had four of the nation's ten largest cow-calf operations.

Since being promoted to foreman and pulling in more money, Dodge had purchased a previously owned pickup (a Dodge Ram of course) and some youngster bought his wheezing old pickup for peanuts. With improved transport, Dodge went home twice a year for Christmas and July the 4th. In Illinois even kin and old friends had expressed surprise there were cattle ranches in Florida. They tended to think of the state being populated by gangsters and hookers, having being raised in the TV series Miami Vice, oh and they knew the state received more than its fair share of tourists and retirees of course.

Ally Silver's next move in her pre-seduction crawl was hugely radical for her.

"I'm busy making pastry sweetie (yes about a year earlier she began calling Dodge sweetie whenever they were alone), do you mind picking out my underwear from the basket and placing it on my bed?"

Dodge scratched his left armpit.

"What about Sloan's underwear?"

"I iron it."

"What about Sloan's synthetic socks?"

"What about them?" she said bravely, not diverting her eyes and his gray eyes now eyed her suspiciously through narrowed lids.

"It's just what I want you to do Dodge. Please do it or don't bother."

She was shaking so much that she ought to have been whipping cream rather than rolling pastry.

"Why don't you buy ready-to-use pastry from the supermarket?"

"Because I love cooking, I feel I can express myself for cooking. Using supermarket pastry would leave me cold."

"Why, because it's frozen?"

She laughed wildly as if hearing the joke of the year, and holding on the bench with one hand and feeling a desire to open her legs, she began to panic. But the sight of him grinning that she'd appreciated his 'joke' quickly calmed her.

Later Ally found her underwear dumped in a heap on the bed and sighed.

But the next time after he delivered her personal washing, she found her underwear sorted into piles of bras, panties and panty hose.

Next time he took her pile of underwear to the bedroom she found the panty hose folded once, the panties folded once and arranged in colors, darkest on the bottom and whites on the top.

She concluded omigod, he was communicating with her that he knew what this dodge was about. She fell against wall with her legs spread and touched herself through her dress. She knew she only touched herself when she was horny, knowing that was how it was meant it be. She knew she now felt horny, very horny.

Ally usually only brought basic panties and bras but when next in town she purchased a fancy panty and bra set, patterned with plenty of lace. She came out of the bathroom wearing the set that night because she wanted Sloan to get used to seeing the upgrade in underwear, or lingerie as the store assistant kept calling it.

"God woman, you look sexy," Sloan said and throwing back the covers began working up an erection.

"I-I bought it to encourage you to have sex. I'm beginning to lose my great body shape."

And that was true and said with the intent of being appreciated.

"Come here Buttons and see what daddy has for you. I'll like any shape you care to be."

From that night their sex life returned to how it used to be, for quite sometime.

When Ally included those new panties and bra in the washing and Dodge had sorted and was now taking that und... er lingerie to the bedroom, she waited till she heard his bedroom door shut and raced to her bedroom.

"Omigod," she wheezed joyfully.

The new panties and new bra were on top of their respective piles. Dodge really was communicating.

A few days later the two men were in the kitchen having coffee before going off to a bull sale when Sloan said, "Damn, I've left my sunglasses in the barn."

"I'll fetch them for you."

"Thanks Dodge but I may need to retrace my steps to find them. They could be in half a dozen places."

He went off and Ally arrived from the bedrooms with a basket of linen and clothes for washing.

"More coffee sweetie?" she said, looking out and seeing her husband walking toward the barn.

"Yeah thanks."

After pouring the coffee she turned and looked back at the table and stopped. He'd pulled something out of the soiled laundry basked.

"Dodge, stop that. What on earth are you doing?"

"Smelling the crotch of your used panties, that's what I'm doing. What does that tell you?"

"You animal," she snapped, realizing she was blowing the best opportunity of her life. "Put down my panties and behave."

He stood, grabbed his hat and looked at her unsmilingly and calmly said, "Up yours."

Ally's legs were giving out. She sat and watched him leave and began weeping.

"Oh god, why do I have such difficulty acting like a slut?" she sobbed.

She knew the answer. She'd changed her behavior and modified her attitudes but there was still work to do. But alas she'd blown it and what the hell did up yours mean?"

As the men drove off and she'd waved to Sloan, the only one who'd waved, she suddenly had worked out what Dodge's gently rebuke meant. It meant shove your bad tempter or whatever up you butt or perhaps your vagina in the case of a woman.

She giggled.

There was nothing else she could do.

That day Ally sat out under the apple tree and really thought about her seduction of Sweetie. She'd not actually thought about it until now. Those other actions had been spontaneous albeit rational, but that this rate of snail-pace progress it could be five years before she had Sweetie, as he unwittingly called it, 'up hers'.

Did she actually want him 'up there'?

Oh yes, she practically panted and imaging the insertion she'd become very skilled at visualizing.

She touched herself and with her heat rising pulled up her dress and inserted a finger.

Ally heard someone cough lightly and looked up and saw Sloan walking forward her and looking at her intently.

Slowly she withdrew her hand and pulled her dress hem down a bit but left her legs open.

"Hi, we finished early," Sloan grinned. "The boys are preparing to go to town for a beer and Dodge has ridden out to check on the Messa Creek hay barn. He won't be back until dark. What would you like to do?"

"Let's have a bath together and then really do it in bed."

He grinned and said he thought she might be in that kind of mood but made no mention of what he'd observed.

The ranch operation included 440 mothering cows and kept Sloan and his foreman and two ranch hands busy. The ranch was located in the south-central county of Highlands and they got ranch supplies at either of two close towns. But once a month Ally, with or without Sloan, went to the Sebring, the county seat with a population of around 10,500.

On this occasion Ally summed up courage and purchased an adult DVD that, interestingly, had the title of Raunchy Alison. Ally was sure a porn star with such a lovely name would engage only mildly in exhibition sex or whatever it was called. Even so, after having lunch and then finishing shopping, she drove home as if the SUV had a live bomb aboard.

* * *

Half an hour after Ally had left the ranch, her youngest child Pru arrived unexpectedly. The twin boys were a year older than Pru and the oldest child Rebecca was ten months older than the twins.

Pru at nineteen, had married only three months earlier, a hastily arranged marriage but sadly she lost the fetus shortly after the wedding was arranged. Her husband Garth was a shy bank assistant manager, three years her senior.

Finding no one at home, Pru roped a horse and rode out to find someone. She wouldn't be too worried if she found no one because riding was in her blood.

Almost half a mile down the track she found Dodge and Larry had just finished swinging a new gate.

"Hi I couldn't find anyone."

"Hi Pru, your mom went to Sebring early and your dad and Ralph are over at the MacDonald's... um, helping to attend to the calves."

"You mean castrating. You could use that work with me. I'm not Pru the Prude."

The two men grinned.

"Come riding with me Dodge."

Dodge asked Larry would it be okay if he took his horse and Larry could drive back and put his feet up? Larry thought that was a great idea because he had a new magazine to read.


"No Pru," Larry grinned. "Motorcycles."

He was off, touching the brim of his hat at her and saying nothing to his foreman.

"Take this horse baby."


"Because you'll want to race the Milly is the faster horse."

"No I don't wish to race and Ned here knows me."

They rode off after kissing and she said, "I was hoping to catch you alone while I was here."

"Well fancy that," Dodge drawled.

"Be serious Dodge. I have a problem in bed with Garth."

"Oh yes."

"He... he doesn't seem to do it very well. God not like you."

"Well you wanted me to help you become skilled before you started going out with guys with sex on your mind, and you wanted me to be the first. I really thought that was an honor Pru."

"Well you also were first with Rebecca."

"Watch it Pru, you are making me nervous. I told Miss Loudmouth to tell no one and she promised."

"The twins also know about you and me and you and Rebecca."


They rode in silence.

"Dodge it's the sort of thing siblings talk about."

"I can imagine that. I was thinking if your mother found out it wouldn't only be calves around here being castrated."

Pru laughed so much she had to grab Ned's mane to stay in the saddle.

"So what's Garth's problem?"

"This sounds stupid but I don't think he really knows how to do it or how to improvise effectively."

Dodge considered that.

"Perhaps you don't move your ass enough."

She snapped Dodge had been at her fourteen times in fifteen days on their one and only series and should surely know she moved everything.

"Fourteen? Gawd I thought it would have been more like eight."

She ignored him.

"Suppose you are too large for him?"

"Omigod I knew this would embarrass me. No I am not!"

"Well providing he likes you and wishes to rumble, the only thing left is what you suspect... he lacks technique."

"Thank you Dodge. I've been waiting for an intelligent comment."


She grinned and leant over and grabbed him and they kissed and she tongued him.

"Aren't you married?"

Another question ignored.

"Let's ride over to the Ness Valley barn where I want you to have sex with me, explaining what you are doing and thinking."

"What will that do?"

"Give me the tools to educate my husband, silly."

"No I off back home. If your father found out he'd put a bullet into me."

"Then off you go. I never thought you'd turn down a fuck. Just go and consider that during dinner tonight I'll tell mom and dad how you fucked me on the morning of my eighteenth birthday, around 3:00 and where then at me twice a day for about the next fortnight."

"You wouldn't."

"Be a man Dodge and don't make me squeal on you."

She lay on the hay on a horse blanket, being the fastest to undress.

"God your tits look bigger."

"Shut up that talk Dodge. Talk like an instructor."

"Then if I'm not thinking and talking dirty how will I keep it up?"

"I'll attend to that need Dodge. You do your educational job."

"Am I being employed?"

She hesitated and said, "I have about two hundred in my handbag back at the car. You may have it all."

"Jesus Pru, I was only joking. I took your virginity but I'd never take money from you for doing anything for you."

"Yeah well I could have guessed that."

"But you didn't?"

"Dodge will you get on with it!"

"Right baby I come down beside you thinking I'm going to fuck the tits off this broad."


"Shut up student. And on the way in I give my erection a couple of tugs to really firm it and if you are on your back I do this; I simultaneously kiss you and cup your pussy. I kiss you so that you unconsciously confirm it's me and I have fucking rights and cupping the pussy signals to your brain that I'm not there just to kiss you."

"My other hand finds a tit unless I'm using that to take some of my weight should you be one of those whining bitches so say 'You are too heavy' or moan they've just had breakfast, or lunch or dinner."

Pru said in surprise did he fuck three times a day and was told to be quiet and concentrate.

"When you open your mouth and your tongue tip touches my clenched teeth then that's the signal. My mouth open, your tongue pops in and I stop cupping and push one finger in or for someone big like you perhaps I begin with three fingers."

"Bastard," said Pru, and she pulled away and groaned with three fingers working her cunt.

"Oh yes, oh yes. Oh and that's one thing he doesn't do, he doesn't move his fingers around."

Dodge snorted and said then Garth was lazy.

"I pull out my fingers, or in your case almost my whole hand (she snorted), and use those dripping fingers to lube my erection and then, now this is important, I pull my dick along your thigh to signal to your brain to think that dick is in the wrong place, it should be inserting into the cunt."

She giggled and said she liked his vivid description and choice of words.

"Thanks. I then say, 'Here is comes honey' to again heighten your awareness and perhaps to encourage you to visualize the head of my dick parting your pussy lips to begin its journey into your hole. While this is going on we should be talking to each in sexy sentences and stroking, pulling and licking and gently biting."

"God Garth wouldn't remember to do all of that."

"Pru just tell him what you want him to do without losing the momentum of initiating the fuck.

"God push it into me Dodge... my body is screaming for it."

"Well that's another thing. Garth must not simply push it in and begin a frenzied banging. He puts it in a bit, pulls it back a bit and even pulls it right out and slots it back into the now oozing hole. The massaging of the cockhead is making music with the serve sensors just inside the entrance to the cave of delight. At that point he should be aware that you are practically not breathing because you are waiting, nerves on edge and everything switched on, ready to feel the whoosh as he slams it in to the hilt. Females with smaller pussies, but of course that's not you, won't welcome receiving a big whoosh but will groan away as they sense incremental insertion progress."

"Omigod, I wasn't away the process for the male was so technical. I assumed their motive was to get it in and bang away to get themselves off."

"Darling it just like roping a calf. Some guys and gals do it slickly, others succeed within two or three throws while others are given another job they might be more capable of performing."

"Yes that's so right. Um Dodge, Garth and I are attempting to have a baby. I'm not protected. Please don't...

Dodge pulled out hastily and just as quickly began squirting over her tits and face and into her hair.

"Um sorry."

"God you over-sexed fucker, look at the mess I'm in?"

"I'm looking. Sorry and we have no towels."

"Oh crap, how the fuck did I get into this mess?"

Dodge refrained from answering that, not wishing to risk have an eye punched.

She was half his age and slight, although strong.

Dodge was always a little scared of women when they became angry because they could become so unpredictable. He recalled once her mom had attempted to crash a skillet against his butt when he'd opened the oven door and the sudden drop in temperature around the slow cooking meringues caused them to crack. He'd swiveled out of the way and the pan, in a two-handed swipe, hit against the bench and broke off at the base of the handle. Ally then burst into tears and he ran from the house like a scalded cat. Well he hadn't had much domestic experience with women at that stage.

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