Donna's Bitch Ch. 10


When they were dating it seemed to normally take a lot to get Jackie in the mood, and when she was it took her a long time to get really wet, but if anything she seemed wetter right now than she'd ever been with him. It was the same thing when he had that threesome with Donna and Jackie, and while some men would have over analyse that Kelso's tiny mind was simply concentrated on the joy of getting to fuck Jackie again.

Hyde was more considerate. Sure, Donna was moaning pretty loudly around Eric's cock as he fucked her, and Donna felt pretty damn wet and ready to be pussy fucked, but a little slow warm up couldn't hurt. Besides, Hyde wanted to take his time and enjoy this.

For as long as he could remember Hyde had been into Donna. Why wouldn't he be? She was hot, and unlike certain other chicks in this town she wasn't some prissy, spoiled, annoying rich girl... and ok, so he had fallen for a prissy, spoiled, annoying rich girl, but there were plenty of girls which were worse. He could stand to be around Donna, and they did seem like a more natural pairing than her with Eric and him with Jackie, but that's the way it played out, at least for a while.

When Eric and Donna had split up a while back Hyde had considered going after Donna, but it would have been wrong to do that to Eric, especially after Eric's folks had given Hyde a place to stay. It was bad enough when Eric and Donna had sort of gotten together originally and Hyde had tried to get in the way and steal Donna. It hadn't technically been stealing as Donna wasn't really Eric's at that point, but Hyde still felt bad about it.

There was no bad feelings like that now. Hyde was free to enjoy himself, which was definitely something he did, eventually speeding up so that he and Kelso were pumping in and out of Jackie and Donna at virtually the same pace, all four of them groaning as they settled into a steady fucking.

Eric and Fez also groaned, especially when Donna and Jackie groaned as it caused vibrations on the guys' cocks, however it was noticeably softer than the other four and there was a good reason for that.

It wasn't that Fez and Eric weren't enjoying themselves, because they were. Those mouths felt incredible on their dicks, especially when Jackie and Donna took them all the way down their throats, but both Eric and Fez had been hoping to get in on the fucking and were disappointed that at the moment it looked like they were going to be left out.

Unluckily for them it continued to look like that for a while, the other four members of their little group really settling into the fucking.

Things were particularly enjoyable for Donna. She had always liked sucking on Eric's cock, and to do so now in a twisted way felt like something of an apology. It wasn't much considering it was part of an orgy, but for what little it was worth Donna had already publicly apologised to him, and while that public apology and this blow job wasn't nearly enough she planned on making sure he got plenty of fun. By the time they graduated and ultimately for the most part went their separate ways Eric will have gotten laid far more than pretty much any other guy at his age, which will make it hard for Donna to feel too bad about cheating on him.

Of course, making things right with Eric wasn't the only reason she was enjoying this so much as secretly Donna always had a little crush on Hyde. There had been a time she had come very close to dating him instead of Eric, and while in many ways she didn't regret that decision she would always wonder what might have been, especially now she was experiencing Hyde's cock in her pussy.

The thing felt bigger than Jackie had said it was, stretching Donna out perhaps more than ever before. It made her blush to think this, but Kelso was the only real competition as far as size went... and the only real competition as far as skill went too. Donna just hope that her moans of joy weren't too obvious, and if they were she hoped everyone would just assumed she loved the thrill of getting spit roasted for the first time.

While the guys didn't really analyse Donna's moans Jackie recognised that her mistress seemed to be enjoying herself even more than usual which warmed her heart. She had told the redhead Steven was both skilled and well-equipped for fucking. Much like Michael really.

Jackie, or at least old Jackie... the Jackie who wasn't Donna's bitch, didn't care about the size of a guy's junk as much a she did the size of a guy's bank account or even more importantly how good looking he was, but she had always been very lucky to find herself in the arms of a guy who was both well endowed and, albeit after a little teaching from her in Michael's case, well skilled at using their pussy pleasing weapons. Now Jackie was constantly getting fucked by big strap on dildos which stretched her like never before and the redhead wearing them with more skill than both her former lover's combined, but there was still something to be said for having a real cock throbbing and pulsating inside her.

In her time as Donna's submissive little bitch Jackie had been spit roasted before, but this was the first time it was with two guys and she loved it. Fez felt great in her mouth and he wasn't so big that he was choking her while Michael was stretching her out just right. As far as Jackie was concerned, this could go on for as long as Donna wanted, which would hopefully be a very, very long time.

Unfortunately for Jackie, Kelso and Hyde who were really enjoying themselves, and luckily for Eric and Fez who wanted a little more out of their current situation, Donna decided it was time to change things up a little bit, "Ok guys, switch over. Fez, you can fuck Jackie while she blows Kelso. Eric, you can fuck me while I blow Hyde."

Fez was the first to move after the girls lent back, bouncing up eagerly with the other guys following slightly slower, switching positions as instructed until they were all in the right positions.

Not wasting any time Jackie and Donna swallowed the heads of Kelso's and Hyde's cocks while Fez and Eric slowly slid into the brunette and the redhead. The slow penetration was unnecessary as both Donna and Jackie were wet, and ever so slightly loosened, enough to take the hardest fucks the guys could give them, which was a good thing as once they were all the way and it didn't take the guys too long to settle into a quick rhythm which only seem to get faster until Donna was forced to take Hyde's dick out of her mouth to complain, "Hey, hey, hey, slow down guys. Keep things steady so we can all enjoy this for a long as possible."

Although she had meant to say it as a request it came out as more of a command, which was probably for the best as it got Donna what she wanted, Eric and Fez slowing down to a slow but firm fucking which was exactly what she was in the mood for. Of course satisfying her own needs wasn't her only reason for wanting things to slow down.

By slowing things down it increased the length of time they would all be enjoying pleasure and, if Donna's previous experiences were anything to go by, would lead to stronger climaxes for them all down the road.

From the moans and groans going on all around her it was pretty clear Jackie and the guys didn't mind going slow so much, nor did they seem to mind continuing to follow Donna's orders as she set about another way to make the pleasure last longer.

All six of the friends were getting ready to cum at this point, much like they had before Donna ordered them to switch. Just as Jackie in particular felt herself getting near the edge Donna ordered the guys to move around, allowing them and Jackie a brief rest in which they inevitably came down from their highs a little bit. This happened over, and over, and over again to the point where it was like they were playing musical chairs. The guys clearly became frustrated from this by Jackie didn't complain. She would happily do anything her mistress told her to do. In fact she revelled in the chance to do it again.

Sometimes Donna's orders ultimately led to pain and/or humiliation and/or discomfort, but in this case it led to nothing but pleasure as each and every cock got a turn plunging into Jackie's mouth and pussy, making the brunette feel even more like a slut. She could only assume Donna felt the same way, the redhead moaning with delight as she was taken at both ends.

Neither Jackie or Donna were non-active participants in the fucking, somewhere in all the fun both of them beginning to thrust back against the guy fucking them, sometimes even both sharing the same rhythm at the same time. As they moved their bodies back and forward so too did their heads move, bobbing back and forth quickly on the cocks in their mouths so they were moving in all one fluid motion.

The guys certainly loved the girls moving back against them as it caused each thrust to go even deeper and harder than they had before, those deep hard thrusts causing the girls to moan around the dicks they were sucking so all six got an extra boost of pleasure.

While that was a nice bonus the guys could have done without all the moving around as it was beginning to feel like musical chairs, and as much of a thrill as it was to get to be inside each of the offered holes at least once it was getting a little ridiculous.

They also didn't necessarily love being constantly told what to do, but having a girl tell them what to do was something they were all pretty sure they were going to have to get used to, and it was really hard to mind that much under the circumstances. In fact they would have no problems doing whatever Donna wanted as long as it meant more sex.

Donna telling them what to do certainly didn't change, but eventually the little game of musical chairs did finally come to an end when the redhead said, "Ok... Hyde, go get the lube."

Understanding what was expected of him given their earlier conversation Hyde, somewhat reluctantly, pulled out of Jackie's pussy and went over to the redhead's bag.

While Hyde was gone Donna let out an extra loud moan as Fez, assuming they were about to switch again, delivered a harder than usual thrust to Donna's pussy, "Mmmmmm, Fez, could you back off a minute."

Having expected this order Fez immediately did what he was told. He wasn't expecting what came next though.

"Jackie, you know what to do." Donna said, both she and her bitch getting up onto the couch until they were hovering over the laps of Kelso and Eric.

Reaching down Donna gripped her ex-boyfriend's shaft and pressed it to her pussy lips, Jackie doing the same thing with Kelso's cock next to her. The two girls then let out a long moan as they slowly lowered themselves on those dicks, their downstairs lips opening and then swallowing those pieces of man meat before they gently pushed themselves all the way down on those polls. By the time they were down all the way Hyde was waiting for them, bottle of lubricant in hand.

"Thanks Hyde." Donna said as she held out her hand, her girlfriend's ex-boyfriend squeezing some of the liquid out into her hand before then squeezing some out onto Jackie's hand, the two girls reaching behind them as practised and shoving their fingers into their ass holes.

Both girls gasped softly at the penetration of their back doors, but as they were the ones doing it they got to set the pace, which made it a little less enjoyable but made sure they were able to get it over with quickly so they could get onto the enjoyable part.

While they rushed it a little they were also sure to be thorough, each adding an additional finger as well as twirling and curling their fingers around inside their bowels, stretching them out in preparation for what was to come.

When she felt she was stretched out enough Donna gave Jackie a quick look, and once her bitch had given her a quick nod of approval Donna turned and ordered, "Ok... Fez, go kneel behind Jackie and stick your cock up her ass. Hyde, you can fuck my ass."

As he hadn't been allowed to enjoy any anal fun during his threesome with the girls Fez looked understandably surprised at this development, especially as he watched Hyde push his wet cock into Donna's ass hole, that slightly loosened back door opening up for him and allowing him inside.

After blinking a few times Fez opened his mouth to say something, but then quickly thought better of it, instead kneeling on the edge of the couch behind Jackie and pressing his dick to her butt hole and beginning to apply pressure. His cock was still covered in Donna's pussy juices, along with possibly the remnants of Jackie's pussy juices and both girls saliva, so he was able to penetrate her ass with surprising ease, along moan escaping him as he began pushing his way into her butt.

Hyde's cock was also well covered in liquid from the two girls' orifices so he and Fez were able to slide in balls deep pretty quickly, although once they were there they both gave plenty of time to Donna and Jackie respectively, allowing both girls the chance to adjust to the anal invasion, something the girls were very grateful for.

When Donna had talked about this idea to Hyde she had made him promise to wait for her command before fucking her ass, but it had slipped her mind to mention it to Fez before arranging the double penetration so there was no telling when he was going to begin fucking Jackie's butt.

Turning her head Donna studied both Jackie and Fez carefully. She was relieved to see Fez seem to be giving Jackie plenty of time to relax. If he started moving before Jackie was ready Donna would order him to stop, and if he didn't she would kick his ass, but she doubted it would come to that. The tricky part was trying to tell whether Jackie was ready yet.

Really Jackie looked like Donna felt, both of them struggling with the sensations of being filled in both holes, their most private of orifices invaded and stretched like never before. Well, Jackie had been DP'ed before, but never by two guys, and this was the very first time Donna had both her pussy and ass filled by two cocks, real or fake. It was a weird sensation, a pleasurable one, Donna feeling... fuller than ever before. Donna liked it, and from the way Jackie was reacting it was clear her bitch liked it too.

After both Jackie and Donna had plenty of time to relax the redhead finally said, "Ok guys, you can start now, but don't you dare cum inside us. Me and Jackie are both on the pill, but I'm not in the mood to take any risks. Besides, me and Jackie want to swallow your cum, isn't that right Jackie?"

"Mmmmmm, yes Mistress. We want you guys to cum in our mouths so we can swallow your loads." Jackie moaned softly as rehearsed.

"So, as everyone got that?" Donna questioned.

The guys all quickly nodded in agreement as well as each contributing a verbal response, "Yes." "Yeah." "Oh yeah." "No problem."

"Good, now start fucking." Donna ordered.

Almost immediately Fez and Hyde slowly pulled back and then thrust forwards, causing Donna and Jackie to both moan loudly in pleasure.

Jackie's ass had been given more than enough time to relax and get ready for being fucked so when Fez began sliding his dick in and out of her butt hole the brunette girl felt nothing but pleasure, the sensitive walls of her back passage practically vibrating with joy as they were stimulated from the slow but steady pace as Fez began to ass fuck her.

Looking over at her mistress Jackie wondered if the redhead was receiving the same kind of pleasure. She seemed to be, Donna moaning as Hyde began a pace very similar to the one Fez was setting, but Jackie couldn't help worry that it was all for show. After all Donna had only been fucked in the ass a few times by Eric, who wasn't as big as Hyde was, and even then she had way more lube then she'd had just now. True, Donna had no more than Jackie, but since the brunette girl became Donna's bitch Jackie had been constantly taking it up the butt, mostly by her redheaded mistress, and thus Jackie's slutty ass was far more ready for this then Donna's was. Jackie had even been DP'ed before, although never by two guys which was an interesting and very enjoyable experience.

As Michael began thrusting up into her Jackie momentarily forgot all about her mistress, but even as the two guys really started working their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass her thoughts didn't stray long from the woman she loved. At least thanks to Eric's laziness Donna only had to worry about Hyde's cock moving in and out of her ass, which would obviously mean the redhead wasn't getting as much pleasure as Jackie was, but it also meant there was less chance Donna would be overwhelmed or worse hurt by being stretched out in too many places at once. Hopefully this would be a nice practice DP for Donna, prepare her for a double fucking from two guys who weren't so lazy.

Eric didn't see himself as lazy, at least not in this situation. No, he saw himself as considerate. What Donna was going through couldn't be easy, and he couldn't imagine that him moving would help matters. He also couldn't see how it could make things better for him. After all, how could things be better than this?

He was lying back with Donna's soft body jumping softly up and down on his body, her tits either pressed to his chest or jiggling before his eyes, her wet pussy being driven up and down his shaft every time Hyde thrust in and out of Donna's ass, the redhead girl meeting Hyde's thrusts and in doing so fucking herself on not only Hyde's dick, but Eric's as well. So, Donna and Hyde did all the work and Eric got just as much pleasure as they did, if not more.

While he wasn't the smartest in the room but by dumb luck Kelso discovered Eric was wrong, contributing to the fucking definitely made things better for himself, and seemingly those around him.

Every time Kelso pumped his hips upwards and drove his cock in and out of Jackie's pussy it caused Jackie to moan and then her cunt would squeeze down on his poll, every inch of his dick hugged even tighter than before by that warm, wet love passage. This of course caused him to moan, which Fez did noticeably at the same time, allowing even Kelso's tiny brain to figure out by causing Jackie more pleasure both himself and Fez receive more of it, so by contributing he was doing them all a favour.

Fez was certainly wreaking the benefits of Kelso's thrusting, every thrust from the other guy into Jackie causing the brunette girl's butt hole to clamp down on Fez's dick as he pumped in and out of her pooper, bringing him even greater pleasure, which he wouldn't have thought was possible until it began. It was so strong he almost immediately lost control, but wanting to keep the pleasure going for as long as possible Fez showed a record amount of restraint, as he fulfilled a lifelong dream. Well, an since puberty dream.

For what felt like a lifetime Fez had tried to get laid, failing at every turn, and now in the space of one evening he had gotten to fuck two girls he had lusted after for so long, and even better had got to fuck one of them in the ass which was the best bonus he'd ever received.

Hyde had butt fucked girls before, but only with a few girls who were really, really slutty. None of them were as hot as Donna. Hell, most of them he could barely stand. Although, none of them had stolen his girlfriend. Really he should be plotting a way to get back at Donna, or at least fuck her ass so hard that her back passage would be sore and stretched out for weeks, but considering he had been offered so much free sex it was hard to stay mad. Besides, he may have cared for Jackie far more than he'd ever want to admit, but he'd never seen her happier than she was with Donna, so really the two of them deserved each other just as he deserved to find similar happiness. Plus, he was already pounding her butt pretty damn hard and the redhead seemed to be loving every minute of it, and she wasn't the only one.

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