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Double Blow


I asked you to meet me at a bar we knew.

I went home after work to change. I was not sure when you would be able to get to the bar. I wanted to wear something sexy, but not too dressy for this bar.

First, I took a hot shower. I made sure my lower pussy was shaved nice and close so it will be smooth for you. I put on a pair of crotchless black pantyhose. I chose not to wear panties this night. I buttoned on a white, silky blouse. No bra. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I slipped on high heels and looked at my reflection. Picture this... White blouse, unbuttoned down to the start of my cleavage. The shirt was thick enough that you could not see the darkened color of my nipples. Good. I did not want to be THAT obvious. The white, silky shirt tails looked nice flowing over the roundness of my ass. The black, crotchless hosiery right down to my high heels looks sooooo sexy! I turn this way and that, admiring the view in the mirror. You can see my bush at the top of the hose, peeking out through the front tails of the blouse. Enough of that! I got so wet just watching myself and thinking of how you would enjoy the view, too.

I choose a black skirt to wear. Snug but not too tight. Mid thigh in length. I imagined myself sitting on the bar stool and the rise the skirt would have then. I did not want to appear like a hooker but I wanted to look sexy, alluring, desirable with a touch of decency.

All dressed, I drive to the bar. Inside, the bar is not crowded. There are three guys at the bar, watching a sports game on the TV. The bar is dimly lit. All eyes were on me as I entered and took up a stool half way between the guys and the other end of the bar. I smiled at the bartender and ordered a Corona. The fellas lost interest in me as their attention was drawn back to the game.

The bartender was not so very interested in the game and was washing glasses in the sink in front of me. We chatted a bit. A few more patrons entered the bar, all guys. They took up seats on the other side of me. When they settled in a bit, they glanced my way. There were two empty stools between me and the nearest guy from that group. When this guy looked my way, I smiled at him. He nodded. He was very handsome. He had a good build, not fat and not a body-builder, but he looked strong and lean. He had a rugged, clean shaven face. His eyes were hazel and he had a twinkle about them. His smile showed even, strong teeth.

I finished my Corona and ordered another. A party of six people came in and they took up a table in the bar. I sat on my bar stool, legs crossed, angled toward the goodlooking guy at my left. A few more fellas came in, friends of the group at the bar to my left. The handsome one shifted down a seat to make room. He glanced my way again and I smiled and re-crossed my legs. I was thinking of playing with him a bit. He seemed like a nice guy. I wondered, if he was looking the right way, if he could see I was not wearing any underwear. He sure seemed interested in me.

I continued to make small talk with the bartender as he did his chores. Still, you had not appeared. The guy on my left got up to go to the men’s room. When he returned, he walked past me, behind me, as he made his way to his seat. I turned toward him and recrossed my legs. This time, he looked. I know the angle was not right, but he got the message I was displaying for him. When he sat down, he leaned over to me and said his name was Brad. I said Hi and told him I was Tina. He asked if he could buy me a beer. I looked him intently in the eye for a minute, making sure he understood I was reading him. I nodded. He asked the bartender to bring me another Corona. As he was leaning my way, I uncrossed my legs. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you come in the bar. Cool!

You notice me right away. You also notice Brad and his focus on me. I swiveled my seat so I am angled straight at Brad and slowly lift and cross my legs. From your angle and his, you both can see I am not wearing underwear. Brad’s eyes widen and a slow smile crossed his face. He nodded his head at me. His buddy then engaged him in some conversation and he turned away from me. I look over at you and you nod. You have taken a seat at a table where you can watch me. There are a few seats at the bar to my right, but you don’t want to sit next to me. You realize there may be something brewing and you have a front row seat.

Brad broke away from his conversation and came to stand next to where I sat. He leaned over and started chatting with me. You watched from your seat and could see this guy was definitely interested in me. You were not sure if you wanted it to go further or not. It looked to you like I was giving the guy the green light. That was enough for you. You asked the waitress to get me a Corona. When the waitress brought me the beer, she pointed to you. Brad and I looked over at you. You got up and came to sit to my right. Now I had Brad at my left and you at my right. I looked at you and gave you a big smile. I pretended I did not know you. I said Thanks for the beer and What was your name? You told me and I told you mine. Brad was getting a little jealous. I was turned toward you and slowly crossed my legs in front of you. Now Brad, having seen the view last time I did this, was getting a little steamed. He thought he had a sure thing but now you come over and spoil it. After giving you a nice view, which you deeply appreciated, I turned back to Brad and asked him a question. He cooled down when he realized he still might have a chance at this.

I introduce you to each other. I encourage a three way conversation. We enjoy each other’s company. We bought each other more beers and found we had a lot in common. Brad completely forgot about his buddies. As we began to build a good buzz, the topic came to sex. We laughed and chatted and the sexual under tones were very strong. I know the both of you were getting HOT. You were both standing right next to me as I sat on my stool. You brushed your leg against me. Brad did the same. I reached under the bar and brushed Brad’s crotch. He looked over at me a smiled. I could feel he was hard. I reached for you, and you were hard, too. We continued to chat. I felt Brad reach over my thigh and try to place his hand under my skirt. I stopped him. I felt you reach for me. I looked over at you and stopped you, too. I had to get up to pee. I swiveled my stool toward you and winked. I was going to give you plenty of time to take this where you wanted while I was gone. Set the stage, if you will.

When I was gone, you chatted with Brad. You asked him if he thought I would take the both of you outside and suck you off, together. He was excited about the thought and said, hell, if you thought you could pull it off, to go for it! You said you would.

When I got back, I had to squeeze in between you guys, as you had been chatting closely. I brushed my breasts against you as I squirmed into my seat. That made my nipples so hard they pressed out through my blouse. When I got in my seat, I swiveled over Brad’s way as I settled in, giving him yet another view of my crotch. We chatted a bit and you asked me if I’d ever blown two guys at once. I looked at you then at Brad. I slowly smiled. I nodded at the both of you. That was what you needed to see. Now you knew I would be OK with it. I finished my beer and we headed to your truck. I sat in the middle, you to my left, Brad to my right. We all had a pleasant buzz. I leaned over to you and kissed you. I reached to your crotch and felt you were hard. I wanted to do you last. I wanted you to watch me suck Brad off.

I leaned over to Brad and felt his crotch. He was hard, too! I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. I slowly slid down his zipper. He was wearing cotton briefs which could barely contain the bigness of him. There was enough light in the parking lot for you to watch the action. I wanted to make sure you had a good view. I shimmied Brad’s pants down so I would have unobstructed access to his cock. He sprang up, a nice cock. Not as big as yours. It was about 7 inches long, hard and thick. He was so hot he already had a clear drop on the top of his head. I licked it off. He groaned. I’ll bet he never had a blow job as good as I was going to give it to him this night. I licked the front of his cock, from the base to the head. He leaned back and closed his eyes. I took his head in my mouth, soft and gentle. Then I began to suck. He was HOT! I sucked and played him just right. I was really into it! You were watching and this was so AWESOME! You’ve never been able to see this before, in the flesh, and it was cool. I sucked, licked and stroked him to orgasm. I ate all of him. Drained him dry.

He got his pants back together and said that was the best blow job he had ever had, by far!

You had snuck a beer from the bar and I took a long swallow from it. I wanted to cleanse my pallet before I sampled your fine wares. Brad was spent but eager to watch what had just happened to him happen to you.

You were very turned on from watching me blow Brad. I leaned into you and kissed you again (I never kissed Brad and he was probably wondering why). While I was kissing you, I unbuckled your belt and pants. You helped me lower your pants. When Brad saw you, he said Holy Shit! He realized how freaking huge you are and was a bit jealous. Anyway, I kissed your head, licked your shaft. You were really hot but still had magnificent control. I sucked, stroked and licked as you like it. Brad was speechless. I continued to enjoy you. You were so hot and I was so horny from sucking Brad and now you. I sucked hard and got into the rhythm. It felt so good and I was so hot, oh, I came!!! That was Great! I continued to suck you. I looked up at you and gave you the nod. I was ready to feel your hot cum in my mouth. As I worked it and you thrust against me, you came explosively! I took it all in and drained you as well.

We got all buttoned up and put back together. We shared the beer and chatted a bit. You guys talked about how great the blow was. Brad asked me if I would take a ride with him. He enjoyed the session but wanted to have me. I looked at him and said, Sorry, No. We all went back in the bar for another beer.

We sat together and chatted over the beer. When I finished my beer, I got up to leave. You asked me if you could go home with me. Brad heard you ask me. He also heard me tell you Yes. Brad got up and came over to you, congratulating you. He really wanted me and was jealous that I was leaving with you and not him. But he liked you and held no grudge. He thanked me for a great time and went back to sit down.

You and I left in my car. We got to my place and...

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