tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDouble Vision Ch. 07

Double Vision Ch. 07


[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision 1 in which the main characters are introduced and described. The chapters are meant to be read in numerical order.]

As Halloween approached, my gorgeous girlfriend Daniella informed me that we would be attending an erotic costume ball and that her identical twin Darolyn and her submissive room mate Jennifer would join us. The first step was to visit a fetish clothing specialty shop in West Hollywood. Daniella and Darolyn found matching low-cut, skin-tight black latex mini dresses and thigh-high boots with spiked heels. With their swelling cleavage and trim, mahogany brown bare thighs, the petite Filipina goddesses were a wet dream come true. For me, they selected black leather jeans, a chain mail muscle shirt and a spike collar. For Jennifer, they picked out a chain mail mini dress, silver platform heels, and a silver collar with a leash. As they modeled their outfits the girls looked like liquid sex. I was tempted to take one of them to a dressing room for a quick fuck but the store had signs explicitly forbidding this that read: "No Fucking in the Dressing Rooms!" I guess I wasn't the first person to get worked up in there. After taking our outfits to the register and spending more money than any of us should have on our student budgets, we returned to campus with our purchases.

The night of the ball, we gathered at Daniella and Jennifer's apartment to get ready. The twins looked like dynamite of course, but Jennifer's dress was virtually see-through between the chain links clearly showing her tits, ass and a hint of her little pussy. My cock was bulging in my leather jeans as we drank a bottle of sparkling wine as our pre-party libation. Daniella noticed my aroused state and suggested that some tension be relieved prior to our departure.

"Can I help?" asked the ever-enthusiastic Jennifer.

Daniella walked over to Jennifer and clipped the leash to her room mate's collar. Pulling Jennifer towards me, Daniella said, "suck Dio's cock, Jennifer. I want to watch."

Jennifer smiled at me and got down on her knees and began unbuttoning my pants. Daniella and Darolyn sat on the couch facing us, legs apart, tousled locks of hair spreading over their shoulders, mouths pursed as if they were thinking about a cock in their mouths as well.

As Jennifer began licking the head of my cock and using her fingertips—newly adorned with silver nail polish—I looked down at her face. She had been dolled up with black mascara and silver eye shadow and glossy silver lipstick, and her hair was tied back in a bun pierced by lacquered chopsticks, highlighting her finely featured face and graceful neck and shoulders. As her lips slowly enveloped the head of my cock I watched the twins spread their legs a little further, showing me their bald pussies. First Darolyn, then Daniella began to tap on her clit and slide a finger along the lips of her pussy. The twins also wore dramatic eye makeup complemented by deep red lip-gloss and gleaming nail polish. The brown skin of their tight bodies glowed.

By now, Jennifer was sucking my cock steadily up and down, with one hand pumping the base of my shaft and the other cupping my balls. I was rock hard, turned on as much by the images around me as the fantastic sensations of Jennifer's blow job.

Daniella nudged her twin and the two of them knelt on the couch, facing away, and pulled the hems of their dresses above their pert asses. I could see their pussies glistening as each of the sisters snaked a hand underneath herself to finger her lips and clit. I heard them whisper something to each other as I felt my cock pulse in Jennifer's petite mouth.

"Come over here and fuck us," Daniella told me.

With a combination of reluctance and anticipation, I pulled my cock from between Jennifer's lips, walked over and plunged my cock into my girlfriend's inviting cunt as Jennifer knelt by my side and watched from less than a foot away. After a few minutes of thrusting I pulled my cock out of Daniella and presented it to Jennifer who eagerly slurped it into her mouth and sucked until I pulled out and gave Darolyn a turn. I grabbed the twin's hips and fucked her hard the way she liked it as she moaned her appreciation.

I rotated between the two luscious pussies before me and Jennifer's mouth until both of the twins reached their orgasms. As they settled back down to a seated position on the couch, Daniella said, "Jennifer, I bet you want Dio to fuck you too."

Jennifer, who was sucking my cock, simply nodded at Daniella with her most supplicant puppy eyes.

"Well," said Daniella, "you know I'll let you fuck him eventually but not now. I don't want you to be all messy for the ball. Right now I want him to cum down your throat."

"Fuck her mouth, Dio," Darolyn put in. "Make that little slut swallow your cum."

"Do you love to swallow cum, Jennifer?" asked Daniella.

"Mmm, mmm," Jennifer mumbled with her mouth full of cock.

"Dio has a big load of cum and he's going to blast it down your throat and you're going to swallow it down to your belly," Darolyn continued.

Jennifer was sucking my cock with abandon and I was close to popping, excited by her enthusiastic blow job and the sexy encouragement of the twins.

"When he starts to cum, take his cock all the way in your throat, Jennifer," Daniella instructed.

At this I began to squirt and Jennifer forced her throat down on my cock. I could feel her throat constricting around the head of my spurting cock as she swallowed my load.

"Oh my god," I exclaimed, overcome with the intensity of my orgasm.

"I did it!" Jennifer said proudly. "And I loved it!"

"You are very good Jennifer," said Daniella. "I'll have to think of some way to reward you. Now let's freshen up and get to that party. I want to see what the other guests are wearing."

After about fifteen minutes we were ready to go. It was a little chilly for our skimpy clothing so we put on coats. Darolyn slung a black bag made of rubber and rivets over her shoulder. I could only imagine what she had in there.

The erotic ball was in Santa Monica and we got lost trying to find it. I saw a gas station and pulled in. I saw there was a young guy working the register, probably bored to death and thinking about other things he could be doing on Halloween.

Daniella said, "Jennifer, will you please ask for directions?"

"Sure," Jennifer assented, reaching for the door handle.

"Not wearing that coat," Daniella said sternly.

Jennifer looked uncertain, than unzipped her long coat and shrugged it off. She stepped out on her silver heels in the chain mail dress looking like a pole dancer on her way to the stage. The three of us watched from the car as she approached the attendant and saw his reaction to the vision before him. His eyes glued to Jennifer, he looked as if his night had just taken a turn for the better. We saw Jennifer talking to him, apparently getting the directions we needed.

Concluding their conversation, during which the attendant's eyes zoomed hungrily over every part of the delectable Jennifer, Jennifer turned and walked away then suddenly stopped, turned and blew the young man a kiss. The best part is that, right after that, she lifted the hem of her dress and flashed her pussy to him, then scampered back to hop in the car.

"You are so going to get a reward, Jennifer," Daniella said from the front seat next to me.

"You are such a little minx!" enthused Darolyn, giving Jennifer a kiss on the lips.

Thanks to the gas station attendant, we quickly found the venue for the ball and parked nearby. We presented our tickets and entered a small lobby with high ceilings draped in red velvet where we quickly found the coat room and divested ourselves of our outer garments. Daniella reached in Darolyn's bag and pulled out Jennifer's leash, handing it to me.

"Dio," she said, "tonight, I'm putting you in charge of Jennifer. It's a treat for you for being the best boyfriend ever, and a reward to Jennifer for being such a good little minx."

Jennifer just beamed as I clipped the leash to her silver collar. The four of us parted the curtains leading further inside and stepped into a large room decorated as a tropical jungle filled with trees and vines. In the center was a Hindu temple whose relief sculptures depicted sexual positions from the Kama Sutra. When I got close and touched it I realized it was carved Styrofoam but the effect from a distance was amazing. The piped-in music was the buzzy drone of a tanpura and a breathy bamboo flute. I couldn't see the speakers so the sound seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere, creating a sensual atmosphere.

Of course there were other guests milling about and our entrance turned quite a few heads. The twins led the way and caused nothing short of a sensation. Jennifer and I received our share of appreciative looks but Dee and Dee definitely had top billing.

There were straight couples and gay couples and people in leather and people in latex, and naughty nurses and delinquent school girls, and pervert priests, and motorcycle cops, and pole dancers and prostitutes. Some were hot and some were just okay. Some seemed shy while others were clearly in their element. After checking out everything and nearly everyone, we passed through an archway and down a short hallway into another room from which emanated the unlikely sound of a steam calliope.

We entered into a circus-themed arena. A group of barely clothed acrobats slithered up and down ropes and sashes or lasciviously twisted themselves on hanging swings above the center of the room. The guests ranged the periphery, gazing up at the sinuous bodies as they beckoned and teased from the air. On the ground below them, a shirtless devil breathed gouts of fire while a nude contortionist tied herself into knots and then impossibly wedged her body through a metal hoop. The twins put their arms around each other smiled.

"If only we were Siamese twins, we could be in the show," Darolyn said in mock sadness.

I pulled Jennifer close to me and put my arm around her waist.

"Oh," she purred in my ear. "I'm yours tonight."

I slid my hand down to cup one of her perfect little ass cheeks.

A well-muscled guy in a cop's uniform came up and started talking to Daniella and Darolyn. He offered to buy them a drink.

"No thanks, we'll get our own later," responded Daniella.

"Are you here with someone?" he asked.

"We're with him," Darolyn said, gesturing to me, "he's our boyfriend."

Frowning, the cop said, "looks like he's with her," in reference to Jennifer.

"No, she's my girlfriend," Daniella explained as pleasantly as possible. "I'm just giving her to him for the evening. You know, as part of his costume."

Conceding defeat, the guy moved off in search of easier prey.

"Let's check out the next room," Darolyn suggested.

Leaving the circus behind, we entered a room bathed in a psychedelic light show as a miasma of fog swirled up from the floor. A small orchestra of electric guitars dropped liquid drops of distorted sound to ripple and reverberate through the room. In the middle were three lithe dancers—one black with tiny braids, one white and blond, one olive-skinned and brunette—all wearing transparent gowns that showed the firm breasts and asses that adorned their dance-toned bodies. They pranced and twirled to avoid a horned satyr with a large red phallus as he pursued them. There were couches along the walls where a number of couples and a few groups were kissing and groping one another.

A dark-haired, busty nurse on the couch nearest to us, pulled a leather guy's cock out of his pants and started licking it as he leaned back and closed his eyes in bliss. As we walked further, another couch supported three young ladies dressed as Venetian courtesans, their lovely breasts hanging loose from their open bodices as they kissed and fingered one another.

All of the couches were occupied however and so we continued out the door and down the passageway into the next room.

The next room was illuminated by multiple black lights, distorting the contrast and colors of everyone in the room. The twins, dressed in black, faded away in this light but Jennifer was lit up like a chandelier, drawing every eye in the room to her delicious body as I led her within by the silver leash. She had apparently covered herself with some kind of phosphorescent body shimmer that made every inch of her glow. Bass-heavy music bounced and people were dancing while above their heads, four cages were suspended. In two of them, barefoot dancers in bras and miniskirts writhed and gripped the bars, while at a third, another dancer was descended a ladder with the help of a person in a hooded gown whose face was covered by a mask.

I led Jennifer over to the newly unoccupied cage and asked the attendant if she could go up. The thing looked her up and down and said, "oh, yes."

I unsnapped the leash and kissed Jennifer on the lips. "You are going to look so amazing up there," I told her.

"I can't wait to dance for you, and everyone here," Jennifer said to me, kissing me back.

As the hooded attendant steadied the ladder which was hooked into the floor of the cage, Jennifer climbed up and in and closed the cage door with a clang. The attendant unhooked the ladder and carried it back to lean against the wall.

Jennifer stood in the cage a moment, looking out over the room as she held the cage bars. A Plexiglas square served as her dance floor, meaning that she was entirely visible from below. The petite, Chinese, former-good girl seemed to enter a trance as she slowly moved her body to a sensuous beat all her own. The twins joined me in admiring her in rapt attention.

"Maybe I'll give you control over Jennifer more often," said Daniella.

"You can even see her sweet little pussy," said Darolyn as Jennifer undulated, pushing her pelvis up as she spread her legs open.

On either side of me, the twins stroked my bare arms as we stared upward, mesmerized by Jennifer's performance for several minutes.

"I'm ready for a drink," said Darolyn. "Come on Dee, we can bring drinks for Dio and Jennifer," she said to her twin. Daniella kissed me tenderly and Darolyn kissed me intensely before they went off in search of the bar.

I stepped back to watch Jennifer from a little further away. I said "hi" to a small blond in a cat woman suit that showcased her generous breasts who was standing by herself.

Looking at me and taking in my chain mail shirt and the silver leash, cat woman asked me, "is she your girlfriend?"

"She's my girlfriend's room mate," I explained. "I've been put in charge of her."

"That's cool," cat woman remarked.

"I'm Dio," I introduced myself.

"I'm Willow," she replied. "Well, anyway, your girlfriend's room mate is amazing. I don't have the guts to do what she's doing."

"A few months ago, she didn't either," I said.

Willow and I talked for a while. She told me she was from Bakersfield and was a freshman at UCLA. She asked me more about myself and my relationship with Daniella and I explained the situation to her. I didn't say anything about Aqualina or the details of our sexual practices but I think she had a pretty good idea that we were adventurous and open-minded.

"That's really cool," Willow said. "In high school I had a boyfriend but he would never do any of that stuff. I never did either, but now that I'm away from home I want to explore. So far, nothing much has happened in LA. I was kind of hoping to somehow break my boring pattern. That's why I came here."

I just continued to let Willow tell her story. She had a really lush, curvy body and an attractive face but she wasn't LA gorgeous and I could see how she might have been overlooked in a city where everybody is a fashion model.

"You seem really cool," she said. "I wish I could meet someone like you but you've already got your hands full. I just wish I could experience some of the things you have."

It had been at least ten minutes since the twins had left for drinks. Jennifer was still in a trance, undulating in the cage as the dancers below her looked up with longing. Finally, the twins returned with a cup holder with four drinks that glowed a mutant green.

"There's Midori in it," Darolyn explained as she handed me a drink. I introduced the Daniella and Darolyn to Willow and told them that she's new in town and at UCLA like us. The twins complemented Willow on her outfit and did their usual thing of making new friends. I asked Willow to hold my drink and told her to have some if she liked while I went to get Jennifer.

I located the attendant and retrieved Jennifer. She was unsteady on her feet once she was standing on the floor again and took a minute to come back to earth.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"That made me so high," Jennifer replied. "I'm so glad you made me do that."

Re-attaching the leash, I led Jennifer back to the twins and Willow, all of whom praised her dancing and gushed over how sexy it was. Jennifer smiled at us then gulped down half her drink. Darolyn explained that while they were exploring, the twins found a hall surrounded by screened private side rooms that you could cheaply rent by the hour and that they had one lined up for us.

"Well, it was nice meeting you," Willow said.

"You aren't leaving already are you?" asked Darolyn.

"Please join us, there's plenty of room. It will be fun," Daniella urged.

"Can you stay Willow?" I asked.

"You're sure I'm not intruding?" Willow asked timidly.

"Of course not, we wouldn't have asked you if we didn't mean it," Darolyn said.

At this, the twins took Willow between them and marched through the black light glow leaving Jennifer and I to take up the rear. A number of people called out complements to Jennifer or saluted her with their drinks as we passed.

"You've got fans, you hottie," I told her, pinching her ass.

"As long as you're one of them, I'm happy," Jennifer replied.

We reached a room with a bar at one end and tables in the middle where people sat enjoying more of the mutant green cocktails or flutes of champagne. There were curtained rooms along both sides, some of them half open, revealing lantern-lit chambers where small groups sat on couches and sipped drinks. In one room, with the lights very low, a couple fucked as they looked out on the party going on outside.

Daniella handed a ticket to another hooded attendant who pulled aside a curtain showing our chamber, draped in red fabric that looked like silk. A Chinese lantern shone a filigree pattern of light over the room. On a low table between two couches sat an icy champagne bucket and a tray of glasses that the twins had ordered.

With me, Daniella and Jennifer on one couch and Darolyn and Willow on the other, the five of us settled in to talking and drinking, having a good time. Willow had warmed up and seemed to be thoroughly comfortable with us by now. As she and Darolyn talked and laughed I enjoyed the sight of Willow's lush breasts nearly popping out of her tight cat suit.

Daniella noticed the direction of my gaze and gently poked my stomach. "You like those ripe melons?" she teased me.

"I wouldn't trade yours," I said truthfully. "But I am enjoying the view."

"Maybe you'll be able to enjoy more than that," Daniella hinted.

Jennifer was leaning against me, her slim legs looked especially long as her dress rode up her thighs, nearly exposing her pussy. Her delicate feet adorned with silver painted toe nails were perfectly framed by her silver high heels. I felt my cock surge a little as Jennifer ran a finger up my arm.

The champagne was gone and Darolyn stood up and pulled the curtains most of the way closed. Then she began to pull things from her bag: a deck of cards, a shot glass, a bag of lime wedges, a salt celler and a bottle of tequila.

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