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Drunken Heather


I had known Heather since I was a junior in high school. We did not attend the same high school nor did we hang out often. We were nothing more than passing acquaintances. She was a good looking girl, although not necessarily my type. She was tall, just a shade under 6 feet, and I preferred more petite girls. We ended up choosing to go to the same college, but as we weren't close friends we didn't tell each other.

I ran into Heather about 2 months into my freshman year on campus and we were surprised to see each other to say the least. She looked good, but she still wasn't my type. She wore a pair of jeans that hugged her wide hips, a green T-shirt, and a pair of brown sandals. We chatted for awhile and then I headed off to class.

Heather and I began too see each other more and more on campus, and even began to hang out on the weekends. Like most college towns, there isn't much to do but drink, and drink a lot. She became a regular with my crowd of friends that year, and we all had great times, even though we couldn't always remember what exactly we did. Heather had become known for drinking until she passed out, and I was always the one who had to take care of her, which ruined my night.

Like just about every Friday night that year, it was drinking time. We started out pre-drinking at in my dorm room, but we were soon off to the Blue House. That was our normal Friday night party house. It was always loaded with good looking girls, had tons of beer and rarely got busted by the cops. Heather was with us as usual, and was pretty drunk by the time we got to the house. She was wearing a pair of tight black "fuck me" pants as I called them, and a backless, sleeveless shirt. Her C sized tits had a hard time staying put in her shirt, but she wouldn't have noticed if they fell out anyway. Her long curly brown hair looked good, but also hid the drunken look she had in her eyes.

I spent the first hour or so hanging with my buddy who lived at the house. We chilled behind his bar, drank and played drinking games such as 'hockey' and 'asshole.' I was buzzing pretty well when I saw Heather drunkenly stumbling around the dance floor, spilling her full beer everywhere. She barely had her eyes open and had to lean on the wall or other random people to keep from falling over. I shook my head and said bye to my buddy, as I knew I had to take Heather home.......again. She had ruined another night, and I was going to at least make taking her home worth my while.

I went over to Heather and grabbed her arm. She smiled at me, but didn't seem to recognize who I was. I put her arm over my shoulder and walked her out of the house. It took us nearly half an hour to get back to her dorm. I used her key to let me in her room and I dumped her on her bed. Her roommate Carrie went home every weekend so I had the room, not to mention Heather, all to myself.

She passed out the minute she hit the bed. Her left tit flopped out of the vee in her shirt. I reached down and began to massage her breast. She didn't react all, so I decided to go a bit further. I lifted her shirt up over head and threw it to the floor. With her naked from the waist up I quietly took my shirt and shoes off. Casting them to the side I knelt on the floor next to Heather's bed and took one of her nipple's into my mouth. I licked and sucked on her nipple until it grew sharp in my mouth. There was still no reaction from Heather. She was out cold, and I was going to enjoy myself. I was going to make taking care of her drunken ass so many times worth it. I had never thought of dating Heather, but I often thought about what it would be like to have meaningless sex with her. Tonight was the night I was going to find out.

I stood back up and unzipped her pants in the front and slid them past her hips and down to her ankles. They ended up being tossed onto Carrie's bed as I set my sight on her crotch. She was wearing a teeny black silk thong that hardly covered anything. I rolled those past her ass and down her legs. I sniffed then pocketed her panties as a memento of the evening we were about to have. She sported a landing strip above her slit, and the rest was nice and smooth. She must get waxed I thought as I added my jeans and boxers to the pile of clothes on the floor.

My dick was semi-hard as it anticipated its impending action. I took my dick in my hand and began to rub the head over Heather's lips and face. She looked pretty like that, I thought. I wanted to fuck her and was growing impatient, but needed to get her warmed up. I opened her legs and spread apart her lips, sliding a finger insider her warm hole. She was a bit damp, but needed some work before I could get down to business with her. With my other hand I began to rub her clit while my finger slid in and out of her. Her pussy smelled great so I moved in for a taste, extending tongue and lapping first at her outer lips. There was still no movement from Heather other than her breathing. Her pussy tasted wonderful and she was starting to get wetter. I pressed my tongue all the way inside of Heather and licked her inner folds slowly, exploring all I could of her slit.

My cock was now as hard as a pipe and I wanted to fuck Heather badly. Her pussy was nice and wet, ready for my cock. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly probed my cock into her wet warm hole. I thought I heard a moan escape her mouth, but couldn't be sure. Her pussy felt wonderful, and I found it hard to keep from cumming right there. I wanted to enjoy this so I fought back the urge to blow my load in her unsuspecting pussy. Once all the way inside her I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders. Thrusting my hips I began to jab in and out of her, first slow then I increasingly picked up the pace. Soon enough I was plowing myself into her delicate hole, causing the bed to bang against the wall, which elicited an angry response from her neighbor. Heather's nipples were now pointing straight up and her face was flushed as my dick began to cause an involuntary response from her slumbering body. I started rolling her clit between my thumb and index finger as I slammed into Heather with short little jabs.

Her breathing became shallow and quicker in pace. I knew she was close to cumming and I wanted to push her over the edge but save my seed for someplace else. I withdrew my glistening cock and knelt down in front of her leaking cunt. I rammed three fingers inside her vacant hole and flicked her bean with my tongue. No less than a minute later she glossed my face with her juices and her body trembled a bit. She had still not woken up, so I was confident that she wouldn't notice what I was about to do to her.

On top of her roommates dresser was a tube of KY, which would aid my next undertaking. I grabbed the tube and dropped it next to Heather on the bed. I grabbed her waist and rolled her over on to her chest, and pulled her towards me so that her legs dangled off the bed. I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and squeezed a large dollop of KY on her brown rosebud. I spread it around her hole with my finger and then pressed it inside her tight virgin ass. Satisfied that she was lubed enough, I worked some KY over my cock and placed my head at her tight hole. I slowly inserted myself into her ass and stopped to see if Heather was showing any signs of waking up. She was still out so I rammed my dick into her ass full tilt. Her ass was incredibly tight, and it clamped down on me like a vise. There was no way I would last long, so I pumped furiously inside her dark tunnel. I grabbed the hair in the back of her head and pulled it back while I rode her ass. Her bed was now ramming against her wall with every plunge into her ass I made, which covered the low grunting I couldn't hold back through gritted teeth. My balls tightened and I knew this was it. I buried my dick deep into her ass and let loose a torrent of cum, flooding her rear love canal. I collapsed on top of my sleeping sex toy in a heap of drunken post rape fatigue. I was sweating and breathing raggedly, but knew I had to get out of her dorm and back to my place before Heather woke up and I was in big trouble.

I slid her underneath her covers and gathered up my clothes. After I was dressed, wearing her panties, and ready to leave, I slid my tongue into her mouth and explored her for a few seconds more before exiting her room. The hallway was empty, but I quickly made my way to the nearest stairwell and made it outside. I was smiling from ear to ear as I jauntily ambled home. This was a great night, and even though Heather was out cold I knew she had enjoyed herself. My mind replayed what I had done as I walked home and combined with the feel of Heather's silk thong rubbing against my cock, I was hard again.

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