tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElixir For The Undead Ch. 08

Elixir For The Undead Ch. 08

byVampire Sedet©

Buffy had walked into the hotel room after 2 PM, getting some food for her and some blood from the local butcher shop for Spike. Making sure that she didn't expose him to any of the deadly rays of the sun, she closed the door behind her. Luckily the sun was at its peak so there wasn't any direct sunlight getting into the room.

Spike was still asleep in the bed; Buffy thought how cute he looked so peaceful... Just like a cherub... NOT! She thought to herself.

She sat on the side of the bed and turned on the side table light...

Spike quickly reacted to the harsh light, by lifting the blankets over his eyes and turning to face the opposite direction.

"Wake up sleepy head... I have a surprise for you!" Buffy said pulling down the blanket from his eyes.

"Ma I don't wanna go to school today!" The vampire said sleepily into the pillow.

"Spike... Be a good boy and get up... You can't sleep all the day away..." She said putting down her parcels on the floor and ruffling his already tousled hair.

"Yes I can... Remember... Sunlight... Does the body bad!" He turned looking at her with half opened eyes. Unless you have other activities in mind." He replied with a sly grin, running his hand up her denim-clad thigh.

"Maybe later lover boy, but I think you should drink this." Pulling out the pig's blood from the paper bag. "You're a growing boy... you need your nourishment." She said with a chuckle.

Spike sat up to take a look at the container,

"Where did you get this? It's not like it's available like a hot dog vendor on a street corner... Ohhh... The good ol' days... Eating the hot dog vendor at Sunnydale stadium before the big game of '97." He laughed. " Oh Slayer... Just kidding." When he saw the look on her face, he decided to leave it at that.

Buffy knew that Spike had some hesitation about being in San Francisco, she thought it better, to just come out with it.

"So do you think we will be able to do some venturing out into this lovely city at sundown?"

"Slayer... I know you want to go out gallivanting, but I... I..." Spike ran his fingers through his hair, "Bloody Hell!!" Spike relented. "Ok... will you promise not to laugh?" He asked.

"Um... Yeah... Sure." Buffy replied, the giggles already rising to the surface.

"Ok..." He took a deep un-needed breath. "Alright then... This is not my first time in San Francisco. I was here in the early 80's."

"Oh... Really?" She sounded surprised.

Spike continued, "Yeah well one night I was told that a Slayer was in town and that another vampire gang wanted to recruit me to kill her, since they had heard of 'William The Bloody' who killed 2 Slayers. She was a tough littl' bint... Well not as tough as you."

"No one is as tough as me!" Buffy interjected.

"Yeah well, anyway, I had a tip that she was gonna be at this club on King St and 3rd Ave., the club was called the Devil's Playground. It sounded like a great place for my kind to hang out... But it wasn't that at all." Spike paused trying to get through this ordeal.

"Buffy said, "Go on."

Spike resumed his story, "Well I went to this club, and I swear Slayer, I shoulda known when I walked in the door what type of place it was... They were playing Dancing Queen by Abba! I walked into a gay bar... Before I could turn around to leave knowing I must've come in to the wrong place... This bloke came up to me and said, 'Hey Sweetie, haven't seen you here before! How's about a dance? I see you like leather cupcake, so do I!' Well I just turned to look at the fellow and said 'Sorry Mate... You're not my type!' and I flashed my game face at him, with the lights flashing... I'm sure it really made the poor guy give up the drug that I could smell permeating his skin."

Buffy remarked, "So lemme guess... You were outta there faster than you could say 'Mamma Mia'?"

"You've got that right pet! Not that his blood wouldn't have been a good high for me... I was hungry for slayer blood! Well at the time I was..." Spike replied.

Buffy tried to suppress her laughter, but it was no good. She burst out laughing so hard, and when she tried to catch her breath, she snorted. "Oh very attractive Slayer!!" Spike said rolling his eyes, "And thanks for not laughing..."

The vampire fed up with the Slayer's display; he grabbed her in a headlock and gave her a noogey.

"Ahhhh Spike! I give up!" Buffy screamed.

"Yeah Slayer this is what you get for laughing at my misery!" Spike teased.

"Ok! Ok!" Buffy settled her giggles just in time to mention, "Well all I can say is I don't really blame the guy... You do have a cute butt!!"

Spike turned his head to glance down at his rear end; "You really think so? Well you just remember that it's no one's ass, but yours!" He said giving Buffy a peck on her forehead. "Thanks Luv!" So off they went to enjoy their last night in San Francisco.


Elixir for the Undead

Chapter 16

Giles and Xander had picked up the couple at the airport; they were waiting for the report from Buffy, since they didn't want to discuss too much over the phone. The ride back to 1630 Revello was full of detail of the battle and the hospitals in the area that had experienced the problems of the Bolvarga demon.

"Yeah, Tracey didn't even have a chance. The Bolvarga demon must have shapeshifted or something to take over her person." Buffy reiterated to her one time watcher.

Looking over at Spike sitting next to her in the back seat, she said quietly, "So are you gonna spend the night? OR are you going to go back to the crypt?"

"Well, there is no place that I would rather be for the next 100 years is in your bed." He said with one of his dazzling smiles.

"I think that can be arranged." Giles dropped them off and said,

"Buffy, meet me at the Magic Box tomorrow and we can document this in full."

"Ok Giles, see you then." Buffy and Spike grabbed their bags and they proceeded to walk up the front step and Buffy was about to put her key in the lock, when her mother opened the door.

"Mom?" She said with disbelief. ~ Oh my God! ~, She thought. ~ Was my mother supposed to come home this weekend? ~ Buffy went through this routine in her mind trying to remember when her mother was supposed to come home from her business trip. "I didn't know that you were coming home so soon".

Spike stared on and wondered if Joyce had known about his and Buffy's relationship.

Buffy walked into the house and embraced her mother. Joyce kissed her daughter on the cheek and said,

"Oh I got home yesterday. Mr. Giles told me that you had to go to San Francisco. So did you slay your demon?"

At that Spike coughed out a laugh.

Buffy just gave him a threatening look. ~ Watch it deadboy! ~ She thought to herself.

"Hello Spike, how are you? I just boiled some water, would you guys like some cocoa? I have the marshmallows that you like Spike." Joyce genuinely smiled at the vampire.

"Not for me mom!" Buffy said.

Spike interjected at the same moment, "Love some Joyce. Thanks for askin'."

Which won him another glare from the Slayer.

"So Mom, how was your trip?" Buffy asked to delay her story about Spike for awhile longer.

"Oh it was great! I was able to buy these artifacts from Ancient Rome. Artifacts that date back to..." Joyce poured the water into the mugs as she continued her tale. All the while, the 2 blondes sat on one side of the island holding hands beneath the counter.

"Wow Mom! It sounds like it was a really great find." Buffy said trying to sound like she was paying attention.

"So you two, aside from San Francisco, how is Dawn? Anything else happen while I was gone?"

Buffy stared at Spike. Her mouth was agape. She looked at her mom and said,

"Mom, Dawn is fine, she should actually be home tomorrow, depending on she hasn't annoyed Willow and Tara in the process. But you might say that other things have changed since you've been gone... Um... Well... You know that when you work with someone a while, they totally are one way at first, but then they do a 180 and they change our perception? For the better that is."

"Buffy, I think I understand what you are saying? You have feelings for Xander?" Joyce stated.

"WHAT??? NO!! N-O!! That isn't it at all!! Buffy exclaimed.

Spike nearly fell off the chair in laughter.

Buffy just stared at him,

"Sure you think that's really funny dontcha 'Pasty White Boy'."

"Hey I owe you... Dancing Queen... Remember?" Spike retorted.

Joyce saw the way her daughter and the vampire interacted and put 2+2 together. Slowly a smile crept on her face.

"Ahhh, it's not Xander, it's Spike, Mom. Spike and I have become close... Really close since you've been gone."

Buffy felt confident in her heart that Joyce would understand... ~ Besides, she likes Spike... Doesn't she?? ~

"Well, I must say that I'm a little surprised. Since I didn't think that you would ever date another vampire." Joyce commented.

"Joyce, I just want you to know that there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for Buffy. I would never hurt her. I would kill myself first!" Spike finished his speech and took a gulp of the hot cocoa.

"I know Spike. I could see how you've been feeling about my daughter for some time now. Really, I am happy for you both, it's just I think I'm in a little shock and I just need to get used to the idea.

"Well Mom, we can talk about that." Buffy said.

"Um... Listen... I'm gonna skidaddle... Let you two catch up in your motherly/daughterly ways." Spike said feeling the need to leave this situation to his beloved, and get a beer down at Willy's.

"Spike you don't have to go!" Joyce said, feeling guilty all of a sudden.

"It's alright, I gotta go check on some things anyway." He walked over to kiss Buffy lovingly on the mouth. Briefly, so as not to make Joyce feel uncomfortable.

Buffy whispered her 'thank you' to Spike for being so understanding, and said,

"Bye, I will see you tomorrow."

"I will be counting the minutes 'til sundown Pet!" And then he was gone.

Buffy stared at her mom as if an atom bomb were about to explode.

"Mom, I know what you are gonna say..." Buffy hesitated, "But don't. I love Spike and I know he loves me. I assure you that I know what I'm doing, and that I've never been happier."

Joyce's expression softened at her eldest daughter.

"Buffy, I guess it's just not something I would have expected... Not after Angel."


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