Emma's Pool Party Ch. 02


Wordlessly, Emma crawled onto the bed and took my hand, pulling me to Amy's side. I lay down beside her as she put her head on my chest. Then, looking up at us, Emma took my cock, put her mouth over the tip, and slid it slowly down her throat, not stopping until her chin touched my balls. I moaned as Emma held her pose, her eyes watering, savouring Amy's taste. She sucked as she withdrew it, cleaning most of Amy's pussy fluid, smacking her lips as she let the tip slip from her mouth. Holly was next, and after kissing Emma deeply, took my cock down her throat to the base, staring at Amy and me the whole time.

"They look so sexy taking you like that," said Amy dreamily.

Indeed, the whole episode felt like a dream. Aysha was next, and although she could not take my entire length, she did her best, and bobbed her head on my cock at the end to make up for it. As Aysha sucked my cock, Emma played with Amy's hair.

"Wow. Watching you two... that was so fucking hot. We couldn't even talk, we just watched you fuck each other," said Emma.

"I've never seen anyone cum like that, Amy. That really must have been good," said Holly.

"It was like nothing I've ever experienced. All these dirty thoughts and words started coming out. It was so amazing. And I really want to do it again. But first I want to watch you girls fuck him. Up close this time."

Aysha was stroking my cock fast now, bobbing her head on me, massaging my dick head with her tongue.

"Aysha, why don't you get on that dick. Let's give Amy a good show," I suggested.

Aysha stopped sucking and grinned. She spun around, reverse-cowgirl style, and sat on her haunches.

"Put him in me, Aym," said Aysha peeking over her shoulder.

Amy reached for my member and guided it up to Aysha's soaking pussy. Aysha sat on it, balanced for a moment, then plunged herself down upon it. She cried out as I penetrated her, put her hands on my thighs, and began bobbing her ass up and down on my dick, rotating her hips and tossing her hair. I grabbed one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it, guiding it down onto my length, forcing me deeper into Aysha's moist pussy. Amy imitated me, squeezing her other cheek.

"God Aysh, you're taking a lot of him. How do you fit all that inside you?" said Amy.

Aysha looked over her shoulder and smiled, giving her ass a few rapid pumps on my cock.

"Emma, Holly, why don't you give us a nice taste of those fabulous melons while Aysha rides my cock?"

The girls giggled as they leaned down over us, kissing each other, then lowering their heavy chests to Amy and my face. I sucked Holly's right tit while Amy sucked Emma's left tit. I reached under Holly squeezing her nipple into my mouth, filling it with her soft tit flesh. My other arm was around Amy's shoulders, so I reached down and squeezed her small breast, tweaking the nipple. My right hand eventually wandered from Holly's tit to her pussy, and I inserted two fingers eagerly into her twat. It was soaking, and her fluids ran down my fingers. I worked her pussy hard until I heard her moaning.

"Amy, don't let Holly have all the fun. Finger my pussy," demanded Emma.

Amy had to move her head out from under Emma's tit, which had been occupying most of Amy's face.

She gasped, "Wh-what? You want me to finger your bald pussy?" she giggled.

"Now you're getting into it, hun!" squealed Emma.

Past Holly's swaying tit I saw Amy's fingers go to work on Emma's cunt.

"Ooooouuuu! You're good at that Aym!" cried Emma.

Soon, moans filled the room as our orgy began to gain sexual momentum.

"Ah! Ah! C-can somebody p-please finger my asshole?" begged Aysha. "I'm going to cum soon."

Emma and Holly sat up so they could see the whole scene, while Amy and I continued to finger their pussies.

"Amy, would you like to do the honours?" I asked, grunting as Aysha's pussy took almost my whole length.

"What? Put my finger in... in her bottom?"

"Yeah, she loves it."

"Do it now!" begged Aysha, as she curved her back, pointing her ass in the air and holding her pose, my dick head just inside her moist pussy walls.

Emma and Holly took thier cue and spread Aysha's ass cheeks wide, exposing her puckered anus. Amy withdrew her fingers from Emma's cunt. They were wet with her juices. She reached slowly and tentatively for Aysha's ass.

"God, just do it already!" Aysha commanded, looking over her shoulder.

Amy pointed her index finger inches from Aysha's anal hole. I began thrusting my cock up into her pussy as the girls held Aysha's ass in place, ready for Amy's finger to penetrate her bottom. Amy touched the puckered skin of Aysha's asshole and hesitated, then pushed her hand forward. Her finger disappeared into Aysha's bottom, all the way to the knuckle.

"Aaaaaahhh! Yeah, baby! Put another one in!" cried Aysha.

Emma smacked Aysha's butt cheek, then sucked her finger and inserted it next to Amy's into Aysha's ass.

"Ooooh fuck yeah! More! More!" she begged.

Laughing, Holly imitated Emma and penetrated Aysha's asshole with her finger. I reached over Amy to Emma's pussy and continued where Amy had left off, pushing two fingers into her dripping pink. I kept working at Holly's pussy as well, while I thrust hard into Aysha. The girls worked their fingers in her anus, pulling, rubbing, thrusting, curling, and twisting them in all directions, stretching her, making her squeal.

"Aaaaiiiiiiiiyyyeeeeaaaah! I'm cummmmiiiiiiinnnggg!" screamed Aysha.

I felt her nails dig into my thighs as her pussy convulsed. I heard wet sounds as I continued to thrust into her spasming teenage fuck hole. She was not quite squirting, but leaking cum all over me as she shook and moaned.

"Oh my god! I can feel her ass tighten!" squealed Amy in delight.

Aysha came down from her orgasm, leaning forward on my legs, exposing her ravaged pussy and anus as the girls withdrew their fingers. Holly smacked her ass hard with her hand.

"Get off him, you anal slut! It's my turn."

She roughly pushed Aysha off, my cock springing free, flicking cum drops over Amy and me. Amy immediately grabbed my cock and stroked it.

"She came all over it. That's so hot," she commented.

"You know, you can talk dirty like these girls. There's no need to be shy, Amy," I said. "Call it my dick, or my cock, or whatever... just not "it"." Amy smiled at me.

"Ok... I love your cock. I can't wait to see you put your dick deep in Holly's little bald pink pussy!" she giggled with unbridled delight.

Holly had mounted me, holding her pussy lips open in preparation for my engorged penis.

"Here I come, baby," she said, descending on my dick head as Amy guided it into Holly's wet depths.

She slid down my shaft easily, aided by Aysha's cum and her own lubrication. I pulled my fingers from Emma's cunt and put my hand on the back of Amy's head.

"Why don't you get down there for a really close look?"

I pushed her head so it was resting on my stomach as Holly leaned back, putting her hands on my knees, sticking her tits out, and commencing her ride on my member.

"You're really stretching her pussy, but she's taking it so good," said Amy, fascinated.

Emma had come over to my right side and was lying beside me. I saw hands on her thighs, and as she opened them Aysha's head appeared, her face flushed, her hair tangled.

"Let me have a taste of that cute pussy now that's it's all bare," she said lustfully.

Aysha began licking Emma's pussy eagerly as Emma squeezed her mountainous breasts. My head was propped on a few pillows, so I have a marvellous view of the proceedings. Holly began moaning loudly as she bounced on my cock. Amy had moved her head down and was sucking Aysha's cum and Holly's pussy fluids from the base of my cock as Holly rode it. Holly's tits jiggled delightfully as her hair flew around her face. Emma was now squirming under Aysha's tongue, pinching her hard nipples.

"Oh baby, for someone who's just started eating pussy, you're very good at it," noted Emma.

Amy, taking a break from lapping at my dick, watched Aysha with interest.

"Can... can I try?" she asked.

"Amy! I knew you just needed a cock in you to unleash your inner slut! Aysha... ahn... show her how to lick a pussy."

Amy walked around the bed to Aysha and lowered her head to Emma's bald mound.

"Ok hun, just lick here a lot," Aysha pointed to Emma's clit. "Use your lips and your tongue. Swirl it around, suck on it, kiss it. You can also stick your tongue in her hole, or use your fingers while you lick her clit."

Amy got the idea, and began tentatively licking Emma's pussy like an ice cream cone.

"You'll have to lick a bit harder. Rub it with your fingers too." Aysha was holding Emma's pussy lips apart while Amy worked her clit with her mouth.

"You... you taste good, Emma. And you're so soft," said Amy.

"Mmmmmmm, you're doing really good, baby," cooed Emma.

Holly had now leaned forward and was bouncing her tits off my face. I licked them and sucked her fat nipples as I squeezed her mounds and jiggled them. I slid my hands down her sides and squeezed her ass cheeks, then began pounding her pussy, forcefully thrusting my cock deep into her wet cunt. The resulting slapping sound was loud, as were Holly's moans.

"OOooooohhhhh fuck my pusssyyyyyyy!"

She leaned back again and put her hands into her hair, closing her eyes and biting her lip. I pounded her faster, my cock shaft becoming a blur as it disappeared into her warm pink pussy. Her breasts danced deliriously upon her chest as her whole body vibrated with my thrusting. I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, then slapped them to and fro. Holly groaned, increasing her vocalisation of pleasure in volume as she approached orgasm.

"oooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK! You're making my pussy cuuuuuuuuuuum!" she howled.

I pinched her nipples hard as her bulbous flesh continued to jiggle about. That put her over the edge.

"UUUUHHNNN! UUUUHHNNNN! AAaaaAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!" she cried as her cunt squeezed my member.

Her legs gave out and spread to the sides as my dick penetrated her to the hilt. I felt the tip hit the back of her pussy, and she screamed. Her hands were still in her tangled hair and she was breathing heavily. She collapsed on top of me, her tits pressing into my chest.

"Oh my fucking god that was good," breathed Holly into my ear.

I could hear Emma moaning beside me.

"Mmmmm, aaaah, ok... ok now me!" she said.

Holly kissed me on the mouth and sat up, slowly withdrawing my cock from her depths.

"I can't believe I took all of you. You gotta try it, Em!"

"I did before, and I'll do it again now."

She pushed Amy, who was lost in the delights of pussy eating, away, and straddled me, guiding my soaking cock into her cunt with her hand behind her. We both watched as I penetrated her newly shaved pussy.

"I love watching you go inside. You just fill us up so much. You, like, stretched the hell out of Amy when you fucked her. I love feeling you stretch my little pussy. Ah!" she exclaimed as I grabbed her by the hips and forced her down on my rod.

Emma sighed deeply as she took me in. Then she put her hands on my stomach, squashing her massive bust between her arms, and began bouncing on my cock.

"Oh fuck yeah! It's not going to take me long to cum, baby. Your cock... aaah... your cock fills me up so good! Ooooouuu!"

I lifted my head to suck on Emma's large nipples. I circled my tongue around them, feeling them harden. I nibbled at them, and at the taught skin around them. I licked her enormous cleavage and pushed my face into the soft, bulging flesh.

"I love your tits, Em. They're so fucking big and soft," I said as she took my cock deeper, biting her lip.

"I want you to shoot your load on them again. Aaaaahhhh... I loved feeling your hot cum splash on my tits."

I pushed my pelvis upwards, forcing the last few inches of my dick into Emma's teen honey pot.

"Oh god! Oh god that's deep! You're so deep in me. I can feel you in my stomach!"

"Keep fucking my cock, baby. Fuck it hard!" I said as I thrust into her.

She leaned back and I sat up, propping myself up with my arms behind me. She did the same, and I fucked her fast and hard, both of us watching my long, hard shaft vanish into her wet hole.

"OOOOhhhh yeah! Like that... just like that! You're gonna make me cum, baby!"

Emma's tits were flopping about like water balloons, her chest heaving, her baby fat on her belly jiggling. The other three girls were now watching intently, crouched beside us on both sides, their fingers between their legs, working their pussies.

"I'm gonna cum too. When I say, everyone sit up around me. I'm going to cum on your faces."

"Yeah! Do it baby! Shower us with your hot spunk!" shrieked Amy, actually clasping her hands gleefully and laughing.

"Oh! Oh! I can feel your balls slap my ass! I'm gonna cum! I"m gonna cuuuum!" cried Emma.

Her body went rigid as she pushed her pelvis into mine. I gave a mighty thrust as she took all of me into her, her tits bouncing up against her chin. Emma shook as she came, her pussy constricting against my shaft. I held off as long as I could, then swiftly pulled my cock out, pinching it just below the head, and standing.

"AAaaagh, ok now! Get your slutty faces in here so I can cum all over them!" I said.

The girls madly scrambled, and managed to arrange themselves around me: Holly, Aysha, Emma, and Amy, from left to right. Holly, Aysha, and Amy were still rubbing their cunts as the girls looked up at me expectantly.

"Ok... here I cum," I grunted, gripping the base of my dick with my left hand and pumping the shaft near my dick head with my right.

I aimed at Holly's smiling upturned face and released. The shot was extremely powerful, striking her left cheek and ricocheting into Aysha's eye. Aysha flinched and cried out as I pumped my shaft hard and unleashed another sperm bullet into her scrunched up face. It struck Aysha between the eyes, and she flinched again, crying "Ooooh!"

Emma was ready for my next shot, and stuck her tongue out, closing her eyes. My aim was true, and my thick load splashed off her tongue and teeth, running down and dripping onto her lap. Amy was shocked at the velocity and quantity of semen, and seemed unsure whether she was ready to take my jizz in her face. She had leaned back slightly from the semi-circle of teenage cum sluts, and had raised her hand to her chin, palm out. My wad was too fast for her though, and the thick stream of white goo slapped across her forehead, down her nose, and over her tightly closed lips.

"I want more over here!" cried Holly.

I aimed. I jerked. I jizzed. Holly expertly took a load down her throat without flinching, while I turned again to Aysha. She had wiped her eyes free of my cum and now giggled as my white boy batter tickled her tongue. I fired another shot into Emma's mouth, who swallowed it eagerly.

Amy still had her lips shut tight as I turned my cock towards her, but she had lowered her sticky hand to her lap, and was fingering herself again. I shot a fat wad onto her lips. I couldn't believe how much cum I had produced, but with four sexy teens fucking the shit out of me, it was no big surprise that I needed to ejaculate a significant load from my balls.

"Come on, Aym! Taste it! It's really yummy!" said Holly.

I managed to shoot one final rope of cum on Amy's face, covering her right eye. Emma turned to her and sucked my jizz out of her eye, and began kissing her, forcing her mouth open and smearing her tongue with my cum. After a few seconds, Emma and Amy broke apart.

"Mmmmm, it IS really good!" said Amy, licking her lips.

Seeing that I had emptied my balls on their pretty faces, they turned to their partners and kissed each other, licking my jizz from mouths, cheeks, necks, and the remnants that had dripped onto their tits. They finger fucked each other happily while I watched and gently played with my softening cock. They were now moaning softly, wet sounds coming from their moist pussies.

"Oh my god, that was a huge load!" commented Emma, stroking Amy's cheek.

"I can't believe you had enough to cum on all our faces... twice!" squealed Aysha, playing with Holly's nipples.

"You girls took it so well. What do you say we get ourselves cleaned up?" I suggested.

We all headed to the bathroom, and washed ourselves clean in the huge dual-head shower joining Carmen's room. I kissed the girls and helped them clean their sexy bodies. I squeezed the soapy sponge over Emma's chest as she threw her head back, letting the suds slide over her massive bust. I slurped at Holly's nipples as she squashed my head between her bulbous breasts. I scrubbed Aysha's round ass as she spread her cheeks, letting the soap slide across her anus and pussy lips, to drip down her thighs.

My cock began to harden again, as Amy put her arms around my neck and pressed her lean body against mine, letting the water cascade over our naked skin. She kissed me hard and long, sandwiching my hard cock between our stomachs. My hands roamed down her waist, over her hips to her bottom, which I squeezed and pulled against me. She ground her smooth groin against me as we kissed.

Finally she leaned back against the glass of the shower stall and looked into my eyes. Her nipples were hard, sticking out from the swells of her soft, pale breasts. Keeping an arm on my shoulder for balance, she lifted her right leg up, and with incredible agility, placed it on my left shoulder. She placed her right hand flat beside her head against the glass and looked down at my throbbing member. Her pussy lips had parted, and I could see her small inner labia, flushed deep pink.

"I want you to fuck me again. I need your cock," said Amy, a sultry expression on her young face.

"I'd be happy to, but I think we should give these girls something do to as well. Keep them busy," I said quietly to her. "Didn't you say Carmen had some toys in her room," I said loudly enough for the other girls to hear.

"Oh! Where are they, Amy?" squealed Holly.

"They're in her bedside table. There's lots of them too."

Holly bounced out of the bathroom as Aysha pressed herself against me from behind, holding my cock.

"Ooou, looks like you're ready to go again. You'll have to be a little lower, hun. I'll guide you into Amy's tight pussy," offered Aysha.

I bent my knees as Amy pushed her pelvis out. My cock head pushed her labia aside as I felt the wet warmth of Amy's tight pussy hole start to give access to my penis. Amy dropped her eyes to watch my dick head slip into her pussy. She gasped and bit her lip as I felt my glans slide past her opening and her pussy muscles tightened around my shaft. Aysha squeezed the base of my shaft and Amy released a shuddering sigh.

I straightened my legs slightly as my cock slid up into Amy's cunt. She rotated her pelvis to aid my progress as Aysha began stroking my shaft, her hand bumping against Amy's stretched pussy. I put one hand on Amy's upraised leg and the other on her hip and began to withdraw my dick.

"M-more... I want more of your cock in me," sighed Amy.

"You heard her," said Emma, who had stood to Amy's left and was playing with her small breasts.

I tightened my grip on her hip and leg and thrust upwards forcefully. I penetrated her deeply, pushing her against the glass of the shower, her foot lifting off the floor as she emitted a high squeak. She linked her hands behind my neck and leaned away from the glass, forcing herself farther down upon my throbbing cock. Aysha had released my dick and was observing from the open side, where Amy's leg was still over my shoulder.

"Oh Amy, you're taking a lot of him!" said Aysha, cupping my and Amy's ass.

Amy locked eyes with me as I withdrew my dick, now soaked with her lubrication. I thrust back into her evenly and deeply.

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