tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEric's Christmas Present

Eric's Christmas Present


The next thing I knew, my younger sister Kimberly was pulling at my arm and whining at me to get up. I opened my eyes and blearily looked around my bedroom. 'My God!' I thought, 'It's still the middle of the night.' Actually it turned out to be five o'clock Christmas morning and I felt like one of the undead.

My stomach was so nauseous I felt as though I would barf any second and my head was pounding with pain and felt twice as large as the Goodyear blimp. "Go away," I muttered as I pulled my arm loose from my sister's grasp and then I laid back down and shut my eyes.

"Sara! Please get up!" Kimberly shouted, sending shivers of pain through my aching head. "Santa's been here and everyone is waiting downstairs for you so we can open the presents."

I sat up and moaned, "Oh God. Why me? You go on, I'll been down in a minute."

"Oh no," my sister complained. "I'm not falling for that old trick. Mom said I can't open my gifts until you come down."

And she began yanking on my arm again. "Alright already, I'm getting up," I finally acquiesced fully realizing that Kimberly was not going to leave me alone until she had accomplished her task. "Just give me a minute, will ya?" I pleaded.

On top of everything else going wrong so early in the day, I found I had absolutely no memory of how or when I arrived home from the previous evening's festivities. I was wearing a robe that I didn't recognize. It must have been one of Vicki's.

Well, that answered a couple of questions. No wonder my mother was being so insistent about me getting up. She knew I'd be hung over. She also knew that I didn't have the slightest interest in watching Kimberly open all her great presents. My parents spoiled her rotten in my opinion. They bought her everything she wanted, unlike me who they raised with a vow of poverty. Come to think of it, I bet my parents decided they must have messed up something terrible with me considering the way I had turned out and were trying to raise my sister differently.

I arose from my bed and left the room with Kimberly racing ahead of me..

We have a time honored tradition in our family of my younger sister sitting down by the tree and handing each person their presents one at a time as though they were all from her and not from the person whose name was attached to the label. Of course in between, she would fall voraciously upon her own presents, ripping and tearing them open with great vigor.

Finally the ordeal was over and as my parents went to breakfast in the kitchen and Kimberly sat gloating among all her new acquisitions, I retreated back to my bed. Me? What did I get? Oh, just some 'sensible' outfits, which I would never wear in a million years and a religious book stressing the need for chastity during your teenage years. Haha! – little late for that. I believed as St. Augustine said, ' Lord, give me chastity – just not right now.'

I felt as though I had just fallen asleep when the ring of the front door bell awakened me. I jumped up and raced down the stairs in an effort to beat my mother to the door. I knew it was my friends, who were coming to pick me up and transport me over to Eric's house. Eric and his family had been visiting relatives in North Carolina and were expected back in the early afternoon.

I threw the front door open and beheld Dorothy, Krista and Alecia waiting to enter. This was great! They had all managed to escape the Christmas morning festivities at their respective homes. I quickly invited everyone in and elicited Dorothy's assistance in bringing down a large, empty cardboard carton from my room, while the rest of my friends waited at the front door.

By the time we reached the first floor with the box, my mother had appeared on the scene, probably drawn by the excited voices of my friends.

"Sara, where are you going dressed like that?" my mother demanded. I was still wearing Vicki's robe from the evening before.

"Out," I answered sarcastically. I could have told her I was going to Eric's, but I never gave my mother a straight answer, unless I had to.

"Well, you're not going out dressed in a bathrobe," my mother said, linguistically putting her foot down.

My three friends looked at me expectantly, wondering what new folly I would involve myself in.

"Haha!" I laughed. "Okay, whatever you say," I agreed and removed my robe, leaving me totally nude.

"Sara, no!" Dorothy wailed, while Krista and Alecia laughed uproarishly to see such sport.

My mother blushed bright crimson. I wondered what she was so embarrassed about – it was me who was naked. I opened the front door to leave. Dorothy picked up the robe from the living room floor and scrambled to hold it in front of my nakedness.

"Here, Sara, please put this on," Dorothy almost tearfully entreated.

Suddenly my mother made a decisive decision, which was highly unusual for her.

"No!" she protested, yanking the robe from my startled friend's hands. "If Sara is leaving, she is leaving without this robe."

"Fine," I said and I stepped out on the sidewalk. Luckily or from my exhibitionist standpoint unluckily, there was no one out in the neighborhood yet, probably because it was still only nine o'clock on Christmas morning.

I walked down to where the station wagon that Dorothy had borrowed from her family was parked on the street, while my friend called out behind me, futilely and somewhat aguishly for me to come back in the house.

Krista and Alecia followed me down to the car and we all climbed in, me in the shotgun seat. Finally Dorothy left my house and joined us in the car. I could tell she was furious with me. My friend was not only not looking at me, but also was not complaining that I was sitting visibly nude in her front seat. In fact, Dorothy was completely tight lipped when she pulled the station wagon out into traffic. Meanwhile Krista and Alecia were hooting and laughing at what I had done and offering me congratulations for being so ballsy.

The drive over to Eric's house attracted quite a bit of attention because of my nakedness. Cars that we passed were honking at us and the occupants were yelling out their windows at me. I loved it, but it made Dorothy's expression even more severe. I warned her to be careful – that her face might crack if she kept holding it that way, which she totally ignored but it caused Krista and Alecia to laugh even more hardier.

It took only a few minutes for my friend to drive us over to Eric's house, although I'm certain it felt as though it were hours to Dorothy. Fortunately there was no one around when we reached my boyfriend's neighborhood. I didn't want anyone to see us and think we were trying to break into Eric's house. I encouraged my friends to hurry because I realized Eric and his family were due back sometime in the late morning or early afternoon.

I let us in with a copy of Eric's house key that I had made one time, without his knowledge. Hey, it always pays to be sneaky. Dragging the large carton behind us, we quickly set up in the living room. I had already added some air holes in the box so that my breathing would not be a problem. While my friends unfolded the gift wrapping paper, I made a quick trip to the bathroom. I didn't want to be walled up in the box and then decide I needed to take a pee.

There was a huge Christmas tree fully decorated in one of the corners of the living room. Underneath lay a multitude of brightly wrapped gifts which had been laid out before the family had left for North Carolina, where they spent a few days with extended family before Christmas.

Krista and Alecia, by now, had wrapped most of the large carton. We pulled the box over behind the tree and then I climbed in.

"Sara, I wish you would rethink this," Dorothy complained. "I have a bad feeling about this."

I laughed and said, "Relax, everything will be fine. Just remember to put the note on it telling Eric not to open it until he's alone."

Krista and Alecia then put the top on the cartoon and sealed me in. A bow was placed on top and then a giant label was affixed. From within the carton, I heard my friends wish me goodbye and good luck and then leave the house. It turned out to be just in the nick of time because Eric and his family soon arrived. I heard a great many voices that I didn't recognize. It sounded as if some other visitors had accompanied the family home.

Listening to the muffled conversation from inside the carton, I was able to discern that there were apparently some aunts and uncles present, along with some nieces and nephews. I even heard the voice of Eric's sister, Erica. Soon everything settled down somewhat and I could tell they were opening presents. After quite a while passed, it sounded as if they were finished.

I heard Erica suddenly ask, "Hey Eric, what's this big present back here?"

And I felt the carton being slightly rocked. 'Oh, no,' I thought. 'Eric, read the instructions and don't open it now, you dummy.' Adrenaline from fear of being discovered raced through my body.

"Wow!" Erica exclaimed. "It sure is heavy. Here, help me drag it out."

I then felt the large box being dragged forward and I was totally freaking out. I had wanted to surprise Eric, but it certainly hadn't been my intention to be presented stark naked to Eric's extended family. Despite my impending embarrassment, or probably because of it, I felt myself becoming excited. I was extremely flushed, sweat was pouring off me and my nipples had become diamond hard. Moisture was beginning to drip from my swollen pussy lips and my clit was sticking straight out. I didn't doubt that if I were to have touched myself, I would have cummed right off.

"Who's it from?" I heard Eric's mother asked.

He apparently only glanced at the tag and not the instructions, because he answered, "I should have known. It's from Sara."

As I heard the paper being ripped off the box, I also heard Eric's mother explaining that I was Eric's girlfriend and what a wonderful and sweet and beautiful girl I was. I ordinarily would have eaten that up with a spoon, but right at that exact moment I was preparing to show his family what I consider to be my most attractive attributes!

The carton was suddenly opened from the top and I crouched down in an effort to avoid being readily seen.

Erica approached the present and looked down at me. "Why, it's Sara. What a surprise," she said. "Don't be shy, come on out."

So saying, Erica's beautiful sister took me by the arm and literally forced me to step out of the box. There were two middleaged women and two older men staring stupidly at me in disbelief. I later learned they were Eric's aunts and uncles. Standing beside Eric's parents and his sister, were two young college age men and a attractive brunette. The guys were standing with their mouths agape and the young woman was laughing hysterically at my plight. I correctly assumed they were Eric's cousins.

"Oh Sara, you poor dear," Eric's mother said in anguish.

Suddenly enough was enough and an orgasm knifed through me against my will. The intensity of it brought me to my knees and as it almost painfully was forced from me, bit by bit, I screamed, "Merry Christmas, everyone!" Everyone was suddenly cognizant of the intimate bodily function they were witnessing; in fact, even a blind person would have been able to figure it out. Everyone reacted in their own way. The older people had the decency to look away. The two young men developed instant erections and Erica and the female cousin laughed even harder at my x-rated antics.

Not knowing where to go from there, I melted into a crouch on the living room rug, resting on my elbows with my head lowered on the floor. Eric knelt in front of me and leaned his body softly down upon me, protecting me further from public view.

"Merry Christmas, little Bubblegom," he said softly and lovingly.

The End

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